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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 8 : Crazy for You
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A/N – I’m so sorry it’s been so long! But I lost all inspiration for this story, which is why this chapter is a bit of a filler, I’m afraid. However, I felt guilty for not updating this story in what felt like forever, so I made myself write, so I hope it’s alright! I’ve been putting it off since developing an obsession for The Hunger Games books, and I read all three in less than a day each. Read them, they really are amazing. But Harry Potter cannot be replaced, and I came back to HPFF as it’s very important to me! Thanks for all the lovely reviews by the way, please keep them coming, I really enjoy reading and responding to them!






“I don’t wanna” Louis grumbled into the pillow, scrunching his eyes up to block out the sunlight that streamed through the open window. “Don’t make me!”



“Stop acting like a baby Louis” Beatrice giggled, throwing her arms around him and hauling him out from beneath the duvet.



“Oi! I am naked!” he groaned, wrenching the covers up around the pair of them and wrapping his arms around her so she fell back onto his chest. “And you’re not” he blinked blearily. “Why aren’t you naked?!”



“Because we need to get up, you idiot” Beatrice laughed, struggling against his strong arms feebly.



“Why do we need to get up? We could stay in bed all day again.”



“We have to go to work, Louis” Beatrice smirked, kissing his chest lovingly. “The weekends over.”



“It was a good weekend” he smiled, capturing her lips with his for a long moment.



“It was” she smiled, digging her hands into his hair and kissing him back, allowing him to roll her underneath him once more.



They lost themselves in the kiss for a while. Beatrice forgetting her efforts to get Louis up as she felt him against her, kissing her deeply and lovingly. Slowly, he began to unbutton her blouse, leaving her lips to press kisses down her jaw, to her neck, to her chest, following each button down.



“Louis” Beatrice whispered breathlessly, grabbing his hands in hers. “Stop undressing me.”



“I don’t like you in clothes” he mumbled in return, moving her hands and continuing to fiddle with the buttons as he pressed kisses to her collarbone.



“Louis” Beatrice sighed breathily, pushing him off her and sitting up on the bed, frowning at the sight of Louis sprawled out in between the duvet. “Get up.”



“You’re such a spoilsport” he groaned, climbing out of bed and making his way to the bathroom. “Make me some breakfast, woman.”



With a snort, Beatrice grabbed a towel from the dresser and tackled Louis, jumping onto his back and flinging the towel over his neck. “What’s the magic word, Louis?”



“Please?” Louis grimaced as she moved from his back to his front, her legs wrapped around him as she pressed kisses to his neck. “Want to join me in the shower?”



“No” Beatrice giggled, kissing him quickly before hopping down and making her way through the kitchen.



“You’re a tease!” he shouted after her, a grimace on his face as he slammed the bathroom door behind him.



Beatrice just smirked.






“You had sex with him” Florence announced to the empty kitchen, her words carrying through to the dining area, where Beatrice was lavishly flicking her wand at the chairs to unstack them.



“Excuse me?” Beatrice whirled around to face her boss with an amused expression on her face. “What do you mean by that?”



“You and Louis” Florence grinned, winking as she licked the last of the ice cream off a spoon. “You two had sex last night, I can tell.”



“How can you tell?” Beatrice raised her eyebrows with a disbelieving snort.



“You were humming, just now when you were un-stacking the chairs” Florence grinned, leaning against the kitchen door to smirk at Beatrice. “You hate un-stacking the chairs in the morning, so you normally don’t hum” Beatrice felt her cheeks heat up at this comment. “And you haven’t stopped smiling since you got here.”



“It might not have anything to do with Louis” Beatrice replied with a smooth expression.



“Sure… but it does, am I right?”



Beatrice groaned. “Alright, yes it is to do with Louis.”



“So what was it?” Florence enquired. “A sudden bout of passion, or sexual tension? Or too much Firewhiskey?”



Beatrice rolled her eyes. “It was actually far more romantic.”



“Oh, really?” Florence raised her eyebrows, her expression interested. “Do tell!”



“We told each other that we liked one another, and then we had sex all weekend” Beatrice grinned cheekily.



