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Unprepared by MissIncendio
Chapter 18 : A Lot of Tears, A Few Fights, And Realizations
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Chapter Eighteen

“Merlin, Dom.” I called over my shoulder, heaving my trunk onto the scarlet steam engine. “You're so slow!”

“It's not my fault!” She whined. “It's my trunk, it's just so heavy!” She tugged uselessly at the gigantic brown leather trunk, failing to move it even an inch.

“That, love,” a voice said, breaking through the billows of steam surrounding the train. The fog parted to reveal Rowan, smiling wickedly. “is what boyfriends are for.”

His kissed her quickly and then picked up the trunk, pushing it onto the train with out any troubles and then hopping aboard.

She rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same and accepted his helping hand up onto the train.

“My lady.” Rowan bowed, and held out his hand to me.

“Kind sir.” I put a hand to my forehead and pretended to swoon before taking his hand, and allowing him to haul me up with them.

I giggled along with Dom as we made our way down the corridor, looking for a compartment.

“We're gonna sit with Ry and Scorp.” Rowan nodded his head at the compartment on the left. I glanced inside and smiled at Ryan, carefully avoiding Scorpius's eyes.

“I'll go and find the family compartment, I guess.” I shouldered my rainbow bag and dragged my trunk down the corridor before stopping inside the noisiest one.

I slid the door open to reveal a sad looking Albus sitting in the corner, Molly with her nose stuffed in a book (how she could read in all this noise was beyond me), Fred who was charming balls of paper to pelt Hugo while Lily defended him with a rolled up Daily Prophet, and Louis, Lucy and Roxy who were bickering about Quidditch.

Oh, how I loved my family.

“Rose!” Fred ceased his fire on Hugo, and stood up, throwing out his arms to greet me and nearly hitting Lucy in the face. “It's been too long! What has it been now?” He glanced down at his watch. “Two whole hours? I've missed you, cousin!”

I laughed at his dramatic welcome but hugged him all the same before plopping down on the floor in front of Albus.

“What's going on in Albus land, my dear cousin?” I asked, smiling up at him.

He gave me a weak smile but didn't reply.

I huffed and sat back, leaning against Roxy's legs and crossing my arms. “Al, just apologize to Ryan already. This Christmas is going to be awkward enough without you two fighting.”

His green eyes darkened. “Apologize? For what? I didn't do anything!” He snapped.

“You broke up with her!” I exclaimed.

“Cause she said we'd never last!”

I snorted. “That doesn't count, Al. She was saying that to make me feel better.”

“Yeah, but she said she said it again when we were fighting!” He retorted, looking at me condescendingly.

“Whatever, Albus. All I know is both of you are miserable because of this break up and you both love each other.” I looked at him sternly, silently urging him to go make up with Ryan.

“You're one to talk, Rose.” He sneered at me, voice filled will malice. “For the past two months, you and Scorpius have been moping around and we all know you two are in love with each other.”

I felt the compartment fall into hushed silence around me as my face flushed a scarlet red, and anger built in me.

Silently, I stood up and walked out of the packed room. I heard someone get up and follow me, but I kept walking down the hallway.

“Rose!” A high voice called behind me and I turned around.

Lily was walking up the corridor after me. She silently came to a stop in front of me, then pulled me into a hug. I felt my vision blur, my eyes sting and a teardrop fell from my eyelids.

Lily Potter was quite possibly the sweetest person on the planet. She was also probably one of the most gorgeous too; she would have boys lining up, if not for her brothers who threatened anyone coming within two inches of her. Her mahogany hair fell in a straight sheet down her back, and bangs brushed her long black eyelashes, though not quite hiding her big, brown eyes. Her smile was what really got people though, it was one of those smiles you couldn't help but smile at. Her smile made you smile, it was simply contagious. Lily was the little sister I'd always wanted but I'd gotten stuck with Hugo instead.

“You okay, Rosebud?” Lily's nickname for me was childish, but I'd always let her get away with it.

I nodded, pulling away and brushing the tears out of my eyes.

“Albus can be a right prat sometimes.” She murmured and I smiled in response.

We stood in silence for a moment.

I was still trying to wipe the tears for my eyes, but they just kept falling. “I never used to cry this much, Lils.”

“No, you were always the tough one.” She took my hand, fitting her little hand into mine. “Dom was always the dramatic one.”

“She still is.” I shrugged. “I'm just the weepy one now, I guess.”

