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Ronald's Box by Akussa
Chapter 16 : Revelations
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A.N. I would like to apologize for the extreme delay in updating this story. Life got crazy and I had no time to even think about writting and when I finally finished the chapter, I didn't like it so I deleted it then re-wrote it, liked it but lost it! This is the third version and not the best but I've got to update at some point!!! I hope you enjoy and your ideas are welcome if you think things need to be changed! Oh, and I don't own anything you recognize!

After the winds blow out and they realize that they have arrived back to their grand-parents’ house, the four cousins stand still around the pile of letters. Still lost in their thoughts of what they just witnessed, they put away their wands, one by one. After about a minute of heavy silence, Al clears his throat, capturing the three others’ attention.

“We’ll have to make a move at some point,” he says in a tired voice. “They’re probably waiting for us upstairs.”

“Hopefully Teddy explained everything like he said he would,” Rose nods, looking around the small room.

“He better have, otherwise, I don’t know how we’ll manage to explain things on our own without betraying him,” Hugo shrugs as he opens the door, letting his sister pass before him. “Brave Gryffindors first.”

“That’s the worst excuse Hugh,” Rose laughs, leading the three others upstairs anyway.

Bracing themselves, the four cousins make their way into the living room where they are not surprised to find their parents and grand-parents clearly awaiting them. Arthur Weasley flashes his grand-children a soothing smile from his favourite chair. Next to him, Molly Weasley nods, motioning for them to sit on the large couch to her left, the one facing Ron and Hermione Weasley as well as Harry and Ginny Potter. The four cousins look at each other, silently agreeing to sit on the couch, all the while avoiding looking at their parents.

“So, you really were downstairs,” Hermione says after a moment of tensed silence. A small chuckle escapes Rose and Hugo. The siblings share a look, accepting their mother’s awkward peace offering.

“Told you we weren’t lying,” Rose answers with a daring smirk.

“Teddy told you everything?” Hugo asks the adults around him.

“He did,” Harry nods, “I’ve got to admit that this is an amazing discovery. We don’t really know what you guys went through though but it must have been quite the adventure.”

“I wouldn’t call it an adventure,” Al answers, “it doesn’t compare to the ones we just saw.”

“What exactly did you see?” Hermione questions, clearly curious. “Teddy explained the principle of it but it doesn’t really tell us what you got to witness.”

“We got to see the events of your two first years at school, from Dad’s point of view,” Hugo sums up, giving his father an apologetic look.

“From the letters I sent Mum and Dad?” Ron presses, looking sheepishly at his parents, “sorry to say this but, I expect we’ll have to correct some things.”

“Yeah,” Rose mutters uncomfortable, sending a quick look at her godmother, “we also had the letters you sent aunt Ginny as well. Those did show a different side to your stories.”

“Ah well then, you probably have seen the truth then,” Ron nods, looking relieved that he wouldn’t have so much to explain after all.

“Are you saying you lied to us Ronald?” Molly asks, looking from her youngest son to her grandchildren.

“Sorry Mum,” Ron mutters, blushing slightly, “it’s little things really and you found out most of it anyway in the end, remember all those telling off I got in June of every year?”

“Vividly,” Molly frowns, shaking her head as if she still doesn’t believe her youngest son’s adventures, “who would have thought that you would be the one to worry us the most out of all your brothers? And each and every year, you three managed to top the previous one!”

“Sorry,” the three designated adults sheepishly mutter, like little children caught on the act.

“So, Teddy isn’t here?” Al asks, breaking the awkward silence.

“No, he had to work and he will pick up James and bring him here when their shifts are over,” Harry answers.

“Should we start now still?” Al asks, taking a piece of parchment from his pocket, “there are a bunch of things we need you to shed light on.”

“Oh really?” Ginny answers, her eyebrows raised as if daring them to ask. “It’ll have to wait a bit I’m afraid because there is one thing I want to clear first.”

