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Life As We Know It by slytherinchica08
Chapter 8 : chapter eight
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The morning of March 1st, Ron’s birthday, started off with a bang. I was sitting at the Gryffindor table in the rather quiet Great Hall for breakfast when an irate Lavender Brown stalked in. She walked with determination towards the table, which at first I thought meant that Ron had finally come to his senses and dumped her. However as she passed me and made her way over to the giggling group of girls that made up Romilda Vane’s friends, I could tell that the reason for her behavior had to do with this group of girls.

“What did you do to my boyfriend, you bimbo?” Lavender shouted at the dark haired Romilda, making heads turn to watch the scene unfold.

“I didn’t do anything to him,” Romilda snapped at her as she turned to look Lavender in the eyes.

“Well that’s not what he said, he practically ignored me on his way out the door muttering something about coming to meet you,” Lavender told her.

I was a little confused by this point to say the least. Honestly, I wanted nothing more than to turn my eyes away from the two girls just down the table from me, but for some reason I was stuck watching them, wondering what had caused this reaction from Lavender. If there was one thing that I knew about Ronald Weasley it was that he would never be a cheater. When he did something, he did it to the best of his abilities, even if he was horrible at it. Even though I had been hoping for something to come between Ron and Lavender since the moment it started, I found no pleasure in watching her pain. It was in this moment that I realized that Lavender truly loved Ron and as much as it pained me I decided that I would no longer get in her way; besides I couldn’t see Ron putting up with her behavior much longer. I was pulled out of my thoughts as the shouting continued.

“It’s not my problem that you’re not enough for your boyfriend that he has to seek out other girls,” Romilda told Lavender.

In the distance, I saw Professor McGonagall push herself away from the table, dab at her mouth with a napkin and make her way over to the squabbling girls.

“Is there a problem, Miss Brown, Miss Vane?” McGonagall asked them as she tapped each girl on the shoulder to get their attention.

“No professor,” they both responded.

“Then I suggest you take a seat Miss Brown,” she told them and waited for Lavender to walk away before going back to her own seat at the staff table.

I quickly turn back to my food taking in this information and wonder what she had overheard from Ron to think that he was cheating on her. Shaking myself of these thoughts, I took the last bite of my muffin before leaving for the library to get a book for my History of Magic essay about the Goblin rebellion. I found it all very interesting how the differing values for each group, Wizards and Goblins, is what lead to so much destruction. It was because Wizards felt that Goblin made objects once given to them were theirs and Goblins felt that it was more borrowed to the Wizard and once they were done with it, it should be given back to the Goblin who made it. At least that was what started the rebellion, many other factors contributed to the drawn out war.

As I entered the library, I nodded my respect to Madame Pince before making my way over to the history section. I knew exactly where the book was since I had seen it yesterday, but hadn’t been sure if I had wanted to include it into my essay, and had only just decided this morning to come back for it. Walking down the aisle I needed, I skimmed my hand along the tones of books taking in the titles as I went along. One book in particular, titled The History of Non-Human Magic, peaked my interest and I quickly pulled it off the shelf forgetting my plight for Goblin Rebellion: One Goblin’s Tale. I stood there for ten minutes just reading the first chapter, which was on House Elf magic, when it was first discovered they had magic and the tale of how magic came to them. Shutting the book, I tucked it under my arm, planning on checking it out, and continued on my way for the book I had originally come for.

“66924, 66925, 66926…” I mumbled the numbers of each book as I neared 66934 which iswas the book I was looking for. “…66932, 66933.”

Right next to 66933 was nothing, it was gone! ‘Ok Hermione, maybe it has just gotten put back in the wrong spot or maybe Madame Pince has it for some reason,’ I thought to myself taking deep breaths. I made my way over to the main desk where Madame Pince usually resided when she wasn’t putting books away. She was fiddling around with something when I approached the desk but didn’t look up. As quietly as I could while still trying to get her attention, I cleared my throat. It did the trick because she looked over at me peering over the top of her spectacles.

“I was wondering about book 66934,” I told her. “Would you happen to have it back there?”

“66934, 66934, 66934,” she muttered looking around her books. “No, I don’t, I actually just checked it out to another student.”

I groaned out load but choked out a “thanks anyways,” before walking away. If only I had checked out the book yesterday I wouldn’t be in this situation. Glancing around as I made my way out of the library with only one book I noticed the book I had been looking for just sitting on a desk and no one was around it. I figured since it was just sitting there by itself it wouldn’t hurt if I just looked something up quickly. Making sure nobody was watching me, I made my way over to the table and flipped open the book. Scanning through the chapter titles, I found the one I was looking for, chapter twenty, and skipped to the beginning of the chapter.

Settling down in the chair, I began reading the Goblins take on the start of the war. I didn’t get very far before someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around to see who it was, I was instantly on the defense.

“What do you want Malfoy?” I asked him.