“Things change, Rose, and so do people.” She said.

I smiled down at her, squeezing her hand. “You're pretty wise for someone your age.”

“Yeah, well.” She blushed and pulled her hand from mine. She started to walk off but then turned around. “It's okay to love Scorpius, Rose.”

“I don't know if I do though, Lily.” I shook my head back and forth, tears falling off my chin.

“You said it yourself, you never cried this much before.” She looked at me hard and intense. “He's making you feel things you never did before. You may have not noticed the change, Rose, but for that day you were together, you were happier than I'd ever seen you. And now you're sadder than I've ever seen you. And I think we both know why.”

I looked at her blankly.

“Because you don't have him.”

Then she turned away, leaving me alone in the corridor.

I slumped against the wall, leaning into it and buried my face in my hands. I really didn't know what I felt anymore. Some moments I thought I loved Scorpius, then next I wanted to slap him across the face. But now... Now, I just didn't know!

“Why is it that I always find you crying?” I heard Grayson's voice behind me and I turned around, hastily wiping the tears from my face.

“Not true!” I argued. “The other day, you caught me studying, not crying!”

Grayson and I had grown considerably closer in the past few days. We'd hung out in class, and studied together and just been together. It was nice to have a guy to hang around again. Albus was just to depressed and moody to put up with, and Rowan was too busy sucking Dom's face off. I'd missed guys.

“Fine, fine, you're right!” He laughed, holding his arms up in front of his chest. “I surrender!”

“Good, bow down to my supreme awesomeness.” I said, giggling.

“Anything for you, Master Rose.” Grayson replied, bowing, in a voice like an evil villain’s creepy sidekick.

We both tried not to laugh for a minute then burst into fits of loud laughter causing people in the compartments around us to poke their heads out of the doors.

“I think we're a little loud.” I gasped, before breaking into another fight of giggles.

“Just a tad.” Grayson was wiping tears out from under his eyes. “What were we even laughing about?”

I stopped laughing for a moment, and contemplated this. “No clue.”

This only made us start laughing again, even harder this time. Call us strange, but it was Grayson's fault. He was just one of those people whose laughter was contagious.

Some time later we found ourselves in a compartment with a whole bunch of six years. Grayson sat beside me, with Henry Sloper on my other side. Harvey Coote sat across from along with his best friend, Owen Kale. The boys made up the Gryffindor six year boys, plus Rowan of course. Also in the compartment was Henry's girlfriend, Arabella Goldstein and her friend Zara Middleton, who were both in Ravenclaw house.

We were fighting about who was the worst professor at Hogwarts.

“It's definitely Alban.” I said, disagreeing with Harvey.

“No way, Rose.” He shook his head, his brown curls whipping back and forth. “Binns is way worse!”

“How about we call this one a tie, guys?” Zara grinned at both of us, and reclaimed Harvey's attention.

Just then Lily opened the compartment door.

“Hi everyone.” She beamed around before turning to face me. “We're almost at the station and your trunks in our compartment. Coming to get it?”

I nodded, standing up and saying goodbye to everyone.

“I'll walk with you.” Grayson stood up and followed my out the door. Lily was already a ways up the hallway.

“So,” I started, “Are you coming to the New Years party at the Potter's?”

“Just like every year.” He smiled at me. “You'll be there right?”

“Oh, no, I never go to my god father's parties.” I joked.

He rolled his eyes, and we walked in comfortable silence until we came to my family's compartment.

“Well, Rosie, see you soon.” He pulled me into a tight hug, and squeezed me.

“Can't breathe!” I gasped.

He chuckled, and pulled away. “My bad.”

“Bye, Gray!” I said.

He smiled down at me and, to my surprise, kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Bye, Rose.” Then he turned and left.

I stood there a little shocked for a minute, before turning and slipping into the very crowded compartment.

“I saw that little goodbye, Rose!” Fred called from the corner, glaring at me accusingly. “What's going on with you two?”

“None of your business.” I stuck my tongue out at him, and looked around. It was indeed more crowded than before. I noticed the addition of Ryan first, then, as I sat down in the only empty space, I realized the person on my right was Scorpius.

“Hi.” I said, awkwardly.

“Hi.” He mumbled, and nodded, not meeting my eyes.

Oh, Merlin. He thinks I'm dating Grayson. Shit, shit, shit! Wait, why I am I shitting? Why does it matter if he thinks you're dating Grayson?