“Alright, we’ll leave you to discuss then,” Arthur says as he gets up from his chair, looking pointedly at Molly. She nods and follows her husband out of the room rather reluctantly.

“Gin,” Harry says, warningly as the four cousins look at each other worriedly. They knew this was coming; of course their parents wouldn’t take lightly the fact that they went into their past without permission.

“No, I need to get it out,” Ginny shakes her head, “there is a reason why we didn’t tell you everything that happened back when we were in school. There are some things we’d rather forget and some others we wanted to wait until you were a little older before we discuss them with you.”

“Teddy’s much older than us and you never told him anything,” Rose can’t help but say.

“Who says we weren’t waiting to tell you all at the same time?” Hermione softly says, not rising up to her daughter’s provocation.

“Some of this stuff,” Harry says uneasily, “it’s hard to hear but it’s mostly hard to tell. We didn’t want to have to recall it too many times.”

“We should have known you’d get curious and find the answers on your own,” Ron shakes his head, unable to hide the grin that creeps on his face, “what with your genes, it’s not like you can pass up a mystery or a secret.”

The entire group chuckles happy to feel the tension break. Only Lily keeps her frowning face, something her mother picks up instantly.

“What is it Lily?”

“You better get it out Lil,” Al pushes his sister lightly when she fails to answer her mother’s question. “Otherwise, you won’t hear anything; you’ll only think about that.”

“You were possessed,” Lily finally says through clenched teeth, “you were possessed and nobody noticed; nobody cared.”

“That’s taking it a bit far,” Ginny begins slowly but Al interrupts her.

“We just went through that Lil! We saw Uncle Ron ask her about 5 times what was going on and she never said anything. They did notice.”

“But they didn’t care; they didn’t push her.”

“Like that would have changed anything,” Al snorts, “no matter how much we push you, you never tell us what’s up.”

“Whatever,” Lily mutters, crossing her arms on her chest. Al opens his mouth to reply but his mother puts her hand up to stop him.

“Lily,” she softly says, “I was terrified. Al is right, I wouldn’t have told them no matter how insistent they would have been and my brothers knew that. I wouldn’t have told them because I wasn’t sure it was me and I was so scared of how they would react.”

“What do you mean?” Ron asks suddenly, apparently hearing this for the first time. “You thought we would turn you in?”

“Ron, you spent the entire year telling me how much you hated the Heir and how you wanted to kill him with you bare hands,” Ginny answers her blushing brother, “but you were still the one I went to at the end of the year, when I finally decided to talk.”

“Load of good that did,” Ron mumbles angrily.

“Ron, it didn’t stop me from telling you. I knew you weren’t serious. It just took so long before I even realized what was happening.”

“What do you mean? You didn’t know it was you?” Rose bluntly asks before going crimson, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“It’s alright Rosie,” Ginny smiles at her goddaughter. “No, I didn’t know at first. It was like I was missing hours at a time; I couldn’t remember where I had been and what I had done. After a while, I started to realize that those absences happened at the same time as the attacks. I was pretty sure it wasn’t me but at the same time, I didn’t know where I had been; it was very disturbing.”

“No kidding,” Al whispers, a shiver going through his back as he tries to imagine what his mother went through when she was just a child.

“When the real attacks began,” Ginny shakes her head, a dark, pained look on her face, “when Colin was attacked, everyone wanted to know who had done it and I’ll always remember Demelza asking me if I’d seen anything because I wasn’t in bed either. She thought I had gone with Colin to see Harry and I couldn’t remember, couldn’t explain how come I wasn’t in my bed but had woken up in the corridor next to the kitchen.”

“Did they suspect you, your friends?” Hugo quietly asks her.

“No, they never had a clue and I never told them either,” Ginny looks at her nephew in a sad, kind of apologetic way. “They thought I had been a victim too and I left it at that. I couldn’t tell them. Couldn’t face their reactions.”

