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The Power He Knows Not by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 3 : The Reasons Why
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“Harry.” Sirius and Remus had cornered him while the others were swimming, “Why don’t you remember the questions from the why stage in your life.”

“No one gave me any clever answers.” Harry replied nonchalantly.

“You can do better than that.” Remus said, “Why don’t your friends know much about your life at the Dursleys.”

“I don’t like to talk about it.” Harry said.

“I want you to talk to us about it.” Sirius instructed.

“There is no point in this.” Harry said, “He’s still going to send me back.  It’s his little insurance policy that insures I make it through all this crap.”

“I want to know.” Sirius said, “I need to know how badly I’ve failed you.”

“You didn’t.” Harry said, “You’ve never failed me.”

“I wasn’t there for you.” Sirius said.

“Because they locked you away without a trial.” Harry pointed out, “They wouldn’t let you defend yourself.  How is that failing me.  They failed you and they’ve failed me.  But it was never your fault.”

“Then tell me what I can do to fix this.” Sirius pleaded.

“You can’t fix stupid or hateful.” Harry said, “You know they blamed me for the demontor attack.  It was my fault perfect little Diddykins was hurt.  If the order hadn’t come and got me I’d hate to think what my punishment would have been.  Why are you questioning me now?”

“I tried to ask Hermione and she said it was up to you to tell, not her.” Sirius said, “Your friends are very loyal to you.”

“I know.” Harry sighed, “I haven’t told them much.  They know I don’t like to talk about it.”

“Will you please talk to us?” Remus asked.

“If I do, I need to give them the option to hear about it too.” Harry said, “I really only want to do this once.”

“Anyone else you want here?” Remus asked.

“No.” Harry said, “I mean if you think I should tell someone else I guess that’s fine but I don’t know of anyone.”

Later the group gathered and Harry asked, “What do you want to know?”

“Start with the beginning.” Remus said, “What you remember first.”

“Yelling.” Harry said, “They were always yelling something at me.  They would yell if I made a mess, if I complained, if I was too slow or too fast, but the worst was when I asked a question.”

“Good start.” Remus said, “What did they yell?”

“They would tell me to stop it freak. Or get the mail boy.  Anything they said was yelled and always ended in boy or freak.  It wasn’t until I started school that I found out my name was Harry.  The teacher sent me to a hearing specialist because I never answered to my name.  When my hearing checked out the teacher labeled me as a trouble maker.  Whenever Dudley would pick on me I would get in trouble because they were sure I started it.” Harry was looking off into space and shaking his head as he said it.

“So all these thing’s the paper is saying is like bad repeats.” Sirius said.

“Yes.” Harry grimaced, “The worst trouble I got in that first year was when I turned my teachers hair blue.  She was yelling at me for tracking in mud.  But Dudley had pushed me into a mud puddle I told her.  She slapped me and told me I was lying a blue streak, next thing I know her hair is blue and everyone is laughing at her.”

“You turned her hair blue?” Sirius laughed.

“Yes but it was accidental magic, I didn’t even know I was doing it.” Harry said, “But I would get punished anyway.”

“When was your next magic?” Remus asked.

“I’m sure there were some small ones but the next big one was the next school year.”  Harry laughed, “I was running from Dudley and his gang, he had recruited three more boys to help him by then.  Anyway I was running from them and turned to jump behind a dumpster.  The next thing I know I’m on the roof of the school.  They had to call the fire department to get me down.  I was given three days in school suspension for that.”

“How did you get on the roof?” Ginny asked.

“Don’t know, it was just a one story building, I may have levitated myself.” Harry replied.

“Or you may have apparated.” Luna said.

“That’s a point Luna.” Remus said, “Short distance apparition isn’t as hard on you as long distance.  The tube sensation is for just a second you may not have noticed it.”

“What’s next?” Sirius said.

“I can’t tell you how many times the wind would blow my papers back to me when Dudley would scatter them.” Harry said, “I’m guessing now that was summoning.  Once my aunt tried to make me wear this insanely ugly sweater.  The more she tried to force it over my head the smaller it got.  I think she finally sent it to Aunt Marge for one of her dogs to wear, she said it shrank in the wash.”

“Tell them the hair thing.” Ron said.

“Oh yes right.” Harry said, “I had more hair cuts than five boys my age.  Aunt Petunia would send me to the barber, he’d cut it and it would be back to its original point before I would get home.  Once she cut it so short I was almost bald except for my fringe, she said I needed it to hide the hideous scar.  Then she sent me to my cupboard for the night.  The next morning it was back to normal.  It was the last hair cut I ever had.  Until this year when I cut it myself.”

