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Being Summer by PygmyPuffLover
Chapter 15 : The Fifteenth One
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“Did he do this to you?” Fred asked hollowly, standing up woodenly and reaching out a large hand to touch her swollen eye. Penny flinched backwards and Fred stopped, looked a little offended for a moment and then took a step away from her.

“Penelope, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quietly, and she stared for a moment, her bottom lip trembling slightly. She hesitantly took a step forward and let Fred stroke his fingers along the skin under her eye, watching her face for any signs of a flinch.

Well, as deep and meaningful as this is, I want answers.

“Why the bloody fucking hell did he do that to you?” I snarled, pushing Fred back down onto the couch. He glared blue murder at the side of my head for it, but I couldn’t give a shit.

“He didn’t do anything.” Penny said quickly, speaking to her feet. Yeah, my eyes are up here, sweetheart. I’d appreciate it if you looked at me when you talked to me.

“HE DIDN’T DO – HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING?! BLOODY FUCK, HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Fred roared, seemingly rediscovering his vocal chords. I was wondering when he was going to start yelling. Honestly, the temper on that boy.

He should learn to be a pacifist, just like me.

Ha. I just made a joke to myself. Shit – seriously Summer, not the time.

He leapt off the sofa and I panicked, jumping sideways slightly and consequently landing on James’ knee to avoid being trampled to death by a furious Quidditch player. Temper, temper...

“He really didn’t Fred, I swear, he hasn’t done anything –” Penny said, her eyes filling with tears again and her fingers tugging at the bottom of her shirt as she frantically searched for a way to calm Fred down, that preferably did not involve –

a) A chorus of dancing house elves dressed up as leprechauns

b) A large plate of Yorkshire puddings and a packet of strawberry bootlaces

c) A blonde walking past in her underwear.

“HE HASN’T – HOW THE BLOODY FUCK DID YOU END UP LIKE THAT, THEN, IF HE DIDN’T HIT YOU?” Fred roared, spraying the ground with spit. I grabbed hold of James’ hand and he squeezed it, staring at me in alarm. Connor smirked at our hands, shook his head slightly and then looked back and the scene unfolding in front of us.

I half expected Dom to pop out a packet of popcorn, but she just stayed frozen where she was, staring in horror at Penny.

“I-I just walked into something, is all, and –”

“YOU JUST WALKED – YOU JUST WALKED INTO SOMETHING?! Do I look completely imbecilic, Penelope? DO I!?” Fred tore his hands through the roots of his hair and slammed his arse down onto the couch, banging at the cushions in frustration.

“Fred, please stop shouting.” Penny whispered, closing her eyes – well, as much as she could under the current circumstances – and stepped forwards so that she was next to the couch. She slowly sat down next to Fred and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Fred stiffened but didn’t move away, and a moment later he pulled his arm out from between them and wrapped it around her waist.

I blinked at them for a moment. Is there something going on here?

“I won’t kill him,” Fred whispered, “on one condition.”

“Which is?”

“You never speak to him again – stay away from him, Penelope. He’s no good for you.” Fred’s eyes were grave, staring at the side of her face, the brown irises swirling with emotion. It was odd, seeing Fred so serious, so solemn.

There was a pause as Penny pulled back one of her arms and wiped the tears from her eyes, before resting it on Fred’s stubbly cheek.

“I promise.”

Fred smiled softly, and he slowly brought his free arm around to pat Penny on the knee, his eyes cracking open so he could stare at the side of her face. I turned my head to shoot a bewildered look at James, but he looked just as dumbstruck as me.

What the fuck is going on here?

Connor was smiling from next to me, and Dom’s eyes were still wide and scared but the corners of her lips were tugging upwards, a few blonde curls falling out of her ponytail.

“Right, well, we must be off.” Fred said suddenly, kissing the back of Penny’s head – she smiled and began another round of silent tears – and pulling his arm back to his side. He stood up abruptly – Penny fell sideways so suddenly that she nearly faceplanted the couch but managed to right herself before she did. “We’ve got Quidditch Practice in two minutes, and McGonagall is observing this practice so we really don’t want to be late.”

James cursed under his breath and shoved me off his knee – charming – stepped over me as I landed on the floor – even more charming – and began to sprint toward the portrait hole, Dom, Fred, Connor and Penny all hot on his heels.

Leaving me all on my own, lying on the floor.

Bloody typical.


“Oh, it was the funniest thing!” Jack chuckled, and I tipped my head back as I roared with laughter. After all of my friends so charmingly buggered off and left me, I went and sat with Jack and Rose in the great hall, but Rose had to go to the library or something, so now it’s just Jack and I.

Oh, James’ face would be a bloody picture if he could see this.

But seriously – Jack Goldstein? Yum. All blonde hair and big muscles and charming smiles – and a great arse to go with it. Seriously. Fine piece of rump, right there.

I could always give Rose a bit of a shove off the end of the Astronomy Tower and steal him for myself. I’m sure Rosie would understand – she has seen this boy, after all.