Cause you love him. That annoying little voice in the back of my mind said.

SHUT IT! I screamed back at it.

Wait, did I even like Grayson?

No, not at all. I mean he was great and funny and, I had to admit, pretty fit, but I thought of him like I though of Albus. Like a brother.

Merlin, please don't let him have a crush on me.

Shit, I bet he does have a crush on me!


My thoughts continued it's mental freak out as the train rolled to a stop and pulled up to the station. I stayed in my seat as we stopped, knowing there was no way around my cousins.

They all raced for their bags, and tried to be the first one out. Their was an elbowing match between Lucy and Hugo, and Fred fell over before they all got out.

I noticed I was alone in the compartment... Except for Scorpius. Of course.

He was silent as he reached up and swung his trunk down from the rack. I tried to reach mine, but unfortunately I inherited my mother's shortness.

“Um, Scorpius, can you...?” I looked at him pleadingly, pointing up at my trunk.

He smirked, but grabbed it down from the rack. I turned to leave but his voice called me back.

“Er, Rose?” He stuttered. Weird, Scorpius never sounded nervous. “Are you and Grayson...” He trailed off.

My stomach dropped and lifted at the same time. Half of me was doing cartwheels for some reason, and the other half just felt hurt still.

“No, we're not dating.” I simply stated. “If that's what you mean.”

“Right.” He nodded once. “Well.... Thanks.”

“Why do you want to know?” I blurted out.

“I-Er-I...” He stammered, before turning defensive. “None of your business, Weasley.”

What?! Can someone please tell me how he went from nervous Scorpius to asshole Malfoy in two seconds flat?!

“It is too my business!” I exclaimed.

“Is not!” He snapped.

“Merlin, you are insufferable!” I threw my hands up and stormed out.

“Nothing compared to you, Weasel!” Scorpius shouted from behind me, but I just kept walking my fists clenched at my sides.

Scorpius's POV:

I watch in horror as Grayson What's-His-Name kisses Rose on the cheek. The monster in my chest roars in fury as he mutters something to her and leaves. I glare at the back of her head, while she stands there, probably basking in the glory of her new boyfriend.

She walks in and beams around at everyone, Merlin, she's gorgeous. Wait, no, don't think that. You hate her. She hurt you. Hate. I'm vaguely aware of her cousin Fred teasing her, but my mind is dedicated to resisting thoughts of Rose right now.

She flops down beside me and I feel her start as she realizes it's me she's sat down beside.

“Hi.” She says. She sounds nervous.

“Hi.” I mutter back, avoiding her eyes. There is no way I can look into her eyes right now.

Her eyes remind me of way to many things. I can still see the hurt in them when I look at her. I've said terrible things to her. Merlin, I know I should apologize but... I just can't. It's like my brain won't form the words.

'But it doesn’t matter.' I remind myself. Rose hates me, and I hate her. Right, hate.

A bad thought rolls through my mind. Merlin, if I can barely sit beside her, how the bloody hell am I going to be able to spend Christmas with her.

I nearly groan. What have I gotten myself into?

Just then I feel the train roll to a stop. I stay in my seat, knowing how rough the Weasleys/Potters can be. I watch as a elbowing match ensues before Rose's brother, Hugo, squeezes out the door, trunk in tow before Lucy. Fred scrambles up from the ground, and follows them out.

Pretty soon, it's only me and Rose left in the carriage. Shit.

I keep my mouth shut as I reach for my trunk, and swing it down towards me.

I turn to see Rose stretching up, trying to grab her suitcase, but she's several inches too short. Even with the shortness, she was still so bloody beautiful! Merlin, I want to hex Grayson What's-His-Name so badly.

'Wait, no, stop thinking like that.' I mentally scold myself, and focus on reality again.

“Um, Scorpius, can you...?” She looked at me pleadingly, pointing up at her trunk.

I smirked, and got it down from her.

She turns to leave, but the monster in my chest roars again and words come tumbling out of my mouth.

“Er, Rose?Are you and Grayson...” I trail off not really knowing how to finish the sentence.

“No, we're not dating.” She says in a soft voice. “If that's what you mean.”

“Right.” Relief washes over me in waves, and I nod once.“Well.... Thanks.”

“Why do you want to know?” She says suddenly, catching me off guard.

“I-Er-I...” Why am I stuttering? I never stutter! Relax, Scorpius. You don't like her, act like you hate her. She hurt you. “None of your business, Weasley.”

