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Unplanned by ohmymerlin
Chapter 10 : Rambling
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I sighed. “What?”

“We’re late!” James said.

I rolled my eyes. “James, I need to decide what to wear.”

I heard him get up and he walked into the bedroom where all my clothes were exploded onto the floor.

“Blimey, Reese, it looks like the wardrobe threw up in here,” he said, stopping in the middle of the doorway to look at the amount of mess I’d made.

I gagged. ‘Please don’t talk about vomiting right now; I haven’t thrown up in two days!”

I started pumping my fists and he raised an eyebrow at me. I ignored him; this was the longest I’d gone without being sick. IT WAS A CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION, PEOPLE!

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Reese, we’re going to be late, can you please hurry up?”

I folded my arms and grunted in annoyance. “Well, nothing fits me!”

He frowned. “But you’re not showing yet.” I nodded thoughtfully. Yes, I wasn’t showing yet (thank goodness), but my boobs had gotten bigger and when I put on a nice top or dress on, it was suddenly much tighter around the chest area, making it hard to move and breathe.

Most girls would love having bigger boobs, but at the moment, they just hurt so much. I kept biting my lip but James picked a random dress and threw it at me.

“Put this on, it’ll be fine.” I rolled my eyes but when I saw it, I brightened. It was this cute little summer dress that had short sleeves and was pale blue.

Although when I put it on, my boobs were so obvious I had to push them down a bit. I left my hair down and walked out. James smiled at me and said, “Looks great. Now can we go?”

I nodded and grabbed some flats. When I looked at the clock, I saw the time. “James! It’s five thirty! We’re half an hour early!” I said, rolling my eyes.

James rolled his own eyes. “Yes, but it takes an hour to get to the bloody place and we’re meant to be there at 6,” he explained.

“Oops.” I made a face.

He just shook his head. “Doesn’t matter, just Floo to my parents’ house. I’ll catch you.”

I nodded and he Disapparated with a crack. When I Flooed to the Potter’s living room, I saw all of them waiting for me. I smiled nervously. “Hello… sorry we’re late.”

Ginny shook her head and said, “It's alright; now let’s get all that ash off of you.”

I nodded and she flicked her wand at me so all the dust flew into nothingness.

When I had been cleaned, I hugged Harry. “Happy Birthday, Harry!”

He patted my back awkwardly and said, “Thanks. But we should really get going.”

I nodded and muttered another apology. He just waved it off and threw James the keys. Lily stepped in, her eyes wide. “James is driving?”

Harry nodded and James rolled his eyes. “Lil, don’t worry I’m a good driver.”

Lily caught my eye and winked. Ever since Harry found out I was pregnant, he decided to teach James (legally) how to drive. Even though he’d been able to drive since he was 15, he’d never actually gotten his license. And now, actually having his license, Harry was making him drive everywhere. (Although, we didn’t have a car so I personally thought it was a waste of time but I let them do what they wanted.)

We all got in the magically enlarged car and James started driving. Lily grumbled, “Why couldn’t we have Flooed? Or Apparated?”

Al rolled his eyes from next to me and replied in a sardonic tone, “Because it’s a Muggle restaurant, Lil. If you appear out of nowhere, they’re all going to have heart attacks. And I don’t think the Ministry would be too lenient on us breaking the Statute, even though we are Potters.” Lily’s ever-so-mature response was to stick her tongue out at him. I tried not to laugh.

When we finally arrived an hour later (Dom chose the restaurant saying it was good food, even though it was an hour drive), my legs had gone completely numb. I got out of the car and nearly tripped over straight away. Lily laughed loudly but when she got out, she did the exact same thing. She laughed even harder at this but Harry – being the sweet and caring father he was – helped her up and led her to the restaurant. James placed his hand on my back and led me inside the restaurant. When we entered we saw that everyone was already there. Seriously, we were the last ones to arrive.

Even Charlie was here! He was usually the one that was always late. Ginny apologised as we sat down around the table. I sat next to James on my left and Rose was on my right, who mutely handed me a menu. After I said hello to everyone, I started looking at the menu. For some reason, I felt as if a lot of people were staring at me. Rose instantly turned to me when I looked up from the pastas and she started gesturing wildly with her hands, but still not talking.