Ooh! I have an idea! They should sell a doll version of him, and then everyone can have their own little Jack to cuddle with and talk to... and you wouldn’t have to creepishly stare at the real one! Seriously though, the staring can get embarrassing. I think I started drooling at one point.

He didn’t even seem to notice. He must be modest.

That’s a nice change, considering I normally hang around with Quidditch players that think they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

James actually said that the other day – that he was the best thing since sliced bread. So I said that if bread was so much better after it had been sliced, maybe we should cut him into little pieces as well. That shut him up fast enough.

“I feel like I haven’t stopped talking for the entire conversation,” Jack chuckled, brushing some of the hair back off his face, “so tell me a little about you instead.” He leaned back and watched me, like he honestly wanted to know. Again, quite a change. James never wants to listen to anything I have to say.

“Well, what do you want to know?” I’m hardly going to start telling him about the two goldfish – Basalt and Marble – that owned when I was younger.

I could tell him about the time that James, Connor and I went to the Shrieking Shack and ended up getting so scared that James peed himself. God, that was funny.

He denies it now, but there was a definite puddle on the floor.

Even Connor says so, and he never lies.

“I dunno – tell me about your friends, they’re Rose’s cousins, right?”

“Yeah, Dom, Fred and James are Rose’s cousins. Dom’s my best friend – my sister from another mister, or whatever the expression is – and has been since first year, because we share a dorm. Fred is... very unique, and um... one of a kind. He likes things that are quite unusual, and he has a habit of bursting into song and random intervals.” I shrugged. “And James is cool.”

Jack smiled warmly, a little mischievousness glinting in those bloody gorgeous eyes of his.

“Do forgive me for prying, considering we have only just been acquainted, but are you and James Potter dating?”

I spat my mouthful of pumpkin juice out all over the table – and all over Jack, who looked mildly surprised and a little horrified... whoops – and began to cough up hackloads of lung.

Yeah, don’t mind me. Just coughing up my colon over here.

“Who the bloody fucking hell told you that bloody James and I were fucking dating?” I snarled. Wow, Summer. Real ladylike. Way to seem cool in front of one of your good friend’s boyfriend. Very fit boyfriend. Jesus, why don’t you just start picking your nose and go the whole hog?

Jack finished wiping my spit from under his eyes and chuckled slightly, tossing a little more of that lovely hair of his out of his eyes.

“You do make me laugh, Summer.” He grinned. “And I didn’t mean to offend you or anything of the sort, it’s just somebody was telling a friend of mine that the two of you have been dating for a while, and I got curious. Forgive me, Summer. I should know better than to listen to mindless gossip.”

I smiled.

“Nah, don’t worry yourself.” I smiled woodenly. “But if you don’t mind, could you tell me who told your friend that James and I were dating?”

“The blonde Hufflepuff – I forget names, unfortunately. I think it began with a K.” He looked at me hopefully. My fists clenched under the table.

“And when did you get told?”

“Yesterday.” Jack looked confused.

“Was it Kyle, by any chance? The gossipers name, was it Kyle?” I asked through clenched teeth, angrily scanning the length of the Hufflepuff table to search for a head of stupid blonde hair.

“Yes, actually, I think it was. Kyle – Kyle Davies.”


“YOU – YOU ARE A FOUL EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING, DO YOU KNOW THAT?” I screamed, storming up to Kyle and poking him very hard in the chest. What? If I tried to punch him I’d probably just end up breaking my hand. I’m best just poking.

Kyle looked slightly surprised, blinked a couple of times and then snorted. And then he swung his arm around my shoulders, pulling me in so my face was smushed up against his chest.

HIS arm around MY shoulders. I am not happy. MY face smushed into HIS chest. I am really not happy.

“Ah Summer, I have missed you. I don’t know anyone else who makes so many random proclamations of death and violence to people that they barely know.” He chuckled, and I had to resist the urge to just knock him out right there and harvest his organs to sell on the black market.

Come on Summer, resist. You do not want to kill him, you do not want to kill him, you do not want to – oh who am I kidding, hypnosis is a load of shit.

I blinked a couple of times when I realised a little something – that I was bloody standing there and letting his poisonous arm infect my shoulder.


I flicked him off with a movement to rival that of a bucking bronco, glared bloody murder at the side of his head and tried to control the angry eye twitch that had taken home in my left eye socket.

“What in the name of Merlin’s bedazzled snotrag do you think you’re playing at – telling people that James and I are dating? You know full well that we’re not, you’re just trying to cause trouble, you imbecilic, repulsive, foul little tosser – I could seriously just shove you into an effing pot of boiling water right now, and bloody –”

“You could shove me into a pot of boiling water right now? What do you think you are, one of the fucking three little pigs?”

I took a step back, blinked a couple of times and then started to laugh.

“What the bloody hell are the three little pigs?” I asked, staring at Kyle. He blushed and started to fidget with the collar of his shirt.

