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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 16 : Different Perspective, Confusing Feelings, And Reasonable Voices
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 Albus’ POV

(Well this is different isn’t it?)

You smell perfect.”

That sentence is haunting me. It terrifies me a little, I guess. What on earth does it mean? It’s almost romantic. Which doesn’t make sense.

I mean, she’s Katrina.

My best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate.

Just not in a romantic way.


I could scream in frustration. I don’t know how I feel right now. This year has been different for us. We fell out for the first time ever. But I’ve been feeling different. She just seems different this year. I’ve always loved her, in a sisterly way or romantic, I don’t know. But I know that I do love her.

I feel different. Fifth year: OWL year. Options year. The year my dad had his first relationship. With Professor Chang. How gross is that? Well, obviously they were in school together at the time but…

My transfiguration teacher is my dad’s ex. No wonder Professor Chang always shoots my mum death glares whenever they see each other. How awkward. She never was keen on James, Lily or I.

So I sort of expected I’d get a girlfriend this year. I mean, my dad didn’t manage to get Chang to go out with him till fifth- she was going out with that Cedric bloke in fourth when he first fancied her. But he still fancied her. I didn’t fancy anyone in fourth. And I admit, I was a bit worried. I’d had a few offers from girls, but I’d always felt they fancied me because of my dad being the Boy Who Lived and all, not because they actually liked the gangly, messy haired teen. James had had several girlfriends by my age, Teddy too. Even though he know says it was always only Victoire for him.

But we all know he was a bit of a manslag.

And this year I’ve sort of noticed Katrina more. I’ve picked up on all her little habits- how she overthinks everything, the way she scratches her nose when she’s uncomfortable, the way her forehead crinkles in that way when she frowns when she’s concentrating. And I started to think that maybe she wouldn’t be a bad choice in a girlfriend.

I mean, we got along, she was beautiful and funny and clever and loved Quidditch. Everything I look for in a woman. And I was feeling something.

And then James put his foot in it, as always. He got in the way. From watching Katrina, I started noticing him noticing her more. He was interested.

As soon as I realised that, I pushed all thought of Rena and I together from my mind. We were brother and sister: best friends. Nothing more. I couldn’t hurt my brother.

Then Sarah asked me out. I didn’t care if she only liked me for my status. She’s beautiful and smart- a true Ravenclaw- and she makes me laugh.


My first girlfriend. She’s brilliant and I thought I’d completely gotten over Rena. Then James and Kat got together. And I felt furious, hurt, and envy.

I was jealous.

That wasn’t right. She’s my best friend. I’m dating Sarah. She’s dating my brother.

When we fell out, I thought perhaps it was for the best. Now I could focus on Sarah and James could have Kat’s undivided attention and love.

And I felt nothing for her anymore.

My family were twats towards me after that, hated me, James punched me a few times but it was worth it. I couldn’t do that to my brother. So, in a way, I was helping him.

Then I made up with her. I missed her, I really did. And it was taking a toll on me. So today, I made up with her. And it’s back to normal.

I mean, right now we’re walking back into school, just chatting. Like we always did.

You smell perfect.”

Why did she have to say that? She’s sent everything into chaos. She doesn’t like me in that way- she’s dating my brother for Merlin’s sake.

And as for me? I don’t know how I feel.

“KAT!” a voice calls, and pulls me out of my musing. It’s Rose.

She barrels into Rena like a bulldozer, almost knocking her down. I can’t help but laugh. Then I notice Scorpius hovering behind her, looking incredibly happy. And then I want to punch something.

Or, more specifically, someone.

Cough, Scorpius, cough.

When Rose breaks away from Kat, she immediately starts chatting away.

