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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 7 : Heated Moments
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“You’re dating Regulus Black?” Lily Evans demanded the next morning at the Gryffindor table. I spit my orange juice out all over my plate. Well, there goes my perfectly good toast.






“How the bloody hell did you find that out?” I said while trying to clean up the mess I just made with a napkin.






“Mary said that Sirius was beyond livid in the common room this morning. He was throwing things and going on about how he can’t believe Katherine would turn into a backstabbing whore and date Slytherin scum such as his brother.” She finished almost out of breathe from talking so fast. Who would have known Lily Evans liked to gossip so much?






“How did Sirius find out?” Lily looked at me like I was stupid. Of course Sirius knew. He was a marauder and they somehow found out everything. It was like they had Hogwarts muggle bugged or something. “Never mind.” I said.






“So are you?” She asked excitedly. Sure, Lily and I had been getting along lately now, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the whole school to know about Regulus and me.






“You think there would be more important stuff to talk about, like I don’t know the war going on. “ I told Lily exasperatedly. She had the sense to drop the subject after that for a few minutes as she ate silently and I read my new book.






“Just one last thing.” She said nervously chewing on her lip. I rolled my eyes and snapped my book shut.






“What is it Evans?” I asked in a bored tone.






“Be careful. I know what it’s like to be attached to someone that has different views then I about serious matters like the war, and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Keep calm Katherine. She just doesn’t want to see you hurt. Her concern was nice and I did appreciate it that she was looking out for me. I just simply nodded my head. Regulus had specifically told me he didn’t want the life of a pureblood fanatic and I highly doubted he would have asked me to be his girlfriend if he was indeed really prejudiced. Let alone snog me on that broomstick, and then in the great hall, and then outside the portrait of the fat lady. I blushed just recalling those memories from last night. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and was pleasantly surprised to see the real Regulus standing there smiling nervously. It wasn’t every day you saw a Slytherin approach the Gryffindor table. People were staring; damn even Dumbledore was eyeing us curiously. 






“Hey what are you doing here?” I asked standing up and quickly began packing up my bag. He greeted me with a small kiss on the forehead. Lily was watching us intensely.






“Just wanted to walk you to class, are you ready?” He asked.






“Yes.” I leaned in closely and whispered in his ear. “Everybody is watching us.” He discreetly looked around the great hall at the questioning looks we were receiving from students. I guess I could understand that, but it still made me uncomfortable. Many people didn’t know who I was and a lot of them believed Regulus to be involved with many of the issues that caused tension between the Gryffindors and Slytherins.






“Just ignore them. I had to deal with far worse today from the rest of the Slytherins. ” He said with his eyes narrowed at his house’s table. I was on the receiving end of many death glares from that direction. Trust me it’s not a fun sight to see people who are probably going to be trying to kill me after we graduate, glaring at you like that. I shivered slightly.






“What did they do to you?” I asked my voice hard. I really didn’t want them to be causing problems for him, because of me. I couldn’t wait until this got back to his family. Not. I remember Bellatrix Black, now Bellatrix Lestrange, from a few years ago. She was, ah how can I describe her? Crazy bitch seemed to sum it up nicely. She would be over the moon about this relationship.






“Nothing I can’t handle.” He looked down at the table where Lily was still silently eating. I wondered where James was.






“You know Lily right?” I asked and he nodded his head in her direction. He looked a bit apprehensive and I wasn’t sure why. Lily gave him a slight smile, thankfully Mary and Marlene sat down next to her.






“Let’s go.” I said and dragged him out of there before we could be subjected to the scrutiny of Mary. She was the leader of Sirius’ little fan club, and had talked about the pain Sirius must feel for being related to someone like Regulus frequently in the dorm. I can only imagine what she was saying to Marlene right now. When we were in the privacy of the empty corridor I finally got the courage to speak up about something.






“I don’t want your housemates to be cruel to you, because of me. If you regret last night I would understand.” I said avoiding his gaze and looking down at my shoes. His hand gently lifted my chin to look up at him.






“Last night was the best night of my life.” He replied softly his grey eyes swimming with emotion and my heart all but melted.






