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Lost Potters 5: Nothing Really Changes by HP lookalike
Chapter 29 : Flashback
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It had all began so long ago. Lysander wasn’t even sure why it had started. He had been lonely and angry and he’d been humiliated. It had been after he’d been caught in the broom closet with Dom Weasley. Not his finest hour, he’d happily admit, especially considering he didn’t even get any action out of it. She’d not been willing to go that far with him. But that had led to him being in the Three Broomsticks when Lorcan had turned up. And then his brother had beaten the crap out of him. So Georgia had taken him away, helped him back up to the castle and all the way up to his dorm. Then, she had tended to his wounds. They had kissed. And one thing had led to another. Before either of them knew what had happened, it had begun. The first time they’d slept together. And then, after Gryffindor had beaten Slytherin in Quidditch, they had celebrated properly. That had been the second time. After that, it became more regular and when Lily had rejected Lysander’s attempts to get back with her, it increased. And then it became their thing. They had sex a lot on any occasion. Lysander went to Hogsmeade with Rose to impress Lily. Georgia took that personally and they had more sex than ever before.

Christmas. Christmas had been two weeks of alcohol fuelled mayhem. Maybe then, it became something more than just meaningless sex. Lysander sat under Georgia’s Christmas tree, after a particularly fun day. Usually, when they were done, one of them would leave and that would be that. But Lysander didn’t want to leave. He sat under that tree and when Georgia came out of the kitchen and saw he hadn’t left, she sat beside him.

“What are you doing here Lys?” she asked quietly. “I thought you usually left after we were finished.”

“That was usually,” Lysander grinned. “Today however, I just wanted to stay a bit longer, be with you for a bit longer. I know that’s not our thing, but it’s Christmas, we could make it our thing. We’ve always been there for each other, why should it change now we’re something more?”

“Something more?” Georgia pondered this statement as if she wasn’t sure how to take it. “Well we are still friends. And this is definitely something more than that I suppose, in a literal sense. But Lysander, we’re not getting all emotional here, not in the sense that we’re forming any sort of relationship. Today, Lysander. We can be this cutesy couple if you really want, but only for today. Because this is supposed to be something to take us away from the world and be separate from our friendship. To be honest Lys, you were always a bit of a whinger, but you’re storming hot.”

Lysander didn’t reply to this, he merely stared into the fire that Georgia had crackling away and she sighed, seemingly having a mental argument with herself which she eventually won and sat next to Lysander, tenderly kissing him on the cheek. He looked at her, and there was confliction in his eyes. She examined it, but in truth he wasn’t making it clear what he wanted and she bit her lip. She was shite at this sort of thing, which was why she and Lysander had always got on well.

“Sorry, I know this isn’t your thing,” Lysander laughed bitterly, making her smile. “Harry Potter is dead. Lily’s dad, someone who I grew up with as a role model. I just feel really shit about it, you know. Lily must be feeling wretched right about now and I wish there was something I could do to help her.”

“You don’t like her do you?” Georgia attempted and failed to keep the disgust out of her voice and Lysander whipped round to look at her with a contemptuous look and a snort.

“I don’t have any serious feelings for Lily Luna Potter,” he snorted. “But she’s still a good girl and nobody should have to go through losing their father, no matter who they are. That said, I put a lot of work in and maybe she’ll need someone to be there for her, to look after her. Maybe she’s not a lost cause after all…”

“Why her?”

“Because she’s a nice girl, a pretty girl and like I said, someone that I’ve put a lot of work into and I think with some more work, she could be a good thing for me, a good person for me. I mean. You know what I’m saying right?”

“She’s a baby Lysander,” Georgia sighed, sitting across his lap with a seductive grin. “It’s time to play with the big girls.”

Georgia sucked the tip of her quill thoughtfully as she scribbled down some half arsed answers for her Transfiguration essay, not bothering to over think, but at the same time wanting to look as though she had put some effort in. McGonagall wasn’t the worst teacher out there, but she could be a hard nut when she wanted to be and Georgia didn’t want to get on her bad side. She heard the thud of rushing footsteps and she rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, within a few seconds, she was joined by Lysander Scamander, who sat opposite her for a moment, his eyes boring into her skull as she finished the sentence she was writing and looked up; a wry smile on her face as she took in his appearance. Lysander was looking hot and bothered, not quite flushed with excitement, more apprehension but there was a definite swagger about him. He was feeling smug but at the same time, he’d been rushing over here to get to her, so he was also eager to tell her.

“What did you do Scamander?” she asked probingly. “You didn’t finally have sex with your brother’s girlfriend did you? Because mate that’s really not cool, not even I think that’s alright.”

“Pfft, I wish,” Lysander laughed, stopping when she shot him an incredulous look and returned to her essay, waiting for him to make a point. “Look Georgia, Lily and I are back together.” Her quill dropped to the table. “I was right about her being vulnerable and needing me; she fell right into my hands.”

“That’s great Lysander, really great.” Her voice was flat and emotionless. “What do you want from me now?”

