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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 30 : Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived
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Gazing into the mirror, I stared at my reflection in disbelief.  I couldn’t get over what was happening to me.  For here I was getting married, as evidenced by the golden bridal robes cinching my waist and the large engagement rock on my finger. 

But  I always thought I would wait until I was thirty or so before getting married.  Obviously that idea was a bust because now I was getting hitched at the ripe old age of 18.  I felt as though I had just changed out of my graduation robes...right into this damned, figure-hugging frock.  Nonetheless, I was excited beyond belief.  Of course the wedding thing didn’t hurt since I was with child.  Not to say I wouldn’t have gone and married him anyway, but a child really closes the deal, so to speak. 

 That was something else I never thought would happen.  To other girls maybe, but not to me.  I was smarter than that.  Or at least I thought I was.  Funny thing, I couldn’t find the heart to be upset or even scared about having the baby.  No, I mostly just felt happy, which was actually the weirdest part about the whole charade.  I mean, how the hell could I be happy about being knocked up and married right after graduating from Hogwarts?

 A quiet knock at my door followed by, “It’s time” broke me out of my reverie.  I looked up to see Lily standing at the door, dressed in her pale green bridesmaid's dress.

 “You look amazing,” she said, eyeing me up and down.

 “I do, don’t I?” I winked at Lily and followed her out the door.

It was at that point that everything else seemed to fade away.  I mean, I heard the music playing and watched as the processional began but, really I hardly noticed much of anything.  One second I was standing at the door to the garden at the Burrow and, the next I was being led down the aisle by my father. All I could see was him.  I watched his reaction as I stepped out onto the lawn, his expression switching from nervous to beaming in less time than it took for me to take that first step. 

He held my gaze the whole way, which was hard given that his face was going in and out of focus due to the pesky tears that formed in my eyes.  I really did hate crying.

When my father presented me to him I smiled like a maniac.  It was madness I was feeling-- glorious madness.

I looked into his eyes and my heart literally skipped a beat.  How cheesy is that?  How did I spend all those years not looking into those eyes?  They were amazing.  I hoped our child would have eyes like his...with my hair, of course.

“Hey,” he said as he took my hand.

“Hi,” I whispered back.

 And then it began.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of friends and family to join this man, Albus Severus Potter, and this woman, Tabitha Adelaide Avery, in holy matrimony.”

I swear the rest of it was a complete blur.  Good thing his family has a pensieve.  Though, I doubt I’ll forget that kiss anytime soon.  Who knew Griffyndor’s were so adept at kissing?  Guess that’s why Rose was able to tolerate Seven for all those years.

“Congratulations!” Rose said as she handed me my bouquet.  I didn’t even remember giving it to her.

I nodded in response as Al pulled me down the aisle towards the Burrow.  As we entered the house, he pulled my legs out from under me and carried me up four flights of stairs to one of the many bedrooms where he proceeded to snog my brains out.

“Oi you two love birds!  Save it for the honeymoon!”  I heard his plank of a brother shout up the stairs.

Al started to pull away but I just pulled him closer.

“Well when you put it that way,” he growled, attacking my lips hungrily.

“Albus Severus Potter, you get your little arse down here and greet your guests!  You’ll have plenty of time for that later!”

We groaned in unison.  There was no arguing with Ginny Potter, even I knew that.

Fixing my hair, I made an attempt to straighten his but, naturally that was pointless.  We slipped out of the bedroom and headed back down the stairs hand in hand.

“Great Godric, you’d think you hadn’t ever tasted the nectar before.  It’s not like she saved it for the wedding night there, Al.”

Al made a grab for his wand but his mum stopped him with her own.

“None of that.  Now James, you shut your mouth if you can’t say anything proper to the happy couple.”

“Yeah James, shut your gob,” Al punctuated his statement by sticking out his tongue.  Is it crazy that I still find myself in love with him?

“Don’t be jealous, just because your not getting any from Adrianna…” I spoke up.

“Tabitha, that means you too,” Ginny admonished.

“Sorry,” I looked down at my feet in contrition.

Ginny pushed us out the door and back towards the party, which was being held under a tent attached to the back of the house.  Apparently getting married at the Burrow was a Weasley tradition-- one in which I didn’t mind participating.  In fact, I thought it was rather nice.  Much better than my family’s tradition of eloping with whatever skank you meet on holiday.  Da’s "woman of the second" was presently sitting by the bar, stroking Al’s Uncle Bill’s tie.  I couldn’t wait until his Aunt Fleur saw that.  There was sure to be a bitch slap or four to come.

As we entered the tent, we were bombarded with well wishers.  Being dutiful, we stayed and chatted with everyone.  It was exhausting.  I was dying to make an escape and visit with our friends, even if one of Al’s friends included that Seven arsehole.  At least he wasn’t in the wedding party.  I vetoed that idea immediately.  It wouldn’t do, what with Rose being the maid of honor and all.  I could just imagine the scowling pictures in our wedding album if the two of them had been paired.