“What did you mean by your cupboard?” Sirius asked.

“Uuuu…” Harry stammered.

“It’s ok Harry.” Luna said, “You don’t have to tell them that’s where you slept until you were eleven.”

“How did you know?” Harry demanded.

“Know what?” Luna said.

“About the cupboard, I’ve never told anyone that.” Harry said.

“I don’t know.” Luna said, “It just appear in my head, even though I didn’t know it before, that happens sometimes.”

“So it was what, your bedroom?” Sirius asked.

“Yes.” Harry sighed, “They would lock me in there whenever they wanted family time all their own.  Which happened a lot.”

“Now they just lock you in your room.” Ron stated.  Harry nodded morosely.

“Were you exaggerating or did you really never have a hair cut again and how old were you?”

“I was eight I think, the next hair cut was this year. Why?” Harry asked

“Most people need to get trims a couple times a year.” Remus said, “What would you be thinking after your hair cut?”

“I would be thinking how much I hated the cut and I wanted my normal hair back.” Harry said.

“Do me a favor.” Remus suggested, “Concentrate on the way your hair was in third year.  I want you to try and change it back to that look.  We can cut it again if you do it.”

Harry closed his eyes and pictured his hair how he used to wear it.  After a few minutes  he heard a gasp and opened his eyes.  Everyone was looking at his head so he asked, “I guess it worked then?”

Sirius conjured a mirror and handed it to him, Harry took it and saw his hair was indeed back to its precut length.  He concentrated more and pictured his hair longer.  It grew again.  Finally he decided to return it to its currently normal length when he put the mirror down he looked at the astonished faces.

“So what does this mean?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know.” Sirius said, “But it’s cool.”


Umbridge fell to the floor screaming.  Never had she felt such pain.  The Dark Lord was not happy with her.  If he would just stop she could explain.

“So Delores.” Voldemort hissed, “What are you going to do to rectify this situation?”

“I’m…” Delores stuttered, “I’m going to have Dumbledore arrested for kidnapping, obstructing justice and child endangerment.  When we have him in custody we will get their location with Veritiserum.”

“You had better.” Voldemort said, “You do not want to disappoint me again.”

“No my Lord.” Delores crawled away.

“Severus.” Voldemort said, “As soon as she has him back find out what they’ve been up to.”

“Yes my Lord.” He intoned.


Harry was getting tired.  Remus had him dueling Ron and Hermione at the same time and they’d been at it for what felt like hours.  He’d disarm them or knock them out, Remus would just wake them up and they’d start over.

“How much longer?” Harry gasp.

“We’ll stop for now.” Remus said and the three teens dropped to the ground exhausted.

“Why are we doing this?” Ron asked.

“We’re trying to strengthen you all.  Harry needs to be up to par with Volde so we’re working him twice as hard.” Remus answered.

“Just pit him against Ginny.” Fred said from his corner, “If he can beat her then we can start adding more of us.”

“Ginny?” Sirius asked, “Why Ginny?”

“I tell you what Sirius.” Ginny smiled, “Why don’t we duel and let these others rest.  Then you can see what he’s talking about.”

“You’re on.” Sirius said, “I’ll try not to beat you too fast ok?”


Five minutes later the battle was still raging.  Several times Sirius had been knocked off his feet by the power behind her spells, but he had managed to hold onto his wand.  After another ten minutes Sirius managed to disarm Ginny ending the fight.

“Wow.” Sirius gasp, “Moony did you know what I was getting into here?”

“No.” Remus said, “Not really, I mean I knew she was powerful for her age but not this.”

Ginny went to sit by Harry, but he pulled her into his lap instead.  She rested her head on his shoulder.


In the Great Hall during the Halloween feast Umbridge marched in with the Minister and several aurors in tow.

“Albus.” Fudge proclaimed, “You are being arrested for kidnapping and related charges.  Dawlish, Shacklebolt bring him along.”

“I was afraid we would run across this snag.” Albus said.


“You are assuming that I will come along quietly.  That will not be the case.” Albus said.


A flash of fire erupted in the middle of the room.  Everyone had their wands trained on the spot and shields in place in a matter of seconds.  The shield would protect them from spells until their eyes adjusted.

“Well done.” Albus said.

“Professor?” Harry said, “What’s going on?”

“I’m on the run.” Albus said, “Umbridge has decided to have me arrested for kidnapping and various other charges.”