“Rose, I have no idea what you’re going on about.” I looked over to Al in confusion, who shrugged.

She leant over to me and whispered, “Reese! Your boobs! They look huge! They’re even bigger than Roxy’s now!” Automatically I looked at Roxy’s chest area. Another thing that was unfair about Roxy was that she got amazing boobs and no matter what she did, they stayed perfect at any time.

Okay moving on.

I laughed and told Rose, “It’s the pregnancy. And is it really that obvious?”

Rose looked down at my chest region again and then looked me square in the eye. “Yes, Reese, it’s obvious. Everyone noticed!” I snorted and Rose said, “Damn, they’ve grown heaps!”

At this point Lily turned around from her conversation with Hugo and said, “What you mean Reese’s tits? I know right! They’re huge!”

And she didn’t even say it quietly. The whole restaurant probably heard her. It was such an awkward silence and everyone stared at me. I self-consciously wrapped my arms over my chest, trying to hide my cleavage but probably only succeeded in making it worse. Rose burst out laughing and I could tell all the males of the family were looking awkward. Everyone was trying not to look at my boobs but failing immensely. After a few long awkward moments everyone finally returned to their conversations.

Lily and Rose were practically crying at this point. Hugo’s ears were a bit red at the top and most of the other guys (sans Louis and Fred) had turned a bit pink. Fred shamelessly checked out my apparently ‘huge tits’, shrugged and continued searching the menu. Louis stared at them for a full minute but stopped when he noticed James was glaring furiously at him.

When the waitress came I wanted to go on my knees and cry, ‘MY SAVIOUR!’ because really, this could not get any more awkward.

As soon as she came, she said in this over-cheerful tone, “Hi! My name is Cindy and I’m going to be your waitress tonight! What did you guys want to eat?”

My mouth would hurt from all that smiling. But Cindy the Waitress seemed to actually enjoy her job. I knew I wouldn’t like it. So many people were so rude and with a clan like ours, it would be awful taking all their meals at once. And it was a Muggle restaurant so she wouldn’t be able to use magic to send them all out at once.

But, Cindy the Waitress loved it and I swear when she was reciting the specials, she looked like she was going to burst into confetti from all the excitement. And then when we ordered, she was practically skipping her way back down to the kitchen!

Roxy looked at her in disgust and said, “How can someone be so happy all the time? It would make me want to shoot myself.” I laughed because that was what I had just been thinking.

Rose commented dryly, “So sweet of you, Roxy.” Roxy gave her a smile that would make most men (and women, if they are inclined that way) swoon.

When the table next to us got their food, the smell of fish was drifted my way and it made me want to throw up.


I would continue this streak of two days!

It settled a bit, but another smell was wafted my way and I knew I needed to get to the bathroom as soon as possible. I stood up and said, “Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me for a moment.” I grabbed my bag and tried to walk fast without looking like a maniac. When I finally reached the bathroom, I ran to the nearest cubicle and threw up in it.

A Muggle teenager looked at me in disgust and I resisted the urge to shoot her the finger. Bitch, I was pregnant, I could be sick wherever I wanted to be.

Luckily Rose came to the rescue and after I washed my mouth out, she fished me a mint out of her purse. I gratefully accepted and told her, “I hate being pregnant. I’m sick all the time.”

She nodded and said, “Well at least it’s healthy for the baby.”

I rolled my eyes. “Then this baby will be the healthiest damn baby in the history of all babies because I spend all bloody day in the bathroom!” I wiped my forehead, still feeling a bit clammy.

Rose smiled slightly. “Are you okay though?” I nodded and she threaded my arm through her own. “We better go back to the table.” I nodded again and she said, “Seriously Reese, your boobs are huge! You should be thankful!”

I laughed. “Rose, they are so sore, you have no idea.” She rolled her eyes and pushed the door open. When we got back, I noticed everyone was staring at me again.

Immediately I checked to see if a bit too much of my chest was showing. But no. I glanced back up and smiled nervously at all of them. After a while everyone returned to their conversations and James leant towards me.

“You alright?” he asked softly.