“That’s understandable,” Hugo acknowledges before turning to look at Lily. “Does that clear things up for you Lil?”

“I still can’t understand why you had to go through all that,” Lily says in a small pain filled voice, looking at her mother.

“That’s life Lily, sometimes you think you’re strong enough to face anything on your own and you won’t ask for help until it’s too late,” Ginny answers before taking a decided breath. “As to why it happened to me, well that was a cheap attack at our family by Lucius Malfoy.”

“Ginny!” Harry, Hermione and even Ron snap angrily while their children look up in surprise at this new information.

“They are friends with a member of that family,” Harry reminds his wife. “They didn’t need to know this.”

“They always want to know why we dislike the older Malfoys, I just wanted to give them an explanation,” Ginny sheepishly explains, looking at her goddaughter’s horrified look.

“We decided to leave that behind,” Ron continues, shaking his head at his sister.

“You’re one to talk,” Hermione scoffs at her husband, “you barely look at Scorpius when he comes over.”

“I’ll never forgive Lucius for everything he did to us and even Draco for some other things but we said we’d leave that in the past and let our children grow up without these prejudices. I do my best with the boy; I don’t hold him responsible do I?”

“Sorry Dad,” Rose murmurs, looking at her hands, “now I understand why you hate them so much. And I think you’re pretty good with Scorp, considering everything.”

“You don’t have to be sorry Rosie; you’re allowed to have any friend you want. I never doubt your judgement on this sort of things; you wouldn’t hang out with evil minds,” Ron winks at his daughter in conspiracy.

A sudden distraction arrives in the form of two young men laughing loudly as they walk into the living room. Teddy and James Potter stop laughing immediately when they notice the very heavy feel and the dark faces everyone has.

“Whoa, who died?” James asks, pulling a chair next to his uncle; Teddy joining him. “I thought you said they’d been through a cool adventure, not a depressing one.”

“I never said everything they did was going to be nice,” Teddy rolls his eyes before turning over to the four younger ones. “Everything went alright?”

“Yeah,” Al answers quietly, “we just had to deal with what we learned.”

“Told you it would get worse,” Teddy nods understandingly.

“And how would you know that?” Harry frowns at his godson.

“We’re not talking about me just yet,” Teddy says, dismissively, “did you ask them your questions?”

“We’re just starting,” Rose says before taking the piece of parchment out of Al’s hands, “when did you write all this?”

“When we came back after first year, I wrote down everything I could think of,” Al shrugs, taking back the piece of paper. “So, we’ll start with an easy one. Dad, nice story you told us about how you made the house team...” Al trails with a mischievous grin, looking at his blushing father.

“What?” James asks, wide eyes going from his brother to his father, “you weren’t seen by McGonagall during flying lesson?”

“Oh yes,” Al nods, “he only forgot to mention that he was actually seen chasing after Draco Malfoy while the teacher had gone to the hospital wing with an injured Neville.”

“Hey, it wasn’t exactly like that,” Harry tries to say over the general laughter.

“Yes it was!” Ron snorts, “I really thought you had it.”

“So did I,” Harry shakes his head, “I was sure she was going to expel me. Then she went into a classroom and asked for ‘Wood’ and I thought she was actually going to beat me with a cane.”

“Why would she do that?”

“I don’t know, I was panicking,” Harry smiles at the memory, “I remember Dudley’s school worked like that. The students all had canes as part of their uniform so the boys could hit each other; good training for later in life, I remember Uncle Vernon saying.”

“Are all muggle schools like that?” Lily asks her father who shrugs.

“I don’t think so; I’m not even sure if this particular school still works like that.”

“It’s still hilarious that you thought you’d get beat up by McGonagall just for flying without the teacher’s supervision,” Teddy smiles at his godfather.

