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Kiss Me Again by heart_of_a_slytherin
Chapter 2 : Chapters Two and Three
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A/N:  Okay so I know the first chapter was short but all the following Chapters will either be long or coupled together.  Like this one.  I will make it quite clear if they are coupled.  So…did you like the first chapter?  Let me know how these suit you.  You know what that means…Read and Review.  Criticism is welcomed, as are compliments. 


Chapter Two:  Crashing and Comforting

Chapter Image by: Princess_of_Slytherin @ TDA (aka ME!!!)


I had fallen to the ground, my wild honey curls covering my face, and now could see nothing except for a pale-skinned hand extended to help me up. Cautiously, I took it and was helped up to my feet.  Annoyed and slightly embarrassed by my birds nest of hair, I quickly pull it out of my eyes and gently brush it back past my shoulders.


“I’m so sorry!” I exclaim sincerely.


“Don’t worry about it.”




“Hello, Granger.”  He answered his voice not holding any malice.  He wasn’t sneering at me.  “What happened to you?” 


“Oh…I…what do you mean?” I manage to stammer through my shocked phase.


“Umm…let’s just say your mascara is not waterproof.”


“Oh that?  I just got splashed in the face with water…from…uh the sink in the ladies room…it was broken.”


“You really expect me to believe that?” He asks while raising his eyebrows.


“Okay, okay.  So I didn’t exactly get splashed in the face but I’d rather not talk out here where reporters may be spying on us.”


“So where do you suggest we go?”


“Oh…uhhh…well actually I thought you would have lost interest by now.”


He sighed, “Look, Granger, if you don’t want to tell me then don’t, I guess it’s not exactly my place to ask, but I thought you might actually like to talk to someone.”


After a short period of time I finally respond, “You know what Malfoy…?  You’re right I kinda do wanna talk about it.”


“Your place or mine?”

“Well, I’m not too fond of heading back to my place right now so…”


“My place it is then, come on Granger.”






“Where exactly is your place?”


“Muggle London why?”


“Wow, totally didn’t expect that!” I say in shock.  He simply chuckles.   



*                      *                      *


Malfoy drags me to a richer part of town…in fact the richest part of town.  It’s not like I live in a poor apartment building, or anything.  I live near the most expensive stores so basically my apartment building is near a shopping complex.  Saks, Gucci, Barney’s,  Express, Guess, you name it.  My entire wardrobe is made up of designer. So we near the elevator and he presses the up button.  Being a muggleborn one would think I was okay with muggle technology which often I was, but it was at times like these when I would simply hate muggles.  These damn elevators were so slow!  ‘Finally.’  I think as I hear a small ‘ting’ and the elevator doors open.  As the elevator goes up my nerves are calmed by the soothing elevator music.  I didn’t even notice Malfoy looking at me.





God she is beautiful.  Her hair smoothened a tad and she’s filled out in all those right places.  Shit shit shit shit shit shit…Draco not there don’t think there.  Her eyes…oh her eyes…so deep the chocolatey color makes me want to simply drown in them.  And don’t even start with her lips.  They are so full and luscious and pink and completely kissable.  WHOA…I have GOT to stop thinking about this…it’s never gonna work.  She’s a war hero Draco while you…you’re an ex-deatheater.  It will never. Ever. EVER. Work. But still…you can’t help but wonder…


When the the elevator gets to the tenth floor I grab Hermione’s hand and pull her out.  I felt a tingling sensation where her skin was against mine and momentarily wondered if she felt it too.  She’s behind and I gently tug her hand trying to get her to speed up.  Hermione’s not stupid and she can take a hint, so she quickens her pace until she is walking beside me.  Reaching into my pocket I look up and give her a smile, and then I pull out the keys to my apartment, well more of a penthouse.  Placing my hand on the small of her back I guide her in.  She sort of smiles at the sight of my place, the corners of her mouth turn slightly upward and I can’t help but smile as well because smiles are contagious.  Still grinning I motion towards the couch. 


“Well, have a seat.  Can I get you anything to drink?”


“Oh some water would be nice thanks.”


“Of course.  I’ll be right back.”  Honestly I was simply looking for an excuse because I could not think of a single thing to talk to her about.”