I can see the surprise on her face at my sudden coldness but I brush it off.

“It is too my business!” She cries angrily.

“Is not!” I snap back, grinding my teeth together. Merlin, she makes me furious.

“Merlin, you are insufferable!” She throws her hands into the air before marching out.

“Nothing compared to you, Weasel!” I jeer after her. I knew it was childish, but I wanted to wound her. I couldn't explain why, I just did. But she just kept walking away.

Rose's POV:

“ROSIE!” I hear my dad's voice bellow the minute I step off the train.

I whip my head head back and forth searching the white mist for the familiar face for my father. Finally, I spot him.

“Daddy!” I yell and run towards him before launching myself into his arms. Call me a childish but I was a Daddy's Girl.

“Umph.” My dad groaned as I slammed into him. “You're getting to big to do that.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head at him, pulling back. “I'll never be to big for you.”

He ruffled my hair and grinned at me.

It was so nice to see my dad again. After the stressful last couple of months I'd had, I really just needed a hug from my dad.

I looked him up and down quickly, he looked the same as ever. His messy red hair, now streaked with grey, was overgrown, covering his ears, and his bright blue eyes, the same as mine, twinkled down at me.

“Where's Mum?” I asked, looking around for her bushy brown hair but seeing only my uncles; Bill, George and Percy, their red hair gleaming as they embraced their children.

“At the Potter's.” He said, picking up my trunk and striding away, me scurrying after and the cousins at my heels.

“Why isn't she at home?” I asked, curiously.

“Didn't Al tell you?” He looked over his shoulder at Al, who grinned sheepishly, than back at me. “We're spending Christmas at the Potter's.”

“I thought we were spending it at the Burrow!” I cried.

He shrugged. “We are, but just Christmas Day, the rest we're spending with the Potters.”

I stopped in my tracks and nearly groaned out loud. Christmas holiday at the Potter's? With Scorpius? Really?

As if on cue, I felt someone approached me from behind.

“Quite the Daddy's girl, aren't you, Weasley?” He hissed in my ear.

I wanted to smack him, but I kept my hands at my sides, in very tight fists. “Oh, bugger off, Malfoy.”

He snorted. “Nice comeback, wherever did you come up with it?” He said sarcastically.

I huffed and stomped away, following Ryan through the wall and into King's Cross Station.

“Dad, remind me to never get into a car with you again.” I nearly kissed the ground as I flung open the car door. You'd think after six years of having a driver's license, he would have gotten better.

I took a deep breath and held it in, trying to calm my stomach as I took in my surroundings. The sprawling grounds that surrounded the Potter's house were blanketed in white snow, and trees hunched at the weight of the white.

The Potter's home was one of the house's you saw in magazines, house was not the right word, it was really more of a mansion. It was Victorian style, like my own but far bigger and prettier. The house was painted cream with black trimmings, that stood out against the stark, white snow. Detailed, white railing travelled around the porch of the front of the house, and on the balcony of the second floor too. Icicles hung off windows and hangings, and smoke puffed from the chimney, adding black to the otherwise pure white landscape.

You could just see the garden in the back, if you tilted your head the right way. Weeping willows, like the one at Hogwarts, except without the Whomping, grew close together, their leaves frosted and tangled in icicles. A pond lay at their feet, it's surface clear of snow, and snow-dusted benches sat around it. In the summer, flowers and vegetables grew in a patch, but now was covered by the white stuff. A Quidditch pitch, it's hoops stretching towards the sky, lay a ways back. Trees grew behind the garden, hiding the pitch from view, though no Muggles lived near.

The Potter's home had always been my second home away from Hogwarts, we spent a lot of holidays here.

I smiled at old memories, as I crunched my way up the path to the house. I opened the door, and immediately was engulfed by the smell of cooking. Mmm, there was nothing quite like the smell of a home cooked meal. Already I could spell potatoes, baking bread and the sweet, sugary smell of treacle tart.

“Rose.” My mum hurried up the hallway, an apron around her waist for Merlin knows what reason. My mother could make simple things, like French toast and mashed potatoes, but she had none of the Weasley cooking skills that came in handy at our gatherings. Only Nana Molly and Aunt Ginny possessed those talents.

She pulled me into a hug, and I wrapped my arms her, breathing in her warm scent; laundry and freesia, mixed with the smells of the kitchen. Ah, it was good to be home.

