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Blurred Lines by Resa_Aureus
Chapter 1 : And Draco Catches the Golden Snitch...
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             Any sane human being, muggle or wizard, may ask, “How in the hell did Hermione Granger end up naked in bed next to Draco Malfoy?”

            As I stared up at the ceiling in the dark room, I found that for the first time in a long time, I had no answer. I suppose that this could all just be the result of getting absolutely smashed at a gala mixed with my own recent heart break…but even that didn’t feel like a good enough excuse.

            His Statue of David body didn’t even seem like excuse enough.

            To be completely honest, I didn’t know where I was either. All I remembered about my whereabouts was that Draco and I were…snogging…and he apparated us to what I assumed at the time was a hotel. The room was dark and all I could see distinctly was the light seeping through the bottom crack of the door and Draco’s pale back next to me.

            Careful not to jostle the bed, I slid off of it, dropped to my knees to look for my clothes. All I found were my panties, and an unrecognizable shirt. It might have been his or mine, but at that point I didn’t care. I slipped on the panties and the mystery shirt and tip-toed to the door. Turning the knob gently, I opened it up and light flooded in.

            All I saw was a long hall, a balcony view down deeper into a very huge house, and a lot of Gothic styled furniture. Even the doors in the hall were foreboding with their dark hues and cold diamond doorknobs. The carpet was black. And it all was terrifyingly familiar as the scars on the inside of my forearm began to throb.

            I’d just about had it.

            “Malfoy!” I half-shouted.

            Shooting straight up in the silk sheets of his bed. “What? What’s happening?” he ranted sleepily. His hair was a mess and his body was beautiful, but I refused to acknowledge the latter.

            “Did you….Did you take me to Malfoy Manor?” I demanded.

            “Um…yes,” he yawned, raking his hand back through his hair.

            “Why would you do that?” I commanded, getting more and more frustrated as the hangover headache grew in my skull.

            “Because…we were shagging? And the floor of the Great Hall at Hogwarts seemed like a bad idea for such activities?” he snapped sarcastically.

            I groaned and dropped my face into my hands. When I opened my eyes, I realized that my mystery shirt was actually Draco’s old Quidditch uniform. It fell just past my hips and dropped off my shoulder.

            “Where’s my wand?” I asked.

            “I don’t know,” he growled, obviously sick of the inquisition. “I just took your dress off, I didn’t see a wand.”

            Throwing the light switch on, Draco hissed at the harsh light and I rummaged through the room for my bag. It was nowhere to be found.

            “Just go downstairs and one of the house elves will make you breakfast,” he grumbled before turning over and stuffing his face into his pillow.

            For a moment, I waited for him to turn back over. One moment became two moments and two became five. Finally, I exclaimed, “Malfoy!”

            His body jolted with my voice.

            “What are you doing?” I asked.

            “I’m sleeping!” The shout was muffled by his pillow.

            With a sigh, I walked back over to the bed and kneeled on it next to him. Images from the night before of his firm, toned body pressing into mine and or sweat mingling on our torsos and of his hand taking both my wrists and pinning them above my head, giving me the perfect view of his faded Dark Mark over me. I shook away the memories, because they were too insane. This never should have happened.

            I needed information though. “What happened last night?” I asked.

            “What do you want me to tell you, Granger?” he asked, turning his head to look at me. “That at the gala I hexed you into finding me charming and sleeping with me?”

            “That would explain things,” I admitted.

            “Well, too bad. Because I didn’t. It was completely consensual, in every sense of the word. We each got bladdered, trashed my room, had just about the best shag in the bloody world, and that’s the end. So don’t think too hard about it, take a shower, go have some breakfast, and leave me to rest for another blissful fifteen minutes.” That’s when his signature Malfoy smirk curled onto his face. “In case you’ve forgotten, I had a very long night.” He turned his face back down into the pillow.

            I kneed him in the ribs and the only response was a hard “ooph.”

            I got off the bed and looked for my proper clothes and realized very quickly that Draco was sleeping on top of my dress from the night before. I was beyond caring, my head hurt so much. I couldn’t even do a quick spell to cure it, because my wand was nowhere to be found – which was wildly infuriating.