“Yeah well, I was eleven and I had only been at Hogwarts a couple weeks; I didn’t know how the wizarding world dealt with punishments,” Harry answers before deciding they have had enough fun at his expense, “you had other questions?”

“Yes,” Lily says, without even looking at the list, “did you ever find out who let the troll in at Halloween?”

“Troll?” James and Teddy ask but everybody ignores them.

“It was Quirell,” Hermione answers, “he was apparently very gifted with them.”

“Not as gifted as Dad and Uncle Harry,” Hugo says with a huge, proud grin, “that was some pretty cool bit of fighting.”

“You fought a troll?” James exclaims but, once again, nobody listens to him.

“Wasn’t it?” Ron smiles at his son. “Mind you, it was a pretty stupid troll. I mean, two eleven years old boys knocking it unconscious in a matter of minutes with a levitation charm.”

“And a wand up its nose, don’t forget that,” Lily points out to the general amusement.

“Let me get this straight,” James loudly says, getting up in order to get an answer this time. “Quirell let in a troll and you guys went and fought it? During your first year at school?”

“It was about to kill Hermione; we had to do something,” Ron shares a loving smiles with his wife.

“Was that before or after you locked the troll in the bathroom with her?” Rose asks in mock seriousness.

“Both,” Ron blushes as James, Teddy and Harry laugh, “we thought we were doing the right thing locking it away. Then we realized it was the bathroom she was in.”

“It was priceless,” Al tells his older brother, “and they were so scrawny too!”

“You mean like you are?” James cheekily questions his little brother.

“Not even; I’m obese next to what Dad looked like. That reminds me; you sent a picture to G-Mum at Christmas, do you think she still has it?”

“Yeah,” Rose exclaims, “called themselves the cuddly-looking-rejected-boys.”

“Of course she still has that picture,” Ginny laughs. “She kept everything; it’s in an album upstairs, I’ll get it out for you later.”

“Great, thanks,” Al smiles, “you’ll see James.”

“Speaking of things that were sent,” Hugo says, looking up the list, “back in your first year Dad, you sent Aunt Ginny a very secret letter with indications she had to respect in order to learn the mystery you were working on. Do you remember that letter, Aunt Ginny?”

“Wasn’t it something like I had to be alone and make the letter disappear after I read it?” Ginny frowns, trying to remember.

“Something like that,” Hugo nods, “we were wondering if you actually respected those requests.”

“Or course I did!” Ginny declares happily. “I don’t remember exactly what they were but I remember that I acted upon everything he asked me to do. I missed my brothers so much that I practically lived for the letters Ron sent me.”

“Didn’t you have play dates with Aunt Luna?” Lily asks with a smile, making James and Teddy laugh, imagining the two 10 years old girls having a play date.

“I did,” Ginny groans, suddenly remembering those moments, “It was horrible.”

“What? Wasn’t she your friend?” Rose asks, surprised by this.

“She was,” Ginny quickly answers, “it’s just, back then, she’d just lost her mother and she was even stranger then she is now. Luna coped with her mother’s death by living in her imaginary world where she had conversations with trees and ate grass because the bunnies had told her it was the best food to grow tall and strong.”

“Whoa, she really was out of it,” Al mutters, surprised to hear that his dear fake-aunt could now be considered normal compared to how she was as a kid.

“Poor girl,” Ginny continues, shaking her head sadly. “Mum had to go up to their house every week for a year to bring them proper food and remind Xeno he had to wash Luna’s beautiful hair. It was a tough time for them and I’m sure the play dates helped Luna a bit. Come to think of it, it actually helped me too considering I at least knew somebody during my first train ride to school since my dearest brother had abandoned me!”

“We had not abandoned you,” Ron exclaims defensively, looking at Harry, “we were kept from joining you; it was completely involuntary.”

“Involuntary?” Hermione scoffs, while the four younger laughs openly.

“The fact that the barrier was blocked was involuntary,” Ron explains over the laughter, “the decision we took was ours though, I give you that.”

