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Can't Fight the Moonlight by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 4 : The Boy. The Wolf. The Trouble
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that guy @ TDA.


Slamming the bedroom door shut violently, Dimitri stamped his feet on the wooden floor before jumping onto his bed, a small hint of a smirk gracing his features when he heard her shout after him. It was childish to wind her up like that, he knew, but he was bored and it was fun and Zack wasn’t around to lecture him. It was the perfect opportunity to get under her skin and he wasn’t about to let it pass him by. God only knew when he would be able to again; Zack had been keeping a close watch on him since he’d been told about the youngest Weasley. He knew it was only because his guardian was being protective; whatever the werewolves were planning, they wanted nothing to do with it and Dimitri was only too pleased to stay away from the boy, for his own reasons as well as Zack's, he just wished Zack would see that he had no intention of going back and he would be in no way involved with the wolves.

But Dimitri sighed and moved onto his stomach to open his desk drawer. He lifted up the false bottom and pulled out the music player he found in the house; Hugo’s music player. He couldn’t keep it, he had to give it back, he was just holding onto it until he figured out a way to send it to him without actually seeing him. Until then, Dimitri was holding onto it, keeping it safe and away from Sophia, who loved to come snooping, and maybe listening to it every once in a while.

It hadn’t taken Dimitri long to figure out how to use it; turn it on, slide the arrow, touch the orange square with the music note on and press play. He had also found out that he could protect it with a password and he did so in case Sophia did find out about it; Dimitri only went to the music, he didn’t want Sophia going through any of Hugo’s personal things. There was a limit; that was too much.

Putting the earphones in and making sure the volume was turned up all the way, Dimitri pressed play and leaned back against the headboard, his arms on his chest with the music player and his ankles crossed. It was peaceful, it was quiet, it was… Too good to last.

His door opened and the only other person he would consider a friend, even family, walked in, making sure to shut the door before he made his way to the bed and lay next to Dimitri. The boy turned the music down slowly, in no rush, and popped out the right earphone. “Can I help you, Theo?”

Theo lifted up the earphone piece and spun it between his fingers, using it to point to the music player on his chest. “What’s this?”

“It plays music. Listen.” He showed Theo were the other piece was and watched the boy copy, putting it in his ear.

He grinned. “Awesome. I do love Muggle technology.” Dimitri laughed quietly, amused by how easily amused his friend could be. “Whose is it?” Theo asked. “I don’t see you going out to buy one.”

“I found it in the house I stayed in a couple of weeks ago,” Dimitri said, hesitating slightly. “I’m just holding onto it until I figure out how to get it back to him.”

Theo remembered the house he was talking about, remembered why he was there and who he was there with. He glared. “It’s Hugo Weasley’s, isn’t it?” Dimitri nodded slowly and Theo scoffed. “If Zack finds out you’re going to see that kid again, he will lock you in this house. Either that or make us move again. I don’t want to move again, D, I like it in London, I’ve missed London.” He poked Dimitri hard in the chest. “You make us move again and I’ll disown you. I swear I’ll never speak to you again. It took me ages to get Zack to agree to move here.”

Dimitri rubbed the spot where Theo had poked him and grabbed his shoulder, strong enough to turn him slightly so their foreheads touched. “I am not going to see him again; I’m trying to figure out a way to get it to him without seeing him. We are not going to move again, I would never do that to you.” Theo looked sceptical and Dimitri gripped him harder, moving his hand to his face. “I swear to you, brother, I won’t let that happen.”

“Okay.” Theo nodded slowly, calmer now, and they moved to lie on their backs again. “If you find out his address, you could always mail it to him. I can’t help you with that one, though.”

Dimitri turned his head to see Theo put the ear piece back in and listen to the music. He doubted his friend knew what he was listening to, if he were being completely honest, neither did he, but it seemed good enough. Actually, he quite liked most of Hugo’s music. “You gotta admit, the guy has good taste,” he murmured softly, knowing Theo would hear him, and held up the music player. “And thank you.”

“For what?”

“For telling me where I would find his grandparents’ house,” Dimitri answered. “You didn’t have to.”

Theo shrugged, embarrassed; he’d go red if he could, Dimitri knew. “You said you just wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything about you. He didn’t, did he?” Dimitri shook his head. “And you didn’t go near him, did you?”

“Just close enough to see and hear him without been seen,” he promised. “I think he caught my scent, though; he kept looking my way.”

“But he didn’t see you and that’s what matters.” Theo kept his gaze, not relenting until Dimitri agreed. Then he changed the subject back to sending the music player. "We could send an owl, I'm sure it'll find him."