Lysander paused and seemed genuinely taken aback by the question. He shot a quick look around to assess the situation before he put his hands on hers but she pushed him off, shooting him a scathing look before picking up her quill and then the only sound that could be heard was the scratching of her quill as Lysander looked at her as if waiting for her to say something. After another couple of minutes, Georgia sighed, running a hand through her platinum blonde hair and looking intensely at him.

“You know what Scamander; I can hardly concentrate on my Transfiguration with you sitting there like a love-struck puppy. You know our arrangement; it was only ever sleeping together.” She knew this sounded harsh and checked herself. “I like you Lys, but this was never going to be a relationship, always more of a friend with benefits kind of thing. If you like Lily, I mean genuinely like her, then tell her and you and I can pretend this never happened. If you’re developing feelings for me Lysander, then we have an entirely different problem. I don’t want this to be something it’s not and I’ve kept on saying that.”

“It’s not that,” Lysander cut in, almost angrily. “You know I don’t like Lily that way, she’s just a girl. You’re my friend, but you’re also a great thing in my life and I don’t want to lose or ignore what I’ve had with you, if only for its pure enjoyment. We make a good team, whether you’ll admit it or not. Now I want this to continue, but would your conscience let you carry on what we have behind Lily’s back?”

“Lily doesn’t have to know a thing,” Georgia licked her lips, pleased with what she had heard and winked seductively at Lysander, who was grinning mischievously now. “I’ve enjoyed what we’ve done Lysander and I see no reason to stop now, as long as you can handle both pandering to her every whiney suggestion and finding the time to have some more…exotic fun with me.”

“I’ll make time,” Lysander replied in a low voice that sent a shiver down Georgia’s spine. “I’ve got Lily Luna Potter wrapped around my little finger, give it a few weeks, she’ll do anything I tell her to…”

Lily hadn’t stopped running since she had caught Lysander and Georgia together. She had fled up the garden path and into the house, running up every flight of stairs, all the way up to the attic, where the Weasley family ghoul had once resided. She sat on the chiselled, dusty old wood and sobbed, her tears of frustration and anger taking over her. She had been stupid. Worse than that, she’d been gullible. She had lapped up every word Lysander had said about her whilst the entire time, he’d been sleeping with Georgia behind her back, enjoying the fruits of his labour as it were while she was nothing but a little project on the backburner. Lily wondered what his true intentions ever were with her, but in her heart she knew it was sex. He had found her to be a little firecracker, so he had lit it and watched it burn, waiting for the explosion. The worst thing was: Lily probably would’ve given in. Another few weeks or months of Lysander’s compliments and touches and sweet remarks and she’d have stripped off her clothes without a complaint. She cursed herself for being a childish fool and tore at herself, fury overwhelming every fibre of her being. The stairs to the attic creaked and there were footsteps appearing. Lily looked up, a maniac in a green dress. She wasn’t fit to wear it; she decided and almost managed a smile when she saw that it was Kelly who had slipped up to follow her.

“What happened chick?” Kelly asked quietly, sitting alongside her amongst the dust.

“Lysander happened,” Lily muttered.

Lysander stormed into the library, fury written on his every pore. Georgia glanced up and sighed, smiling knowingly and unclipping her bra to save time. It was always the same with him. He’d be in a piss about something, turn up in a foul mood, rant for a while then eventually ask if she was free. Georgia stood as he approached and as he opened his mouth to shout, she grabbed him by the tie, leading him out the room and into the nearest broom cupboard, silencing and locking the door behind her with her wand. Before Lysander could begin his shouting, she thrust her tongue into his mouth and he reacted, kissing her back and grinning as he did so.

“What was that for?” he asked quietly and she shrugged seductively, letting her robes and top fall to the floor.

“Honestly, to shut you up and skip straight to the action,” Georgia shrugged. “We both know the routine by now, I’m just skipping the boring bit. Besides, I can tell you’re frustrated, in more than one way. Baby Potter didn’t give you any action again, it’s understandable.”

“It wasn’t that,” Lysander grunted as she pulled him closer and started stripping him. “She was up for some more action for once, but my dearest brother and his crazy psycho bitch of a girlfriend turned up and ruined everything for me. Dom was furious. I mean she’s normally hot when she’s angry, but this was something else.”

“Lysander,” Georgia scowled and kissed him again. “The whole point in getting you in the closet was to shut you up. Now shut up and kiss me.”

Any protestations Lysander might have had were silenced at this point as Georgia rammed her lips unto his and shoved him over, following him down to the floor of the cupboard and once and for all shutting him up about the problems he had with Baby Potter.

One night, with the cold and wind and rain beating down outside Gryffindor Tower, with Georgia on his lap and the Common Room to themselves, Lysander found himself pondering a question that had bugging him. It wasn’t a big question, but it could certainly be described as a medium sized question. The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a medium question and one that for his better peace of mind, he wanted to ask.