“What decision?” Teddy and James ask, eagerly.

“We err,” Harry begins awkwardly before being interrupted by Lily.

“They flew to Hogwarts! Stole G-Dad’s flying car and followed the train to school!”

“What? Seriously?”

“Yeah,” Ron answers, trying not to sound too proud of this, “I’ll admit it was quite something.”

“G-Dad had a flying car? Where is it now?” James asks, his eyes glinting in excitement.

“It went wild in the forbidden forest,” Harry answers as if this was a completely normal thing to say about a car.

“I’m sorry, what?” Teddy asks while the four cousins who actually saw this side of the story, chuckle lightly.

“I wouldn’t have believed it either, had I not seen it,” Al tells his two older siblings. “The car was rolling on its own and looked like a wild animal.”

“Of course,” Hugo acknowledges, “it could all be Dad’s imagination.”

“No, no,” Harry shakes his head with a smile, “it really did look that way. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen.”

“Wow, you guys flew to school,” James looks at his father and godfather with an increase respect, “saving the world was never enough, was it? You always had to stick out of the crowd.”

“Now James, that’s not how it happened,” Ron begins but Ginny cuts him short.

“Yes they did, and don’t look at me like that Ron,” she tells her indignant brother, “you had a handful of other solutions and yet this is the one you chose; the one that would make you the center of attention when you arrived. I’m betting you imagined yourselves welcomed as heroes; the kind of stories that would mark the history of Hogwarts.”

“Err, I don’t really remember,” Harry blushes, looking at Ron who shrugs and then, slightly scared, at the four kids who might have seen this.

“Yeah, you did,” Rose states, making the entire room burst out laughing, except for the two men.

“Got to admit I would have felt the same though,” Al says when he catches his breath. “The welcoming party wasn’t so great though, was it?”

“Depends,” Harry says, trying to recall everything, “the detention and getting Arthur in trouble really wasn’t great but the reception from our friends, it was very close from what we envisioned during the trip.”

“How did you get G-Dad in trouble?” James asks, confused.

“For one, it was his car and we lost it in the forest,” Ron says, “and two, we were seen by muggles and Dad had illegally charmed the car so he had to go through an investigation.”

“Oh, well, did G-Dad really get in trouble?”

“No, it was alright in the end,” Ron shakes his head, “I think he got a warning of something but, I’m not sure anymore.”

“Anything else you need to know?” Hermione asks the children after a moment of silence. Rose looks up at her mother and a large grin appears on her face.

“We do have a lot of questions; for you, especially.”

“Why do I get the feeling I should be scared?” Hermione mumbles looking at Ron and Harry questioningly.

“Well,” Rose answers in a mysterious voice, “it all depends on how much you got over your crush on Gilderoy Lockhart.” The effect is immediate. Hermione’s eyes widen and a deep blush creeps on her face while the rest of the adults burst out laughing.

“It wasn’t a crush,” she begins but Ron interrupts her.

“It was a full on love affair alright! You had drawn heart shapes around all of his lessons on your timetable and you kept his get-well card under your pillow!”

“I, well, alright I did,” Hermione stutters, much to the entertainment of her daughter. “I was twelve and he was quite charming.”

“He was such a fraud though and so full of himself; I can’t believe you were ever so naive,” Harry shakes his head, still laughing at the memory.

“I know, I’m ashamed of it as well, trust me,” Hermione sighs before looking back at her daughter, “may that be a lesson for you all; when hormones get in the way, you are powerless, no matter how smart you are and how painfully obvious the other person’s flaws are.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Rose rolls her eyes in a mocking manner.

“It was still hilarious,” Al smiles before getting more serious and the mood changes instantly, as if the adults already know what question he is about to ask. “Did he ever get his memory back though?”

“No,” Ron softly answers, “he is still at St-Mungo’s; in the long term facility ward. There is no hope for the spell to be reversed. Goes to show that he was really good at something after all.”