“It’s a muggle story – I’m Muggleborn, that’s the kind of thing I grew up with... anyway, what was your reason in coming all the way over here to scream at me whilst I’m eating dinner?” I glanced down at the half finished cottage pie on his plate with disgust, grabbed his sleeve and started to drag him from the room.

“You know full well what my reason for screaming at you was, you idiotic, twatty, gitfaced, sour, stupid, awful little liar, god I am so furious right now that I don’t even know what you were bloody thinking...” I trailed off, muttering furiously under my breath.

We reached a large classroom that was generally unused, and I whipped around so I could shove him through the door and glared at him as menacingly as possible.

He should have been pissing himself under my piercing glare, but instead he just looked amused.

Like I was a little puppy that was trying to act like a fully grown bulldog.

Yeah, well I can bite like a bloody bulldog so you want to watch who you’re smirking at, mister. Urgh. If there is one thing that really annoys me, it’s when people treat me like I’m a child. I am not a fucking child. Do not act like I am adorable.

Grr. I will bite you.

I shoved Kyle down onto the desk behind him, crossed my arms over my chest and narrowed my eyes until they were only slits, letting my eyebrows pull together as I glared at him as poisonously as I could.

“Who have you told?” I snarled, and Kyle let his mouth fall into an amused smirk, his eyes widening in fake innocence. Anger stirred in the pit of my stomach.

“Who have I told what, darling?” He asked, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me towards him, tucking a few of my inky black curls behind my ear. I growled. Legit growled.

“Who have you told that James and I are dating? And why are you telling people that James and I are dating – you’re not even telling people that it would affect, you’re just starting rumours because you’re trying to make things difficult for me!”

“Go on a date with me and I’ll tell everyone that it isn’t true.”

“Go to Hell.”

“If you come with me.”

“Fuck off.”

“What? Fuck you? Sure.”

“I bloody hate you.”

“You know that’s not true.”

“I’m pretty sure it is.”

“There is a fine line between love and hate, babe.”

“And I am quite firmly standing on the side of hate.”

“Hate is a passionate emotion.”

“I feel no passion whatsoever for you, you’re just a bloody annoyance to me.”

“So if I offered to shag you against the wall then you would say no?”

“Of course I would say no!”

“Kiss me.”

“What? No!”


“Explain to me why you’re telling people that I’m dating James when you know full well that I’m not.” I said quietly, stepping away from him and glaring at him a little more. If looks could kill then he would be a bloody corpse on the floor.

“Because if I hadn’t done something that I knew would really piss you off, then you never would have come and talked to me.” He said quietly, his watery blue eyes serious.

I glared a little more. I could probably get a prize for glaring. The official glarer of Hogwarts. Okay, maybe I need to work on the name a little bit.

“Well maybe there is a reason that I don’t come and talk to you.” I muttered, the eye twitch from before returning with a vengeance.

“Maybe there is. And maybe there isn’t.” And before I could reprimand him for such a vague and annoying answer, he had wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss.

His lips slammed into mine a little more forcefully than I would have liked – well, given that the fact any force from his lips to mine is more force than I would have liked, that’s not hard to believe – and his hands immediately flew to the back of my head to grip at the roots of my hair, stopping me from pulling my head away.

I went to push him away by pressing my hands against his chest, but he grabbed hold of my two wrists in one of his hands and forced them behind my back.

Charming. It’s blokes like this that make James seem like a regular gentleman.

I was just about to somehow manoeuvre my leg to manage to kick him off the desk when all of a sudden the door behind us crashed open and a livid voice rang out across the room with deafening intensity.

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT?” James roared, spraying the ground with more spit than Fred had when he yelled at Penny.

Kyle finally dropped his hand from my head and let my wrists go – bloody hell; they didn’t half sting when they finally got dropped. His eyes were widened and a little frightened, and I had to resist the urge to smirk.

That’s my James. Scare them all off for me.

“Step away from her now,” he snarled, “or I swear to Merlin you are not going to be able to blink for two weeks.” Kyle stared for a moment, before something seemed to set in his jaw. He glared defiantly back at James.

“Nah, don’t think so.” He shrugged, and James’ eyes flashed through with pure fury. “I was kind of enjoying that.”

James stepped forward so fast that he was practically a blur, his hands curled into fists at his sides and his lips open past his teeth in a snarl. Seriously James, you’re not a dog and Kyle is not a smaller dog that you can intimidate with a snarl.

“What’s the matter, Potter?” Kyle taunted. I kept my shoulders tensed in case I was going to be forced to step between James and Kyle at the last moment.

Merlin only knows why I am trying to save that idiot’s arse, but I guess I’m just a nice person. Yeah, and Hell froze over last week.

“Don’t like the fact I’m snogging your girlfriend?” I was furious – Kyle knew exactly what he was doing. He was pushing all of James’ buttons, and James was trying to keep his cool, but he was struggling. I could see in his eyes how badly he wanted to hit him.

