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The Friend Equation by _Mischief_Managed_
Chapter 2 : Interrogating and a bit of crying thrown in.
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2nd December


It took Dom and Rose 10 minutes to get over the initial shock of finding out that their best friend was pregnant. It then took them 3 hours to console me after I burst into tears for the sixteenth time that day. It then took a further 2 hours to coax me out of the toilet cubicle after Myrtle had erupted from the toilet next to me singing:

‘Katy, why have you come here in a huff?
Is it because you’re up the duff?
Maybe you should have thought before
you spread your legs like some little whore’

 Of course, being in a hormonal state, I cried even more at her little pathetic rhyme and chucked the pregnancy test at her. I was rather please when it flew straight through her forehead, but that only resulted in Myrtle crying.

So for another two hours, a ghost and a pregnant seventeen year old were crying in the toilets while Dom and Rose sat there and allowed us to ‘express our emotions’, as Rose had so delicately said.

After those two hours, Dom and Rose couldn’t have been more relieved as both Myrtle and myself had stopped crying. They had been silently mouthing ‘Let’s get her out of here!’ as I sat, staring at the white sink, thinking of nothing but James Potter. My friends had obviously thought that their silent conversation had gone unnoticed, but it hadn’t.

I’m pregnant, not mentally disabled.

Eight hours later, we are sitting in our dormitory. Myself, Rose and Dom are the only three residents of the Gryffindor Sixth Year dorm, meaning that there must have been a reduced fertility rate in the year that we were born.

That is really quite surprising seeing as the Weasley family breeds like rabbits.

I would say a sixth of the Hogwart population is either a Weasley or a Potter. There is Fred and the boy who I’m not going to mention, in Seventh Year. Then in Sixth Year, there is Al, Roxie, Dom, Rose and I.

No, I’m not a Potter or a Weasley, but after living next door to the Potters for twelve years, they have unofficially adopted me into their family, seeing as my parents don’t know the meaning of the word ‘family.’

Being unofficially adopted into the Potter/ Weasley clan, I have grown up with them from the age of five and that is the reason why we are so close.

I even have ginger hair, so the resemblance is rather uncanny.

Oh damn Dobby’s socks.

We have to tell the parents.

Obviously after I have told James, of course.

But when exactly do I tell James?

So I’m a knocked up seventeen year old who is having to face the dilemma of telling the father.

Tell me though, why am I being so casual?

I’m pregnant. I’m seventeen and I need to tell the father. Not to mention the fact that I’m an A-class slut.

Hip Hip Hooray, Katy! Many congratulations to you for achieving all of this in the 3rd month of your Sixth Yeah. Such an accomplishment.

My parents will be so proud of me.


“She does look like she’s in a trance, doesn’t she?” Rose says. “Maybe we should just let her stare at the bed, she has had quite a shock to the system.”

No shit Rose. How would you feel if you suddenly fall pregnant at the age of seventeen with your best friend’s baby? I may have been staring at nothing for the past fifteen minutes, but do they have to talk about me, as I’m not there?

 I may be a slut, but at least I’m not rude.

 “Rose, if we leave her to stare at nothing for another fifteen minutes, I’ll be the one going mad. Lily will be here in a minute and Katy has to be ready to give us every single detail of her night of passion.” Dom smirked, knowing her words would have an affect on me.

Damn you, Dom.

The door burst open. “Don’t panic...I’m here! Just had away...from James.” Lily says breathlessly, with her hands resting on her knees. Taking a few moments to catch her breath, she then shut the door and joined our circle in the middle of the room.

“I cannot believe him! He expects us to train from lunch until 8 at night, without a break? We may have a really important game against Slytherin but he doesn’t have to push us this hard! Al and Scorpius are not even training for the match either as their captain isn’t too fussed, but no, James has to take away our weekend! Yet again, he always does it! You are so lucky you are not on the team! I’d even prefer to be a Slytherin at this rate. At least Al can have a relaxing weekend, but no, James has to be a twat and train us harder than ever! I bet you all had such a great day, relaxing and not doing anything, actually Rose you were probably-ROSE! How come you were not at training? James is so pissed off with you, which made him pissed off with us too! Wait until I tell mum this, I hope he gets shouted at-” She just rants and rants.

