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All Pent Up by Cedrics_gurl
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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 Lily awoke the next morning before the other girls.  As quietly as she could, she slipped out of her pyjamas and into her robes, pulled on her shoes and quickly tip-toed from her dorm.  After last night’s confrontation, she had no inclination to further aggravate her friends. 

Lily entered the Great Hall, being one of the first awake, it was silent but for the gentle scrape of cutlery on the plates of the few to have risen so early on a Wednesday morning.  Lily marched towards the Gryffindor table, taking a seat a few feet away from Peter Pettigrew, who thankfully was eating alone while reading the Daily Prophet.  With two hours until classes began, Lily ate in silence and ran through the incantation they would be practicing in her first lesson of the day: Charms. 

Slowly, the Hall began to fill up as people rose from their beds, chatting loudly to their friends.  Lily looked up from her empty plates and confusing thoughts when she felt a body slide onto the bench next to her.

‘Morning Lils,’ James Potter smiled what he believed to be his panty-dropping smile, a smile which in Lily Evans’s case was less ‘panty-dropping’ than ‘anger-inducing’.  Lily slid further away to him, and went back to staring down at the table.  ‘Common courtesy to return the greeting, Lils.  Although, for you I’m willing to look past rudeness.  How art thou, my beautiful flower?’

Ugh. Stop it with the flower references. ‘Oh, absolutely wonderful, thank you.  That was until I was interrupted by a sleazy, obnoxious and entirely infuriating arse, however.  Now, if you’ll excuse me…’

 ‘Oh, Evans.  You know how I love it when you’re feisty!’  He called after her, winking at her before she could escape.  Lily stormed from the room, reminded of the reason she hated Potter, and momentarily forgetting the previous night’s confusion.


 Lily Evans sat in the Gryffindor Common Room later that night, her emerald eyes moving from side to side slowly, taking in every word, every letter, that was written, desperate not to lose concentration and give in to the temptation and look across at the table. His table.

‘Those whose lips pass across even the most dilute drop of unicorn blood will be besmirched. For slaying something so pure, a real penalty must be fulfilled. For a half-life, a cursed life, is given to those so captivated by immortality …’ Lily read, and reread, the passage over and over and yet the words still seemed to have no desire to become etched into her memory, a rare occurrence for her.

At this moment, she gave up. How could anyone possibly concentrate with such a restless background noise? Another excruciatingly loud peal of laughter erupted from the table on the other side of the bookcase and Lily could no longer sustain from marching straight over to the table and reprimand the ‘Marauders’ on inappropriate behaviour in such a special and delicate environment.

‘Please could you just shut up? Some people in here actually intend to pass their exams, me being one of them.’

‘Then I’m sure you’d understand that some people in here intend on living life, not reading about other peoples’ lives.’ Sirius retorted sharply, his arguments always came within seconds of her statements. The boys around him smirked, bar Pettigrew, who was too busy staring into space dreamily to pay attention to what was going on around him.

‘How you can have the audacity to just … to just … well, to do what you’re doing, I’ll never know!’ Lily said in a low, dangerous whisper.

‘Really scared me now.’ James said with a smirk now permanently carved into his face. ‘Hey, you guys, go on,’ James said, turning to his cronies after seeing Remus look at his watch, ‘I’ll catch you up when lovely Lils and I have reached a compromise.’ He smiled a sickly sweet smile, and turned back to Lily. ‘Let me guess, you were about to say ‘its Evans to you, Potter, and you’d do well to remember that!’’ he put on an awful impersonation of Lily, making her voice sound high pitched and piercing.

‘Actually, I was going to ask you something, but obviously, you were quite right about having to call me Evans.’ She looked over her shoulder, and tucked her hair behind her ear, making sure that the others had actually left them in private and headed to the Boys' Dorm.

 ‘You wanted to ask something?’ James said, recapturing her attention.
 She didn’t intend on asking the question that was clouding her thoughts, so she steered away from the subject altogether and made up an extremely obvious, false question. ‘Have you finished the Potions’ essay?’ Lily asked, surveying his face, making sure not to miss out a single flaw, trying to convince herself that he was not actually attractive … she was failing dismally.

‘You mean the one we got two hours ago, and isn’t due for another week?  ‘Course I have…’ He smiled cockily, loving that she was looking at him so intently, unconsciously biting on her lower lip in nervousness.

‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Potter.’

‘So I’ve heard.  To answer your question, no I haven’t.  But it looks easy, so I’m not too worried.  Were you concerned that I might do better than you again, beautiful?’  He smirked, and Lily hated it.  But what she hated more was that he sounded sincere when he called her beautiful, and she was nowhere near angry enough at him for being so insufferable.

