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Simply Smashing by heart4siriusblack
Chapter 13 : Lucky 13
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Tiff & Rose



A/N: So I've recently decided that chapter 13 is the perfect time to make chapter images for this story. Feel completely free to imagine Tiff and Co. however you please is these choices don't suit your fancy. Also, I've missed you guys. <3 





"Please, we're begging you-"


"I'll do your homework! Or- or you can have my muffin every morning! I'll help you with boy troubles, your laundry, anything!" Freddy cried, grasping my shoulders and staring pleadingly into my eyes.

I almost joined James in laughing at Freddy's ridiculous behavior, but what he asks of me is too much.

Freddykins wants me to comfort the distraught Rose Weasley.


Dealing with the unstable emotions of a heartbroken girl?

And a female Weasley?

I prefer my face the way it looks now, thanks.

I glanced cautiously over at Rose -who was sobbing unrestrainedly into a decorative pillow- before turning back to Freddy and James, sighing, "Do I look like the nurturing type?"

James elbowed Freddy aside and looked down at me, smiling slightly, "I know how much you hate dealing with stuff like this, but we really need your help. If Fred and I tried to do it, we'd botch the whole thing and make Rosie feel even worse."

Fred shoved his way back in front and whispered solemnly, "Tiffany Marie Walker, you're our only hope."

These boys sure know how to dramatically persuade me into doing something I don't want to do.


I sighed, running my fingers through my hair, "Fine. But just know that I hate you both and I never want to speak to you ever again."

Grins lit up their faces and they sandwiched me in a hug, Freddy squealing, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou! We owe you forever."

I shoved away from them, half smiling, "Yeah yeah, go to class."

Fred practically skipped out of the common room and James squeezed my hand as he passed, murmuring, "I'll save you a seat at lunch."

I nodded and he grinned crookedly, following Freddy out the portrait hole.

I stood there, frozen.

Lunch. With the Wotters.

And not Jen and Addie.

It's weird how life decides it's time for a change without telling you.

It seems as if the Powers That Be were all, Oh hey Tiff, you sure have been doing the same old boring routine lately, haven't you? How about your old friends dump you one day and you become part of the Wotter crowd the next? Won't that be fun? Oh, don't be such a square, Tiff. Life changing events are exciting!

Life can kiss my ass.

I love my idiotic boy obsessed friends.

But if I stop being a whinging bitch for two seconds, I can admit that I like spending time with Freddy and Noah and even James. Dom seems pretty ace, too.

Is it not possible to make new friends while keeping your old ones?

A particularly loud wail from Rose broke me from my reverie and I took a deep breath before making my cautious way over to her.

"Um, Rose?" I said gently, a few feet from the couch.

"What?" She snapped, not lifting her face from the pillow.

I slowly sat down on the couch next to her, a safe distance away.

"Are you alright?"

She lifted her face from the pillow, glaring at me and practically snarling, "Do I look alright to you?"

Well, okay then.

No need to get snippy.

"Well, no. Do you want to talk about it?"

Way to ease into that one, Tiff.

She blinked at me, looking as if she were deciding between hexing me or crying some more.

Next thing I knew she had thrown herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and sobbing into my shoulder.

My first instinct was to throw her off me and run for my life.

I settled for awkwardly patting the top of her head.

"What happened?" I asked after letting her cry a bit.

"H-he said that he wants to take some time to find himself. As if that isn't the stupidest excuse in the book. And besides, everyone knows what 'finding myself' means!" Rose hiccuped into my jumper.

"Er, they do?" I said, awkwardly patting the top of her head some more and looking around the empty common room for some kind of miracle to rescue me.

You could say that I am more than a little uncomfortable at the moment.

Here I am, the least equipped person in the whole of Hogwarts when it comes to dealing with feelings, and Rose Weasley is sniffling into my sweater.

There's snot all down my front.


"Yes!" She cried, sitting up to look at me incredulously, "He wants to shag other girls!"

Oh merlin, someone else needs to be handling this.

"I'm sure that's not true." I smiled as convincingly as I could.

She didn't look convinced.

Aw, shucks.

She glared at me, "It's true. He doesn't want to find himself, he want's to find some blond bimbo with big tits and no brains!"

I just heard Rose Weasley say tits.

This has been the oddest day.

Trying my best not to laugh, I patted her shoulder bracingly and told her, "Well you know what you've got to do then, right?"

She sniffled and shook her head, eyes beseeching.

"You've got to go get yourself the male equivalent."

She looked at me like I'd grown an extra head.

I ignored the look and went on, "Look, Rose, I think it's really smashing that you were in such a long relationship. You loved, you laughed, you cried, and now it's over. That blows, and I'm honestly sorry that you're so sad right now. But you're young, Weasley. It's time to date dumb Quidditch blokes."

I sure do have a way with words.

She stared at me before bursting into watery giggles, "That was not the direction I expected your Feel Better Rose speech to go in."