“Ron,” Hermione whispers reproachfully at her husband’s weak attempt at a joke.

“He did give you some good moments though,” Hugo says after his father apologizes for his lack of tact.

“While we’re on the subject, there is one thing I need to know,” Rose suddenly bursts out in excitement. “He did give you quite the original homework and I really wanted to know if you kept it. You know, your poem about a werewolf?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Hermione answers, turning crimson. Next to her, Ron and Harry burst into renewed laughter.

“Oh thank you so much for reminding me of Hermione’s crush on Lockhart,” Ron manages between fits of laughter, angering his wife even more.

“It wasn’t so bad,” Hermione tries to say but both Ron and Harry interrupts her.

“Yes it was!”

“So, did you keep it or are we going to have to go back into that letter to hear it again?” Rose presses anxiously; her cousins continuing on the same tone.

“And memorize it.”

“And write it down.”

“And frame it over the fireplace?” Hugo finishes over the general laughter.

“If I find it, will you let it go?” Hermione sighs.

“Never!” Harry laughs.

“I want to hear that poem so bad,” Teddy says, disappointed that he and James cannot be in on the joke.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way,” Hugo assures them, “and it won’t disappoint. Mum put her whole heart into it and you know how good a student she was.”

“Alright are we done now?”

“You want us to change the subject?” Lily asks in a sweet voice that only serves in raising Hermione’s suspicions. “Tell me Hugo, what’s next on the list?”

“Sure thing Lil,” he nods seriously. “Tell me Mum, when you turned into a cat, did you have control over your tail?”

“You turned into a cat?” Teddy and James shout over Hermione’s groan.

“Yes, I could and yes, I had excellent night vision as well,” she answers shortly; Ron and Harry snickering next to her. “You guys want to add something?”

“No, only that second year really wasn’t your year,” Harry shakes his head, trying not to burst out into laughter.

“That crazy crush on the worst human being on the planet, turning into a cat for over a month, being petrified for another.”

“Petrified? What’s that about?” Teddy frowns, apparently worried about what this could mean.

“There was a basilisk lose in the school that year and it petrified a bunch of muggleborns,” Al vaguely explains.

“A ghost too and the caretaker’s cat as well,” Rose adds.

“Right,” James slowly answers, clearly aware that they aren’t telling him the entire truth.

“Oh, we had another question on the subject of love birds,” Lily suddenly says, looking from her father to her mother. “Dad, you received a lovely poem during the Valentine event but we never got to know who sent it; was it really you, Mum?

“Oh God, that was the worst mistake of my life,” Ginny blushes before hiding her face in her hands.

“It was you?” Harry asks her, his eyebrows raised and a bewildered smile on his lips. “What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t thinking,” Ginny groans, “I was in love and I wanted you to love me back so much.”

“Merlin we mocked you so much about it and now, I can’t even remember it,” Ron frowns at Harry, trying to remember the poem.

“Please stop trying,” Harry tells his friend, “it’ll be embarrassing for both me, your best friend, and my wife, your lovely sister.”

“When has that stopped me?” Ron cheekily answers.

“*His eyes are green as a fresh pickled toad*,” Al begins with emotion.

“*His hair is as dark as a blackboard*,” Rose continues, smirking at her crimson godmother.

“*I wish he was mine, he’s really divine*,” Lily continues a bit louder, over Ron’s suppressed chuckles.

“*The hero who conquered the Dark Lord*,” Hugo finishes dramatically as his father can’t hold his laughter any longer. James and Teddy look at each other with wide eyes, not believing what they are hearing.

“Mum,” James says in an almost pleading tone, “please tell me you weren’t that much of a crazy fan girl?”

“I was even worst then that James,” she sighs, “I wasn’t lying when I said it took over three years before I was able to say anything in front of Harry without blushing or making a fool of myself.”

“So you wrote sickening poems to him?”

