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Nobody said it was Easy by padmoonyfoot7
Chapter 4 : You're My Sunshine
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You’re My Sunshine



The next morning Charlie woke up to find Rebecca asleep at the side of her bed, Dee humming a lullaby in her ear and Sarah fixing her sheets. She wiggled her ankle, there was the slightest bit of pain but other than that she felt as good as new. She sat up. Dee squealed in delight and so did Sarah.

“Rebecca wake up.” Sarah said throwing a pillow at her. Rebecca awoke in surprise.


“I DIDN’T DO IT!” Rebecca roared.

“Charlie’s awake.” Dee informed her, handing Charlie pumpkin juice.

“Oh great.” she said and went back to sleep.

“Madam Pomfrey says you fell down a stairs.” Sarah said.

“Yeah, Damian Wood helped me here.” She said taking a sip of her juice.

“That was nice, we’re going to go back to the dorm and get ready for Hogsmeade,” Dee informed “Madam Pomfrey said you could come and your clothes are in the bag on the locker. Also very sorry about Bex she couldn’t sleep last night.”

Sarah woke Rebecca again but she didn’t shout this time. Sarah held her waist and led her out of the hospital wing. Dee at her other side. James, Sirius and Peter walked in the door.

“Ah look is the little leprechaun tired.” Sirius said with sarcasm in his voice.
“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Rebecca screamed running out the door, Sarah following her. They laughed and walked on. Dee grabbed Sirius’s arm.

“Sorry, she couldn’t sleep and trust me when she doesn’t sleep she’s a drama queen.” Dee said and kissed his cheek. Dee flittered out the door after the others. Charlie stared at the Marauders and went behind the curtain which refrained Charlie from who was there.

“You should have been careful and taken your potion.” James muttered harshly.

“I know I just forgot with talking to Rebecca.” A voice she recognized said. Remus. Remus had tried to attack her. She got out of her bed and started to walk on her ankle gingerly to close her curtains. She took her clothes out of the bag and started to get changed into a pink jumper and jeans. She opened the curtain and started to walk out the door. Her ankle was as good as new but what was Remus talking about? What did speaking to Rebecca prevent him from doing?


Dee and Sirius looked very cosy going to Honeydukes with Peter and Charlie. Rebecca had lightened up when she saw Remus. James was tagging along with him since Sarah was going with them. Sarah wore a pair of jeans with a Pokémon t-shirt. She looked cute, Rebecca wore a black dress with a red cardigan. Her and Sarah skipped singing loudly as people stared as they passed. Remus and James tried to keep up. Rebecca stopped abruptly.

“What’s up?” Sarah asked.

“Books!” She squealed like a child looking up at the new bookshop. “Can we go in please?” She begged.

“Fine!” Sarah and James said together. Rebecca jumped up and down and ran into the shop. Remus was two steps after her. Sarah and James walked in.

“I hate books,” He complained “And with someone like Remus as your friend it’s like being…”

“Friends with a book?” Sarah finished “I know how it feels.”

While they got along, Rebecca had picked out two books to buy “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” and “Tales of the Beedle the Bard” Rebecca felt like she was in heaven. Someone wrapped their cold hand around her waist and whispered “What you buying?” She turned to find Remus staring at her. He let go of her waist. She handed him the books. “Haven’t you read these?” he asked.

“Yes but I thought I’d go over them for you know light reading.” she told him. He smiled his Marauder grin.

“Shall we finish what we started?” He asked. Rebecca looked confused.

“Wha-“ but she was silenced by a kiss. A soft gentle kiss as if he didn’t want to hurt her. “Remus Lupin was kissing her” was all she could think and of course “Ravenclaws will be so jealous”

Meanwhile over at Honeydukes, Sirius had bought Dee a cauldron cake but Charlie and Peter were getting bored of them being all lovey dovey.

“Guys can we go now” Peter complained.

“Yeah, I’m dying for a butterbeer” Charlie agreed.

“Fine.” Sirius said walking out the door with Dee and Peter and Charlie following. The started to make their way towards The Three Broomsticks. Dee asked Sirius for his coat as she had forgot hers. He wrapped his coat around her shoulders as she slid her arms in.

“CHARLOTTE!” Someone called from behind. The four of them turned to find Damian, he wore a grey jumper and jeans, his hair was messy and in the way of his crystal blue eyes.