“No, I don’t.” James said coldly, and I nearly choked on my own tonsils. This would be right around where you deny the fact I’m your girlfriend, James. Right now. Any time today would be smashing, love. Right around now. Please? But James stayed silent.

Kyle looked like someone had slapped him with a wet fish. Which, incidentally, someone should do.

“So if you would kindly move away from her, I won’t have to pound your face in.” I frowned. I don’t like James like this. James is my James – he’s annoying and sarcastic and rude and perverted and nowhere near perfect, but he’s my James. This isn’t my James. I don’t like it. I want my James.

Kyle didn’t move, and not wanting to witness the act of James making mincemeat out of somebody’s face, I quickly took a couple of steps back and grabbed hold of James’ hand. James didn’t even acknowledge the fact I was touching him, his face stayed as cold and furious as ever.

“Stay away from my girl, Davies,” James hissed, and my eyes widened, “or I will kill you. Got it?”

Without another moment’s hesitation, James pulled on the hand that was clutching the life out of his and began to drag me towards the door, still not so much as looking at me.

I glanced downwards – I wasn't staring at his arse, I swear, I just happened to notice something about his arse as I was in the process of looking at the floor – and saw the Marauder’s Map had been hastily shoved into his back pocket.

Cheater! He can’t find me like that, that’s not fair!

But James still did not say a word, but continued to drag me down the corridor, his feet stomping so loudly that the noise echoed down the corridor and scared me even more as it bounced back down around us.

It was not until we reached some old tapestry featuring a picture of a troll dancing, that he suddenly dropped my arm like it was hot and slammed his way into the corridor behind it.

Why bother covering the corridor with a tapestry? That just confuses people. They should just put a fucking door there.

James stormed straight up to the wall nearest to him and gave it a kick, wincing and pulling his leg back when it hurt more than he thought it would. Smart, James. Get pissed off, kick a wall in trainers. Yeah, you’re a regular Einstein.

“James?” I asked timidly. “You’re not angry at me, are you?”

James let out one quick bark of laughter and turned around to shoot me a glare, before pounding his fist into the wall, just above where he had kicked it. I’m glad that wall isn’t alive. James would probably be really hurting its feelings right now.

So, of course, I had to try and diffuse the tension with a little Summer Lancaster humour.

“So, I’m your girl, huh?”

James flushed a funny shade of purple and glared at the wall again, because apparently it wasn’t enough to have upset it physically, now he wanted to hurt its feelings as well.

Poor wall.

It never did anything to him.

“You know full well that I only said that to Davies to keep him away from you.” He hissed.

Even though I knew that was probably the case, and should have known that from the moment the words had left his lips, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. I didn’t know why – maybe it was because I always think of him as my James.

Not in the sense that he’s my boyfriend, but just that he’s mine. I can’t explain it. I don’t want him with other girls, and he quite clearly does not want me with other blokes. So does that mean that I am his girl? Not in the girlfriend sense, but just that I am... his girl?

I don’t know. And he doesn’t appear to either.

I took a few tentative steps forwards – approaching an angry James is like approaching a hippogriff, you have to be careful and gentle – and reached out to touch his clenched fist.

He snatched it away from me at the speed of light. Charming. Well, sorry for trying to comfort you. Bleeding arsehole.

I waited a second whilst he glared out of a random window – seriously, this is the middle of the castle, how do we have a window? – chewing on the inside of his cheek. I took another step forwards until I was so close that my stomach was brushing his elbow, before I leaned forwards and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

He didn’t move, but the hardness in his eyes seemed to soften slightly.

“I can be, if you want me to.” I whispered, and James glanced sideways slightly in confusion, before he remembered he was supposed to be pissed off. “Your girl, I mean.”

James eyes widened and he looked like I had just told him I was leaving Hogwarts to pursue a career in burlesque dancing. Which I would never do, because feather headdresses make me look fat.

“You’re not my girl.” He hissed, and I don’t think he realised how rude and blunt he had made it until he noticed the colour rush into my face and my hands drop limply by my sides. Remorse immediately flashed through his eyes, and he reached out towards me.

I stepped back.

“You bastard.” I snarled, snatching my hands away. I wasn’t upset as much as embarrassed – this is exactly the kind of situation that I like to fucking well avoid!

“Summer, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry,” James moaned, closing his eyes and wincing slightly, as though he expected me to hit him or something. What? Do I have a history of violence or something?

“I wasn’t saying I wanted to be your effing girlfriend, you twat,” I grumbled, elbowing him as he pulled me in for a hug, “but if you think about it, I am your girl. Who cherishes absolutely no desire you become your girlfriend, you can bet your ass on that one.”

James sighed against me and pulled me even tighter into his chest, deeply breathing in my hair.

“I know you’re my girl. That’s why I said it.” He whispered, running his fingers up and down my spine and pressing kisses onto the side of my neck.

“You’re a bloody git, do you know that?” I grumbled into his neck, burying my face in his hair. You know, for something that mostly resembles a bird’s nest, it’s pretty damn soft. Like silk. Or cotton. Or... I don’t know any more materials.