Rose was sitting with Scorpius and their heads were joined in conspiracy.  I had to admit, I always thought that they would be the first of our group to tie the knot. 

As if reading my mind, Al interrupted the two lovebirds by saying, “So, when you planning on making an honest woman of my cousin?”

“I’m already honest, thank you very much!” Rose said, her cheeks burning.  “Besides, I want to finish up with some more schooling, maybe get myself situated as a potions master, before I go off and get married.”

Scorpius grinned at her like a puppy.  How in the world did she not notice his infatuation with her all that time?  I'll admit, when it came to matters of the heart, Rose Weasley was damn clueless.  I mean, she didn’t know about me and Al until after we were dating for six months, and even then it was only because we told her.

“Is that your mum talking to Aunt Hemione?” Al pointed towards the bar and we all craned our necks to get a better look.  I grabbed a glass of sparkling water as it floated by on an enchanted tray.

“No such luck," Scorpius replied as he squinted his eyes, "I think it might be Aunt Daphne.”

“I’m surprised your parents even showed up,” Rose added.

“Had to, didn’t they?  Mr. Avery and father do business together," he sighed.  "Nope, there’s mother and father in the corner with the Van Strauss’...too bad your dad does business with them too.”

“Tell me about it,” I groaned , glaring at Hollace with disgust.  She was being chatted up by none other than Seven Deciles.

We all seemed to notice it at the same time and a surge of laughter burst forth.  Good thing I'd already swallowed that sip of sparkling water or it might have come out my nose.

"Good luck to them both, cause they’re gonna need it!” Rose raised a glass of champagne in a toast and we all clinked glasses.

It was time to move on and visit some of our other friends, so Al and I made our way over to Gates and Jocelyn.  They were still sticking with the story that they were not an item.  It was hard to doubt them but then, I couldn't help feeling there was more to it.  I just wasn't sure if it was romanctic or not.

“So, where’s Bertie?” Al asked as we lingered closer.

“Bertram is on the dance floor with that cousin of yours,” Gates replied in an even tone.

“I thought that was over!” Al asked and glanced around in bemusement.

“I guess not...” Jocelyn shrugged.

“Did you see Bertram and Dom?” Six asked as she jumped into the seat next to Gates.  “I thought she chucked him over Christmas!”

“No, he chucked her,” I piped up.

I heard she told him he was too young for her,” Al rejoined.

“Does it really matter?  It looks like they’re back on now.”  Gates always was a reasonable fellow.

“So, how about a dance?” Six asked Gates.

I noticed Jocelyn mask the scowl that played briefly over her face. 

I knew it!

“Yeah, okay,” Gates said and rose to take Six to the dance floor.

“I thought she still liked Gordie,” Al asked in confusion.

“Why would you think that?" I asked.  "They broke up forever ago."

“I dunno, he always said she was trying to get back together with him so I figured that meant she still fancied him.”

“He wishes.”

“It’s really too bad, they were such a cute couple,” Jocelyn added, though I doubt she would have cared much either way had Six not been dancing with Gates so closely.

“Um, yeah, well we should probably…” I pulled Al away as I did not want to be around a sulking Jocelyn.   Not on my wedding day.

Besides, I wanted to dance with my husband.  How weird.  My husband.  My husband the Gryffindor.  I shook my head; it would take some time getting used to that.

As the night wore on our family and friends continued to give us their best.  We had a shitload of gifts weighing down the gift table, one of which kept making banging noises.  If it was from Lucy or Molly I would toss it immediately.

I noticed Gates switching between Six and Jocelyn all evening.  I noticed that James tried to sneak off with Adrianna, but was completely unsuccessful.  I noticed that Rose and Scorpius were as inseparable as ever in that sick annoying way I hoped Al and I might emulate.  I noticed Hollace making a spectacle of herself with Seven on the dance floor, as did my da’s date.  But, best of all, I noticed that I was happier than I had ever been...and it was all because of a Gryffindor.  Who would have thought? 

Not me, certainly not me.



A/N: Sorry for the delay... the Nugget came and I have been very busy juggling both him and Sproggy.  Anyway... what did you think?  Anyone see Tabby and Al getting together?  I know a few of you had mentioned it as a possibility. 

I know a lot of you wanted me to go more into detail with the Hermione/Ron/Draco/Astoria mess, but this story really was meant to focus soley on the children.  I hope you are not too disapointed. 

Anyway, thanks to all for reading and especially those who are reviewing for this little story.  I hope you all enjoyed.  A special thanks to dracosgem for being my beta even though I know how busy she is.


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Oh, the Tragedy of it All!: Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived


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