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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 1 : He's my what?!
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(Hey guys, this is my first fanfic, just so you know which I’m sure you do, I own nothing Harry Potter related, that’s all J.K.R, anything you recognise is hers, this plot however is mine! Anyways hope you enjoy! Reviews would be lovely :) x) (Oh and the point of view will be changing as the story goes along, but don’t worry you will know each time. X)








Hermione was in a hurry, she was supposed to leave for the Burrow in ten minutes but she was still not ready.




“Ohh where’s my wand?! Crookshanks, what have you done with it you naughty boy?” She huffed, throwing her clothes into her trunk. She paused in her frantic hurrying; she could hear her mum coming up the stairs.






A pause, before two light knocks on her door.




“Hermione sweetie? Could you come downstairs please, your father and I need to talk to you.” Hermione nodded absently, her mind already whirring with wonder about what her parents wanted. As long as it wasn’t like last week she could handle it, she shuddered, her face flushing with the embarrassment of the memory.




Hermione was sitting in the living room reading a book when her mother came in;


“Hermione, I need to talk to you about something. Now I know you may not want to listen but I think it’s necessary.”


“Sure Mum, what’s up?” She put her book down and turned towards her mother.



“Now I know how excited you are to be seeing your friends so soon in the holidays,” her mother hesitated, “it’s just, you’re at an age where you may develop feelings, shall we say, and we need to talk about being careful, just encase you know, you ever act on these....” She trailed off.


“Oh dear God no! Mother please tell me you’re not trying to give me a sex talk!!” Hermione stood up, her bushy hair crackling while her face was flushed with embarrassment. “I’m almost seventeen mother not a child!” She had her back to her mother, her arms fists at her side.


“Hermione, it’s just something you need to know. I know you’ve always said that Ron is no more than a friend but...”


“Okay stop! Ron is just a friend and will never be anything more! That’s disgusting, he’s practically my brother! Now if you’ll excuse me I want to go lie down, I have a headache.”


And with that Hermione all but ran up the stairs.



She drifted out of her daydream; she could feel the heat on her cheeks now.


“Hermione” Her mother called.

“Coming.” She shut her trunk, after grabbing her wand which had been underneath it, put it in her pocket and left her room.


As she walked down stairs she could here muffled voices, a familiar drawl; ‘is that..?’ she wondered, ‘no it can’t be’, hesitantly she pushed open the door.


Her jaw dropped. What the bloody hell were they doing here!

"Malfoy what in the hell are you doing inside my house?!” She yelled, her eyes flashing.

“Oh shut it Granger, I have no idea either, I just got told to come here with them.” He nodded his head towards his parents.

“Mione, sit please, your father and I have to tell you something.”

 She sat, keeping as far from the Malfoy’s as she could get, she didn’t trust them. Why were they here? Why did she suddenly feel a tingling in her hands?

“Mum, I feel funny,” She gasped, panting a bit, “My heads spinning, what’s going on?”

 “Baby you’re changing into your rightful form,” Her mother said gently.

Suddenly the pain stopped, in shock from her mother’s words she ran to the mirror in the hall, all five of them followed. Hermione looked in the mirror, she gaped at herself. Where was the bushy haired buck toothed short plain girl from five minutes ago? In her place was a tall statuesque girl with long straight white blond hair, piercing gray eyes and pale skin. Her body was perfect, curves in all the right places, with a flat stomach, and a nice size 34D chest. The girl in the mirror’s smile widened, she actually had a chest! She no longer felt like a boy. Slowly her new look really registered in her mind, she looked like a Malfoy!! She turned to look at the faces behind her, her ‘parents’ had tears in their eyes, as did Draco and his parents.

Wait!, She thought, Since when did Malfoy become DRACO?! 


“Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?! Why do I look like them?” She pointed at the Malfoy’s. Woah even my voice is different..

“Hermione,” Her mother began, “You’re adopted. When you were born along with Draco, your parents here, Lucius and Narcissa, knew it wasn’t safe for you as Voldemort, (insert shudder from three of the Malfoy’s), was at the height of his powers, so adoption was the safest route for you. They thought Draco would be safer as he’s a boy but they didn’t know about you. Because you are seventeen now, the charm on you has worn off and you are now officially a Malfoy.” Her ‘mother’ finished.

Hermione sat there staring at her adoptive parents and her new family for so long until Narcissa waved a hand in front of her.

“Lexy? Lex? I know this must be hard for you especially with yours and Draco’s past history, but he’s willing to make it work. Aren’t you honey?” She eyed him threateningly.

“Yeah look Grang... Err Lexy, I’m willing to put the past behind us, if you are?”

Whoa wait a minute! What did they just call me?! Lexy? Hmmm Lexy I like it actually, maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Oh wait, why are they all staring at me? 

“Ohh I’m sorry, wait, why did you just call me Lexy?”

“Honey, that’s your real name. Alexandra Lee Malfoy.”

“Ohh I like it! Much better than Hermione,” She squealed. “Oops no offence Mr and Mrs Granger.” Now that she knew who her real parents were, it felt weird to call the Grangers mum and dad.

“Sooo... what’s going to happen now? Im supposed to be at the Burrow...” She looked at her watch. “Im supposed to be there now actually. I don’t really want to but I’m not sure how to get out of it.”

“Your coming to live with us at Malfoy Manor until school starts then you will take your rightful place within Slytherin house with your brother. And Malfoy’s never do anything they don’t want to do, always remember that. So tell Weasel and Scarhead that you can’t make it. Simple.” Lucius said.


“Okay, shall I go fetch my trunk?” Now hang on just a minute here woman, how can you be so calm about this?! Your worst enemy just walked into your house and announced he’s your twin brother! *Oh shut up. You know this could be a good thing, after all I have been having second thoughts about this whole good vs. bad thing...* she argued with herself.





Soon Alex was ready to leave, Draco carrying her trunk and putting it in the carriage awaiting them outside. 





“Bye Mr and Mrs Granger, thank you for everything, I’ll write to you.” She sniffed. John and Jean Granger hugged their “daughter” goodbye for the last time and then she was off.

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Nothing Is As It Seems: He's my what?!


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