“I’m your bloody git.” He murmured, lifting my chin up gently so he could press his lips against mine, before kissing each of my cheeks, the end of my nose and the gap between my eyebrows.

“I didn’t mean that I want to be your girlfriend, because seriously, I do not – but you have to admit, if you don’t like me being with other blokes and I... am not particularly happy about you snogging other girls, then... I don’t know, I just thought...” I trailed off, and James leaned forwards to kiss me again.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, love. I told you – I know that. I’m the one that said it in the first place, for fuck’s sake. I just – what do you think you’re playing at, Summer?” James pushed my arms from around him, took his chin off my shoulder and unwrapped his arms from my waist.

“What do you mean?” I asked, tucking a little of my hair behind my ear.

“I mean – what do you mean what do I mean? I mean; why the fuck are you in old classrooms snogging a guy that was the reason we didn’t talk properly for weeks?” James’ voice was suddenly furious, and he stepped away from me so he could give the wall another kick.

Honestly, the boy should go to counselling for that temper. It’s going to get him into trouble one day.

“I wasn’t snogging him, he was snogging me – you saw him bloody holding onto me, he wasn’t letting me bloody move!” I said, running my hand through my hair in frustration. James shot me a withering glare and stomped over to the window, staring moodily out into the grounds.

I walked up next to him and stared out of the window too, trying to see what was engrossing him so intently.

It’s just a load of hills, a lake, a bunch of trees and a load of those mangy squirrels running around like they own the place. Ooh, and a couple of fifth years snogging against that huge tree over there.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” James muttered, and I glanced over at him. The watery October sun was reflected in his eyes, as was the outline of the great Scottish mountains in front of us.

“Um... it’s alright.” I shrugged, glancing unappreciatively at the grounds. Never been a big fan of nature, I have to say. I could never understand how beauty can be found in two things; art and nature.

The one thing that complete baffles my buttons is how someone can stare at a painting of a landscape and talk about its beauty. How can a bit of green paint smeared on a canvas be beautiful?

“James,” I said flatly, jabbing him in the arm to try and get his attention, “seriously, you could see that I wasn’t snogging him. So why are you angry at me?”

“So what, Summer – he dragged you to that classroom against your will and forced you to stay there long enough for him to launch himself at you?” James said, his voice only a little short of a sneer.

“No, I took him to the classroom, and we were arguing, and then he snogged me, and then you burst in and looked like you were plotting his violent and very painful death.” I said, and James glanced up at me in surprise.

“Why would you take him to a classroom when you know he wants you?”

“Because Jack told me,” I started, but James cut me off because my lips could even begin to form the fifth word of the sentence.

“Oh, Jack told you. Do tell me, how is the gorgeous dreamboat doing today? I hope that his breakfast was cooked up to standard and his perfectly written essay was handed in, written in his stunning Edwardian script.” James rolled his eyes and went back to glaring out of the window.

“Oh fucking hell, what’s wrong with you now?” I sighed. This boy has more mood swings than me, and I’m the fucking girl in the situation.

“Why the fuck do you do that, Summer?” He sighed finally, after leaving me stewing in silence for about a minute. “You have dinner with Jack the Prat – and before you ask, Rose told me you were eating with her – and then I show up in the hall and find you’re not there, so I check the fucking map, find you, show up and find you with someone’s tongue shoved down your throat... why do you do this to me?”

I blinked a few times in surprise.

“I’m a fucking seventeen year old bloke, and the only person I’ve ever snogged aside from you is that Erin girl, and I only did that to piss you off because we were fighting again.” James said, leaning his head against the stone wall. “Summer, I don’t like you... I don’t like you snogging other blokes.”

“I know.” I smiled sadly, and stepped forwards to pull him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist again and kissed the top of my head.

“Stop it. Stop snogging other blokes. For me.” I glanced upwards in surprise. “If you promise not to snog other people, then I will too. Until one of us wants to date someone else, and then... well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

I blinked a few times and then leaned forwards to kiss his chest through his shirt. James chuckled.

“Summer. Promise – promise you won’t snog other guys. And I won’t snog other girls. Yeah?” I glanced upwards and smirked slightly, before holding one of my hands out and taking his.

“Deal.” I murmured, and James brought our intertwined hands upwards to press his lips to the back of my fingers.

“Anyway, you were saying.” He said finally, breaking the delicate silence between us. “You were talking to Jack the Prat and he told you what?”

“That Kyle had been passing around a rumour that the pair of us are dating. Jack told me, so I went and started yelling at him, and then I dragged him off somewhere so that I could yell at him in private, and he snogged me. Then you walked in.” James looked livid.

That fucking fucker has been telling people that we’re dating? Us two? Dating? As in, going on dates and calling each other ‘pookie’ and ‘darling’?” I snorted and James growled under his breath.