“Are you sure?” I asked in a shaky voice. Trust me if Regulus Black was looking at you like that your voice wouldn’t be steady either.






“Absolutely.” He began playing with the lilac necklace he had gotten me yesterday for my birthday.






“Good because it was the best night of my life as well.” Then I did something I had never done before. I initiated a kiss with a guy. The nerves I had before disappeared at the touch of his lips. He pulled me closer to him and began to really kiss me. His hands wound up in my hair and mine were around his neck and our tongues danced together. I don’t know how long we were just standing their kissing, touching, and feeling each other when a cold voice interrupted us. We sprang apart, but Regulus kept a firm arm around my waist when he saw who it was.






“I knew there was a reason you would date someone like her. She’s probably already let you up her skirt hasn’t she?” Evan Rosier jeered, while Mulciber laughed like a complete fucking moron in the background. He really needed to brush his teeth. They were all yellow and nasty.  More importantly this was the closest I had been to them sense are last meeting. Back to the point.






“Who the hell do you think you are?” I asked angrily and reached for my wand. Regulus put a hand on mine to stop me. What was that about?






“I’m the person who will kill you eventually, and if I don’t people I know very well will.” He sneered. “Regulus knows them well too. In fact just over a month ago he would have been among one of those people. Isn’t that right Regulus?” He finished grinning manically at Regulus. I attempted to grab a hold of my wand again, but I realized why Regulus had stopped me in the first place.






“Mr. Rosier I would like to speak with you in my office now.” It was Headmaster Dumbledore. I had never really talked to the man before, but I have to say I would be very intimated if I were Rosier; even if my father was one of the schools’ Governors. Dumbledore’s blue eyes were cold and filled with anger. To put it in simple terms Dumbledore was pissed. Mulciber sniggered at Rosier’s situation.






“You can join him Mr. Mulciber.” Dumbledore added and pointed his finger in the direction of his office. Godric this was entertaining. If it wasn’t for the fact that, you know, that I was just sentenced to death by a lunatic I would be laughing hysterically right not at the look on those two imbeciles faces as Dumbledore followed closely behind them.






“Mr. Black and Ms. McEwen I suggest you two be on your way to class.” We nodded our heads and began walking in the direction of the dungeons. When they were out of site Regulus turned to me quickly.






“Don’t listen to what Rosier says I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He said seriously. I didn’t care about that.






“I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about you.” I told him as we continued walking towards Slughorn’s classroom.






“Don’t be.” He replied simply. I decided to let it go. For now that is.










I sat later that night in the common room finishing up some ancient runes and correcting Regulus’ homework while he was at Quidditch practice. It felt really easy just being with him. We weren’t really sure about what to do with seating arrangements during meals if we wanted to sit by each other due to the not so pleasant feelings certain people where having towards our relationship (mainly Sirius and the whole of Slytherin house.) We ended up grabbing something quickly and going around the lake which was peaceful. He told me a little bit more about his family, and I can’t say I was all that disappointed about never getting to meet them. I wasn’t sure if his parents knew about me yet or not.






“Are you busy right now Katherine?” Someone asked interrupting my thoughts and I looked up to see Remus standing their awkwardly. I bit my lip nervously, and gathered up my papers.






“No.” I replied






“Well, can we talk now?” He said gesturing up towards his dorm. I sighed and nodded my head. We walked in a stiff silence up the stairs and he opened the door for me. When we were both safely inside I turned towards him and threw my arms around him. He seemed surprised but held me tightly.






“I’m so sorry Katherine.” He replied. He was my best friend and I knew I couldn’t stay mad at him any longer.






“Just promise me you won’t ever lie to me again?” I asked him as I pulled away from him. He nodded his head vigorously.






“I swear I won’t.” He told me his brown eyes filled with sincerity.






“Good because I don’t like not being able to speak to my best friend. Even if it’s only been two days.” I said.






“You don’t know what a relief it is for me to know that you don’t hate me.” He said. “I’ve rejected so many times I couldn’t handle it if…” He trailed off. I shook my head.






“Don’t ever think I would reject for something you can’t help.” I told him sternly. “I just wanted to ask you something about it if that’s alright?” I was playing with my lilac necklace nervously.












