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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 32 : Not again
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 32 Not again.


About a week later, we get the okay for Greg to be taken to Last Chance, so Theo and Blaise take him.  About a week and a half after that, we all meet up at the Burrow to have an afternoon hangout, everybody is there.  All the Weasley’s, minus Ron who isn’t allowed around me or the twins until after his testing, Troy and Pansy, Harry, Theo, Jake, Glori, Lucius and Narcissa, Jeff, Alicia and her boyfriend Marcus, Hannah and Neville, James and Cassie, and Blaise and his new girl friend Ikhra.


James and Cassie hit it off and have been dating really they have been inseparable.   Apparently Blaise met Ikhra in Australia when he toured Last Chance and when he got back Cassie and Blaise decided to date other people, Blaise told me that he liked Cassie, but they weren’t really serious so this was a good thing for them.


“’Mione!”  Blaise calls out running up to me and hugging me.  “I want you to meet my girlfriend, Ikhra.  Ikhra, this is my good friend Hermione.”  Blaise says grinning from ear to ear and I can’t help laughing a little.


“Nice to meet you I have heard so much about you.”  I say as I turn to Ikhra, she really is a striking woman, and standing next to Blaise they make a beautiful couple.


“Nice to meet you as well.”  She responds politely and smiles.  “This place is exciting.”  She says looking at the Burrow.


“It is indeed.”  I say chuckling, “Have you been to England before?”  I ask her.


“No, but I think I am really liking it here.”  She says and blushes a bit looking up at Blaise who is grinning down at her.


I look around and Draco is over by his parents playing with the twins Lucas is laughing at Draco while Pansy is clapping and encouraging Libby to walk.  She is almost there she can stand but when she goes to take that first step she falls on her bottom and looks frustrated but determined.  She is so cute and I know it will only be a short time before she succeeds.


“Hermione, I want you to meet someone.”  Jeff says walking up to us drawing my attention from my daughter.


“Hey, Jeff how are you?”  I ask smiling at him.


“I’m good, this is my sister, Camille.”  He says and gestures to a woman standing next to him.


“Hey, Camille, I’m Hermione.  Its great to finally meet you, Jeff told us he was going to bring you along ages ago.”  I say as I shake her hand and she blushes.


“It is nice to meet you too Hermione, and I have to say I admire you.”  She says quietly and I feel my eyes go wide and I blink at her.


“Oh, well um.”  I stutter and look at Jeff wondering why she would say that.


“She is only four years younger than you and went to Hogwarts, you could say that Harry is her hero.” Jeff says smiling.


“Jeff!”  Camille says blushing even deeper looking mortified.


I look at her wondering if I know her or remember her.  She is a bit taller than me though shorter than her brother.  Troy has messy blonde hair and she has straight golden hair a bit darker than Troy’s.  Both brother and sister have beautiful light green eyes and if I didn’t know that Jeff is older I’d say they look like twins.


“Well, lets see, yes come with me Camille, we shall go say hi to Harry.”  I say smiling at the two and taking Camille’s hand and pulling her along away from our group.  “If you will all excuse us for a moment.”  I add to the laughing group and pull the sputtering blushing Camille toward Harry.


“Harry Potter.”  I say and I come to stand next to Harry and Camille tries to hide behind me.  “I want to introduce you do a wonderful young woman.” I say and watch the amusement flicker in his eyes as he glances to my side where Camille is failing to hide.  “This is Camille, Jeff’s sister, Camille, this is Harry Potter.”  I say then jerk her arm to pull her in front of me.


Camille freezes and Harry smiles, “Hello Camille, how are you?”  He says and holds his hand out to her.


She blinks at him turning red and looks from his hand to his face and back again a few times.  She seems to not know what to do and is completely star struck.  I giggle a bit then lean in to Harry and whisper, “You are her hero.”


His eyes go wide and he smiles a bit in understanding.  Then instead of taking her hand he puts his arm around her shoulders and says, “Lets go find something to drink and then I can introduce you to my girlfriend, Ginny.”  Apparently the word girlfriend snaps her out of her shock and she goes along with Harry smiling like a loon.  I laugh as Jeff walks up next to me.


“Geez, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.”  He says shaking his head.  “You sure threw her out there.”


“You wouldn’t believe how often this kind of thing happens, it is easiest to get it over with as soon as possible.”  I say looking over at him. “So you didn’t go to Hogwarts did you?”  I ask.


“No, I went to Durmstrang and when it came time for Cami to go, I encouraged my parents to send her to Hogwarts.”  She says, “I guess it was a good thing too because both my parents died the year I graduated, and I was happy that Cami was in a better school, plus the famous Golden Trio went there, and honestly I didn’t want her wrapped up in the darkness.”  He says and I nod.