            The pureblood house had no phones. I couldn’t contact Harry or Ginny or anyone. I decided that the moment my migraine went away I’d owl Luna and Harry’s loft. Or maybe I’d just floo there. But for the time being…I needed breakfast and a shower.




            “I said I was sorry, didn’t I?” Ron said with that confused and embarrassed face of his.

            When we broke up, all we’d been doing was fighting. When we got back together three weeks later, all we were doing was fighting. I was beginning to sense a pattern.

            “I don’t have time for this, Ronald,” I said with a heavy, exhausted sigh. “I’m going to be late for my interv–” I cut my sentence short. I felt a terrible rumbling in my stomach and nausea. I knew it was lack of sleep. Ron and I were up most of the night arguing and after I finally condemned him to the couch, I couldn’t sleep out of guilt, but I was holding my ground.

            Not a half-hour later, I was walking into the Ministry of Magic with my head held high. I could hear my T-strap heels clacking against the floor and hundreds of wizards’ voices chatting on their way to their respective offices.

            Taking deep breaths, I fought the nervousness that was pooling in my stomach. I reminded myself that I was Hermione Granger and that I could do this. Nothing would get in my way.

            Even though I was mentally talking myself up and practicing my introduction to myself, I still felt that sour taste in the back of my throat as I approached the fourth floor and the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (DRCMC). The position I was going in for was located in the Beings Division.

            As I took a deep breath, I reached for the doorknob to the Beings Office, but suddenly it opened without my touching it. Before I could step back the person coming through the door and I smacked into one another and papers flew everywhere.

            “Fuck!” the person said. I didn’t have time to take into account their face because I was automatically on the floor helping gathering the papers. “Bloody file! You need to watch where you’re going…”

            The voice suddenly sounded very familiar. And I froze. I looked over slowly to the man and nearly bashed my face into the ground.

            “Why, if it isn’t Granger…” Draco Malfoy said with a half-smile half-sneer. It was the kind of evil grin he gave me in school just as he was about to call me a mudblood.

            “Malfoy,” I said civilly. I didn’t want to cause a scene. Seven years I spent in Hogwarts with this particular bully and I knew if I was rude enough to get a rise out of him, he’d relentlessly bring up our little drunken gala incident.

            The look on his face was very different from when I last saw him. The month before, he was grinning and eerily charming and then before I left, he was fuming, his face red as we each screamed at one another. He even knocked over a chair and put a hole through a wall. With steam pouring out of my ears, I took foo powder off his mantle and walked right into the fireplace. Last thing I saw was his furious expression.

            “What are you doing at the DRCMC?” I asked, knowing that Malfoy worked at the Department of Magical Accident and Catastrophes.

            “Incident with a mooncalf,” he said simply. “Stupid creatures.” Then he raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing here, Granger?”

            “I have an interview, so if you’ll excuse me…” I stepped around Malfoy, only to have my path obstructed by him yet again. With a huff, I made another step. He blocked me again. I growled, “If you don’t mind quitting this Quidditch match, I’d like to get into the office now.”

            “Actually, I’m quite enjoying myself at the moment,” he said.

            Once more I tried getting around him, but this time I faked going left then quickly swerved right. Draco was two steps ahead of my though and was in front of my in a single pale and blonde flash, snatching my wrist.

            “150 points to Slytherin,” he rumbled tauntingly. “Thinking of which, you still have my seventh year Quidditch uniform.” With that, he gently rolled up the sleeve of my blouse and found the scarring word “mudblood” and ran his fingers over the bumpy skin gently. I shivered, but not with anticipation or attraction like I had when he kissed my arm when we were in bed together. Now it was just embarrassing and annoying. Especially when he lifted my wrist and kissed the palm of my hand.

            Ripping my hand away, I shoved his chest and said, “Leave me the hell alone, Malfoy. I mean it.”

            I was halfway through the door when I heard his dark chuckle and the words, “Oh, but Granger, you don’t mean that at all…”




A/N. Thank you for reading! What do you think? I write professionally but this is my first fanfic, so please, give me feedback! Good or bad or anything!

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Blurred Lines: And Draco Catches the Golden Snitch...


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