*                      *                      *


As soon as Malfoy leaves to get me a glass of water I let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding.


Damn him and his sexy walk and those silvery blue eyes that seem to make me knees weaken.  God I swear…wait what?  Did I just think that MALFOY has a sexy walk??? Of all people…MALFOY??? 


Well he has changed.  I mean Quidditch has done him quite well, with that strong muscular chest.


What who is that?


I’m you love.


You’re not me…I’m me!


I’m your conscience.  Therefore I am you.


And what do mean changed?  I mean I get the Quidditch and abs thing but…what else?


His hair is messier in a sexy way he doesn’t wear it slicked back anymore and did you see that tush?


Are you sure your me, because you sound like Lavender or Parvati or something.


I’m quite sure I’m you.


Uh-huh…yeah right…now go away I’m busy.


With what?


With…observing this penthouse.


Whatever,…but you will be hearing from me!




I look around the penthouse.  The living room was quite spacious.  Instead of windows there was a ceiling to floor glass wall with a glass door leading out to a large balcony.  The floor was grey carpet and the walls a clean white.  I was sitting on a white velvet two-seater sofa and the glass coffee table in front of me had a steel frame which looked extremely elegant.  There were plants in corners,  rugs in front of doors, cheerful paintings on the wall, and a bookshelf loaded with books.  I smile at the shelf knowing he’d probably let me read one or two.  I look up as he finally strides back into the room with two glasses of water in his hands.


“Here you are.”




“No problem…so…are you going to tell me what happened?”


“Umm…okay,” I breathe in deeply, “I suppose you know that Ron and I were together?” He nods.  “Well,  for the first few months of our relationship we were fine, great even.”


“Granger, I didn’t ask about you and Weasley’s relationship.”


“Just listen, will you?”




“So where was I…ah yes…we were going good and I honestly liked him.  But then he started pushing me to do things I wasn’t quite ready for.”


“So you’re a virgin then?”


“Oh no,…no I’m not.  But I didn’t think that I was ready to do it with him yet having known about his previous relationship with Lavender.  Anyways…he kept pushing me and we’d often have fights about him trying to grope me in my sleep.  And then one day he began coming home happier than he used to and I was curious so then I followed him today, and…and he….”


            “With who?”


            “L-L-L-Lav-Laven-Lavender.”  I suddenly burst into tears.  He gently wrapped his arms around me and when I didn’t push him away he pulled me close.


            Malfoy whispered soothing words into my ear.


“It’s alright…it’ll be alright.”  But never once did he tell me not to cry, not even one time.





Chapter Three: Changing



After I had calmed down which had taken quite some time, Malfoy gave me a small, reassuring smile, while I sipped my water. 


“Look,” I say, “I really don’t need pity so please don’t.”


“I know. I don’t pity you.  I guess I sort of understand how you feel.  Kind of betrayed, mistreated, unloved, I get it.  I do.”


“How come?”


“Oh…I just…um…get it.”


“Oh come on Malfoy I told you about Ron!”


“Fine, fine, I’ll tell you.  As you know, during the war I was on the wrong side, honestly I never wanted to be, but my father forced me.  I was hoping my mother would…I don’t know…somehow get me out of working for him.  I thought she loved me but all she did was make Snape protect me.  I thought she’d make sure that I didn’t have to become a…a…a deatheater.  I never wanted that sort of a life  I was quite positive that mother would do anything to help me.  I knew the situation we were in but…still…we could have gone to the order…or Dumbledore…or someone.  But I ended up having to become a deatheater no matter how much my mother loved me.”


“Malfoy…your mother didn’t hate you…okay…you should appreciate that.  God some people are just so…”  My words trail off.


“Oh yeah I bet your mother loves you more than my mother loves me.”


“MY MOTHER STOPPED FUCKING TALKING TO ME WHEN SHE HEARD I WAS A WITCH!” I screech while jumping off the couch startling Malfoy.  “Surprised?” I hiss, “The mudblood isn’t perfect after all.”


“I never said that.” He states calmly while also standing up across from me putting his hands on my upperarms.


“BUT YOU THOUGHT IT!  Don’t deny it Malfoy.” I jerk out of his grip.