“Yeah, and because of you he’s going to think it’s true.” He smirked slightly and I punched him in the side. I hope it leaves a bruise.

“Well, I know how we can solve that problem.” James said, and from the look on his face I had a feeling that what he had in mind was not for the ears of the likes of my grandmother. Without another moment’s hesitation, James grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up to his chest, pulling my legs around his hips.

“Kiss me, Lancaster.” He breathed, and I smirked, leaning in until my lips were just a centimetre apart.

“Make me, Potter.” I whispered, and I ran my hand over his jaw so fast that the end of my fingers started to burn slightly as they ran over his stubble.

“Don’t worry, I will.” And without another moment’s hesitation, James spun us around and pressed my back up against the wall, leaning in closer until the only place my lips could possibly go was to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and groaned as he nipped at my neck.

See, this is all I wanted. Is that really so much to ask for?


“Fucking hell Dom, would it kill you to smile a little when I walk into the dorm? Honestly, every time I walk in here it’s like you’ve just been poked in the eye by a mascara brush.”

Dom was once again sitting on the end of her bed, her knees drawn up under her chin and her fingers fiddling between the pieces of plastic from her flip flops between her toes. Her blonde hair was tossed over one shoulder and tied into a loose braid, and her eyes looked a red, her eyeliner smudged, as though she had been rubbing them.

“Dom, are you alright?” I asked, dropping down next to her and peering at her anxiously. Dom woodenly leaned over and passed me a tissue from the box next to her, shoving it at me.

“Wipe the bloody lipstick off your face, you’ve got it everywhere. Including the front of your shirt.” Dom stared at me and I flushed slightly, but stared back determinedly enough that she didn’t bother asking me if I’d been snogging anyone. She stopped bothering to ask months ago.

“What’s happened?” I asked through the tissue, so my voice came out stupidly muffled.

I sounded like some kind of bleeding alien.

“Penny, Penny has been...” Dom ran her hands through the front of her hair, and I laid my head down into my hands as I wondered what Kane had done now. Of course he wasn’t just going to let Penny go. When would anything ever just be easy and simple in the lives of my friends and I?

Oh yeah, fucking never, that’s when.

“Penny has been what? Beaten up again?” I hissed in fury through my hands, and Dom shook her head. I sighed in relief and then remembered something. “Did McGonagall say anything when you got to Quidditch practice before? About Penny being covered in blood, I mean.”

Dom shook her head quickly and crawled over to my side, leaning her head down on my shoulder, pulling the duvet up from next to her and draping it across our legs.

“I took her to the bathroom on the way down and cleaned her up. Told McGonagall that we were late because of womanly issues, and all the blokes shrieked and clapped their hands over their ears like I was screeching or something. She still won’t talk about what happened, you know.” I ran my hands through my hair is frustration. That girl is going to be the reason I have a heart attack one day, you mark my words. “But it’s something else.”

Dom nodded her head towards the door and pressed her finger to her lips in the universal sign for ‘shut it’, before tapping her ear to tell me to listen.

Dom and I should definatley consider future careers as spies. Clearly we are completely cut out for it. To not become spies would just be defying our fate.

And as I listened a little more carefully, I was greeted to the oh so charming sound of someone retching over the toilet. I groaned and laid my head down on top of Dom’s.

She bloody well better not have nits.

I’ll kill her if she does.

“She’s throwing up again? Didn’t you say that she was throwing up yesterday?” I asked worriedly, wondering whether or not that alone was the reason that Dom looked so worried. I mean, people throw up all the time. Surely that can’t be it.

“I.. I’m worried about her.” Dom said, and I frowned.

“I know, I’m scared for her too. Kane doesn’t seem like he’s going to just let this go, what if he tries to hurt her again? I mean –”

“Summer, that’s not what I meant.” Dom cut across me tiredly, tossing her plait out of her eyeline so she could roll her eyes at me. Charming.

“Well what do you mean?” I asked finally, picking at my cuticles in apprehension. Dom sighed and said nothing, but glanced around the room for any of our other roommates. I let my thoughts wander as we sat there in silence, until Dom finally spoke.

“What if she’s pregnant?”

I choked. After spluttering and hacking up lung for a good minute I finally sat up straight again, and fixed Dom with a horrified expression.

Penny – pregnant. No, that was completely ridiculous. Insanely ridiculous. Penny is the smartest one out of all of us, the most responsible, the one that we go to when we have stupid teenage problems, not the one who has them herself.

“Oh god.” I moaned, banging my head in my hands a few more times. “Of course, knocked up with your abusive ex’s spawn, of course that would happen.” I wrenched my shoes off my feet and threw them at the wall, swearing under my breath. “Of fucking course that would happen.”

“We need to talk to her about it.” Dom said calmly.

“You’re right, you do.” I agreed, nodding slowly. Dom flipped her plait out of the way so she could roll her eyes at me again.

“Yes, we do.”

“Yes, you should probably do that pretty quickly so we can make arrangements.”

“Right, so let’s get up and we’ll go and talk to her.”