“How long are we going to keep doing this for?” he said, looking at Georgia who smiled despite the seriousness of the thought he had sent her way.

“Xander,” she smiled. “I’d have thought the answer to that was obvious. Until one of us wants to end it. I mean I don’t want to end it, do you?” Shake of the head. “That’s what I thought. Lys, we don’t need to ponder the end of this because neither of us can see it in the foreseeable future. What we have is fun. More than that,” she cuddled closer to him. “It gives me a piece of mind to know that whatever shit goes down, I have an escape. I have a door that just allows me to leave the real world and have fun with you. I don’t want to lose that Lysander and if you hold this against me I’ll kill you, but I don’t want to lose you.”

“How cute,” Lysander smirked, earning him a punch of Georgia. “You know this can’t go on forever. We’d both like to pretend it can, but sooner or later we might actually develop genuine feelings for human beings, be they someone completely different, or each other.”

“Personally, I think that’s crap,” Georgia snorted. “But I’d hope for the latter. You’re a good guy Lysander and if I ever did fall for someone, I’d like to think it would be you, not some moron in a tuxedo who’d want to marry me and carry me off into the sunset.”

“Don’t diss the sunset!” Lysander put on a mocking face. “It’s where all the cool chicks get carried off to!”

“Lysander, as much as I don’t love you, shut up.”

“Well…what now?”

Georgia turned to Lysander with a fearsome look in her eye and an almost mocking raise of her eyebrow. She mouthed his words disbelievingly and shook her head, before standing and dusting down her skirt. Their secret was gone; out. Lily knew the truth and it had destroyed her. Lysander was feeling mixed feelings running through him, guilt one of the least prominent.

“What do you mean what now Lysander, don’t tell me you actually want to go after Baby Potter?” Georgia snorted incredulously. Lysander shrugged and she stepped closer to him, almost menacing and yet hopelessly seductive. “Lys, you don’t need her. She’s nothing but a spoilt little brat who as serves nothing but a reminder who you really need in your life. You and me Lysander, we had it all worked out. Besides, she’ll never take you back now. You can’t toy with a girl’s heart, crush it entirely and then expect her to give you the pieces and ask you to put it back together.”

“I don’t want her, I don’t need her,” Lysander sniffed. “But all the same, can we carry this on now it’s been exposed? You and me, it was all about the separation. The disposition. The being able to move away from real life. Now it’s no longer our little secret, it loses its magic. It becomes something else.”

“Well Lysander, maybe something else is what we need. We can be happy together, you and I,” Georgia smiled. “Not a relationship, neither of us want that, but what we have, only better.”

“We’re becoming more and more like a couple every day,” Lysander conceded. “We can’t avoid that fact forever and soon we’ll have to choose between being together properly or not at all.”

“We can be together,” Georgia smiled. “But no strings. I don’t love you, you don’t love me. No strings.”

“No strings.”

To say Kelly, Dom and Lorcan were furious was an understatement. The three were all planning to murder the unfortunate Lysander the next time they saw him, but they’d have to wait, since he and Georgia had disappeared to pastures anew. At least for the time being, they’d turn up back at Hogwarts. Lorcan was the most apologetic of the three, seemingly feeling guilt for what he repeated said “he should have seen coming”. As Lily pointed out, the truth should have been obvious for her, but she was too blind to see it. Whilst Kelly had never been any use as an emotional rock, Dom was excelling herself in the makeshift older sister role, keeping an eye on her cousin and giving her a shoulder to cry on. But for once, Lily was finding herself quickly becoming too strong to cry. No more tears would be shed over that scumbag, she stated. And then, almost before Lily knew it, the world had moved on. She and Lysander were no more and that was a good thing. Lorcan and Dom were back focusing on themselves and Kelly turned up to keep her best friend company, not to plot a terrible and painful revenge on Lysander. But there was one person who was not so easily dissuaded when they found out what had happened…

“LYSANDER SCAMANDER!” James roared, kicking down the door to the cottage and brandishing his wand. He caught sight of Lysander running through the kitchen and gave chase, immobilising his prey less than half a foot from the door. Lysander was able to twitch before James moved in, releasing the spell and punching him square in the face so he hit the ground. James turned as Lysander wailed. Georgia tried sneaking out the front door but James levitated her over and deposited her alongside Lysander.

“Did you really think I’d let you get away with this?” James thundered. “My baby sister? And you two fucked her around like she was a game? Well she’s not a game and you have no idea how incredibly easy it was to both find you and ensure I have carte blanche as long as neither of you ends up in St Mungo’s. Having an Uncle and a best friend in the Auror office really helps with this sort of thing.”

“You wouldn’t hit me!” Georgia announced defiantly as Lysander snivelled. “I’m a girl. Noble men such as James Sirius Potter don’t hit defenceless teenage girls.”

“Nope,” James replied with an evil grin. “Which is why I brought her along…”

Georgia’s eyes widened in horror as Roxanne Weasley stepped into the shack, smiling devilishly and twirling her wand around her fingertips.

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