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All Pent Up by Cedrics_gurl
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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 Lily Evans sat slumped over her Potions textbook in the library.  Her back ached as her spine bent over the top of the circular table, and Lily rubbed her temples gently, attempting, with little success, to programme the information into her brain.  After a hard day at Hogwarts, most people would be looking for a little relaxation. Lily Evans was no exception, but she had no time to rest – not with a Potion’s essay deadline looming ahead. After the said lesson had drawn to an end, she had eaten her way through her dinner in silence and made her way up to her usual sanctuary, only to find thoughts of the double Potion’s lesson traipsing slowly through her mind, blocking out even the slightest chance of her taking in any information.  Professor Slughorn, her number one fan, or so it would seem, had singled her out, as per usual, as the best Potion maker in the class.  Nothing out of the ordinary there, but then, towards the end of the lesson, Potter had played up (again), by making Snape’s potion curdle while he was up speaking to Slughorn about something or other, by adding doxy eggs.

 Potter was reprimanded and told to swap places with Alice, Lily’s Potions partner. Lily argued point blank with her Potion’s master, only to find her debating skills were not quite up to scratch. Within the course of the Potions lesson, Lily had been sexually harassed numerous times by her newfound partner, something, she supposed, would be recurring event in the future.

 Lily jumped up from her seat with an aggravated sigh, and threw her chair so that it was tucked in beneath the table, the librarian raised her eyebrows, and Lily dared her to make a scene of it, but her victim merely shrugged and busied herself with re-shelving books.

 Lily swung her bag over her shoulder, and stormed from her room, in hope that a walk may soothe her temper.  Quite the contrary, as she soon found the object of her anger harassing Severus Snape.

 ‘Oh look, Prongs. Snivellus has dropped by for a visit.  So what’s that you’re reading, Snivellus?’ Sirius, or Padfoot, as his friends called him, snatched the book from Severus’ hands. ‘‘Dark Arts for the Damned’’ Sirius mocked, ‘surely that’s a bit advanced for someone who doesn’t know how to use shampoo? Let alone someone who doesn’t even know how to blow their own nose!’  Peter Pettigrew, the rat-like one, guffawed at his side, wiping his watering eyes.

 ‘You’re right … surely a book called ‘Dark Arts for Dummies’ would be more suited to someone at your level of intelligence?’ James added, catching on to the game Sirius was playing, by this time they were so used to picking on the greasy haired gibbon that it had almost turned into a reflex.

 Lily’s confidence wavered slightly, but then she asked herself, ‘why not?’ She approached them, her apprehension left behind. Turning on the Marauders, her back to Snape, her face contorted with rage, ‘You know, for someone of your magical and mental ability, you would think taking the piss out of someone else would seem rather hypocritical.’ She paused, making sure the right amount of impact was made, ‘Then again, I have learnt not to expect anything from conceited bastards like you, so really I shouldn’t give a damn.’

 The Marauders did not quite give Lily the reaction she had hoped for; instead they merely raised their eyebrows in light humour.  ‘Ooh, a little touchy aren’t you, I guess Moony isn’t the only one at their time of the month…’  Sirius said, sprinting straight over the line of acceptable.

  James paused; he eyed her up and down, taking it as his cue to infuriate her.  ‘Oh, and I think wearing that white dress is a bit of a mistake, honey.’  Lily scanned her outfit, seeing no problem what so ever, after all, she was out of class.  ‘It makes you look … experienced, we wouldn’t want someone to get the wrong idea now, would we?’ and then he mouthed the word, ‘virgin’.  The males around him broke into fits of hysteria, quite immaturely, Lily thought.

 Lily moved her face towards James’ and growled, ‘Number one - I’m not touchy; number two - what I wear has nothing to do with you; and three…do not call me honey!’ with that she sent him a death glare, span round on her heel and stalked off, unfortunately, she was not quite quick enough to leave their presence as she heard Sirius say rather loudly, ‘She should be careful, firing up like that might make her ice-queen side begin to melt.’ Quickly followed by an: ‘I wish that Mudblood would stop sticking up for me, she ruins my street cred.’ No need to think twice about who was responsible for such a statement.  James, however, decided to take that moment and say, ‘Snivellus, you have about as much street cred as a knocked-out Flobberworm.’

 Without knowing how she got there, Lily found herself, as usual, in the girl’s bathroom in tears.  Moaning Myrtle, the most annoying of ghosts (besides Professor Binns), was the reason no one interrupted her many tearful visits – which in a way counteracted the horror of her presence.

 ‘Ah, so you came again. I was wondering what took you so long - I would ask you to leave, but I’m rather lonely.’ Lily let out an aggravated sigh.

  ‘I am not in the mood for someone like you to talk to me.’

 ‘By ‘someone like me’ I take it you mean a moody, moping bore.’ Myrtle sniffed, but didn’t miss Lily’s eyes’ exaggerated circuit of their sockets.  ‘Let me guess … that handsome boy, Potter, he’s at it again is he?’

  ‘What would make you say that? And he isn’t handsome.’ Lily spat; she truly hated people knowing everything about her.