I shrugged, smiling back, "I work in unconventional ways. I know you're hurting right now, especially since it was so serious between you two-"

"It really wasn't." Rose sighed, falling back against the couch cushions.



Rose and Scorpius are known as the poster couple for serious Hogwarts relationships.

"I mean yeah, Scorpius and I have been dating almost two years, but we've always been so on and off. It's getting to be exhausting."

I raised my eyebrows at her, "I never knew that."

She nodded and closed her eyes, "We've kept it pretty quiet."

My brows raised further, "Do you think you'll get back together?"

I love my nosey personality.

She sighed, "I dunno. Probably. But I'm getting pretty sick of his flip-flopping."

"Have you told him that?"

"Yes, so many times! But he doesn't listen. It's maddening."

Sounds like a perfectly functional relationship.


I bit my lip, "Have you ever considered dating anyone else?"

She shook her head, her cheeks coloring slightly.

Oh lordy, the entirety of the Hogwarts student population would have my head if they knew what I'm about to say.

"Maybe you should think about giving it a try. Have some fun with a bimbo jock before settling down." I winked at her.

She laughed, "Maybe I will. It might show Scorpius that I won't wait around forever for him to get his shit together."

I shook my head, smiling, "You crazy kids with your mind games. Just have a good time and be careful, alright?"

Rose nodded and smiled, leaning forward to give me a hug, "Thanks Tiffany. I think I like your comforting methods more than the standard sympathies and ice-cream."

Oh hells yeah I deal with emotionally broken girls like a champ.

I hugged her back before standing up and grabbing my bag, "I've really got to run, I'm ridiculously late to Charms."

She scrunched up her nose, "Sorry about that. See you later?"

I grinned and nodded before heading towards the portrait hole, almost tripping when Rose called after me, "Hey Tiff?"

I turned back around, "Yeah?"

She gave me a sly grin, "Be nice to my cousin, won't you?"

I rolled my eyes and smiled, "I'm always nice to Freddy, he's just a big cry baby."

She shook her head, smirk growing, "Fred's not the cousin I was talking about."

I narrowed my eyes playfully at her, "Then I don't know who you're referring to."

She rolled her eyes back at me with a laugh, "Right, I'm sure. Just be good to James, alright? I think you're special to him."





I stumbled into Charms ten minutes later with only fifteen minutes left of class.

Flitwick was not pleased.

So displeased, in fact, that I now have a detention for tomorrow night.


After getting reprimanded by an ancient bloke whose height barely comes up to my belly button, I turned to look for a seat and saw James and Fred waving me over frantically.

My cheeks reddened at the sight of James, Rose's words still ringing in my ears.

Special to him special to him special to him special-


I will have none of this mind tripping, thank you kindly.

I shall now repress the memory of her saying those words to me for the rest of time. You know, since they meant absolutely nothing due to the fact that she was just joking around.

Yep, that's it.

"Tiffany! Over here!" Freddy shouted even though I was already walking in their direction.

Ah, dear Freddykins.

I hate how much you enjoy embarrassing me.

James grinned as I sat to his right in the only available seat, "So? How'd it go?"

I shrugged, pulling out my Charms textbook, "Fine."

Freddy's eager expression fell from his face, "Fine? That's it? That's all we get?"

I rolled my eyes, "Why don't you just ask Scorpius what happened?"

They shared a look before James said, "He always gives us the same answer."

Freddy got up to sit on the table space in from of me, effectively crumpling my notes and blocking my view of the lesson, "Yeah, he always says that he needs space to 'find himself'."

I snorted and set my quill down, leaning back in my chair, "Oh yeah? Does he ever succeed?"

James slung his arm over the back of my chair, "Not yet. He always misses Rose too much and goes back to her before he completes his journey of self discovery."

Freddy nodded, "That, and there's always the crying."

James shuddered while I looked at them, confused, "The what now?"

James gave me a look, "You have to know what a woman crying can do to a man's soul."

I snorted disbelievingly at them.

They stared back.

Oh merlin, they're serious.

I have a feeling I'm gonna have to pimp slap some sexist pigs in a minute.

I raised an eyebrow, "Just what does a woman's tear do to a man's precious soul, exactly?"

Freddy swallowed thickly before whispering, "It tears it apart. We can't handle it at all."

James nodded fervently, "We explode internally."

I rubbed at my eyes for a moment before looking at each of them in turn, "So, if I'm to sort out your crazy talk and put it into sensible words, you're saying that women, like Rose, can get whatever they want just by crying a bit?"

They answered in unison, "Exactly."

I stared before shaking my head and looking at the front of the room, "You boys are idiots."

Freddy looked offended, "Oi! We are highly intelligent men, thanks. You're just upset that we've found out your secret."

I pressed a hand to my heart dramatically, "You're so right, Fred. How am I ever going to get what I want out of the two of you now if I can't believably sob my eyes out?" I finished with a smirk and a roll of the eyes.

Freddy seriously considered the question, rubbing his chin and squinting his eyes, "Well, there's bargaining, blackmail-"

"Seduction." James cut in, smirking at me before giving a wink.

