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Delinquency by TheCarrowChild
Chapter 1 : My So-Called Life
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 My name is Alyona Dolohov, the only daughter of Antonin Dolohov deceased ex-deatheater who received the dementor’s kiss a year after the final battle. My mother was also deceased but she had been killed two days before the final battle. I have an older brother Alec but he hasn’t spoken to me in three years, I can’t say I blame him, I wouldn’t want to talk to me either. You see I was the reason our mother was dead. She had been held hostage by Lord Voldemort in order to get me to do his bidding. I had been forced to get the dark mark in my 7th year while my father watched and was the proudest I’d ever seen him. My father hadn’t been around whilst I was growing up although my mum had still listened to him and obeyed him like the pureblood wife she was. She’d always been meek and quiet and had never once stood up for herself, very much the opposite of me, perhaps it was the fact that I saw how miserable she was that I decided I’d never be that way. And I had never tied myself down to any pureblood boy or any boy at all.

Whilst I was attending Hogwart’s  I easily fell into the role of the bad girl of Slytherin. I didn’t really have any friends but I didn’t really want any. I slept with all the girl’s boyfriends and didn’t feel guilty about it, and they all knew it. I preferred being the other woman because there was no responsibility on my part to behave in any specific way or do anything they wanted. It had turned into more than just a shag with one of the boys and so I had ended it and chose to focus my attentions on the other boys. The problem was that Voldemort had found out about this because I was terrible at Occlumency despite repeated and often painful “lessons” by my father. Voldemort proceeded to hold him over my head as well, although you wouldn’t find out who he was if you looked in the file the Ministry had on me, Potter had let me keep that private and had never pushed the topic.

Now, why would Potter be looking at a file on me? Well, I was on what I suppose muggles call probation. Except my probation, consisted of; being sent out of England and not being allowed in the wizarding world until the Ministry deems me fit. They’d also confiscated my wand and I wasn’t allowed to associate with anyone in the wizarding world except for the auror in charge of me, Harry Potter. We’d become close in the four years since I was put on this sentence, and I saw him once every three months to check-up and make sure I was keeping my nose clean.  I was due for another visit today so as I was walking up to my apartment I was surprised to see a familiar blonde man leaning against the wall by my door. My heart sank and I tried to turn back around before he saw me, but I was too late. “Dolohov!” I hear from behind me and scrunch up my face before I turn around to face him. I was hoping to avoid him for a lot longer. Seems like my life was going to get a lot more complicated. He was the one left out of my file and I was not happy to be seeing him now.

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Delinquency: My So-Called Life


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