“Yeah, I’ll arrange your perfume bottles whilst you do that.”

“Summer, get your fat arse off the bed and come with me to talk to her, or I swear to every deity in this universe that I am going to tell Kyle Davies that you want to shag him and then lock you in a broom closet together.”

“You wouldn’t.” I said angrily, quickly leaping off the bed and staring into those taunting blue eyes of hers.

“Are you willing to risk it?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Fuck. Fine. But I am warning you now; I am going to be absolutely no help to you.”

“Fine, let’s go.” Dom seized my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom, and I wrinkled my nose as I wondered whether or not I would be expected to hold her hair back or something. I’m not cut out for this sort of thing.

Crying friends, I can deal with. Dom doesn’t do great with them. Possibly pregnant friends? That’s Dom’s forte, my love.

Dom softly knocked on the door, and when Penny didn’t immediately speak, she kicked it open with the toe of her shoe and stormed in there, dragging me along by the wrist. Charming.

“Penny, are you okay?” Dom asked awkwardly, and I had to resist the urge to start banging my head against the wall. Sure, she’s choking up last night’s dinner over a porcelain bowl, but she is just fine. In fact, this is a regular occurrence for her.

I mean, who really wants to keep last night’s bangers and mash down?

Not anyone normal, that’s for sure.

Jesus Dom, use your common sense.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Penny muttered weakly, grabbing a flannel – oi, that’s mine! – from the rail next to her and dabbing her mouth with it.

You know, she can just keep it.

“Do you have any idea why you keep throwing up?” Dom asked, running another flannel under some warm water and dabbing at Penny’s sweaty forehead. Who knew that throwing up could be such hard work?

I guess that will teach you to use protection when shagging your psycho boyfriend.

Penny looked like she was about to answer, but before she could get a word out she had gone an odd shade of white and was leaning her head back over the toilet, retching again. What she can be throwing up, I don’t know, because she hasn’t eaten anything today.

Dom wiped down her mouth and forehead as I stood awkwardly in the corner, drumming my fingers on the rim of the sink, and Penny tied her long hair back into a loose ponytail so that Dom didn’t have to hold it back anymore.

Dom asked a few more questions, which Penny weakly answered, but nothing Dom asked actually resulted in Penny talking about what may or may not be causing her sickness (e.g. a foetus playing the bongos on the roof of her uterus).

Eventually I had enough, and stepped forwards to gain a little attention, dropped to my knees and gently turned Penny’s head to face me.

“Are you knocked up?” Subtle as a brick, Summer, subtle as a brick.

Penny looked like she was going to either laugh, choke or throw up, but instead she just went a little paler, and her hand reached up to cover her mouth, the corners of which were twitching slightly.

“What the bloody hell are you talking about, Summer?” She asked eventually, shaking her head at me and chuckling under her breath.

I glared a little. This is hardly a laughing matter.

I don’t want to be sharing a dorm with a knocked up teenager impregnated with the spawn of Satan. I don’t really find the situation a bundle of laughs, to be perfectly honest.

“What Summer meant to say,” Dom said, with a pointed look at me, “was, well, Penny – I know you and Kane were sleeping together. Is there any chance that you could be pregnant? I mean, you’ve been throwing up so often and you’ve not been eating, and he did beat you up – don’t bother denying it – and that could have been the reason, and... why are you laughing?!”

Penny had pressed her fingers harder onto her mouth to try and muffle the laughter, but she couldn’t completely hide the giggles that kept escaping her lips.

“I am not pregnant.” She said firmly, and I could practically see Dom deflate with relief. “I have a very mild case of food poisioning, that’s all.” Penny smiled slightly and took the flannel from Dom, dabbing at her sweaty forehead herself.

Dom grinned at me and wrapped her arms around Penny’s shoulders in a bone crushing hug. She wants to be careful, you hug Penny too hard and you could probably just snap her in half.

“Are you completely sure?” I asked, perching my arse on the edge of the sink and lifting my feet up off the floor.

“One hundred percent. K- Kane was really fussy on that kind of thing, he never wanted children - he told me that from the beginning. He always said that if I got pregnant then I would have no option but to have it aborted, he would make sure of that.” Penny’s eyes filled with tears and anger bubbled in the pit of my stomach.

“But... you want loads of kids, Penny. You’ve always said that – you want at least five, don’t you?” Dom asked in confusion, a crease lining her forehead.

“Yeah, I did – do. I do. I just kind of pushed that dream back when I got with... him, because he didn’t want them, and I wanted him.” Penny shrugged softly, gratefully taking a sip from the glass of water that I passed her.

Tip top friend, you see.

“Fred wants lots of kids.” Dom said mildly, as though it was an offhand comment of no importance.

Penny glanced at her in suspicion, one of her eyebrows cocked. Dom stared at the tiles behind the sink like they fascinated her, determinedly avoiding Penny’s gaze. The crafty bitch is up to something, I can tell.