“Not just that,” Al cuts his mother’s answer, “she had it read out loud by a dwarf in the middle of a packed corridor.”

“Did you seriously think it would work?” Teddy bursts out laughing. “I mean, you had grown up with six brothers, right? You must have had an idea of how a boy would react to this kind of things!”

“He was different from those immature twats,” Ginny explains with a dismissive twitch of the hand, “and he looked like he actually had some emotional capacities.”


“No,” Hermione stops Ron, “she is right, I remember telling you that you had the emotional range of a teaspoon and I stand by that declaration.”

“Again; Hey!” Ron exclaims but his indignation is drowned by the laughter erupting from all sides of the room.

“So,” Rose begins in an uncharacteristic nervous voice when silence comes back. “Now that you know where we’ve been and what we did, you’ll admit it’s not so bad, is it?”

“Well,” Ron frowns slightly, “you did go through mine and Ginny’s personal stuff without asking.”

“I may just be speaking for myself here but, you did open my eyes to the fact that maybe, it is time we tell you a bit more about our past,” Ginny reluctantly acknowledges while the three other adults nod.

“So you want us to know the rest as well?” Al asks in a hopeful voice.

“Third year was, well, it’s alright to let you see, I think?” Harry asks Ron and Hermione who both nod until Hermione apparently realizes something.

“It’s alright for them to see it but not the way they do right now.”

“What do you mean?” Ron asks her, clearly lost.

“I refuse that they see everything that happened for your point of view, Ron!” She exclaims unhappily while Harry bursts out laughing.

“Oh right, it won’t exactly give you the full story will it?”

“What do you mean?” Ron asks, stung.

“You remember what happened in third year, right? You guys had some, erg, misunderstanding,” Harry tactfully tells his best friend, subtly trying to make him remember. It does work and Ron’s eyes widen suddenly before his ears turn purple.

“Oh right, the ‘cat and rat’ sort of problems,” he nods at Hermione. The six cousins look at each other, their curiosity aroused. “Do you have a way for them to see the two sides? Did you write letters to your parents about it all?”

“Not specifically about it all but they did get the general idea. I’ll ask them if they kept them and if they did keep those letters, I guess I’ll agree that you can know about our third year.”

“Not much happened, mind you,” Harry says both his two best friends look at him in disbelief. He rolls his eyes and explains, “By our standards I mean. Compared to anybody else’s life, I’m pretty sure it would be an exciting year but for us, I think that’s the most normal one we had!”

“Can I go too?” James bursts out excitedly, looking at his younger siblings and cousins.

“I don’t think it’s such a great idea,” Ginny slowly answers, looking pointedly at Harry. “He might hear things in there that will only make it harder to us to explain later on.”

“Right, because Al didn’t go through that in the first two years,” Harry sarcastically answers.

“Plus you work and we don’t control how times goes by over there,” Lily says, looking at her older brother.

“Why don’t you let them have that adventure, James? We’ll tell you everything they got to see,” Ron calmly tells his godson; knowing full well how the youngest of a family rarely get to do new things without the oldest.

“We’ll probably tell you even more since what they get to see is from Ron view and, let’s face it, his keen eye must have missed quite a lot,” Ginny winks at James.

“Alright,” James sighs. With four adults again him, he cannot win anyway. Plus, there is always the possibility of coercing Teddy in showing him the spell and going himself in the letters in a couple days.

“I’ll go write to my parents about the letters and you,” Hermione points at the four sleepy teenagers, “bed. We’ll talk more later.”

Al, Rose, Lily and Hugo do not even try to object. They have been up for more than two days after all and there is no space left for new information in their heads. Wishing each other goodbye, they floo, one by one, to their house for a good night sleep.

So, how about this new plot twist? Like it or should I drop it (it's not too late yet) ? Let me know please, I trust your judgement :)

*Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets p.202, Bloomsbury 1999 


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