“You do know that Harry and I are just normal people, we just happen to become friends and then later found out that he needed to defeat Voldemort.  We aren’t any more special than you or your sister.”  I say to him and he nods a bit.


“Yes, but you are special, maybe not necessarily because of defeating Voldemort, but because you are strong and have over come so much in your life.  Cami admires you because of everything you have done and survived through.”  He says seriously and I nod in understanding.


“Yes, well she should admire you also you chose the light over the dark and I for one know how hard that is for some, especially those surrounded by it.”  I tell him then give him a hug. “I’m glad you brought your sister today.”


He smiles at me and we walk over to talk with the others.


I will get to her, I don’t know why Greg ratted me out except he is a filthy lying snake.  He thought he could have my woman.  What a joke.  I have a plan now that I am free of the stupid restriction of no magic.  I found more of the potion and everything is clear to me.  I know exactly how to get to her and take her back, she won’t be able to keep away and no body will know what to do.


I just need to take a bit of potion with me so that it doesn’t wear off again, and of course this time I won’t get pissed I will do what I should have the first time and make sure she has no chance but to come with me, I need a wand.  Any wand, really just something I can use to force her to obey.


Maybe I shouldn’t do this, no, I need to do this it is clear I want her as mine.  Harry might even back me up if I show that I can be reasonable, yes I’m reasonable right?  This potion makes me see everything so clearly, Hermione cares for me I just need to make her see that she does, then take her.



“Hermione, I just found out something I need to talk to you now.”  Troy says rushing up to me.


“Okay Troy, lets go over here and talk.”  I say feeling dread in my gut knowing it has to do with Ron.


We walk a few paces away in the yard where a Quidditch match is being played, and from where the food and drink is.  We stop next to a bush where a couple garden gnomes are fighting over the same hole, and Troy takes my shoulders and meets my eyes.


“I just got the results from the potion Ron spoke of, and it isn’t good.  He is addicted; anyone who takes the potion even just once becomes completely addicted.  They will have withdrawals and cravings just as if they are addicted to any other thing.  The worst part is that even after a period of time, they stay addicted, meaning no matter how long it has been the person will seek it out.”  He says very quickly and the dread in my belly grows.


“Once the person takes the potion it works on the brain, and takes over.  It makes you think and feel things that are not entirely true.  So example, when Ron thinks you are his woman, the potion makes him think he needs to do anything to get you and keep you.  I figure the first time he took the potion was just before you got pregnant.  Which means he is completely focused on you, not the twins.  This should be a good thing, except that if he takes more, then he will be solely focused on everything about you, including the twins.”  He says and I feel myself sway a bit, luckily Troy still has his hands on my shoulders.


He walks me a bit farther away and we sit on a bench.


“What does this mean is this potion legal?”  I ask dreading what could happen if the magical world gets their hands on this.


“Yes, and no.”  Troy says and then continues taking my hand in his.  “The potion was originally made and then taken as a mind stimulant, for increased memory, or to help you remember things for a certain period of time.  So lets say if you needed to study for a test you take some, then it would help you remember it while you studied.  Once the potion wore off you would also remember more, not everything but it did help to keep facts in your head.”  He says and I nod.


“There are a couple blokes I know who are a bit shady that started making their own potions, most of what they made wasn’t ever registered or okay for public consumption.  There are no laws against making them, just selling them unless they are registered.  So they opened a store and sold legal potions up front and the others out the back, or on the streets.  They added a few ingredients to the original potion, to make it addictive so they would sell more, and the affects are the potion that Ron spoke of.”  Troy says and his eyes go dark with anger. 


“There are only a few who know of this potion, and apparently the bloke who sold it to Ron was stupid enough to try to sell some to one of my employees, the guy is now in Azkaban, and we are looking for his partner, there is no telling how many people have taken this potion.  Most people are smart enough not take non registered potions but then there are some who.”  He trails off and I laugh without humour.


“Yes, some are just too thick to think twice about it.”  I say then I feel anger, “Is there anyway to counter act the damage that has been done?”  I ask thinking not only of Ron but also of anyone else who have blindly taken it.


“Well, you and Theo both mentioned you saw a madness in Ron’s eyes, and that is one of the signs that he has consumed the potion, Life Sight.  We are working on an antidote, but if too much is consumed then no, they become mad.”  Troy says softly and I feel tears in my eyes.


“Why would he do this?”  I ask not expecting an answer.


