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The End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End by Marc
Chapter 52 : A Call for Help
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Hermione stepped next to her husband and brother in law, and looked down into the hole where the visitor’s entrance, once, had been.  “That’s not going to hold her, is it?”  She asked no one in particular. 


“You can hear her moving the steel and stone off of her shoulders,” Harry pointed out.  “It shouldn’t take to long for her to dig her way out and continue after me.”


“Well, let’s add some more rubble for her to dig out of,” Ron told them as he pointed his wand down into the hole and let go with another blast of energy.  Although the other two couldn’t see what he had done, they could hear the roar of more materials caving in on Kali.


“Ron, you could dump all of London on her and she’d still get out.  I don’t think there’s any way that we can defeat her on our own.  We’re going to have to call in all the help we can get.  I’ll send a Patronus out to all of the DA and any other student that’s graduated from Hogwarts,” Harry offered.


Harry pointed his wand toward Hogwarts and sent his silver stag off to inform those students that were in the DA that they would be needed in London as quickly as they could get there.


“Harry, I don’t think that that will be enough to stop her.  We need a lot more help than that,” Hermione told him as she stood and listened to the statue dig her way out of the rubble.


Hermione was correct in her assessment.  Within the hour, Kali had ripped her way clear of the debris.  She dug and chopped her way out of the Ministry’s main atrium and was, once again, on the move.  The DA members that had joined Harry, Ron, and Hermione in that time were hard pressed to hold the massive statue at bay.


Seamus and Dean started to use a crossing pattern to their attacks on the bronze statue until she figured out what they were doing and almost intercepted Dean as he made his run.  He would have been cut in half if it hadn’t been for Harry levitating a large block of stone from one of the old walls on the out skirts of London and moving it in front of his fellow DA member at the last second.


It seemed that her one and only intent was to get passed those wizards that were in her way and go after Harry.  She showed no emotion, such as fear or frustration, but maintained a continuous advance toward Harry to the exclusion of all else.  When Harry realized what was happening he started to run attack runs at the statue to keep her focused on him and to reduce the chance of her killing any of the DA members that were trying to stop her.


Harry used her focus to his advantage in that he would attack and then move away toward the North so as to draw her from the center of London and into the surrounding countryside.  He had kept this cat and mouse game up for over an hour, until he had reach a point of exhaustion. 


Even Harry couldn’t disapparate that many times in one day without feeling the effects.  His last trip toward the statue would have been his last if Hermione hadn’t jumped in and snatched him away just fast enough for the goddesses’ massive sword to just miss her target.


Harry found himself in the front room of his home.  “Stay put!  You hear me? She almost got you last time.  She can’t get here for awhile and it will give you a chance to recharge your batteries.  She seems to be set on you for some reason to the exclusion of all else.  What did you do to get her so mad?” Hermione wanted to know.


“Oh, nothing, I just collapsed her temple into a mountain valley back in India.  I destroyed her temple and killed all of the thugs that were there to worship her.  Without realizing it I also killed the wizard that brought her to life, it seems that she’s now out for revenge,” Harry told Hermione in an almost off handed manner.  


“Did anyone ever tell you that you have that effect on people?  I love you, Harry, but sometimes you can drive me crazy.  It seems that you have the same effect on the statue,” Hermione told him as she left to join the others with the statue.


 Harry had been able to rest for a few hours, before word came that Kali was on her way to Godrick’s Hollow.  When she was just outside of the village, Harry disapparated to an area to the south of where she was, to see if he could keep her from entering an area with a fairly high population of witches and wizards and their children.     


She turned toward where he was and continued after him.

Kali and Harry meandered across the fields around Godrick’s Hollow as he slowly drew her away from his village.  Within an hour, Harry had enticed her up a steep sloped hill some several kilometers away from his home.  As she came on at him he sent several blasts from his wand into the hillside that she was climbing.  The landslide that he produced carried her back down to the bottom of the hill and buried her under several tons of rock, up rooted trees, and dirt.  Although it would hold her for a short while she would be able to dig her way out and continue coming after Harry.


Hermione and Ron apparated next to Harry with a couple of the students that he remembered had come from the Beauxbaton School.  She carefully made her way along the top of the collapsed ridge to stand by her brother in law.

“Harry, Ron and I have been able to get several groups of wizards from Beauxbaton, Durmstrang, Uluru-Kata, and Shaba School for Voodoo and Mysticism.  They should be here in a few minutes,” Hermione told him as she and Harry watched Kali start to dig her way out of the landslide.

