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Being Human by Chesh
Chapter 4 : Hogwarts
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The castle stood tall and proud in the distance. Its appearance giving of a slightly eerie feeling, waiting for the students to come home.Nyxie shivered as the rain began to fall heavier on the unsuspecting students. Looking around for a familiar face, she felt lost and small. She had lost sight of the Marauders in the rush to get off the train and was being jostled and pushed along with the crowd. Cursing herself for not thinking this would happen Nyxie stumbled along to the carriages.

“Come with me” someone whispered, and she felt herself being dragged out of the crowd and towards the horse-less carriage.

“Thanks” Nyxie said. She gripped his hand tightly as to not lose him in the ever increasing crowd and followed Remus out to the carriges.

They paused in front of a carriage and he motioned for her to enter first. Thanking him again she stepped out of the rain to find that it was empty.

“James, I’ve got her” Yelled Remus before he ducked inside.

“Finally” James groaned before he stepped inside, followed by Sirius and Peter. The carriage began to move forwards, which surprised Nyxie as she had seen no horse at the front to pull it.
“I thought for a moment that we had lost you” James said taking a seat next to her.

“I got lost in the crowd” Nyxie said looking slightly sheepish. Sirius shook his head splattering everyone with water.

“Thanks” Squeaked Peter sarcastically. This was the first time Nyxie had heard him say anything and she was surprised.

“So what happens when I get to the castle, I doubt anyone else will be starting sixth year as well so…”Nyxie asked, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

“I don’t really know. I think Lily said Dumbledore will want to talk to you first then I guess you will come to the feast with us” answered James.

“So what’s with you and Lily, when you said she didn’t like you I didn’t realise she hated your guts”. Nyxie grinned, peering curiously at James who began to sulk.

“Well although our Jamesy here loves his Lily, they have yet to pass the point in their relationship where Lily will look at him without attempting murder”. Grinned Sirius.

“I know she loves me deep down, she just hasn’t realised it yet.” Said James, as a dreamy look appeared on his face.

“Yeah very deep down. Very, very deep”. Grinned Remus. And everyone burst out laughing as James tried to regain what little dignity he had left.

The carriage stopped suddenly and the boys jumped down. Nyxie followed them listening as they described the Hogwarts feasts.

“Here, let me help you” Whispered Remus, giving her his hand as she jumped down from the carriage.

“How does it move”? She asked looking curiously at the carriages.


“Nyxie, there you are. You have to come with me to the Headmasters office. Come on if we are quick we can go to the feast with the others”. Gushed Lily, as she appeared out of nowhere and pulled her inside leaving a surprised looking Remus behind.

Looking around Nyxie decided that she had never seen such a beautiful place. It was ancient yet incredibly beautiful. She gaped as Lily pulled her along through the great hall and up the stairs. Her astonishment grew as a couple of the paintings they passed greeted Lily who politely said hello in return. She was going to love living here.

“Chocolate frogs” Called Lily to the gargoyle. Nyxie had been so busy looking around she had not realised they had stopped. With a great creaking and groaning the gargoyle shifted aside so they could pass.

Lily knocked thrice on a carved door and stood patiently. Nyxie shifted from foot to foot already eager to explore.


Albus Dumbledore sat at a desk, his hands clasped together in a rather thoughtful manner. As the two girls entered he smiled gently and motioned for them to take a seat.

“Good evening sir” Lily said brightly. Nyxie just smiled and waited for him to speak.

“Yes I do believe it is a good evening Miss Evans, I wish to congratulate you becoming Prefect” Said Professor Dumbledore, beaming at the two girls in front of him. His light blue eyes held the familiar twinkle.

“We are all needed at the feast so I shall make this quick. Miss Ray, I will place you in sixth year and it will be your responsibility Lily to help her if she is in need of assistance. Now comes the matter of sorting, in a few moments we will head down to the great hall and you shall be sorted before the 1st years.” Dumbledore paused, pulling out an old fog watch. After staring at it for a moment he cleared his throat and looked at Lily.

“May I have a few moments alone with Miss Ray?” Dumbledore asked politely looking at Lily who shot up at once with the promise of meeting Nyxie outside.

The door closed with a slight thud and Nyxie looked around for the first time. The study was filled with odd instruments and gizmos, each huffing and puffing in their own bizarre way. It was unlike anywhere she had ever been before.

“As you know your uncle has given me the great and terrible duty of making sure you are safe and happy, so I urge you to come forward if you are in need of help. However I believe it would be best if you refrain from telling others your true identity. Have you perhaps heard of the wizard who calls himself Voldermort?”

“Isn’t he the one who is behind the deaths, you know the anti-muggle one” Nyxie asked, scrunching up her nose as she thought.

“Yes that is he, and I need you to understand how dangerous it would be if he were to find out about your existence. You see most wizards do not realise that the fae still exist, to many your kind are just a myth. This may suit the fae seeing as you tend to keep to yourselves but if Voldermort was to find out about you I am certain he will try to use you as a weapon and this must not happen”. Finished Professor Dumbledore rising from his seat and strolling to the door.

“Now the time is over for being a pessimistic, I do believe there will be kidney pies tonight so let us enjoy the feast. Let us not keep Miss Evans waiting any longer”. He smiled the twinkle back in his eyes.

So Nyxie pushed the unpleasant news to the back of her mind, as a familiar anxious feeling crept over her.

“Miss Ray” Called the shrill voice of Professor McGonagall. Her stern face softened slightly as she saw the pale face in front of her.

Nyxie bit her lip as she sat on a stool in front of the four long tables. The whole school stared at her curiously; the only change was the subtle movement as a student would turn to whisper to the person beside them.

“I heard she was dating that Potter, you know the cute one in sixth year”

“Wasn’t she the one who came from abroad, I heard her mum died and that she had been traveling around the country for years”

“I heard she’s part vampire” – “Nah she’s too tanned”

“Wasn’t she hanging out with the marauders?”

“I wonder if there will be sausages tonight”

The whispers continued gradually becoming louder until McGonagall coughed loudly silencing the hall at once. In her hands she carefully carried a worn out hat. To Nyxie’s surprise she placed it on top of Nyxie’s head. It slid down onto her nose blocking out the sight of the four tables.

“Interesting, very interesting” the hat whispered. Nyxie jumped in surprise, it was talking to her.

“Clever, exceptionally clever and loyal too, I can see that easily. Brave as well, you’re a difficult one aren’t you, Slytherine is out of the question, and you are too trusting for that house. Hmmm, where shall I put you? I know…. GRYFFINDOR!” the hat shouted out the last part.

McGonagall took the hat from her immediately and Nyxie ran down to the table that was cheering. Up ahead James and Sirius were waving frantically for her and she quickly took a seat in between James and a disgruntled Lily. Lily smiled warmly at her and James cheered one last time before the first years began to be sorted. Glancing up Nyxie saw Remus staring at her with a grin, her blush deepened as he winked at her and she was extremely grateful when he turned to watch the sorting.

“Bert Samantha”


“Jones Emily”


“Zettel Kai”


Nyxie began to tune out, thinking back to her meeting with Professor Dumbledore. If what he had said was true (and she didn’t doubt him for a second) then she had to be extremely careful with who she trusted. She knew she trusted James completely, Nyxie knew he would die rather than hurt one of his friends.

“Nyxie, aren’t you hungry” Said Lily, nudging the girl beside her.

“What, oh” Nyxie said as she realised the plates were filled with food. She had been so busy thinking she hadn’t realised that everyone else had started eating. Grinning slightly she pulled the nearest dish towards her.

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