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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 13 : Chapter Twelve - Part One
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Find a relatively unpopulated area of land in Britain, where the only point of access is through a cave, if you are standing before this cave now, run, run far away! For you are standing in front of the gates to Voldemort’s lair. Beyond the cave and the overgrown forest lies a dark castle that looks like it’s made from granite. There are no bright lights nor does laugher come from the castle, animals don’t fornicate in front of it. The castle is as embedded in the dark arts as its master is.

Voldemort wanted a place that reflected the power he had. He didn’t care for luxuries; luxuries only brought disobedience and weakness. Voldemort loved the coldness of the castle, he liked the emptiness he felt as he walked the halls and the fear his presence inflicted on his followers.

Voldemort walked slowly through the halls, Nagini at his heels. He had no idea that Nagini was the last horcrux he had left. He had no idea of what was to come. He was confident in his powers, he was confident in his mission to rid the world of Mudbloods and become a supreme controller.

Larry Trumble was an ordinary man. He was slightly more muscular than the average man, his normal sandy coloured hair had been dyed a more inconspicuous black. He used to wear glasses but had used the muggle approach of contact lenses to add to his disguise. He wasn’t known for anything in his life, he hadn’t attended Hogwarts, and rather he’d been homeschooled by his late Mother. He hadn’t been worried, or scared or nervous when Dumbledore had approached him for this mission. Instead he’d helped like fate had given him a helping hand. That this was his calling in life and whether he lived or not, he would be remembered for this.

Larry Trumble stood in a corner of an anti chamber, waiting a long with other Death Eaters. He’d been placed in Voldemort’s ranks by Dumbledore and so far he had been successful in fooling everyone. He never thought he’d be able to fool Voldemort and succeed. He wanted to succeed, he knew what was at stake but it was terrifying being there, pretending to enjoy all the disgustingly sick things that were happening around him.

The Death Eaters were all around him, he felt like he was choking in darkness. They formed groups – kinda like high school, you weren’t accepted without trials and tribulations. For example there were the Lestrange’s, you only associated with them if you liked violence and torturous deaths. Dolohov and his gang were known for their curses and wand work, they could teach you a thing or two but you had to remember not to anger them.  Avery and Macnair were that intelligent but they made up for that with mere size and muscle. There was Fenir Greyback and well no one really went near him unless they had to, it wasn’t that the other Death Eaters were scared of him; they just didn’t want to be in any kind of situation that could result in a werewolf bite. Finally there were the Carrow’s; it was their group that Larry Trumble put himself in. They were unpredictable, yes, but they weren’t as violent as the Lestrange’s or as savage as Greyback. Larry Trumble was able to successfully fit in with them, he could don his Death Eater outfit and successfully play a part that agreed with the unpredictability of the Carrow’s.

He’d been contacted recently; his plan was to be set in motion. He had one goal: kill the snake by any means necessary.

How to kill a snake, really, how could you kill a snake that was never left alone. How do you kill a snake that’s so large it could swallow a child and survive off that for years to come? How do you kill a snake that is essentially the Dark Lord’s best friend?

Right thought Larry, this needed some serious thinking.

Step One: How to kill a Snake

Step Two: How to lure a Snake

Step Three: How to capture a Snake

Step Four: How to avoid a Snakes bite

Step Five: How to remove a Snake

Step Six: How to hide a Snake

Larry Trumble set about writing the plans that would save the world and make him a hero.

No hating for this short part :) it's only because the next part will be really long. I just didn't want you to wait so I seperated it into two halves! ~ Zyii

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