“Oh come off it Granger!  I didn’t know your family had problems.”  He glares at me.


“Well, now you do.  And you can go around telling all your little Slytherin friends.” I blurt angrilily.


“God Granger you don’t get it.  Do you?  I have changed.”


“Oh yeah keep playing that game Malfoy I’m not going to fall for it again.”  I turn to leave and walk away.


“Granger,  Granger get back here.”




            I lunge at Hermione’s arm and am able to grab hold of her wrist.  Spinning her around to face me I say, “Why won’t you give me a chance?”


            “I think you know the answer to that question.”  Shivers run down my spine at the fact that she’s pushed up against me bound tightly with my arm.  Our lips are mere centimeters away but I don’t think she’d appreciate it if I kissed her right now.


            “Will you at least give me a shot?  I-I want to be friends.”


            “What’s your ulterior motive Malfoy?”


            “Can’t my motive be the fact that for once I want a friend who doesn’t just talk about shagging girls?”  She giggles, the soft sound music to my ears.


            “Well, I can promise not to talk about shagging girls, but you may have to deal with me talking about snogging guys.”


            “Ughhh…”  I groan.


            “Just kidding.  I’m not like those girls.”


            “I know.”  She smiles and it’s like the entire room lights up and glows. 


            “So…friends Granger.”


            “Friends, Draco.


            “Alright then, Hermione, as your friend I would like to take you to dinner.”


“Where exactly might I ask?” 


“Oh nowhere big.”


“So how exactly am I supposed to dress?”




“Oh Draco!” She sighs, “There is a difference between nicely for work or nicely for hanging out or nicely for partying or…”


“I get it.  I get it. Sheesh, just wear a pretty dress.”


“Draco,  pretty doesn’t describe a dress.  There’s pretty for a ball, pretty for a barbecue, pretty for the beach!”


“God women are so ugh..just wear a nice black dress and you’ll be well off.”


“Alright…don’t get your knickers in a twist!”


“Oh ha ha.” 


“I’ll wait for you by the Saks store.”


“Alright…wait you shop at Saks?”


“Yeah why?”


“So does mother.”


“Oh. Well. See you there at what…eight?”


“Sounds good to me.”






“Muggle term.”


“Oh.”  Hermione turns and is about to leave through the door when she turns around.


“Thanks for the comfort.”  She flashes me a dazzling smile. 


I grin back at her, “What are friends for eh?”


The last thing I hear is her laugh before I collapse onto the sofa.  Suddenly remembering I had to take her for dinner I hop up and reach for the phone.


“Hi yes, I’d like to make reservations for two.”




Once I leave Draco’s and arrive at home the adrenaline rush had worn off and my brain starts to work.  Damn it Hermione what are you doing?  This is MALFOY we’re talking about. You know? Deatheater.


EX-deatheater!  My conscience is kicking in as well.


But still he fought for the wrong side.


He said he changed and he honestly seemed to want to be friends…and maybe more.


Oh ewww…come on Hermione this is MALFOY!  He can’t change it isn’t in his system!


Oh give the guy a chance Love.


‘Alright guys,’ I think, ‘Right now I have to figure out what to wear for our dinner date-ish?’


Good for you Love, giving him a shot and all.


I  dash into my bedroom and begin scouring through all my clothes.  An hour later I was still trying to figure out what to wear.  Finally I found a nice black dress.  It was merely spaghetti strapped and made out of silk.  It stopped a few inches above my knees.  I pulled out a pair of shiny black stiletto pumps from Prada.  Scurrying into the bathroom I grab my wand and attack my hair.  First I magically wash it and then coat it with a straightening and smoothening serum from the WonderWitch products at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.  Finally I pull out my muggle flat iron and straighten my still wet hair.  Once I’m done my hair is smooth and straight and cascades silkily down my back.  I check my watch it’s 7:50.  I’ve got ten minutes.  Rushing out I grab a sweater if it gets cold and my black coach purse.  Walking down the street my heels clack but not noticeably because all the trendy women walking this street wore heels as well.  The entire way to Saks I got compliments on my dress and shoes.  As I arrive at Saks I check my iPhone 4s and notice it’s 7:59. 