“Ugh!” Ryan groaned as she flopped onto one of the beds in the room we would share and put her hands over her face, her long brown hair fanning out behind her head.

Out of all the rooms in the house, this one was my favourite. It was painted a blue grey colour with big windows draped with heavy cream curtains looking out onto the garden. Two double beds fit with cream bedding lay against the opposite wall. It was carpeted in soft, cream shag carpet, and had a big white vanity in the corner. French doors between the windows led out to a snow covered balcony. It had been the room I'd always had whenever I'd visited, I sometimes shared it with Dom, sometimes with Lily when she refused to sleep in her own bed.

“What's wrong, Ry?” I asked, flopping down next to her.

She peeked at me from around her fingers. “Did you know we were staying with the Potter's?”

I shook my head at her. “I had no idea.”

She took her hands off her face, but her bottom lip pouted out still and sarcasm dripped from her voice. “Christmas with our exes. How fun.”

“Hey there, that's my cousin you're grumbling about.” I teased before grinning wickedly at her. “And I guarantee you and Al will be dating again by the time we get back.”

“I'd put the same bet on you and Scorpius.” She replied, wiping the grin off my face.

“Oh, shut up.” I muttered, unable to completely ignore the flutter of something in my chest. “Let's go see what's for dinner.”

Just like any other family gathering, te table was bursting with food and people. I sat next to Ryan, on the end. Lily sat across from me, and Albus across from Ryan, both would not meet each other's eyes. Scorpius sat next to Albus, with Hugo on his other side, and Aunt Ginny across from him. Uncle Harry sat next to his wife and my parents sat facing each other, on the end.

“Can someone pass the rolls?” I asked, scanning the table for them.

Finally, I saw them, right in front of Scorpius. Of course

He silently passed them to me, taking car to not even glance in my direction. I glared at him, and snatched a roll up before violently buttering it.

“So, Albus,” Aunt Ginny said, leaning forward and smiling at her son. “You never did tell me who your date was to the Halloween Ball.”

Ryan choked on her pumpkin juice beside me, and I pounded her one the back, Lily stifling giggles at the scene.

Ginny looked at us curiously but turned back to Al, raising an eyebrow at her son's hesitation.

“Um- Er....” He glanced around, turning red and looked at Ryan for the firs time. “I...”

“He went with me.” Ryan said, raising her head defiantly, and glaring at Al before turning to Ginny and smiling sheepishly.

“Oh.” She seemed to think for a moment, before smiling. “Good.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, and took a bite out of my roll.

“And you, Scorpius, who did you go with?” Ginny asked politely.

It was my turn to choke, and I spat my half eaten roll onto my plate, though thankfully going unnoticed by Ginny.

He glanced at me and out eyes met for second, my blue staring into his stormy grey.

“Nobody important.” He said, smiling in his cocky way at my aunt.

She smiled back then turned to my mother and started up a conversation with her.

Us Hogwarts students ate the rest of our dinner in silence, the parents starring curiously and trying to strike up a conversation with us every once in a while, but we remained silent and they went back to their conversations.

I was more then relieved when I finally escaped the table, and I rushed upstairs to my room. I knew Ryan would be in here any minute, and I really didn't want to talk to anyone, so I hurriedly threw on my blue coat, stuffed woollen hat onto my head and shoved my feet into my winter boots. I clomped down the stairs and went out the back door, escaping into the cool, twilight air.

I crunched down the snow covered path, watching as my breath came out in puffs as I approached the pond. I stopped in my tracks as I realized someone was sitting in one of the benches. Scorpius.

“Why is it,” I growled, “that whenever I want to get away from you, you seem to show up?”

He whipped around, looking startled but severely frustrated. “Why is it that I was just about to ask the same question?”

I glared at him scathingly for a moment before blurting out the question that had burned in my mind since dinner.

“Why didn't you tell Aunt Ginny I went to the ball with you?”

He looked at me incredulously. “I take it you're glad I didn't.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Of course. If my dad knew I went with you, he'd go postal. So why didn't you say anything?”

“Why would I?” He cocked his head to the side, looking honestly curious.

“I figured you'd want to see me get in trouble.” I mumbled, looking down and feeling my cheeks burn red.

He seemed a little taken aback at my answer, then he shook his head, and the expression on his face hardened. “I do, guess I should go in there and tell them now.”