“Damian.” Charlie sighed.

Dee coughed “Are you going to introduce us?” She asked.

“Yeah - eh, Guys this is Damian Wood. Damian this is Desirae, Sirius and Peter,” she introduced. They suddenly heard singing coming in their direction.

“I wanna be drunk when I wake up - ” it sang. Charlie looked behind Damian to see Rebecca and Sarah singing and Remus and James laughing at them. Charlie felt embarrassed. The walked right up to the five others. “And this is James, Remus, Sarah and Rebecca, guys this is Damian.” she said, Damian turned around and waved to the others. James and Sarah headed into The Three Broomsticks with the others to give Damian and Charlie some space but Rebecca stayed behind with Remus.

“He he,” Rebecca giggled “He’s pretty.”

Charlie felt like hiding under a rock. Why did her friends always do this to her.

“Sorry - ” Remus apologized “She had a lot of ice-cream.”

Remus grabbed her hand and dragged her into The Three Broomsticks. “I wanna know if he likes squirrels!” She protested but Remus managed to bring her out of their sight. Damian was shocked. Charlie had a feeling that he might not talk to her if she was hanging around with a group like this.

“Eh? I don’t know where to go from that?” his Scottish accent rang.

“Could I buy you a butterbeer for helping me?” She asked shyly.

“Maybe another time I have to get back to Xenophilius,” He said “But I was wondering if you’re ok after last night?”

“Yes I’m fine but I’m trying to figure out what attacked me.” She told him.

“Well will you let me know when you find out, because it could easily have been me.” He said.

“Yeah of course.” she said and before she knew it he was gone.


“---and soon the Werewolf learned that he could love even at a full moon.” Remus finished the story. Rebecca and Remus were lying on the couch and Dee and Sirius were sitting together on the floor listening to the story. Charlie was writing in a note book while listening and Peter, James and Sarah were talking in the corner.

“That’s lovely.” Rebecca yawned.

“Bex?” Charlie asked


“Can I use that book about magical creatures you got today?” She asked.

“Course I’ll get it now.” Rebecca said getting up to get the book in her dormitory. The Marauders were going to bed as Rebecca came back down in her pyjamas and slippers. Remus kissed her cheek as he went to his dorm, just as Sirius had done to Dee. She threw the book to Charlie and she flicked through it and stopped at a certain page.

“What you looking for?” Sarah asked. Charlie looked around the common room, it was empty.

“Remus is a Werewolf.” She said looking up from the book.

“Don’t be silly!” She said.

“I’m serious!” She protested “I didn’t fall down the stairs last night, I was attacked and tripped!”

“But that has nothing to do with Remus.” Rebecca injected.

“Becca the proof is there, last night was a full moon and the Marauders went to bed early, and something attacked me,” Charlie continued “And he was in the hospital wing this morning when you left saying he couldn’t take his Potion because he got too busy talking to you.”

Rebecca got into a huff and stalked off up to her dorm.

“I put my foot into it didn’t I?”

“Yes, Charlie, you did.” Sarah said sitting on front of the fire.

“But I was only..”

“Trying to help.” Sarah finished.

“Charlie we know you were, but you know Becca loves dogs, but I don’t think she wants to date one.” Dee put in. “I think he would’ve told her eventually.”

“But what if he never did?”

n the dorm, Rebecca was sitting on her bed looking at her Mum’s charm bracelet. Her Mum was killed by a Dragon when Rebecca was three. She was training to be a dragon keeper. At times like this she wished she had her Mum, but she had been friends with Sarah since Merlin knows how long and met Charlie and Dee in first year and they had been friends ever since. She started to think, what if Charlie was right? What would happen to Remus and her? The only thing she could do was ask and that’s what she planned to do.


Rebecca woke that morning as courageous as ever. She got dress into a simple tracksuit and headed down to the great hall, where only Peter sat eating.

“Where’s the others?” She asked sweetness in her voice.

“Tree,” He spat “Grounds.”

“Thanks.” She said and darted out onto the school grounds. She saw the Marauders under the tree and walked over to them. Remus stood up when he saw Rebecca.

“Ah look it’s the little leprechaun!” Sirius mocked her Irish accent.

“Shut Up!” She shouted.

He went quiet. No one had ever seen this side of Rebecca before.

“Remus, I want you to answer honestly.” She began “Are you a Werewolf?”


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