I nodded. “It was nothing, don’t worry.” He raised his eyebrows and his expression clearly read, ‘I’m not stupid’.

Well I begged to differ, if you weren’t stupid, I wouldn’t be in this position at the moment. (Then again, if I wasn’t stupid I probably wouldn’t be in this position either.)

He kept giving me that look until I gave in. “Fine. I was sick. Happy?”

He frowned adorably. “Why would I be happy that you were sick?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. “No, you twit, I’m asking if you’re happy that you know?” I said.

“Oh. Yeah, sure. Anyway did you need to go home or something?” he asked in concern.

Naw, he was cute. “Nah, I’m okay. It’s just the pregnancy,” I said, giving him a small smile.

He smirked and whispered, “Just like those?” and gestured to my chest area. Arse. I slapped him and he laughed at my pitiful attempt. “So am I going to be introduced to them tonight?”

I was pretty sure my face bloomed bright red. I shook my head and told him, “No way. They hurt and there is no way in hell you are not going to be ‘introduced’ to them.”

James then shot me this adorable look and I couldn’t seem to say no. If my child inherited that look, then he or she would be the most spoilt child to ever walk on this earth.

I tried to keep my ground but it didn’t work. “No.” More puppy dog eyes. “Probably not.” Stop pouting! “Indefinitely. Stop that!” I snapped. He smirked and I got butterflies.

It was probably the pregnancy.

No! I was serious! Apparently I should feel some fluttering or something in these early stages. They weren’t kicks yet, and if anyone put their hand to my stomach, they wouldn’t feel it.

So it had nothing to do with James.

My argument was fool proof. You cannot argue.







I was right. Stop trying to prove me wrong.

James laughed a bit, which made me worry if he could read minds, but he quickly pecked my cheek and returned to his conversation with Fred, who hadn’t even noticed James hadn’t been paying attention.

Rose raised her eyebrows suspiciously and asked, “What was that about?”

I tried to shrug innocently but she narrowed her eyes at me, “Reese, your face is as red as my hair. Tell me.”

I shook my head and said, “Nope. Not even if you give me a lifetime supply of peanuts.”

She looked taken aback but I continued thoughtfully, “Wait no. I take that back. If you give me a lifetime supply of peanuts, I’ll tell you.”

James groaned and I smirked. I’d been having really bad cravings for peanuts lately; it’d been driving James insane. All I did was eat peanuts. When Louis found out, he called me a ‘nut-muncher’ and then said, “Yes, that was supposed to be dirty.”

What a prat.

Anyway, odd ramble aside. We all ate our food (I stayed clear away from the fish), sang a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Harry and then ate the massive cake Mrs Weasley made.

Seriously, it must have been about three feet in diameter.

But then I thought about it. There were 27 people at the table, 25 of those 27 were Weasleys, one person was half werewolf and the last person was pregnant with a quarter of a Weasley.

That was a lot of food.

So I guess it all worked out.


When we got back to the Burrow, my wand flew out from my bag. Immediately Louis grabbed it and pretended to throw it in the fire.

I put my hand over my mouth and said in a snobby voice, “THAT IS MAHOGANY!”

I started laughing at my own joke, but sadly, no one got it. When I tried explaining that it came from a great Muggle book series, they just rolled their eyes. Pah, magic folk had no appreciation for Muggle literature.

We all got together in the extended dining room so Harry could open his presents. He mostly got clothes and some cologne. Although Ron and Hermione gave him a pair of mismatching socks and some very odd vintage dress robes.

I didn’t think he’d be wearing that very often.

After another round of cake (I think Mrs Weasley made about seven. You know, just in case the other six got trampled on by a horde of hippogriffs), we all started to head back to our own homes.

As soon as I came flying through the grate, James caught me and twirled me around.

However it lost the romantic effect because I had to go running to the bathroom as soon as he put me down.

Five points for trying?

Thanks for reading guys! I don't own the 'THAT IS MAHOGANY', that goes to Suzanne Collins and Gary Ross :p
edited: 26/07/13 (although I'd put it in the queue at midnight of the 27th, but whatever floats your boat)

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Unplanned: Rambling


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