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Kiss Me Again by heart_of_a_slytherin
Chapter 3 : Chapter Four:Dinner or Date
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A/N: Here is Chapter 4: Ahh...  I really hope you like this story so far.  Let me know what you think.  Read and Review.



Chapter 4: Dinner or Date?

Chapter Image by: Princess_of_Slytherin @ TDA (aka ME!!!)


Finally Draco leads me to a fancy restaurant called The De Luxe (De Luxe stands for fancy in French)  Hermione grins and shakes her head at him.




“Nothing, nothing at all,” I answer my grin widening.


“What? Tell me.”


“Forget about it.”


Draco pulls out my chair all gentlemanly.  I smirk at him, and he grins.  A girl our age comes to our table wearing a black pencil mini-skirt with a white button-down shirt and a black apron with The De Luxe written on it in silver glitter cursive print. To top her outfit off she’s wearing six-inch pumps.


“Salut, mon nom est Amy, et je serai votre serveuse. Voici vos menus. Si vous souhaitez commander tout simplement claquer des doigts.” (Hi, my name is Amy, and I’ll be your waitress.  Here are your menus.  If you would like to order just snap your fingers) She perkily states.  I flash her my dazzling smile completely oblivious to what Malfoy was doing.




When the waitress finishes her speech, Hermione gives her a smile and I feel faint.  God what the hell is wrong with me?  How can a simple smile make me want to faint?  Damn she’s beautiful. That witch will be the death of me!  What the hell!  How am I supposed to remain this friendship thing when I’m going to want to ravish her the entire time we eat and talk?


“Draco,  Draco!”  Hermione tries to get my attention successfully.


“Hmmm-yeah?”  She giggles at me having been obviously lost-in-thought.


“Are you ready to order?”


“Oh um…one second.”  I quickly skim the menu and pick out what I want.  “Yeah I’m ready.”  Hermione snaps her long, slender fingers and the waitress arrives.


“Prêt à commander?” (Ready to order?)


“Oui,” (Yes)  Hermione answers.


“D'accord, nous allons commencer avec les boissons.” (Okay, let’s start with the drinks.)


“Permettez-moi de prendre un verre de coke." (Let me have a glass of coke) Hermione says.


“Bien,” (Okay)  The waitress quickly writes down, “Et vous Monseur?” (and you sir?)


“Je vais prendre un verre de vin.” I answer.


“Des amuse-gueule?” (Any appetizers?)


“Hors D’oeuvres,” Hermione and I answer simultaneously.


“Bien, quels sont vos plats principaux?”  (Okay, what about your main dishes?)


“Je vais devour steak au poivre avec une baguette.”  (I will take steak au poivre with a baguette.)


“Que puis-je vous aider, mademoiselle? (What can I get you miss?)


“Je vais prendre pot au feu et un cote de frites.” (I’ll have stew and a side of fries.)


“Grands choix! Qu’en est-il de vos deserts?” (Great choices! What about you deserts?)


“Hermione, do want to share a triple layered decadent chocolate cake?”




“Nous allons partagar un gateau triple chocolat decadent couches.” (We’ll share a triple layered decadent chocolate cake.)


“Bien, je serai de retour avec votre nourriture.”


“Merci Beaucoup.”


“So…I didn’t know you knew how to speak French.” I spoke up.


“Why you wanted to impress me with your explicit French?”


“Maybe,” I answer mysteriously.  She grins


“As much as I am flattered you would try…I can speak French as well.”


“Can you speak any other language?” I ask genuinely interested.


“Yes, German, Dutch, Greek, Latin, Latvian, Arabic, Hindi, Troll, Mermish, Leprechaun, and many others that I can’t really remember right now.”




“Yeah, well…” Hermione trails off.  After a delicious dinner filled with laughter and stories Hermione and I are about to leave the restaurant when we hear someone call out. “Hermione?”. 




Hermione and I turn around to find ourselves face to face with Potter and Weaslette.


“Hermione, what are you doing with this Ferret?”


“Harry, Ginny…not here, and NOT now,  I’ll talk to you two tomorrow.”


“No, ‘Mione!” Harry forcefully replies, “I want to know now!”


“Okay but not here!”


“Fine then you should apparate to our house,” Ginny suggest.


“Okay.”  Potter and Weaslette disapparate back to their place and Hermione turns to me.


“Draco, thanks for dinner, it was fun, but you should probably not accompany me to Harry and Ginny’s house.”  She begins.


“Yeah, you’re right as usual.  So I’ll see you some other time?”  I ask.  Hermione pulls out a piece f paper and a pen and scribbles something down on it.


“Here, it’s my number.  I trust you know how to operate a phone?”


“Yeah, I’m not stupid!” I say indignantly.


“Oh?  You have a cell then?”


“Yeah, why?”

She pulls out her iPhone 4s and hands it to me, “Put your number in there.  I already gave you my cell.”  I easily add myself to her surprisingly large contacts list, and I can tell I’ve impressed her.


“Okay, well, bye Draco.”  She leans in and kisses my cheek lightly before disapparating.  I stand there rooted to the spot my fingers touching the spot where her lips had previously been.  Damn, that witch will be the death of me!


“Hello…D…D?  Draco?”  Blaise asks waving a hand in front of my face.


“Huh? What?” I mutter.


“What the hell are you doing standing in the middle of a muggle street?”  Blaise asks raising an eyebrow.


“I…uh…I…what do you mean...I’m just….uh….taking a walk.”


“Dude, you got it hard!” Blaise bursts into laughter.


“What?  What do you mean?  B come on!”


“D, You…you…you’re head over heels for a girl….and she’s…she’s…Gr…Grang…Granger.”  Blaise choked in between laughs.


I sigh, “Come on, Blaise, I have a feeling this will take quite some time to explain.  Let’s go.”  I grab Blaise by the upper arm and shove him forward.  We head toward my penthouse.



A/N:  Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!  I know, I know!  It’s short.  Please don’t kill me!  I promise the next one will be nice and long.  Leave me a review even if it’s to say how much you hate me for writing a short chapter.

L0V3- 233 (Zee)  <3

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