“But… you’re here?” Hermione said.

“Yes, I’m not one to allow myself to be accused falsely.”  Albus answered, “Rather than be arrested under false charges, I chose to come and aid in your teaching.”

“And your code?” Remus asked.

“Don’t feed a canary cream to a Phoenix.” Albus stated.  Remus and Sirius lowered their wands  but the others didn’t, “Harry the day I asked you to come here your security question was about the mirror and the stone.”

The rest dropped their wands and everyone sat down. Finally Sirius asked, “What’s happening?”

“I was able to get the permission slips signed for all these to move schools for their own protection.” Albus said, “So I’m fine legally.  But I wouldn’t go with them because Delores wants me questioned under veritiserum so she can find Harry.  Voldemort was quite displeased that we managed to get Harry away from her.  Her punishment was severe.”

“So she is working for him then.” Harry said.

“Yes she is.” Albus responded, “Now what are you doing to Voldemort?”

“What do you mean?” Harry questioned.

“He’s in a great deal of pain and is blaming you for it.” Albus said.

Ginny started laughing and the rest of the teens weren’t far behind.  While they were laughing Albus turned to the two men, “Any idea?”


“Me either.”

“Looks like it was on purpose.” Sirius offered.

“Definitely.” Remus agreed.

“How long will they be laughing about it?” Sirius wondered.

“No idea, but it’s wonderful to hear it.” Albus smiled serenely.

Finally Harry was calmed down enough to talk, “Well, it was Ginny’s idea.  On the train all of us, minus Fred and George, were in one car when I got one of the visions from Voldemort.”

“I asked what caused them.” Ginny said, “And Harry explained how he could feel Voldemort’s emotions.  It didn’t matter if he was happy or angry any extreme emotion would cause Harry pain.”

“So her brilliant idea was to have Harry get emotional about something.” Ron said, “I made a joke saying just get him to kiss a girl, that would do it.”

“I told them I wouldn’t kiss just any girl.  I would only kiss someone I liked.”  Harry said.

“I agreed.” Hermione said, “To really get an emotional response he needed to be kissing someone he liked.”

“So during that first Saturday we decided to find out who he liked and get him to start kissing her.” Neville said, “We started with Cho Chang because that’s who Harry liked last year.”

“Didn’t work very well as she would start crying about Cedric every time Harry came by.” Ron said.

“We were in an unused classroom trying to figure out who he liked.”  Hermione said, “At one point we threatened to just line up all the girls in school and have him kiss each one until he found one he liked.”

“He yelled no so loudly that we heard him out in the hall and went in to investigate.” Fred said.

“Luna made a list of girls that included all of them third year and up, but not in Slytherin.”  George said, “Hermione then marked herself off saying Harry was like a brother to her so she wouldn’t kiss him.”

“Then he said to mark off Luna because he has two sisters.” Ginny said.

“At this point Fred was going to say Ginny was a sister too, but she threatened us and sent us out of the room.” Neville said.

“So you didn’t abandon me.” Harry stated.

“No we were scared for our lives.” Fred said.

“Anyway to shorten the list Ginny and I decided to kiss.”  Harry said.

Remus and Sirius were rolling on the floor laughing and Dumbledore was chuckling.

“Now…” Sirius gasped between laughs, “every time… you kiss… he’s in pain?”

“That was the goal.” Ginny grinned, “Glad to know its working as we had hoped.” 


“How did he get away from you again?” Voldemort asked a terrified Delores Umbridge.

“He flashed away in fire.” She replied, “He didn’t apparate.”

“Crusio.” Voldemort screamed when he finally pulled it off her he said, “Find him and then find that boy.”


“Professor.” Harry said, “I’ve been having dreams recently about a place in the ministry behind a black door near where my trial was.  Last night I dreamed that Voldemort was there and had Sirius hostage luckily you all are in the next room so I could check.  What do you think these dreams mean?”  Harry had asked his question at breakfast.

“Tell him.” Sirius demanded, “Tell him or I will.”

“He doesn’t need this.” Albus replied, “Let him stay a child…”

“He hasn’t been a child for a while.” Sirius said, “We finally got him to tell us about his life at his relatives.  He has been more a servant than a child since he was one.  He deserves to know.”

“Whatever it is I want to know.” Harry said, “We all know he’s trying to kill me, has since I was born.  He won’t stop until one or the other of us is dead.  Whatever you have can’t be worse than that.”

“Let’s step into the class room.” Albus said.