What I definitely didn’t expect was Troy to be struck on the head and tumble off the bench we are sitting on.  I stand and whirl coming face to face with Ron.  He looks the same as when I saw him a few weeks ago, except he looks a bit unhinged.


“Ron, not again!  What are you doing you are not supposed to hurt people, and you aren’t supposed to be around me.”  I say stating the obvious and feeling so frustrated that I want to scream.  “Why can’t you just stop this nonsense and get on with your life, you could have almost anything and you are smart why did you take that potion?”  I ask feeling angry and frustrated tears leak from my eyes.  “Do you even know what it does?”


Ron seems to stop and really look at me and I see his eyes clear just a bit at my question.


“Do you care about me ‘Mione?”  He asks looking like the old Ron, hopeful. “I care about you.”


“Yes, you git, I care about you, you were my best friend, we have been together for ages, and then you had to throw it all away for a stupid potion.”  I say my voice rising and the anger pouring through it.  “I loved you, and you broke my heart, then you broke my heart again when I found out you shoved me aside for a bloody potion, why Ron? Just tell me why?”  I say now completely yelling at him, feeling so sad that others ruining their lives as well have probably consumed the potion.


“I just wanted to keep you.”  He says as if it were the smartest of answers.


“Well, you messed that up by turning to a bloody potion that really should be called a poison instead of turning to me or to Harry or to your gigantic family whom all love you and would do just about anything for you.  You broke Molly’s heart when you were taken to Azkaban.”  I say tears flowing freely and my hands fisted in anger, I want him to know that he messed up, and I want the old Ron back.  I don’t want to be with him, I love Draco, but Ron will always be my friend, or at least I want him to be.


“It was the ferret’s fault I went to that bloody place.”  He spits at me his words dripping with venom.


“It was your fault!”  I scream at him and I hear someone approaching us from my right.  “Your fault, Ron no one else.”  I say just a little less loudly though still angry enough to be half shouting.


I see the madness come back full force in his eyes and he raises a wand that he must have taken from someone, since he hasn’t done his testing yet.


“It is not my fault.”  He says with an eerie dead calm, “Don’t make me hurt you just come with me.”  He says looking as if it was the most ordinary thing ever to point a wand at me.


“Ronald.”  I say and before I can say anything else he flicks his wand and I can’t speak.


“No more talk from you, I want you to just come with me, I will come back for my kids.”  He says and his eyes glint.  I shake my head harshly glaring at him and take a step back trying with out talking to tell him no.


He raises his wand to curse me madness shimmering all around him and he shouts, “Crucio!”  I open my mouth to scream as somebody dives in front of me, all I see is blond hair as the person shoves me back and I hear tortured screaming.


Feeling anger, dread, and fear, I roll from where I land on the ground and look to see who dove in front of me and I see the tortured sweet face of Camille.  I open my mouth and scream of course no sound comes out but I keep screaming it over and over again while scrambling to get up and over to Ron to make him stop.  I finally get my footing and Ron doesn’t even see me he is so focused on Camille.  I jump at him my mouth open in a silent scream making him break the connection and the screaming cuts off I hear the sound of multiple feet rushing our way.  I hear the twins crying in the back ground as I roll around with Ron trying to get either the wand or a good punch in.


Finally I feel my fist connect with his face and I hear a crunch just before his fist connects with my eye and I fly backward landing hard on my back and hitting my head.  I hear a screams one sounding completely unhinged and a couple others sounding angry.  My head lolls to the side heavily and I see three guys descend on Ron each either hitting or kicking.  I open my mouth to shout not to kill him, but nothing comes out.  I landed not too far from Camille and Harry and Jeff kneel down next to us and my vision is cut off of the group around Ron.


I look up at Harry my vision swimming and try to let him know I need a wand somehow he figures it out and hands me his wand and I take off the silencio, then groggily push him aside and point the wand at the group trying, effectively, to beat Ron to death and call out a charm to force them to back away as a protective charm encases Ron.


“I don’t want my friends in Azkaban.” I say weakly as the group turns to me and every one is quiet, then I let go and my vision darkens the last thing I hear is my name being called over and over again farther away each time.


**Happy April Fools Day** I had some fun submitting some 'dark' chapter revisions where Voldy is the king...but then the last rejection seemed a little like they were going to delete me, even though I had Voldy kill and elephant and basically did everything they asked, including killing off the characters and forced Ron to suffer...anyway so I put the regular chapter back and will wait until all this Voldy take over is done...then it will hopefully be validated! :)
What do you think, does the potion and the madness make a bit more sense?  There is only one more chapter left and all will be explained.  Please review, let me know what you think, and Thank you for reading!


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