‘Oh, I assure you, that doesn’t concern me at all. Just curous.  And just to let you know, messing up your hair like that makes you look completely ridiculous.’  

‘Pfft!’ Potter exclaimed indignantly, ‘we both know the chicks dig it!’

The ‘chicks dig it’?  Who does he think he is?  ‘Sure they do.’ Lily said, with an exaggerated dose of sarcasm blended into her tone. ‘You know, looking like you’ve just got off of your broom is not a turn on.’ But Lily’s statement would have been more effective had a group of roughly six third years not passed by at that moment giggling and eyeing James up and down.

‘They just can’t resist, Lils.’ He said matter-of-factly, his eyes following the girls admiringly.

‘It’s Evans!  Maybe just stupid, immature and blind ‘chicks’.  Personally I would rather date the Giant Squid than go within a mile radius of you.’

‘Ah, Lily, my dear.’ She sent him a reproachful look. ‘Sorry to break it to you, but your knee is touching mine at this precise moment, so you may wish to re-evaluate that statement.’  Immediately Lily felt a rush of electricity pass up her leg and she jolted it away from him.

 ‘Our knees were not touching; it was just a figment of your imagination.’ With that she stood up, gathered up all of her books that just happened to be in pristine condition, and said rather coldly, hating the fact that he had, once again, proved her wrong, ‘If you will please excuse me, I have an essay to finish.’ With that she straightened her back, raised her head, shook her river of fiery hair behind her back and walked away from him without noticing that her hips were swaying suggestively as she took each step. She felt his eyes boring into her; and felt a tingle rush through her body. She usually hated being watched … but this was different. This was … nice… And she disappeared up the stairs and entered her dormitory.


 That night the Common Room emptied quickly. The first years retired first, followed by all the pupils who were worn out from Quidditch practise, including Sirius and James, until slowly, Hannah, Lucy and Lily were left alone in the room sitting lazily by the fire.  Lily, having finished her essay in the dorm while she waited for Potter to disappear for Quidditch practice, had headed down to the Common Room with her friends to relax by the fire.  Lucy held back a yawn, determined to finish her Charms essay on Cheering Charms, but she gave up hope when Hannah announced that she was too exhausted to try and remain awake. Lily told them to go on up and get some sleep and that she would join them later as she wasn’t tired enough to sleep. 

 When the two had finally gathered all of their belongings together and left Lily alone with just the fire and Lucy’s cat for company, Lily decided that she was in the mood for lying back and watching the light from the flames dance around the maroon coloured walls, completely unaware of a certain ebony haired male walking towards her.

  ‘Hey, Lils,’ said James Potter, stifling a yawn and sitting down on the sofa opposite her armchair. 

 ‘For Merlin's sake, Potter, don’t do that!’  Lily jolted into a seated position, her hand flying to her chest in an attempt to slow her heart from the shock.

‘What? Walk up on you, or call you Lils?’ He smiled his trademark smile, his eyes glinting.

‘Either, I mean … neither … oh, whatever, both.’ How could she be too tired to be able to string words together, but too awake to sleep? ‘Excuse me, but I prefer to do homework on my own, I need good concentration to keep my grades up.’

 ‘Firstly, you weren’t studying or writing when I came down here, you were lying back staring at the ceiling. Secondly, you don’t even have your school stuff with you, and thirdly … you should think of better lies before you try to outsmart me.’

 ‘I could out-smart you any day!’ Lily scoffed. He had only just entered the room and already he had offended her.

'Prove it!’ Lily raised an eyebrow.

 ‘And how exactly am I supposed to prove that I am smarter than you when I have no test paper?’ Lily asked.

 ‘Tell you what; whoever gets more NEWTs can be declared the smartest.’ James said. ‘One thing though, Lils, I just want to point it out to you that I won't be spending every waking moment revising, after all, unlike you, I am capable of both passing exams and having fun.’ James rose from his chair, as if he had made his point and he didn't expect a retort. Lily didn’t know what he was on about; she knew how to have fun!

 ‘Let me point this out to you, Potter, I know how to have fun.’

 ‘Prove it.’ James replied, returning to his place in front of the fire. Why does he always do this to me? she thought.

 ‘Okay then, how?’

 ‘Ever played, Truth, Dare, Hex or Promise?’  James asked, grinning wildly.

 ‘Of course, who do you think I am? The girls and I play it all the time.’ A lie if ever she knew one, since first year, she and the girls had calmed down remarkably trying to secure good grades as the exams drew steadily nearer. He raised an eyebrow.