Harry paused, not wanting to keep secrets from his friends, Ron said, “Professor, he’s going to tell us all anyway, just save him the trouble and tell us all.”

Albus sagged, “There was a prophecy made before you were born.  The wording that Voldemort heard indicated you would defeat him.  But he only heard the first half of the prophecy.  The second half spoke of him giving you the scar and the part you have already guessed one of you has to die.”

“What did it say exactly?” Harry asked.

“I don’t want to tell you Harry.” Albus said, “I have been the only one to know the entire prophecy and I don’t want him to learn of it.”

“Sir why don’t you want him to know?” Harry asked.

“If he acts in ignorance we may be able to stop him easier.” Albus said, “It is only his ignorance of the second half that let you make it this far.”

“So you hope he will make a stupid mistake that makes him fall into the prophecy?”  Albus nodded so Harry asked, “Then wouldn’t it be wise to let me know so that I don’t make a stupid mistake and fall into the prophecy.”

“I will only tell you the exact wording.” Albus said, “I don’t want anyone else to know.”

“Fine let’s go.”


“Molly,” Arthur said, “The kids are safer with him then they would be here.  Let’s go visit Charlie for Christmas.”

“But…” Molly started.

“It’s better this way.” Arthur said, “Fudge has been on me about where they have gone.  I told him that the Headmaster requested a change for their safety and that I agreed to go along even though I don’t know his plan.  I’m afraid they’ll come here looking for them and take them away from us.”

“Fine,” Molly replied, “At least I can visit one of my children.  When do we leave?”

“Next week.”


“Professor,” Ron yelled, “Something’s wrong with Harry.”

Albus was out the door before Sirius and Remus.  The girls were right behind them as they stepped into the boys dorm.  Harry woke up from his nightmare and wretched over the side of his bed.  Albus cleaned it with a wave of his wand.

Harry looked at him and said, “Mr. Weasley’s been attacked by a snake in that room that Voldemorts trying to make me go to.”

Albus turned on his heel and left the crowded room before he activated his portkey. 

He returned thirty minutes later to find the whole group sitting in the common room drinking hot coco.

“How is he?” Harry asked.

“He’ll live.” Albus said, “He’s in St. Mungo’s right now and has strictly forbidden any of you from visiting.”

The Weasley children started to protest but Harry said, “He’s right.  If Voldemort is trying to flush us out we would be walking right into his hands.  Your Dad wants you to be safe.”

“Fudge has been pestering him about you.” Albus said, “He is maintaining that he trusts me with his children and he thinks I have your safety at the top of my list.  His statements have cleared me of wrong doing on four of the counts of kidnapping, but they still want me for the other three.”

“Mr. Weasley was guarding it wasn’t he?” Harry asked.

“Yes, he was guarding the prophecy room.” Albus said, “But today I was given some new information, only the person whom the prophecy is about can take it off the shelf.”

“Only Voldemort or I can get it then.” Harry said, “That’s why he’s trying to get me there.  He will have death eaters waiting to grab me.”

“Yes.” Albus said.

“What if we just destroy it?” Ginny asked, “Hit the prophecy ball with a reducto curse it blows up and old Moldy can’t get it.”

“We have an idea.” Fred and George said.

“Polyjuice Dumbledore to be Harry.”

“Have someone else take him to the prophecy room.”

“Destroy it.”

“Harry’s safe at home the whole time.”

“I like it.” Sirius said, “Can I go?”

“No you’re a wanted fugitive.” Harry said.

“Drat, so who is trusted enough to take Harry somewhere.” Sirius asked.

“Whoever it is Delores will assume it’s Dumbledore in disguise.” Remus said.

“I know the way to the room,” Albus said, “But Harry doesn’t.  Well need someone who does know.”

“Arthur would be ideal.” Remus said, “To bad he’s in the hospital.”

“Actually this could work for us.” Hermione said, “Remus can polyjuice as Mr. Weasley.  He’s in the hospital so he can’t be blamed.”


“Potter’s at the ministry I just saw him.”

“What?” Voldemort said, “Who’s with him?”

“Arthur Weasley, which is weird because he’s supposed to be in the Hospital.”

“Then it’s Dumbledore with him in disguise.” Voldemort growled, “Come Delores maybe you can be useful for once.”


“He was just there, I saw him.” Fudge yelled, “He’s back.”

Delores watched Voldemort leave without her, she looked around wildly and said, “Arrest Dumbledore, we have a warrant for him.”

“Certainly.” Albus agreed, “But before we do that I think we need to see my memory about you working with Voldemort.”

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