He started to get up, an smirk plastered over his face.

“No!” I stepped in front of him. “Don't do that!”

He settled back down on the bench. “And why not?”

“Because... Because...” I searched for a reason. “My dad would get mad at you too!”

He seemed to consider this for a second. “Fine. I won't tell, but you owe me, Weasley.”

My mouth fell open. “I do not!”

He stood up and we were nose to nose. “Do too.” He sneered.

“I don't owe anything to a Malfoy.” I spat back.

“Merlin, would you stop that?!” He shouted.

“Stop what?”

“Using Malfoy as an insult!” His cheeks were flushed red with anger, and his eyes a slate grey.

“Oh, sorry, did it hurt your feelings?!” I widened my eyes, and looking at him innocently.

“God, you're such a bitch!” He yelled.

The words echoed through the empty garden.

My stomach felt like it had hit the floor, and I could feel the sharp sting of tears in my eyes.

“I am not!” I exclaimed.

“You're acting like one!” He bellowed back.

I whipped by head back and forth, trying to stop the tears that were forming.

“Merlin, I hate you!” I spat, stepping forward and sticking my head up so that we were inches apart.

I caught one look of pure rage before his lips were somehow on mine.

Our lips moved fiercely against each other, pressing hard together, as if fighting. This had happened in our kisses before but it was so much more amplified now. This was a angry kiss. A hot, angry, furious kiss.

My lips continued to grapple with his, and it was almost painful. Anger, rage and hurt. Each burning kiss seemed to release my built up emotions. It was more satisfying than yelling at him, now we fought without words. My anger burned hotter than ever before, and I could practically feel the heat of his anger too.

His fingers wound into my hair, so tightly it hurt, but they pulled my face closer to his. His other hand clutched my body closer to his, almost roughly. One of my hands snaked it's way up his chest and around his neck, holding his closer. I could feel my other hand against his cheek, holding his face tightly against mine, the stubble on his chin scratching against my palm. I tightened my hold on his face, and I felt my nails dig into the skin of his cheek.

Then a voice of reason seemed to scream throughout my head, and wrenched myself away from him, staggering back a step.

We stood staring at each other in shock. His lips were bright red from the kiss , and already mine seemed to ache from the pressure of the kiss. Even in the twilight, I could see the marks from my nails on his face.

I narrowed my eyes at him, how dare he kiss me! “What the hell was that?!”

“I don't know!” He shouted back.

“Merlin, you're so- so....” I couldn't think off a word bad enough, and just shrieked in annoyance. “I hate you!”

“Believe me, not as much as I hate you.” He sneered.

Then he turned and walked back up the path, before slamming the door of the house, making snow fall from the roof.

I nearly fell into the bench, and lay my head back, looking up at the navy sky. I could feel warm tears splashing down onto my frozen cheeks, and I wiped them away.

Why did being in love have to hurt so much?

Wait... Being in love? Was I in love?

And here was the question that had been plaguing my mind from the moment he said he loved me in the Potions Room. Did I love Scorpius?

Every rational voice in my head was screaming no, but one voice drowned out the rest. It was Lily's voice.

“He's making you feel things you never did before. You may have not noticed the change, Rose, but for that day you were together, you were happier than I'd ever seen you. And now you're sadder than I've ever seen you. And I think we both know why. Because you don't have him.”

I sighed. It was time to admit it, not matter how much I didn't want to. No matter how much my brain screamed at me not to think, because as soon as I said them, I couldn't take them back. But it had to be said. No matter how much I hated him, no matter how much he hurt me, or how much I wanted to hit him sometimes...

I was in love with Scorpius.

Scorpius's POV:

“Why is it that whenever I want to get away from you, you seem to show up?” A voice growled from behind me and I whipped around. Rose stood before, her hands on her hips and glaring at me.

“Why is it that I was just about to ask the same question?” I sneered back at her, though I was unable to keep the frustration out of my voice.

We stared each other down, our eyes narrowed and glaring. The she broke the silence.

“Why didn't you tell Aunt Ginny I went to the ball with you?” She blurted out.

I looked at her incredulously, before rolling my eyes a little at her. “I take it you're glad I didn't.”

She rolled her eyes right back at me.

“Of course. If my dad knew I went with you, he'd go postal.” She stated matter-of-factually. “So why didn't you say anything?”

“Why would I?” I cocked my head to the side and looked at her curiously, did she really think I was that immature?