 ‘Okay then, that’s settled. Truth and Dare it is.’ He gave a lopsided smile.

 ‘You start then.’ Lily wanted to sound brave, but she was secretly dreading his idea of fun.  This was beyond ridiculous.

 ‘Truth, Dare, Hex or Promise?’

 ‘Truth, obviously.’  As if she would make that mistake.

 ‘Okay!’ he said, sounding unnervingly excited. ‘Remember, no lying. Um...are you a virgin?’

 ‘Yes,’ said Lily, slightly too fast. James raised his eyebrows. ‘I’m being honest, why else do you think I got angry earlier?’ said Lily, laughing at her own nerves. ‘So… Truth, Dare, Hex or Promise?’

 ‘Truth, naturally.’

 ‘Are you a virgin?’

 ‘You're meant to think of your own questions! But anyway, yes.’ Lily was taken aback. If this was true, where did his reputation come from? James sensed her thoughts.

 ‘Believe me, I’ve done everything else!’ He laughed as her face blanched. The fire seemed to become increasingly warmer and the light of the common room had changed from earlier, it was no longer reasonably light. The only light came from the fire and it was dancing all over his face causing eerie shadows.

 ‘So? What’s it to be?’

 ‘Dare,’ said Lily, now snapping out of her nervousness.

  ‘Ooh, a brave choice, not many people choose to take on a Marauder Dare.’ He said, half smirking.

‘Well, let’s just say I’m not any ordinary girl.’

 ‘I know you aren’t,’ said James, a serious expression replaced that of the playful one. Lily’s face flushed. ‘Back to the game!’ he put on a fake ‘thinking face’. ‘I dare you to … strip down to your undies!’

 ‘What?’ said Lily, who didn’t want to believe what she had heard.

 ‘Oh, come one! That was a mild dare!’

 ‘But I have a boyfriend … and even he-’ Lily couldn’t believe she had brought up Craig – her muggle boyfriend from the past summer, and in truth, she couldn’t honestly say that they were still together, he had been more of a summer fling than an actual boyfriend.

 ‘Your boyfriend hasn’t seen you naked? Come on, Lily! Don’t be so uptight! And anyway,’ he paused, ‘I can put in a good word for you!’

 ‘You disgust me!  There’s no way I’m stripping for you!’

 ‘Then you get hexed or make and Unbreakable Vow of my choice – your pick!’  James was trying not to laugh at the look of sheer horror on Lily’s face.

 ‘James, this is stupid.  I’m not stripping.  And I’m sure as hell not letting you hex me or force me to take a vow!’

 ‘Hey!  It was you who was so determined to prove yourself, Lils…these are the rules, I thought you liked following rules?  Or am I mistaken?  Besides, I thought you were a Gryffindor?’

 I hate him.  I hate him for playing the coward card.  Ugh.  I’m going to have to do this now… ‘You’re a perverted arse, Potter.  But I’m not one for backing out of a dare, so …’ she stood up from her armchair and braced herself for the worst. She lifted up her top and pulled it over her head. She stood there in her jeans and her newest pink lace bra, feeling extremely self-conscious. She then undid the button of her jeans and pulled them down her hips slowly, trying to look sexy without trying to make it look as though she was trying to look it. She stood there in her pretty pink bra and embarrassing ‘little girl’ star-patterned cotton pants, praying to God that he wouldn’t make and mean remarks.  Yeah, she had grown a little over the last few years, her breasts were okay, and she had curves, but no one had ever seen her in so little clothing – and crap, why did it have to be Potter of all people?  And in childish underwear… Shit.

 Lily looked up from her feet eventually, uncomfortable in the silence and needing to read James’s expression.  Lily blushed at the look on his face, his eyes had widened a little and they darted from her lips to her chest, to the curve of her waist and her legs.  His eyes snapped back up to meet hers, and he wiped his face of all of the previous expression, replacing it with his famous confident smirk.

‘You look good in that … you should wear it more often.’ James winked suggestively. 

 Unsure of whether to laugh or slap him, and slightly confused at the sudden change from the charged atmosphere to reality, Lily sat back down and briskly thanked him for the compliment before asking him to pick Truth or Dare.

 ‘Dare.’ He was convinced she could never match up to his own daring skills, and she was determined to prove him wrong

 ‘Okay … strip down … right down.’ She smirked a smirk worthy of Bellatrix Black, a Slytherin in their year, cocky and most definitely a little insane.  Lily was certain he would object, and she was rather unconvinced that she actually wanted to witness this if he did adhere to the dare.