Freddy clapped James on the shoulder, "Yes, exactly. That's our preferred method if you're trying to get stuff from us."

I tried to put the words 'I'm going to hit you soon' into a glare.

Fred cleared his throat and sat back down in his normal seat.

I think it worked.

"Oi, what's taking Noah so long?" Freddy elbowed James in the side.

James's glance shifted to me before quickly looking away, shrugging, "Dunno. Maybe Pomfrey held him up."

Is it horrible I didn't even notice that the guy I've got a fat crush on isn't here?

It's not my fault James and Freddy distracted me!


I can't believe I'm defending myself, to myself.

I'm going bonkers.

Jeanine will be so proud.

"Why's he with Pomfrey?" I asked, oozing nonchalance.

Freddy gave me a knowing look that made me want to poke him in the eye, "He escorted Richards to the Hospital Wing. Wonky charm gone wrong, you know the drill."

"Gretchen Richards?"

Freddy's smirk matched his look as he answered, "The very same."

I couldn't help the scowl that formed on my face.

Gretchen Richards is the type of girl Rose is afraid Scorpius will find a broom closet with.
Blond hair, big tits, no brain.

Your standard Hufflepuff.

No, wait, that's not true.

I'm just filled with heaps of jealous rage right now.

Honestly, most Hufflepuffs are good people, jolly good fun to hang around and have a drink with at a Common Room party.

Just not Gretchen Richards.

The bell rang and I shoved my things into my bag, standing up and trying not to notice Jen glaring at me and whispering viciously into Addie's ear.

This day sure is shaping up fantastically.

"If you'll excuse me, there's a very foxy Ravenclaw that I need to chat up before she gets to Herbology." Freddy winked at us before dashing out of the room, leaving James and I to share an exasperated smile.

"You've got Potions next?" James asked, slinging his own bag over his shoulder as we merged into the crowd leaving the Charms Corridor.

"Yes I do, stalker." I narrowed my eyes playfully at him.

He grinned and shoved me before pulling me back and slinging his arm over my shoulders, ruffling my hair with his hand, "I'm not stalking you, buttface. We Gryffindors tend to have the same timetables, if you haven't noticed."

I sighed dramatically, "Yeah yeah, that's what they all say."

James scoffed and smiled down at me, pulling me closer to his side.

Whether he did it on purpose or not, I've no idea.

I do know that my tummy has returned to its backflipping routine.


"Well isn't this cute." A voice drawled sarcastically from behind us.

We turned around quickly and I groaned.

Jason Macnair.

Fantastic, a verbal sparring match is exactly what I needed before Potions class.

James's arm tightened protectively around my shoulders and Macnair smirked widely.

"My my, how the time flies. It seems like only yesterday the two of you couldn't stand each other. Now look how snuggled up you love birds are."

James and I shifted uncomfortably but otherwise didn't respond.

Though the way James had tensed at Macnair's words seemed to signify he wasn't far off from hexing him.

Macnair tapped his chin, pretending to ponder something, "No, wait, I'm not remembering that right. I believe that Walker was the one who couldn't stand you, Potter. I remember you following her around like a pathetic lovesick puppy for weeks. I imagine you're rather pleased with how this has turned out."

James took a deep breath before answering, "We're just friends, Macnair. Was there something you actually wanted, or are you just here to provoke my gag reflex?"

Macnair's smirk was so wide I thought his face might split in two as he said slowly, "She doesn't know, does she?"

I spoke up finally, "What don't I know, Macnair?"

He let out a low chuckle, "Oh, this shall be fun to watch. Enjoy your time with her while it lasts, Potter."

James suddenly let go of me and whipped out his wand, pointing it in Macnair's face, practically snarling, "Explain what you're on about or leave before you seriously upset me and you get grievously injured."

Alright, I'm about to admit something that is never to be repeated, ever.

But when James Potter is all riled up about something, and he just seems so alive, he is the handsomest guy I have ever seen.

Super foxy.

Feel free to slap me across the face as many times as you please.

Macnair's creepy smile never wavered beneath the threat of James's wand, "Oh, I think you know what I'm talking about. As for her, I'm sure she'll find out soon enough. She's not going to be quite so willing to be under your arm then, will she Potter?"

James's face was murderous as he shouted, "Rictum-"

"Mr. Potter! Surely you weren't about to hex a student outside of my classroom?" Flitwick stood, hands on his hips and his eyes set in a glare.

Oh hell.





A/N: Hello lovelies! Schoolwork has destroyed my life. Summer shall resurrect my poor soul. But anyway, how are you? How'd you like the chapter? How funny was it to watch Tiff struggle to be nice and deal with feelings? I giggled a little bit myself. Don't worry, Scorose Shippers, they shall return!

ALSO! FUN GAME TIME. Because I've been curious for awhile, are you on Team James or Team Noah? Heck, let's throw in Team Freddy in there just for funsies.


Updates shall come with a swiftness when the summer months are upon us!

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