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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 33 : Future
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I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 33 Future


It has been a four months since Ron attacked me at the Burrow, he was successfully transferred to Last Chance, and from what I’ve heard he is doing fine.  He took quite a beating from Blaise, Draco, and Theo but at least after I passed out, everyone was more worried about Camille and I to continue with Ron.   Camille was fine after jumping in front of me no lingering affects just some rest to shake the pain; Harry gave her a huge hug and kiss, which pleased her, and she has been hanging with us ever since.  Her and Theo have gotten quite close and I have heard rumours that he is to propose.  Troy suffered a concussion, but recovered nicely, he and his employees are still working on a potion that will counter act Life Sight.  Harry tracked down the bloke who had been working on the potion and the shop they owned was searched.  Troy ended up buying out the shop, which had a good amount of legal potions in it, all the Life Sight was destroyed.  Theo finally got Ron to sign his rights to the twins away and Draco and I have soul custody, with no options for Ron to dispute it.


Pansy and Troy were married in August, and Harry and Ginny were also married in early November they didn’t want to wait until spring, which was their original plan.  Blaise and Ikhra didn’t even wait a month and ran off and got hitched with out telling anyone until after, so we threw a huge party at the manor when they finally told us.  James and Cassie are planning to get married in a few months also.  Today, on this unseasonably warm Monday, we are having a girl’s day while the guys are all off somewhere playing Quidditch or something, Draco has Lucas and I have Libra.


“Hey ladies!”  I call as I walk into the Leakey Cauldron with Libby on my hip. “Hi.”  She squeaks out when she sees everyone and waves excitedly.  We had a huge birthday party for the twins and they are officially spoiled.  They have such a huge group of people that love them they are incredibly lucky.


As they are getting older Libra is looking a little less like Ron but the resemblance is still there, she is a bit more determined in everything she does, she walked a full month before Luke did, and talks more than Lucas.  Lucas’ hair is a bit redder now, but still has enough brown in it that he doesn’t automatically look like a Weasley.  He resembles me quite a bit, he definitely has a laid back attitude, and instead of fussing he laughs almost non-stop, and he’s always smiling.


“Hey, Hermione, Libra.”  The ladies all chorus, and we leave to go to Diagon Alley.  We all meet first for ice cream, we decide today is a dessert first kind of day.


Once we are all seated with our ice cream, we start chatting about things and catching up.  After a few minutes I clear my throat and get everyone’s attention, Ginny, Ikhra, Narcissa, Cassie, Pansy, Glori, Camille, and Alicia all look at me and wait.


“I have something I want to tell you.” I say and I see Narcissa raise her eyebrow then glance down at my belly quickly then smile, while the others just look at me and smile. “Draco and I are expecting.”  I say and after a beat everyone starting squealing and laughing.


“I have something to tell to.”  Ginny says excitedly “Harry and I are pregnant also.”  She says happily and tears drip from her eyes. 


Again there is more squealing and then at the same time Pansy and Ikhra say, “I have something to say also.”


“No way.”  I say surprised as they look at each other and grin.


They both nod and tell us they are also expecting. “Wow, four new babies.”  Narcissa says looks so happy and most all of us have tears in our eyes.


Glori, looks at Cassie, Alicia, and Camille and raises her eyebrow, “You have nothing to say?”  She grins at them and they all start laughing.


“No, nothing here.” Cassie says Alicia and Camille agree, shaking their heads.


“Well good, because I have an announcement also.”  Glori says and smiles widely.


“Your Prego too?”  Ginny says her mouth falling open in disbelief.


Glori laughs throwing her head back then still chuckling she shakes her head and holds out her left hand.  There wrapped around her ring finger is a beautiful solitaire ring sparkling in the sun. “I’m engaged, Charlie asked me last night.”  She says excitedly.


There is uproar of more squealing and Libby says, “Ohhh pwetty.”  With big round eyes, we all laugh and each get a chance to look at her ring up close.


We all head out to shop enjoying the warm day, laughing and enjoying life.  Libra wiggles until I let her down and she holds Narcissa and Pansy’s hand and walks in between them giggling and skipping looking everywhere.  We all go to Fred and George’s store and look around telling the boys the news and letting George take Libby around hearing her laugh and squeal.  Fred embraces Glori and picks her up spinning her around then laying a big sloppy kiss square on her mouth.  She blushes and everyone laughs heartily.


I stand back and watch my friends laughing and having fun and I smile, I am so glad that nearly three years ago on a dreary Monday I literally ran in to Draco, and then found out that I was pregnant.  I think about all the things that have happened in my life and all the things that I am looking forward to and I can’t help but feel so lucky.  I never would have thought that I could be this happy and have such close friends.  Narcissa and Lucius are more like my parents every day and even though they can’t replace my own parents, they mean so much to me also they are so good to the twins I don’t know what I would have done with out them.  Lucas and Libra have such life in them and they are such happy children.  Draco is a wonderful father and a loving caring husband.  I think back to when I told Draco about the new baby.


“Hey, sweetie I have something to tell you.”  I whisper in his ear as we are lying in bed one morning then I kiss his temple and feel him smile.


“Hmmm?”  He says snuggling closer though not opening his eyes.


“I want to tell you congratulations, you are going to be a father again.”  I whisper and I feel his body tense for a few seconds before he opens his eyes and sits up to look down at me, his bare chest catching my eyes and I smile as I look at him.


His face is serious with just a tint of happiness and hope in his eyes, “Are you serious, ‘Mione?”  He says softly his voice vibrating with hope.


I smile as tears fill my eyes and I nod unable to speak around the lump in my throat.


A huge beautiful smile spreads across his face and his eyes fill with joy and tears as he leans down and kisses me deeply.  “I am so happy.”  He whispers as he pulls back to look into my face. “You make me so happy, Princess.”  He says and kisses me again laying his body along mine.


“You make me happy too, My Dragon.”  I whisper back as he kisses my face, neck, chest, and belly.  “I love you Draco.”


“I love you Hermione.”  He says and continues to love me making me feel so full of joy.


He was so enthusiastic after I told him I had to make him promise not to tell anyone until now.  I am so glad that after I bumped into him that dreaded Monday, I gave him another chance and am pleased with all the wonderful things that have come from it. 


I smile as I watch Fred swing Libby around and she squeals “Fwed, Fwed, unca Fwed.”  I laugh to myself at the grin plastered on Fred’s face as he leans in and kisses Libby.


Maybe I do like Mondays after all I think to myself, then I really think about it and shake my head chuckling, nope still hate Mondays.



Okay, I know this is short, but I wanted to tie it all up so this is it! Thanks so so so much for reading! :) Please review, and also I am thinking about a sequel, I haven't gotten my storyline and plot completely figured out yet, but I had quite a few readers suggest it.  I am currently working on another short fic, so keep your eyes peeled! I think that will do it. I am a bit sad that it is done, but very thankful for all of you who have read, and reviewed and all around made me super proud of my story. So I say one last time, please review, and Thank you! :) ~Chelsizzle



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