“Punctual, nice quality.”  I look up to see Malfoy smirking at me.


“Yeah well…I was trained by the best.”


“And who was that?”


“Professor Snape.  After what happened to Ron and Harry, I vowed to never be late for anything.”


“Oh yeah…I remember that!  That was hilarious.”


“It was NOT!”  He raised his perfect eyebrow at me.  “Okay so maybe a little bit.”  He merely laughs.


“Well we’ve got fifteen minutes before we have to walk to the restaurant.  Do you want to go in?”  He motions toward the store.


“Of course!”  We walk in together.  I drag him with me to the perfume section.


“Why this section?”  He whines.


“Because I’m out of my Chanel perfume that’s why.”


“Ugh, I hate Chanel No. 19  Pansy wears it.”


“Ewww I hate that one too…I wear Chanel Berry-kissed.” 


(I’m not sure if there is a Chanel Berry-kissed but there is Chanel No. 19.  If I were rich would I know? YES  since I’m not rich and don’t live near a Saks forgive me if this is incorrect.)


“Oh good!”


I search through the many Chanel perfumes sitting on the counter.  When I find my perfume I pick it up and carry it with me.  Walking along the raks after racks of designer clothing dragging Draco behind me I grin, remembering clearly doing this with Ron.  The difference, Ron would often slip away and leave but Draco follows obediently and honestly it’s nice he cares enough not to simply leave me here.  Slowly some of my doubts about him changing fly out of my head.


“Hey Hermione.”




“Do you like these earrings?”  I turn around to see him holding a pair of earrings in a box.  Rolling my eyes I walk up to him and open the box.  Inside are gorgeous silver chandelier earrings. 


“Yeah, they’re beautiful why giving them to someone special?” I tease.


He smirks, “Special ehh?  Well then I guess they belong to you.”


“Oh no…I couldn’t.”


“Why?  You like them and I’m not giving them to Pansy so…think of it as a belated birthday present.  Your birthday was last month right?”


“Yeah, thank you.”


“It’s nothing, just one thing.”




“Wear them.”




“Wear them right now.”


“Oh…okay.”  I put them on.


“They look prettier than I thought…I think it’s you.”  I blush deeply and mutter a thanks.


“You look cute when you blush, you do realize that?”  I only blush harder. 


“Come on or we’re going to miss dinner.  Let me go pay for this.”  I dash up to register number twelve. 


“Hey Ireeene!”  I smile.


“Mione!  Heyyy,  wow girl you look gorgeous, who the special someone?”


“No it’s nothing like that, just having dinner with a friend.”


“Uh-huh” Irene winks.


“No, really!”  I insist while handing her my Chanel Berry-kissed.


“So where’d you get those earrings?”  She asks as she rings up my purchase.


“Actually my friend just bought them for me right now.”


“Ah so this friend of yours asks you to dinner and buys you some expensive earrings?  I smell a crush.”


“Honestly Irene?  He simply thought I’d like them so he bought them for me.”


“Sure…”  She hands me a Saks shopping bag and winks at me before saying, “Good Luck.”


“Oh shut up!” I say as I leave.  I look around and catch Draco leaning against the wall out in front of the store.


“Took you long enough.”


“Ran into a friend.”


“Ah. Potter, or Weasley?”


“No, no, a different friend.  Her name’s Irene.”


“Oh.  Well, we ought to get going if we are to catch dinner.”  He offers me his hand and I grab it.


“I still don’t know where we are going.”


“It’s a surprise.”


“I hate surprises.  In fact I tell my parents and friends exactly what I want for my birthday so I am not surprised when I receive gifts.”


He smiles, “Well, get used to surprises because I am full of them.”


“Honestly, does your ego need to get and larger?”


Draco looks at me like I hurt him, and when I raise my eyebrow, he laughs.


“Let’s just go eat.” 


A/N:  So I hope you liked these chapters!  Oh gosh I had so much fun writing them.  Criticism?  Comments? Compliments?  Random thoughts? Bizzare Jokes?  Review them!  TO READERS- I LOVE YOU- From heart_of_a_slytherin


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Kiss Me Again: Chapters Two and Three


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