“Wow, so romantic” Florence laughed sarcastically, and Beatrice tutted.



“Oi! It gets better!” Beatrice smirked. “My ex-boyfriend came all the way from Australia to get me back, just as Louis and I were having this argument about each other and what everything meant… and I left with Alex… my ex-boyfriend, to talk with him…”



“So you just left Louis?!” Florence gasped.



“Yeah” Beatrice blushed. “I know, Flo, not the smartest move… But anyway, I sorted things with Alex, told him I wasn’t interested, but when I got back to the flat Louis had gone.”



Florence gasped and Beatrice resisted the urge to laugh at her dramatics. “He left me note, telling me how he felt and that he hoped I’d enjoy Australia and stuff…”



“Merlin, he thought you’d chosen Alex?!”



“Yeah, I know” Beatrice shook her head, smiling ruefully. “So, I went to St Mungo’s, to ask Rose where to find Louis if he was upset, and then I ran into my sister…”


"But she doesn't know you're-"



“In London, yeah…” Beatrice exhaled with a grim smile. “So that was… well, Penny said she forgave me, but I need to… my parents, and brothers and stuff… Anyway, so Penny made me go find Louis, and when I did we talked and… well, now he’s my boyfriend, properly this time.”



“Where did he go?” Florence asked with a wistful smile, captivated by the story.



“His parents’ house, Shell Cottage, we were on the beach away from the house a bit.”



Oh” Florence sighed, clasping her hands to her chest. “On the beach? Aww, Bea that is so romantic!”



“I know” Beatrice grinned. “I told you it was!”



“Merlin, you are so lucky Bea” Florence sighed. “To have found someone like Louis, I mean.”



“I am, aren’t I?” Beatrice grinned. “Who knew me being such a fuck up would actually result in something good?”



“That’s how nature works, honey” Florence replied wisely, handing a scoop of Beatrice’s favourite chocolate ice cream over to her before returning to the kitchen.









Mum and Dad’s house, midday on Saturday. Don’t you dare be late or not come, or I will hunt you down and not forgive you for it.



They can’t wait, Dylan, Guy, Mum, Dad and all the kids. I promise you, they’re all desperate to see you.



David keeps asking for you, he’s dead excited, he’s got it in his mind you’re some kind of Super Aunt from all Izzy and Benj have been saying. Make sure you are Super Aunt; I know you used to be.



Bring Louis too; everyone’s dying to meet him. Especially me, I have to give him the old sister check, and don’t forget to prepare him for some Guy-grilling. Even Dylan’s up for it, they haven’t had the chance to play big brother for a long time, so they’re a little over-excited.



Can’t wait to see you on Saturday, honey.



Lots of love, Penny x



“Should I be scared?” Louis mumbled into Beatrice neck, pressing a chaste kiss to her pulse point as she sighed and rested her head on his broad shoulder. They were curled up on the bed again, as soon as they’d both returned home from work they’d instantly attacked each other and jumped straight into bed with one another. They were at that stage where they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and Beatrice loved that.



“No” Beatrice mumbled, crumpling up the letter she’d just received and placing it on the bedside table. “My brother’s only pretend to be scary. Penny’s the one you should watch out for, she’s pregnant after all.”



“I see” Louis smirked against her skin, peppering a few kisses down her neck. “And what about your niece and nephews?”



“A bit like Belle and Jack, without the colourful hair.”



“Nothing too out of my depth then?”



“No, which is why you’re coming with me.”



“Of course I am” Louis replied with a deep chuckle, pulling Beatrice flush against him and kissing her quickly. “You are so beautiful” he murmured as he ran his hands along her body, kissing a line down between her breasts lovingly.



“You just want to have sex with me again” Beatrice laughed, squirming beneath him as he kissed her stomach, flicking his tongue out in a ticklish manner. “Louis” she giggled, wrapping her hands into his blonde hair and pulling him up to her level once more. “Kiss me” she breathed, moving her legs to he could lie between them and raising her lips to meet his for what must have been the hundredth time that day.

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