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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 12 : Forgive and forget?
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Today, i had to return to Hogwarts my things werent even packed. But i didnt have the time, Lucius had called me to his office and so i sat on the chair in front of his desk, awaiting his appearance. He entered the room shutting the door firmly, "Scarlett you cant go back to Hogwarts"


I was shocked "why?" his facial expression was deep in thought.


"Because...Hogwarts is not your future" I knew exactly what he ment. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do and knew what he needed me for. I stood and began to leave the room. "Scarlett, you might be able to hide your past but you cant run away from your future" and with that i left, nothing more to be spoken.


I slowly knocked on the wooden door of Draco's room. He had not spoken to anyone and had locked himself in his room for the past couple of hours. "Alohomara" i spoke swiftly. The locked clicked creaking the door open, i entered scanning the room but no Draco?


Draco's point of view


My fists clenched tighter i had back Harry up to the wall. He spoke huskily "You jerk! you dont deserve her!" My hit him hard across the face leaving a light purple mark.


"So she was drunk? you perverted little bastard!!!" I shouted angrily before sending him another blow to the face. Gashes and bruises appeared around his face. But then i thought, Scarlett was drunk it wasnt her fault at all. That whole time, it it was just Harry. My thinking took me off guard and Harry pushed me back taking a swing at my face. Pain shot through me as the blood was spat out of my mouth.


"I love her just as much as you do Draco!! dont make the mistake to think that your the only one who cares for her!" I growled visiously. I attempted another blow to his gut but was interupted by an angelic feminine voice. "Stop it!! the both of you!!" i looked to see Scarlett. I ran up to her and pressed my lips against hers, trying to express as much passion as i could. She kissed back, i felt her smile under the kiss before we pulled back.


I wrapped her tightly in my arms, and watched the disgusted expression on Harry's face.


Harry's point of view


I watched them kiss, so much passion. Jealousy boiling up inside of me but i remembered..."i love Draco more than anyone i have ever known!" her exact words. Maybe this was for the best, for the one i love to be happy i must let her go. But how could i? I watched her face light up, i watched her look more happy then i had since her in a long time. Was it time to face the facts?


Normal point of view


Being in Draco's embrace felt so right! it felt safe and warm, it felt normal. He laced his fingers with mine and started home. But before i turned to Harry "I cant return to Hogwarts" as i ended with a sigh.


"Its ok, there a not many people returning anyway besides i think its time we started living our lives" I knew he was faking a smile i looked at him worriedly. He still nodded an approval, an approval that he was alright. But i didnt believe him, but i also knew exactly what was wrong. Draco and i then turned and walked out hand in hand. My emotions for Harry were still clowded, but my feelings for Draco were more clear than they had ever been I love him.


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