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The Problem With Potter by We Are Padfoot and Prongs
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: The Announcement and The Planning
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So I'm kind of dissappointed in you guys.  Bella Bug, in her infinite awesomeness, is the only one who's reviewed for the past two chapters.  :(  Really?  SHOW ME SOME LOVE!  Also, I do not own Harry Potter, that crdit goes to JK Rowling and her amazing brain.




Before I knew it, 3 months had passed in a blur and it was early December. That’s when the announcement came.



I was sitting with Amos at the Hufflepuff table for dinner, laughing with his friends Penny Pope and Bryan Adams, when Dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat. “I would like to announce that there will be a Christmas Masquerade Ball for all students 5th year and up on December 20th. There will be a late train for anyone who wishes to leave for the holidays on the 22nd. As they are to plan the whole thing, I would like to see James Potter and Lily Evans after the meal. Thank you.”



As Dumbledore sat down, the Great Hall burst into a flurry of whispers. I looked at my empty plate, then leaned over and pecked Amos lightly on the cheek. “I have to go talk to Dumbledore Amos. See you later.”



“Bye honey, I’ll meet you outside.”



I rose and walked over to where Dumbledore was chatting animatedly with McGonagall as students filed out talking about the ball. Potter appeared a minute later and the Headmaster looked down at us.



“Ah, good, good. Mr. Potter and Ms. Evans, if you will we have some details to discuss. First, know that you two will be planning this entire thing with very limited help. You may take suggestions and ask the professors questions, but we want to see how well you can plan these things. Second, there is no limit. If it can be done and you want it to happen, do it. And third, no sharing your secrets. Almost no one should know what you have in mind until they walk in those doors. We want everyone to get the full impact on planning. The only people you may tell, and ask for help, are Ms. McKinnon, Ms. Simmons, Ms. MacDonald, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Mr. Pettigrew. They may give you ideas, but the main work must be yours. I’ll let you get started.” Dumbledore waved us out into the hallway and I left, already planning.



Amos came up and gave me a kiss on the mouth. “I missed you.” I saw Potter over his shoulder, making throwing up motions.



“Sorry Amos, but you’re going to have to miss me some more. Potter and I have to start planning the ball. We only have 20 days to get it up and running. I’ll see you tomorrow.”



He pouted a little. “Alright, but I already can’t wait for the dawn of a new day.” I giggled and he gave me a goodnight kiss and left. I spotted my friends nearby and yelled, “Mary, Alice, Marly! Emergency planning meeting, my dorm, NOW!”



I turned and saw Potter rounding up his friends. “Hello Remus, Peter. Black.”



“Hello Lilykins, darling, we heard you needed our help.” Black came over and slung one arm around my waist. I nearly growled at him. “There’s nothing Marauders do better than plan a party. Let’s get this show on the road!”



I shrugged out of his arm and replied, “Yes, let’s. Up to our dorm everybody!”



We all trooped up the stairs and into the Head’s dorm. I summoned a quill, ink and parchment from my room for writing down ideas.



As everybody made themselves comfortable on the floor, Black opened his mouth to start, but I cut him off. “Ground rules. No alcohol, no wild animals, no fireworks.”



Black look affronted. “You’re no fun Lilykins.”



“Quit calling me that.”


















“What the-? NO!”



“Well then it’s going to have to be Muffin. I will not take no for an answer.”



“Why are we having this conversation?” Alice butted in. “We have planning to do!”



“Yes,” said Marly, rubbing her hands together. “Theme? Anyone got any ideas?”



“Forest Christmas?” asked Lupin.



“Mmm, no I don’t think so,” Mary said.



“Medieval ball is a possibility,” I said.



“Too old fashioned,” said Marly.



“Nightclub!” put in Black.



“Definitely no,” I said immediately.



We argued for another 10 minutes, each idea getting shot down. I looked at Potter who had been silent the whole time. “Any ideas Potter?”



“Winter Wonderland,” he said simply.



We all got quiet. Then Mary said, “That’s actually the best idea I’ve heard so far. All in favor?”



We all raised our hands, even me. What? It was a really good idea!



“So obviously the color scheme would be white, blue and maybe a little purple,” said Lupin.



After discussing it for a while, we came up with a basic plan and then realized it was really late.



“We’ll continue again later,” said Potter, clapping his hands. “Now all of you go to bed. Even you Padfoot, don’t go sneaking around the kitchens, you already had enough food tonight.”



“But Proooongs!!!” Black whined.






“Augh. Fine.”



Everyone filed out and it was just me and Potter. “I’m surprised you voted for my idea Lily. I thought you’d hate it out of principle.”



I blushed. Was I really that bad? “It was a good idea. I give credit where credit is due Potter.”



He grinned. “Even so, I was still surprised. Thanks.”



I smiled back lightly. “Good night Potter.”



“Lily?” I glanced back as I walked up the stairs. He was gazing after me longingly. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered and I shivered as I turned and continued up the stairs.






I was so tired I forgot to put up the silencing spell like I normally did to keep Potter form hearing me call out during my nightmares. I woke up to him shaking my shoulder. I was sweat drenched from my most recent torture session.



“I wish you’d tell me what’s giving you these nightmares,” he said softly.



I shook my head, feeling my eyes start to tear up. I pushed them back, refusing to blink until my eyes dried out. “It hurts too much,” I said in a broken whisper.



He looked at me carefully and hesitantly held out his arms.



“Not on your life.”



He shrugged and dropped them. “Can’t blame a bloke for trying.”



I rolled my eyes. Yes I could. “I’m going to sleep now.”



“I’ll stay until you’ve fallen asleep again.”



“I meant leave Potter.”



He just smiled and pulled my covers up, tucking me in like I was 3 years old and sat back on the edge of my bed. I turned my back to him childishly, but he just rubbed soothing circles on it. Singing softly, he began crooning an old Muggle lullaby. I was too sleepy to ask how he knew it; my eyes slowly slid shut and I was asleep.



So?  Who thinks Sirius is hilarious?  Who's your favorite character?  Any predictions?  How many people think Lily is being really pigheaded about not sharing?

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The Problem With Potter: Chapter 3: The Announcement and The Planning


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