“And why is that important?” She asked, her voice slightly nervous. Dom shrugged, her eyes once again widened in innocence.

“It’s not. Just thought I would mention it, you know, just in case you ever needed to know...” Dom said vaguely, and it took most of my willpower not to roll my eyes.

The girl was no subtlety whatsoever. Mind you, I’m not really in a position to talk.

“You two did look pretty cosy before, you know, when you came back into the common room...” I added, and Penny coloured slightly, some of the water draining out of the flannel and onto the floor as she squeezed it with nerves.

“If you two think you’re playing matchmaker then you’ve got another thing coming.” Penny said quietly, shooting the both of us warning glares.

Pfft. We’ve never listened to her before, what makes her think we’re going to start now?

Her and Freddie boy would make a pretty cute couple, and I don’t know, but it seemed like he was into her this morning. Fred doesn’t normally go that apeshit; he’s normally a mellow fellow.

“I’m going to love Kane for a very long time, you two.” Penny whispered, and from the pain in her voice I realised how much she meant it. We may have seen him as an evil bit of slime who deserves nothing other than a slow and painful death, but she loved him. And it took a lot for her to leave him. She wasn’t ready to move on, and she wouldn’t be for a long time.

Of course, she hadn’t factored in Dom Weasley.

“I know, I know.” Dom said, pulling Penny in for a hug, but there was a glint in her eyes when she winked at me that told me she had a plan. And that Penny wasn’t going to like it one bit.

“Come on Summer, don’t be antisocial.” Dom grinned, grabbing my suspended ankle and giving it a sharp tug. I flew off the side of the sink and landed with a thump on Penny’s knee, squashed like a sardine in between my two so-called besties.

“Group hug!” Dom cried, wrapping her arms around both of our necks and pulling us in together.

Penny and I both whined when our heads clunked together, there was a bad smell of sick floating over from the loo and my back began to throb after a few seconds, but it was perfect – just me and my girls, the way it should be.

And now I’m done with the sentimental shit.


“OI! OWEN!” Fred roared, storming into the Great Hall at breakfast the next morning. Penny leapt in her seat and the little colour in her face drained out of it, as Fred marched straight past the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables and hates straight for the Slytherins.

I saw Al Potter glance up in surprise as his cousin stormed past him, but didn’t try to stop him.

I don’t blame the lad, I wouldn’t want to get trampled by a furious Weasley boy, either. Especially not Freddie, he’s the most muscular of all of them.

Well, unless you count Teddy Lupin. Which you should, because that is one fine species of man. Seriously. I could just eat him up.

That sounded creepy.

But anyway, I digress.

Fred stormed the length of the Slytherin table, occasionally shoving first years out of the way when they got under his feet – I actually think he kneed a third year in the head and knocked him out – and flicking his dark hair out of his furious eyes, which were practically spitting fire.

Kane Owen stood up out of his seat and smirked as he saw Fred storming towards him – which is odd, because if it was me then I would have been pissing myself with fear – but he didn’t get to smirk for long.

The moment they came close to each other, Fred swung his huge arm out and punched Kane square across the jaw.

Kane staggered backwards and his expression quickly turned livid, but before his hand had reached his wand, Fred swung his arm out again and punched him in the gut, then the head again, then the, ahem... family jewels.

This carried on for about a minute, until Kane was on his knees and Fred was showing no signs of stopping, and Penny was half sobbing with her hands jammed into the roots of her hair.

He only let up when McGonagall hurried down from the staff table and forced them apart, looking absolutely horrified when she saw the state of Kane’s face. I couldn’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

That’s my Freddie.

“MR WEASLEY! YOU WILL MEET MR –” McGonagall began, but Fred cut her off.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Tell Filch to wear something nice tonight.” And without another glance, he stormed back over to our table, shooting a furious glance at our shell-shocked expressions.

“Fred!” Penny cried, lurching upwards out of her chair. “You promised! You promised you wouldn’t, if I stayed away from him!” She looked close to tears.

“I promised that I wouldn’t kill him, Penelope. There is a difference.” He growled, absent mindedly rubbing his free fingers over his already bruising knuckles. “He’s not coming near you again. I don’t care what I have to do to make sure that he doesn’t.”

Penny half smiled, and sank back down into her seat. She patted the bench next to her and indicated for Fred to take the spot.

He smiled roughly and sat down next to her.

“Thank you.” Penny whispered into the silence, and Fred smiled slightly. I glanced at Dom, and she winked again.

Oh, she so has a plan.


disclaimer: none of this belongs to me, and i own nothing that you recognise.

hello :D how was that for a fast update? im pretty proud of myself for that :D and there was no cliffhanger in thisi chapter, which pretty good :D so yeah, this is kind of a thank you chapter, because the response to the last two chapter has been incredible. its really inspired me to write, so thank youuu <3

second, i have a little surprise for you guys ~ the next chapter is in our very own James Potter's POV. yeps. so we'll see how that goes. it will probably fail, but you know. much love, as always ~

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