For a fourth year, she has such a big voice that she could give Ginny a run for her money. It’s quite funny actually. When she’s with Hugo, it’s like she speaks for both of them because, quite frankly, Hugo is so quiet you wouldn’t know he is a Weasley.

“Lily, calm down. We have bigger problems to deal with.” Rose rolls her eyes.

“You try being controlled by James! Did you not hear a word I said, just now? He is such a stupid twat!” She splutters.

I couldn’t agree more with the ‘stupid’ part, Lily.

“Of course we heard it Lily, but no offence, but we don’t actually care. You did want to be on the team after all.” With such a simple sentence, Dom can shut people up as quickly as a click.

This of course caused Lily to scowl at her older cousin, but she did shut up.

“Right, so give us the details, Katy.” Dom leans forward, resting her chin on her pillow and she gives me an expectant look.

“Details of what exactly?” Lily inquires. “You only told me that it was very important to have a girl chat tonight?”

“It is important, Lils.” Dom gives her a pointed look, before grinning. “Katy slept with James.”

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at me. “Y-you’ve slept together?”

“And now she’s pregnant.” Dom nodded, knowingly.

Note to self: Hit Dom.

“P-Pregnant...When? H-how?” Poor Lily, I’m not too sure if she knew that she resembled a fish the way her mouth was hanging open. If she feels this shocked and she’s not even pregnant, then I should be suffering from a breakdown by now.

 Saying that, there is still time for me to have a nervous breakdown.

“Wouldn’t we all like to know,” Dom shrugged. “So, care to explain?”

When you have three pairs of eyes looking at you, it can be rather intimidating. One pair of eyes is filled with shock, another pair is filled with interest and the last pair of eyes is filled with eagerness and enthusiasm.

“I don’t really feel like explaining my actions actually.”  I half shrug in self-pity.

“No, hang on. You can’t just let Dom say to me that you’re pregnant, with my brother’s baby, which obviously means that I’m going to be an aunty. So, as an aunty, it is my duty to know exactly how this has happened. So, explain.”

“Or we will go and get James, so the choice is yours...” Rose smiled slyly.

“Alright! I’ll tell you everything, but you can’t tell anyone.” I pleaded.

“What we hear in this room stays in this room.” Rose declared, gaining two nods from Dom and Lily

“Well, I don’t really know how it happened.”

That was a blatant lie, but they’ll never know that.

“Of course you know how it happened! Don’t avoid the details, miss Owen!” Dom says sternly.

Okay maybe Dom did know.

“Right, well we were in the room of requirements, just talking about...stuff-“

“What sort of stuff?” Dom interrupts.

“Oh, well you know-“


“Dom let her talk!” Lily snaps, meaning she probably hasn’t forgiven Dom for her comment earlier.

“Well sort of. It was along those lines and then he just said that maybe we could become...” I drift off, shrugging.

“Become what?” They all ask in unison.

“Friendswithbenefits.” I mutter quickly.

“You what?”

“James and I sort of became friends with benefits.” I groan, dropping my head into my hands.

“No way! You kinky minx.” Dom giggles.

“Well I didn’t expect that one.” Rose added.

“Ew, that is so wrong! You’re best friends? We’ve known you for ages! You’re practically our sister!”

Oh Lily, thank you for your honesty.

“I know, Lils.” I look at her sheepishly. “What am I going to do?” I voice my worry.
“You know, Katy, I don't have a clue.” Rose states.

Great. If Rose doesn't have a clue, then I'm doomed. She is like a bloody walking encyclopedia and if she doesn't know, then nobody knows.

What the hell have I got myself into?

“Me either.” I sigh.

"You only live once, my lovely!" Dom grins.

Of course she'd find something like that to say in this humiliating situation. Thank you for your support, Dominique.

 "You're going to be the talk of Hogwarts.” Lily says, as if it was obvious.

I hadn’t thought of the rumours, which would spread like wild fire throughout the students of Hogwarts. Not only do I have to deal with James, his parents, my parents and the teachers, I’ll also have to deal with snide comments from students. Well isn’t that dandy?