“Well my book for starters Granger,” he quipped.

“You,” I scoffed, “you’re the one who checked out this book?”

“Well this is a library Granger, and I do have the same essay to write as you.” Malfoy shot back before snatching up his book off the table.

“Malfoy, can I just get the information I need?” I asked knowing that there was no hope of me getting the book.

“Why should I give you, someone of lower status then me, the book that I need just as much?” He asked.

“Well it’s not like I’m going to take off with it or ruin it. Just give me five minutes and you can have it right back.” I supplied waiting for the bite that was to come.

“Fine Granger,” he said, throwing the book on the table, “you’ve got five minutes with it. I have to grab a book for the Transfiguration essay anyways.”

“Try Animation: The Basics,” I told him as he started walking away, figuring if he was going to be nice so would I.

I turned back to the book in front of me and quickly found my spot again. Questions of why Malfoy was allowing me to use the book ran through my mind but I quickly shoved them aside so I could take in the information while I still had the chance to. I only had a page left, when the book was snatched up from in front of me.

“Alright Granger, time’s up,” Malfoy snarled.

Even though I really wanted to read the last page, I sucked in a deep breath and said something I never thought I would, “thank you, Malfoy,” then walked away from him.

There was some sort of commotion going on when I left the library as I heard Professor Slughorn yelling out of the way and multiple students scattering around him. It was only as he was making his way up the stairs with two boys, one being levitated, the other running alongside him, that I realized the two boys with him were Harry and Ron. I followed after them wondering what was going on, why Ron was being levitated.

I was out of breath by the time we reached our destination, the infirmary, that it took a great deal of effort to form words.

“What’s- going- on?” I questioned, panting between each word.

“It’s Ron,” Harry started, I looked at him in a no duh kind of way and he continued, “he was poisoned, well after he was given a love potion.”

“What? Start from the beginning,” I demanded.

“Yes, Harry, start from the beginning,” Professor Dumbledore stated, joining us along with Professor McGonagall.

Harry explained how Ron had eaten the love potion laced chocolates and then later ended up poisoned by a bottle of mead that was really meant for Professor Dumbledore. He still seemed certain that it was all Malfoy’s doing but Professor Slughorn said Malfoy wasn’t around when he got the bottle. Honestly, after today, I wasn’t sure what to think of Malfoy anymore. Could someone like him really be that corrupted, that evil, that he would do something like this, I just wasn’t sure.

I walked over to Ron’s bed and held his hand while he lay there. He was completely out of it, Madame Pomfrey had given him a sleep potion to help his body recover from the poison, otherwise I would never have had the courage to hold his hand. It was strange, holding his hand, not like how I thought it would be, and then again the circumstances weren’t exactly what I thought they would be either. His hand was rather cold against my small warm one. It took no effort for me to imagine him waking up, looking over at me, and smiling, happy that I was waiting for him to come around. This I feel would have been the events if Lavender hadn’t gotten word of her boyfriend being in the infirmary.

Instead she walked in and bounced right over to Ron’s side wedging her way between me and Ron, breaking the loose hold I had around his hand. She started whispering to him that she was here now and that everything would be ok with him and I slowly started to back away. I had had enough of her today. Just as I reached the end of the bed, Ron started muttering something, so I paused, waiting to hear what he had to say.

“Lav,” he muttered just loud enough for all in the quiet room to hear, “Lavender.”

In that instance, my heart was shattered. I had never imagined that he would feel the same way about Lavender that she did for him but this proved that he did. A tear escaped my eye as I made my way out of the room. Harry reached for me as I walked passed him but I kept walking, not wanting to look anyone in the eye as I left. It was strange though, but as I kept walking I realized that while I was hurt and humiliated, my heart wasn’t hurting as much as I thought it would. I had thought for so many years that it would be natural progression for the two of us to fall in love but maybe I had never been in love with him, but in love with the idea of loving him.

As I wiped away the tears from my eyes, allowing myself to cry over him no longer, I bumped into someone and not just any someone but Malfoy. He didn’t say anything and neither did I, instead I just watched him continue on his way, an almost haunted look on his face. Curious about what he was doing, I followed him even though it hadn’t worked out for me previous times.

At first, I wasn’t sure where we were going but as I continued following him the portraits began getting familiar. We were headed towards the Room of Requirement, or at least in the direction of it. I hid around the corner as soon as Malfoy stopped in front of the tapestry that revealed he was planning on going into the RoR. Silently, I waited, pressed against the wall, until I was sure that he would be gone. The last lines that indicated he had gone used the secret passage to the Room of Requirement were just disappearing as I walked over to the wall.

‘I wonder what he is up to,’ I thought, pressing my hands against the now blank wall.

AN: thanks again to Giola for being the beta for my story! You are absolutely amazing! Thank you for reading my story I hope you are enjoying it! Please leave a review to let me know what you like/didn’t like!

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