“Oh, Kat, it was brilliant!” she begins, grinning madly, “Everything’s fine, and it was a bit weird but it was great! I asked not to see the gender, so it’ll be a surprise. And they’ve promised not to spread to word- it’s against their Patient Confidentiality Policy. And they’ve given me loads of leaflets for different classes me and Scorp go to so we can prepare. And I’ve got copies of the baby picture for everyone! But I’ll show you them later back in the dorm. And they gave me the name of this great shop in Diagon Alley which sells maternity clothes, and these Invisi-Bump things, that will hide my baby bump- I’ll be getting big soon! And then…” she trails off when she spots me.

 “Yeah. So. Me and Al made up.” Kat supplies, looking uncomfortable. Rose just continues gazing at me. Then she advances toward me.


She hits me across the head with her handbag. It hurts.

“You complete ARSE Albus Severus Potter!” she screeches hysterically. I could fight back, but I figure it’s better to let her take it out on me. I have been a twat.

“Um. Hey.” I mutter.

She glares at me, chest heaving. “You’ve been ignoring us for weeks, Albus, I’ve been furious and worried sick about you! And all you can say is HEY?!”

“Sorry?” I smile at her cautiously.

Rose stares at me, wild-eyed.  Then she screams loudly in frustration and runs down the corridor and up the stairs.

“Well. That went well,” I mutter. Scorpius laughs, but stops quickly when I glare at him.

“I uh, better go speak to her…” he coughs uncomfortably.

“No! I’ll go,” Rena says, smiling at me and looking pointedly at Scorp. She wants me to make up with him. Before I can retaliate, she’s pegged it, following Rose.

Scorpius shifts from one foot to another, staring down at the floor. “So…”

I sigh gustily and look at him. Kat’s right. “Listen, mate. I’m sorry for being a twat to you. I overreacted.”

Scorpius shakes his head. “Nah. It was me. I slept with your cousin and didn’t tell you. I’m sorry too mate. I was the twat here. Besides, I wasn’t the popular with any of the Wotters when I did a runner. I’m sorry about that too. I shouldn’t have. I regret it now.”

I nod slowly, looking at him properly. It’s weird- it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him actually. His cheeks are flushed, and his eyes have this happy twinkle in it, an even though he’s sort of frowning now, you can see the hint of a smile playing at his lips.

He’s looking after Rose. And he’s happy about this baby. I have to let this go.

“It’s alright, mate. It’s fair enough and I, uh, forgive you. If you can forgive me that is…” I murmur, embarrassed.

Scorpius grins happily and sticks out his right hand. “Mates?”

I smile at his enthusiastic smirk. Before I take it, I mutter, “But if you hurt her again, Katrina won’t stop me from hexing you okay?”

His smile doesn’t falter at all when he utters, “Okay.”

I take his hand and shake it, smiling despite myself.

Today has been good. I’ve made friends with Scorpius and Katrina. Two down, only about one hundred to go.

Kat’s POV

(Back to normal! Normal is nice)



“I know Rose. You have been repeating that for the last hour.”




“I think it’s your hormones talking a little, Rose.”


“I’d say it was your time of the month if you weren’t pregnant…”


Rose was a little mad about me forgiving Al really easily. I can see why- one of the main reasons why they weren’t speaking to him was because of our fight.

“He may be a twat, but he’s also your cousin,” I say in my let’s be reasonable voice.

“I hate it when you’re reasonable and wise.”

“Well it’s a good job that I’m not very often.”

Rose frowns and pauses before uttering her next words: “You just dissed yourself. You realised that, right?”

I shrug. “Of course.”

Rose seems bemused by my logic for a moment. Then she shakes her head and mutters darkly, “He’s still a twat.”


Sorry for the short chapter! Will hopefully be longer next time. I also apologize for the late chapter- been on holiday, then dad was ill… Then I had another idea for another story so I’ve been working on that! Hope you’ll forgive me! Will update soon to make up for the crappy short chapter. Hope it gave you an insight in Al’s thoughts ;)

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The Abundance of Potters: Different Perspective, Confusing Feelings, And Reasonable Voices


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