“I figured you'd want to see me get in trouble.” She mumbled, looking down at the white snow at her feet.

I started a little at her answer, why did she think I wanted to hurt her so badly? Oh, right because that's all I'd ever done before! Merlin, at least act like you hate her. “I do, guess I should go in there and tell them now.”

I started to stand up, a smug grin plastered on my face, hiding the pain in my gut I felt at hurting her.

“No!” She stepped in front of me, blocking my path. “Don't do that!”

I sat back down on the bench, folding my hands behind my head and looking up at her. “And why not?”

“Because... Because...” She stuttered, searching for a reason. “My dad would get mad at you too!”

Hm... I hadn't thought about that before. Ron Weasley angry was frightening... But I can't let her win! “Fine. I won't tell but you owe me, Weasley.”

She gaped at my answer. “I do not!”

I stood up so we were virtually nose to nose, if she wasn't a good seven inches shorter than me, and folded my arms across my chest.

“Do too.” I sneered down at her.

“I don't owe anything to a Malfoy.” She hissed at me.

A Malfoy. That was what made me snap, I could practically hear the crack of it.

“Merlin, would you stop that?!” I bellowed at her.

“Stop what?” She cried.

“Using Malfoy as an insult!” Nothing made me more mad than people using my family's past against me. I couldn't change it, and I didn't do it, so why use it against me?!

“Oh, sorry, did it hurt your feelings?!” She looked at me innocently, her eyes wide and head cocked.

Dammit! I was mental to ever had feelings for this girl!

“God, you're such a bitch!” I roared.

My words echoed through the dark and empty garden.

I saw her face fall and tears well up in her eyes. I must have hit a soft spot, it would normally take so much more to bug Rose.

She seemed to compose herself again, and the anger was back in her eyes. “I am not!”

“You're acting like one!” I shouted.

She stepped forward, jutting out her head so it was inches from mine. Rage radiated from her eyes.

“Merlin, I hate you!” She spat at me.

I felt my anger explode, and I knew she was lying. She didn't hate me, she couldn't hate me! So I did the one thing to prove her wrong. I kissed her.

I expected her to melt under my lips, like the had most other times. But this was different. The rage and anger from our argument was carried into the kiss.

Our lips literally fought against each other, crashing against each other in a way that was both painful and mind numbing.

The kiss was more satisfying then yelling, and we fought against each other. I could feel her anger and pain, and I bet she could feel mine too.

I could feel my hand snaking it's way into her hair, my fingers tangling in her red curls so tightly I was surprised she didn't break the kiss. My other hand wound around her waist, pulling her body tighter to my own, crushing it roughly to mine. I felt her arm around my neck, clutching me closer. Her hand was vice like against my face, her nails digging in what should have been a painful way, but I couldn't even feel it.

Then all at once, it stopped. She wrenched herself from my grasp, and pushed my body away.

We stood staring at each other in shock. From what I could see in the dim lighting, her lips were bright red and puffy from the kiss.

Her eyes narrowed and the glare returned. “What the hell was that?!”

“I don't know!” My voice came out louder than I expected, I was still so confused from the kiss.

“Merlin, you're so- so....” She seemed to not be able to find the right word, instead shrieking wordlessly at me. “I hate you!”

I felt like someone had just punched me in the chest. She hated me, she actually hated me. I hadn't believed her before but now, looking at the anger in her expression, I couldn't help but see the truth. 'Calm down,' I thought to myself, 'Don't show that you care. Hurt her like she hurt you.'

“Believe me, not as much as I hate you.” I put my best effort into putting a convincing amount of loathing into my voice.

Then I turned on my heel and walked away, stomping through the snow and ripping open the door. I slammed it shut, and sagged against it.

I could feel the sharp sting of tears against my eyes, and I closed my eyes. What the hell just happened?

AH! My thoughts literally screamed in my head. Why do I feel this way?!

The answer rose in my mind like a cork in water. Because you love her.

I nearly groaned. No matter matter what, no matter how hard I tried to hate her, after everything she'd done to me, and I to her, I couldn't get past my feelings for her. It was against my will, but more powerful than any other pull I'd ever felt.

I couldn't, really, could I? No, I-

Rose's face swam into my mind, her face beaming up at me, hair fanned out behind her in the bed, as she leaned forward to kiss me. I really groaned this time, and buried my head in my hands.

Fuck it. I was in love with Rose.

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