“This is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life!” I cry out dramatically.

“So you regret it?” Rose raises an eyebrow.

“Of course I do! I’m pregnant for Merlin’s sake! Who wouldn’t regret it?”

“Good point.” Dom nods. “Not to mention that it was very sluttish behaviour.”

 My breathing momentarily hitches. ‘Very sluttish behaviour...’. Well I knew that it was sluttish behaviour, but you don’t expect your best friend to actually say it. From the looks that Dom was receiving from Rose and Lily, they obviously had thought the same.

“What? Well obviously Katy, you aren’t a slut. I was just saying that it was the behaviour of a slut. But you aren’t a slut. There is a difference.” She tries to defend herself.

Picking up the closest object to me, which was one of Dom’s shoes, I chucked it in her direction with quite a force.

That was for calling me a slut.” I declare.

“Good hit!” Lily cheers, as the shoe rebounds off of Dom’s forehead.

That was quite a good shot, if I do say so myself.

“But I had always thought that it would be Hannah Romade who ended up pregnant, not you.” Dom adds.

Another shoe flew across the room towards Dom, hitting her in the face once again.


For the next couple of days, I try to avoid James as much as possible. If I saw him in the common room, I’d quickly run back up into the dormitory and try again at a later time, but this was proving to be quite difficult.

He knew something was up. We hadn’t spoken in three days, my eyes were constantly red from crying and Dom, Rose and Lily were always making excuses, which contradicted each other’s.

It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that something was up. He knew this and as a result, he has asked every person in Sixth Year whether they knew what was wrong with Katy Owen.

Oh how naïve you are, James.

Sometimes I hate the boy for being so damn nosey. Can’t he mind his own business? I hate him for being so damn caring. I hate him for bloody impregnating me and not even realising that he has done so.

But then again, how would he know? The first thought that would pop into his mind is definitely not ‘Oh Godric, she’s pregnant!’ He’s so damn care free that he wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that he may be the reason as to why I’m avoiding him.

But that still doesn’t stop him from asking other people. This may be the reason why I have now come face to face with...Al.

“Katy! How’ve you been?” He grins.

“Leave me alone, Al!” I hiss at him, which is an obvious sign that he needs to back off.

I have found out quite recently that it only takes a tiny comment to reduce me to tears or send me mad with anger.

Or I may even be in a grumpy mood for no reason. Dom has called me a ‘grumpy bitch’ on a number of occasions, but she regrets it afterwards when I tell her that I actually have an excuse to be a ‘grumpy bitch’, whereas she doesn’t have a reason.

That girl speaks before she thinks at times.

Today though, Al has got the ‘rage’ effect of my imbalanced pregnancy hormones.

“Wrong time of the month?” He says, trying to sound sympathetic but smirking all the same.

Oh how I wish, Albus Severus Potter.

“Do you have a death wish, Al? Because right now, I’m not afraid to hex you. Go slither back to your Slytherin friends!” I narrow my eyes.

“Woah, Merlin. Really what’s got your wand in a knot? You've never used my house against me.” He furrows his brow.

“YOU!” I shout pushing passed him and running back to the common room without a second glance.

I swear I heard him mutter ‘Somebody has their knickers in a twist’. He is such a funny guy. Not.

As soon as I walked into the near empty common room, I was ambushed by Rose, Dom and Lily, which could only mean one thing.

Another interrogation.

“Katy! We’ve been waiting for you.” Rose smiled, showing her bright white teeth.

“Yes, we would like to know something.” Dom nodded, “So, let’s cut to the chase.”

“I told you everything though!” I protested, not being in the mood to answer questions.

“Everything except one question.” Lily raises an eyebrow.

I looked from Dom, to Rose, to Lily, expecting them to ask a simple question to which I could answer with a simple response.

But they had other ideas.

“When exactly are you going to tell the daddy?”

Now that is a very good question.

A/N: Hey readers! Sorry for the longish wait, I've had so much coursework to do before Easter that I hadn't had a chance to update, so please forgive me. I hope this chapter is up to standards! Maybe you could drop a nice little review? Many thanks.xx


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The Friend Equation: Interrogating and a bit of crying thrown in.


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