“I’m going to lead her toward Hogwarts.  If I can get her into the forbidden forest, maybe I can trap her there.  I’ve got to get her away from the populated part of this countryside,” Harry told Ron and Hermione.

Harry would disapparate as close to Kali as he dared and would let her chase him toward the North for a few minutes and then would disapparate away to catch his breath.  He would always choose a location a little bit further North than he had been.  Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and several other members of the DA kept playing a cat and mouse game with the statue to keep it moving in the direction they wanted it to move.

Hour after hour, the members of the DA, and the students of the other schools that had finally arrived, kept harassing Kali to slow her up so that Harry could set the next trap to slow her down. The heads of each school organized their students, which they had brought with them, into teams of five or six members and set each group with a particular job.

The groups of students each took a direction to come at the statue from, and started to work in unison with each other so that the statue was unable to attack or kill any of them.   

As the battle continued, the young men of Dumbstrang were using the statue as a test of manhood.  The first boy from that school to reach the statue started throwing rocks at the statue’s head and kept dodging her sword cuts.  Each of his fellow students tried to out do their school mate.  One boy ran up behind the statue and kicked it in the behind.  The statue wheeled around and the boy would have been cut in half, by its great sword, if one of his fellow students hadn’t sent a rock smashing into the statue’s face.  

“Hey! Hey! Over here.  Come and get me!” one of the other students started to yell at the statue.  Kali charged at him with such sudden speed and force that he almost was skewered by the goddesses’ trident.  The only thing that saved him was that another student from one of the other schools grabbed him and disapparated away from there just in time.

The schools began to work in unison as well.  Over the next four days, the number of students had grown to over five hundred and all of the schools of Wizardry were participating in moving Kali northward. 

On the fifth day, Harry reached the edge of the forbidden forest and allowed Kali to see him enter.  It would be harder here for the statue to move quickly since there were so many roots and trees to move around.  It was felt that it would give the student force a greater safety edge.

They were wrong!  Kali started chopping the smaller trees down with her sword and tried to follow as straight a path through the forest as she could.  She used the exposed roots of the larger trees as a form of stepping stones and was able to continue toward Harry with only a slightly reduced forward momentum. 

“Harry!  Lead her over this way.  We’ve been working on something to slow her up,” Seamus yelled over the noise of the on going onslaught.

With Ron’s help, Harry ran and dodged around the larger tree trunks until he was able to climb a well pronounced berm in between several of the larger trees. As he reached the top of the berm, his forward momentum almost caused him to slip down the back side and into a freshly dug pit, some fifty or sixty meters deep and fifteen meters wide.  Ron grabbed Harry by the arm and pulled him over to behind one of the trees.  The two young men quickly moved around to the other side of the chasm so that the statue would see them as it came over the top of the berm.

Kali climbed the berm in seven long steps.  By the time her head cleared the top she was able to see Harry on the other side, resting against one of the tree trunks there.  The statue rushed her last two steps so as to get to Harry before he could disapparate away again.  Her last step carried her over the top of the berm with such force that she couldn’t stop her forward movement fast enough to keep from slipping down the back side of the berm and into the void.  She flailed her arms for a second in a vain attempt to catch her balance but fell forward into the opening before she could stop herself. 

“Seamus! Where did this hole come from,” Harry asked as he came around and met his fellow DA member.

“What do you think we’ve been doing for the last four days? We’ve been excavating this pit.  This should hold her long enough to give us a chance to figure out what we need to do to stop her.  All right fellows, bury her,” Seamus yelled over to the other ten Hogwarts students that had helped him dig the pit, in the first place.

Using their wands to levitate the large mounds of earth that they had disguised as flat ground, they started to dump ton after ton of dirt and rock into the hole.  When the last amount of earth was packed down into the top of the excavation, Harry levitated several large erratic boulders in the area and dumped them on top of the   freshly packed ground.
“This won’t stop her but it’ll surely slow her down,” Ron told Harry as they stepped way with the others who had worked on the trap.
“We can’t keep doing this Ron!  You know that she’s going to dig her way out; it’s just a matter of time.  We’ve got to find a way to destroy her once and for all.  It’s just that I have no idea how to kill a goddess,” Harry confessed to his brother in law.
“Harry I think we need to go see our friend in Wroxeter, Ron said as the two of them headed back toward Hogsmeade.
“Ron, you read my mind!” Harry agreed.

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