 ‘Well, there could be the fact that you come into my bathroom every week, at least twice, either cursing under your breath or crying about the fact that he is the ‘most conceited and obnoxious person you ever had the misfortune to meet’; then again, it could be the fact that you have, ‘Potter’s Property’ written on your head.’

 Lily growled throatily - ‘I could kill him, make him never breathe again … haunt him.’ Lily muttered, not quietly enough, as it happened.

  ‘GET OUT! How dare you! I have never been more insulted in my death!’ Myrtle cried; tears appeared to be welling up behind her eyes, which were framed by her large, thick-framed glasses, if that were possible.

 ‘And they call me touchy!’ Lily stood up from the toilet seat lid she was sitting on, rolled her eyes at the ghost who seemed to be thinking of a way to cause havoc, and left the room in silence, in search for the boy who was, most likely, going to be attacked by a girl half the size of himself. She was so aggravated that she completely forgot to remove the notice on her forehead that was bound to get Hogwarts talking, once again, about Lily Evans and James Potter.




Her search failed. Unfortunately for Lily, James was too intelligent to pull a prank on Lily and not find a decent place to hide. What was even worse was that James Potter knew every single secret passageway in the school, even more than the school’s caretaker, Argus Filch.  She had no chance of finding him.

 Lily retired from her search, red faced, out of breath and down spirited. She slumped up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory to find Alice, Lucy and Hannah sitting on their beds talking about how ‘dreamy’ Sirius was. Lily soon ended that conversation.

  ‘Do you girls not have brains? The only things going for him are his looks.’ Lily said adamant that she had a point. The others begged to differ.

  ‘His Body -’ said Alice, her eyes clouding over as if she was thinking of him.

  ‘His Quidditch skills -’ Hannah added.

 ‘His brain -’ Lucy continued.

  ‘His popularity -’ the list just seemed to go on and on.

 ‘His humour -’

 ‘Okay, he’s nice, I get it! But honestly, James -’

 ‘Potter -’ Alice said, she knew this spiel off by heart.  They all did.

 ‘Is the most -’

 ‘Conceited -’

 ‘Arrogant -’

 ‘Self-centred -’

 ‘Pig-headed -’

 ‘Bastard -’

 ‘In the world. We know Lils, we know. We hear it from you every day. Now if you’ll please excuse me from what I know is going to be a truly mesmerising moan, I have Quidditch practise.’ Lucy stood up, and left the room, followed by Hannah, the door closing dramatically behind them.  Silence filled the room.

 Lils, maybe you should give him a chance -’Alice began, knowing that she was going to be fighting a losing battle no matter how truthful her argument was.  After years at Hogwarts, years spent sitting silently as Lily furiously ranted about James Potter, she had grown tired.  As far as Alice was concerned, her friend needed to accept the inevitable: she was in love with James Potter, and no amount of self-denial and determination on Lily’s part would stop James from getting what he wanted.

 ‘Oh, not you as well! Why is it that everyone thinks they know me better than I know myself?’  Lily threw her hands up, and flopped back on her bed, shoving her fingers into her hair and tugging gently.

 ‘He’s not half as bad as you make him out to be.’ Alice continued, determined to put her point across. ‘You just pick out his lesser qualities and magnify them like … tonnes so that it’s all you can see!’

 ‘Okay, so you’re trying to say he’s kind and considerate? That he’s never hurt anyone before?’ 

 ‘No. What I’m trying to say is that you make him out to be a devil,  when really he’s just a normal teenage boy, probably one of the most decent in our year, and you’re just not willing to see it.’

 ‘Does he have half the school brainwashed or something?’ Alice knew this to be a rhetorical question.

 ‘I can understand your hate for him in first year, maybe even in second, but now? I think it’s just a lame cover up for your true feelings.  You and Severus haven’t been friends for years, and Potter has grown up a lot – sure, he still attacks Snape, but that’s a hate-hate relationship that won’t end any time soon.  And Merlin knows Snape gives as good as he gets – just when every one’s back is turned…’

 ‘Just because Severus fights back, doesn’t make it right that James –‘

 ‘I never said it did.  You know what, there’s no point in me even trying.  James is an ass.  But he’s an ass that has always wanted you, always stood up for you – yeah, so he makes fun of you and pulls stupid pranks, it’s just who he is.  So hate him if that’s what’s you want, if it makes it easier for you, but don’t deny that you like him Lils, I’m smarter than that.’  Alice exited the room, leaving Lily to think.

 She knows more than I thought she did.  Lily flipped herself over and buried her face in her pillow. ‘You know James? Sometimes I just wish it were easier.’

Dislaimer: I am no JKR, sadly.  Everything you recognise belongs to her, I'm just having a little fun! 

So, I hope you enjoyed it.  I'm basically re-writing this whole story from start to finish, adding chapters, editing and hopefully 'completing' the story! At the moment, you'll find errors and gaps, but I'm working on that! I've missed HPFF! I haven't been on here for nearly 2 years! 

I'd love it if you would review! Thank you! x



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