"Yeah," Dimitri said, agreeing with the boy at his side. "We'll send an owl." From outside of his bedroom, they heard Sophia yell something about Theo and the kitchen and blood. Dimitri turned the volume back up for the music and decided he really didn't want to know what the guy did. "We'll do it tomorrow." 

The old warehouse stood in the middle of nowhere, cold and abandoned, void of light. There was no electricity; that had gone long before the place was eventually shut down; there was nothing to keep the place warm except a bin filled with burning wood from outside; there was barely any light to see except the fire and a few candles and old lamps. The warehouse was quiet; the few people around the bin were silent. Nobody spoke or even moved out of fear and cold. 

Then they heard a crash and as though they were free, they all moved back, away from the fire, and up against the wall, like an instinct. He came crashing through the window, glass flying everywhere. The people surrounding the wall moved further and further back, using the wall as a guide to find their way to the old, run-down machine.

Another man, this one somewhat older, jumped though the hole in the wall that now replaced the window and grabbed the younger man. He threw him to the ground, straddled his waist and hit him again and again, in the face and the chest, every body part he could see until the youngest was gasping for breath and unable to move. 

"This is all your fault!" He shouted between punches. 

"Enough!" With a casual flick of his wand, the new face, the second in command, sent him flying across the room. "You're acting like children." 

The man got up quickly, pointing. "Don, Ryder is dead because of him!”
"Ryder killed himself," the man on the floor spat half-heartedly, trying to regain his breath. "He was foolish to charge in like he did. He attracted unwanted attention."

Don held him back when he went to charge for the other again. "I'll deal with you later, Lex." Lex tried to stand his ground, but soon averted his gaze to the floor; no one stood up to Donovan. He moved across to the younger. "Up, Timothy." He helped Timothy to his knees, then he pushed the man away and stood up himself, his legs shaking, so much so that they almost buckled. "The boy?"

Timothy glared at the mention of the boy. "Bitten."

"The wolf?"

Grinding his teeth to keep from saying what he thought, Timothy only glared harder. "Me."

Donovan nodded once. "The trouble?"

"Took him," he said with a small smirk. "Ryder didn't stay hidden; he threw himself at the boy. He brought the trouble and now you've lost him." 

They all knew that he meant boy; Timothy didn't care for Ryder or the rest of the group. He was only there because he had to be. "The trouble? What was it?"

"Vampire." The group broke into whispers, getting louder and louder until Donovan yelled for silence. 

"Do they know? About the boy, do they know?" He demanded. 

Timothy shook his head, almost disappointed. "I don't think so."

"It can't be a coincidence that a vampire was there," Lex shouted. He flinched at Donovan’s glare and coughed. “Do you think they may suspect something or do you think they assumed a random attack?” he asked quietly.
Donovan paced the old warehouse, seemingly deep in thought. He wondered about the boy’s whereabouts, he wondered about the vampires and any trouble they may bring if they were to involve themselves. Most of all, he wondered whether or not Greyback needed to be informed; he had said he wanted to know everything.
“You have nothing to worry about where the vampires are concerned,” Timothy cut into the silence, bringing their temporary leader to a stop. “If I know Dimitri like I know I do, he’ll be only too happy to get rid of the boy. I have no doubt Weasley’s back home and you just have to wait for another opportunity.”
Timothy purposely stressed the name, knowing Donovan would understand and remember, and he was right. A small smirk replaced his frown, causing Timothy to glare; it was a promise of evil. Timothy almost hated it more than he hated him. “Dimitri, eh? Well, that can only mean Zackary is back in town. Did the kid see you?” Timothy shook his head and he held up his arms, grinning. He decided Greyback need not be involved after all. “We have nothing to worry about; Zackary will make sure his son stays away.”
Donovan left then, motioning for Lex to follow him. Timothy wondered what the monster’s punishment would be. He almost felt sorry for him; he’d only taken his anger out on him because Ryder had been his best friend as well as his mentor. But no one was allowed to touch Timothy; it was an order that went above Donovan. Timothy watched the others in the room go back to doing their own thing, then left for the old office on the other end of the warehouse; his room away from everyone else, wincing as he did so.
Timothy wondered what Dimitri was thinking right now. He knew Dimitri well, better than the others did, even better than the vampire knew him. He knew Dimitri had been hearing his whispers about the wolves, he knew Dimitri had been going for the supplies that night, he knew the vampire was curious in nature and in too deep with Hugo Weasley; he’d see the boy again eventually and he’d want to figure out what was so special about him. Dimitri was going to be involved.
Timothy didn’t feel it necessary for Donovan to know that.

A/N: I'm sorry for such a long wait for this chapter, I got ... Side-tracked. Hopefully, another chapter won't take as long.

Reviews are greatly appreciated.


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