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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 16 : Detention
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“Oh Merlin I am never going to get this transfiguration essay for McGonagall done for tomorrow, er Rose do you have any err ideas” Tonks winked at her friend sitting opposite her in the Gryffindor common room. They had just come up from dinner and Rose was awaiting eight when she had to go to her detention with Snape. And Charlie.

Understanding what her friend wanted, Rose pulled out her completer essay and passed it to her friend sighing “Fine but don’t blame me when its summer and you’re sitting there doing your OWLs and not understanding anything”

“Oh Rose its transfiguration, I’m a Metamorphmagus, it’s practically running in my blood”

“Whatever, just try not to copy it word for word this time”

“Can’t make that sort of promise I’m afraid” she smiled “By the way it’s a quarter to eight, you should probably make a move, don’t want to be late for Snape”

“Okay can you put the essay with my stuff when you’re done with it please” Rose got up off her chair and out of the common room. She had just got down the stair by the great hall when she heard someone call her from behind.

“Hey Rose!”

Rose turned to see Charlie Weasley running towards her. She felt her cheeks turn as red as her hair as she watched him approach, with his dishevelled hair, untidy uniform and beaming smile looking directly at her.

“Shall we go to detention together then!” he beamed

“Yeah okay, you seem a bit excited for it though”

“But a detention with you is exciting!” he babbled out too quickly “what I mean- is that a detention with you is better than a detention alone, especially with Snape” he said very clearly and slowly this time.

“Ah poor Snivellus” she laughed.

“Snivellus!” he joined in with her laughter “haven’t heard that one before”

Rose went quiet on realising what she had said and quickened her pace towards the dungeons “Come on we’re going to be late” she mumbled, as his caught up with her.

They reached the potions classroom shortly after and a couple of minutes before eight. They found Professor Snape sitting at his desk upon their arrival.
“In!” he barked “20 point from Gryffindor for blatant disrespect for the uniform Weasley!” he shouted again, “Over there” he pointed to the left “you will find a number of cauldrons in need of cleaning in silence, once they are done you may leave, and without magic” he spat, before hurrying out of the room. Rose noticed that all of his speech had been directed at Charlie he hadn’t even noticed her presence.

“Brilliant” Charlie groaned once Snape had left and he realised how many they had to clean “there must be nearly a hundred here”

“Better start now then, don’t want to be here all night” Rose sighed getting to work.

For over the next two hours the pair scrubbed the mass of cauldrons until every last one was completely spotless. “You finished?” Charlie asked Rose after she cleaned her last cauldron “I don’t think he’s coming back so we might as well go back”

The two left the potions classroom but there journey back to the Gryffindor tower was quickly interrupted. “Oh look its Evans with her little Weezlebee, how lovely” squeaked the figure of Petra Parkinson in front of them”

“Oh piss off Parkinson I’m not in the mood for you!” Rose went into her pocket to pull out her wand but before she could do anything Charlie’s hand held her arm back.

Petra saw Rose’s wand, even if Weasley was stopping her she didn’t want to risk her hair going green again so she began to leave but before she turned back “You’re so full of yourself aren’t you Evans, think your something special but remember all you are is a dirty blood traitor, nothing more than a filthy half blood. And you will get what is deserved to you, trust me because I will make sure of it” She grinned at her own speech and trotted off back down the corridor.

Charlie let go of Rose’s arm only to put it around her back, pulling her out of the dungeons “sorry” he whispered. “But she not worth it, Snape was just down the corridor and he would have just put you into another detention”. He kept his arm around her for the whole walk back to the common room which was disserted when they entered.

“Thanks” she smiled up at him.

“My pleasure” he took her hand in his “don’t pay attention to her, nothing’s going to get you, I’ll make sure of it” he winked “so Hogsmeade this weekend, I heard you’re not up to much and may have a free hour or two?”

She laughed “would the person you heard this from happen to be a Metamorphmagus and called Nymphadora Tonks”

“Hay!” he mockingly surrendered his hands up “I cannot divulge where I gather my information, but I do know that at two ‘o’ clock you will have finished any previous shopping requirements and would be available to meet me in the three broomsticks?”

Rose looked onto Charlie’s warm brown eyes; gone was his laughter and winks. She noticed he looked nervous and afraid of the outcome of her decision.

She didn’t know however that as Charlie looked at the girl he truly believed to be so perfect, he noticed that she looked nervous, worried about what to say. As he watched her pale skin brighten with her nerves he wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms, so she would be comforted and secure.

“Yes that would be nice” she whispered back.

He stared down at her and broke their peaceful moment “Really!” he nearly shouted at her.

“Yes really!” she half shouted, half laughed back at him.

“Oh alright then” he nodded “okay, that’s good”

“I’ll see you there then” she smiled before yawning and walking towards the girls dormitories

“That you will” he answered walking in the opposite direction “night Rose”

“Night Charlie” she called back to him.

She walked up to her room where everyone was asleep, well she knew someone wasn’t. She hit Tonks’ closed bed hangings. “I’m going to kill you in the morning”

“ah ha no you’re not you love me too much and you really love me more right now and your just fighting yourself with how much you want to thank me!”

“Oh shut up Nymphadora I’m going to bed!”

“What did you call me!”

“shhh i’m sleeping” Rose laughed.



Severus Snape clutched the bottle of firewkiskey in his hands although it was practically empty. Most days were good but there was still the odd day, like today, when he felt like shit. When he took the job it seemed like a good idea, Hogwarts was the place where he felt happy, but he would always remember that it was still the place where he fucked everything up back in fifth year. And there she was looking so like her. But he knew she wasn’t, how could she be with his eyes, that bastard’s brown eyes. But it wasn’t those fucking eyes that tortured him today, nor was it the resemblance her girl had. No, it was the Weasley boy. He strutted in with his unkempt hair and careless Gryffindor uniform. Laughing around like nothing mattered apart from his precious quidditch and his endless quest to get the girl. So much like potter and she hung of his every word so much like Lily.

A/N: Sorry it’s taken so long! I went to the Harry Potter studio tour yesterday which was amazing and really kicked me into writing again.


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