 ‘Okay.’ He wasn’t at all apprehensive and acted as though he was thoroughly confident with his body, unlike Lily, who was extremely self-conscious. Lily could instantly see why he was so confident. His body was toned, and rather tanned (the main asset of Quidditch, and quite frankly, the only one in Lily’s mind).  He smirked at her as she shamelessly ogled his body, but as he pulled down his boxers, he became slightly more aware of what he was doing and blushed slightly, before he took the jump and kicked off his boxers. Lily blinked. Wow.

 ‘Thanks,’ said James, grinning wildly. Lily then realised why he had said it, she was staring fixedly at him … at his body. And there was a very large chance that she had spoken her last thought aloud. 

 ‘You look … fit.’ Lily choked out in attempt to break the awkwardness.

 ‘Er … ?’

 ‘As in physically … I mean … oh boy … oh God, I'm sorry!’ she giggled uncontrollably. He soon joined her.

Both unaware of what was happening; they ended up rolling around on the floor. They finally turned, out of breath from all the laughing, and their eyes met, and locked. He took Lily by the hand. He didn’t know why, not even caring why, he just did it.

 He helped her up and led her to the wall hosting the window. He raised his hands up to her shoulders and pushed her against the wall. She was unaware of what to expect. He was so close, she could see each individual fleck of colour in his eye, each of his long curly eyelashes and, she could feel his breath tickle her skin. They had to let out their emotions, their feelings … their passion.

 ‘You want me to kiss you, don’t you Evans?’  He whispered against the tingling, flushed skin of her cheek.

 Lily looked nervously up at him, her eyes previously having been fixed upon the gentle curve of his lips.  ‘I…uh…’

 ‘You do.  You want me to lean into you?  Press my lips against yours.  You want me to lace my fingers in yours, feel my tongue against yours, don’t you?’  Lily whimpered.  Oh God.  Oh God.  What the hell is wrong with me?  And why does that sound sooo good?  Mmm. He’s playing you, he knows what’s he’s doing.  He thinks you have a boyfriend, and he’s still doing this.  Wrong. Sick. Sick. Sick.

 Lily pushed against his chest before his lips could reach hers, making sure there was at least four feet between her and James. ‘We, uh - we probably shouldn't do this, you know.’ She looked down at her body, she was shivering, but she had no idea whether that was due to her anger at herself for having a moment of weakness; the temperature, or because her body was filled to the brim with desire so strong she was having difficulty controlling it.  Why had it felt so right?  Why had she wanted so much for his mouth to just graze her own?  So easy for her to ruin all of the walls of hatred she built around herself to protect her heart from James’ hurtful actions? 

 ‘Why not? We both want to, hell, I've been dreaming about that moment for nearly seven years-’  James looked at her, frantic, desperate for any explanation for her pushing him away.

 ‘Which shows what?’ James looked at her, wondering what she could possibly say that would argue his point. ‘It shows James, that you need to move on, and that if it took seven years for one silly little mistake to happen, then it’s exactly that – a mistake. I'm not interested, and you know it!’

 Inside, James flinched.  ‘If you weren't interested, Lily, why on earth did you throw yourself at me?’ Lily sent him a death glare clearly showing him that he had gone too far.

‘Throw myself at you? I didn't throw myself at you!’ Lily whispered angrily, aware that if she raised her voice someone could come down and see the Head Girl in virtually nothing.

‘Oh, okay then, what exactly did you do?’ He left her no time to answer his question, despite her opening her mouth in hopes of retorting. ‘Were you unaware that when you strip down and casually flirt, that guys may become slightly turned on? I mean, seriously, Evans, can it really be that hard to keep you tights up?’ Lily face reddened, and she knew, for once, that maybe she couldn't win every argument the two shared, and pointing out that she hadn’t been wearing tights, or that she only did it for a dare would not actually make any difference to the situation. She opened her mouth a few times, perhaps in order to make a snappy retort, but each time she tried, she failed.

  Lily stormed up into the dormitory, not caring that she had left her clothes in the Common Room, not even caring about her friends that awakened when she slammed the door shut. She jumped under the covers of her four-poster and buried her face in her pillow.

 ‘Lils? Is that you?’ Hannah's voice was muffled as she spoke into her cushion. Lily didn't reply; she knew that if she did, she would not only wake up the other girls in the room, but probably the rest of Gryffindor.


Disclaimer: I am not JKR, It sucks, but it's true...

So, what did you think? I've completely changed the outcome of this chapter...I wanted to make it even the tiniest bit less cliched, and try to keep theem in character! Please leave me a little review? Pretty please? With Ronald on top?  


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All Pent Up: Chapter Two


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