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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two
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Gorgeous chapter image by adorkable @ TDA.

The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache, I rolled over and bumped straight into Kyle. Shit! Why is Kyle next to me, I thought. I peeked under the covers, and saw that we were both completely naked. Then I remembered, we had sex last night. It wasn't just sex it was the best night I have ever had.

None of the other boys meant anything to me apart from Thomas, but I was desperate to lose it, so I wasn't too picky. I mean we had been dating for nine months and I was getting tired of waiting so we did it the summer after my fifteenth. We dumped each other a few weeks later; he just wasn't the guy for me.

Kyle's brown eyes opened and he looked at me. Oops I think I may have woken him up.

"Morning Mol's." He said with a grin.

"Morning Ky. Any idea what the time is?" I asked him trying to sound casual.

He sat up and the sheet fell so that I was able to see his Abs'. Must not drool Molly, Must not drool. He felt around for his trousers and once he found them, he pulled his mobile out from the pocket.

"It's nearly ten." He replied.
"Shit, Shit! Ky we need to get dressed right now. If anyone catches us we are both dead."

"Hah. Mol calm down." He laughed.

"Ky I'm not joking. I do not want to be responsible for the death of my boyfriend if one of my family member's especially my very over protective male cousins and see's you here with me, completely starkers’."

He laughed again and I gave him my look that said I'm not joking.

"Ok, ok. I'll get dressed."

We both got up at the same time. I picked up my underwear and put it back on. Turning my dress back the right way instead of being inside out, I turned away from him and pulled it on over my head and stood up. I turned to see Ky already fully dressed and looking at me, "Can you zip me up please." I asked him.

"Sure, but you know you look a lot prettier without the dress on."

I blushed and felt my cheeks get warm, so I kissed him on the cheek as a thank you. "Come on before we get caught."

We walked towards The Burrow, trying not to look suspicious. When we entered the kitchen Lauren, Luke and Katie were all sat at the table. Lauren and Luke eyed us, then looked at each other and smiled. Hmm was something going on there? I wondered.

"Hi guys." Luke said brightly.

"Morning." I yawned.

"Mitchell, Lew and Rhys have already gone home." He told us and then took a bite out of his toast.

I nodded and reached to the cabinet with the medicines in. After grabbing the box of paracetamols, I shut the cupboard. Popping one of them out, I got a glass of water and threw the tablet it my mouth before swallowing it and pulling a face. I hate taking medicine. I went upstairs and took a quick shower and got changed into shorts and t-shirt.

We then spent the rest of the morning sat outside near the pond in the beautiful warm sunshine. Katie went home around eleven as she was going to see relatives and Kyle and Luke announced they had to go at twelve as they had a football match later this afternoon. We said goodbye and myself and Lauren went back to sitting by the pond.

"Why were you and Luke smiling at each other at breakfast?" I asked her.

"Oh. Well you see, when you and Ky disappeared last night we thought you had gone somewhere a little more private," She giggled, "And when you two walked in earlier, you were both in the same clothes as last night. Your hair was a mess and you both had matching smiles. It was pretty obvious you spent the night together."

"Oh." My hand went up to my hair which was still slightly wet, all my curls had dropped out since I had washed it and it needed to be brushed, badly.

"Well did you?" She asked.

"Did I what?" I asked as I was confused.

"Have sex, with Kyle?"

"Yeah. I think so but we were so drunk I don't really remember."

"I knew it; Aww Molly's all grown up now."

"You know full well I haven't been a virgin for nearly two years. Unlike some people, who are still pure and holy." I said the last bit using the exact same voice my mum does when she hears about people who wait until they are married before having sex. She call's them pure and holy as they're supposedly waiting for the right person (Don't ask me, She goes to church).

She laughed "I'm waiting for the right guy. Anyway wanna go shopping?" I shrugged. "I'll take that as a yes. Your parents are getting us a taxi back for one so we better get ready."

She then dragged me into the house and I collected my presents and clothes. The taxi came and we went back home. After stopping for all of ten minutes, I then left and went into town with Lauren, although my head still killing me. Oh hangovers are brill aren't they, you have so much fun the night before and then the next day your hangover ruins it by making you feel like shit.

Anyway we didn't stay in shopping Centre long since I felt rotten and it would close soon. It seemed that Lauren had less drink than me and therefore was not hung over meaning she wanted to shop. Me on the other hand, well I want nothing more than to go home and curl up in a dark room with nothing but quiet. We made our way back home after only an hour in town. Once we got home I put on my pyjamas and curled up in my bed with Lauren since she was staying the night and we watched a DVD.

I think I must have fell asleep since Lauren woke me up at seven and said she had watched three films in the space of four hours while I had been asleep. The rest of the night we spent talking since I wasn't tired but Lauren fell asleep leaving me just sat there rambling to myself and pondering about what I had done the night before.

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