“How did it happen?” He closed eyes as if just by recalling the memory he could still feel the pain. I gently touched his arm and looked up at him.






“I was four and my father had got into some type of disagreement with someone named Fenrir Greyback.” I gasped loudly, because I knew that name. Everyone did he was all over the papers for being suspected in the attacks of a few children and either killing them or turning them into werewolves. Remus didn’t continue with his story and I didn’t want to push him. For the second time that night I found myself hugging him. I didn’t know what else to do. Remus Lupin was a kind, gentle, smart human being and probably one of the bravest persons I had ever known.






“I don’t think my brother would be too pleased with this do you?” A cold voice said. Remus and I sprang apart and saw Sirius who was standing in the entryway of the dorm. I rolled my eyes. Remus stiffened at the mention of Regulus though. I hadn’t gotten around to talking about that with him yet. Oops.






“Piss off Black.” I snapped. He narrowed his eyes.






“So tell me McEwen what’s so great about my brother that you would choose him? Please enlighten me.” Sirius sneered. Godric I just wanted to slap that look right off his face.






“Sirius please don’t do this.” Remus said in a warning tone.






“Oh come off it Remus it’s not like you’re okay with her dating him either.” Sirius retorted.






“It’s fine Remus.” I told him.






“No it’s really not McEwen.” Sirius said his grey eyes narrowed. “My so called family will make you regret ever getting involved with someone like him.” I snorted at this.






“You sound just like Narcissa.” I told him. That probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t care he was just too absurd to deal with rationally at this point.






“Don’t compare me to her.” He snapped and he stepped towards me. He probably thought I was going to shrink back, but I wasn’t budging. Remus seemed at a loss about what to do.






“Are you sure wonderful Reggie is willing to walk away from everything he’s always dreamed of for someone like you? Someone, who only a month ago he would have despised.” He asked disgust dripping in his voice. That’s when I snapped. Well, actually that’s the moment I slapped Sirius Black across the face and stormed out of the boy’s dormitory leaving two very shocked boys in my wake.






My dorm was empty when I stormed in there; which was probably a good thing.






“I hate fucking Black so much!” I yelled and wrenched open my curtains to go scream in my pillow.






“I hope you’re not talking about me?” A voice asked. What the fuck was it with people showing up in my dorm?






“Regulus how the bloody hell did you get up here?” I asked clutching my chest. He nodded his head towards an open window and I noticed the broom sitting next to my bed. “You flew up here?” I demanded. He laughed.






“Yes, I wanted to see you.” He reached out for my hand and pulled me down onto my bed. He was still in his Quidditch robes, but it didn’t bother me at all. “Now tell me what my brother did.” He said sternly. It was hard to be so angry when in the company of someone who made my heart speed up like this.






“I was talking to Remus about you know what happened,” I stopped talking trying to sum up the courage of what to say next without sounding pathetic. Regulus nodded his head to indicate to keep going. “He basically implied that he didn’t think I was worth enough for you to leave everything behind and then I kind of slapped him.” I mumbled. Regulus’ eyes that usually held such kindness when looking at me were filled with anger.






“I’m going to kill him.” Regulus growled. Oh no, this was not good. Regulus made to get up but I knew that nothing good would come of this. One he was in Gryffindor territory and two he couldn’t just bloody well storm up to the boy’s dorms and murder his brother. I did the only thing I thought of at that moment. I pushed him back down on the bed and climbed on top of him and pressed my mouth to his. I was still in my Hogwarts uniform skirt so it seemed kind of slutty, but I needed to distract him.






He responded almost immediately and began running his hands up and down my sides. In a matter of a few seconds the snogging was getting pretty heavy and I pressed my body into his. He let out a low moan that sounded so good. Soon he flipped me over and had me pinned underneath him. We were both panting heavily. I hadn’t met for it to get this far, but I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t control myself around him.






“Katherine.” He said in a husky voice as I kissed his neck. “I know what you’re trying to do and trust me there is no place I’d rather be right now but,” Like I’ve always said there is always a ‘but.’ I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. “Merlin Katherine you’re making this so hard to stop.” He moaned.






“Then don’t go.” I whispered in his ear. I could feel him shiver.






“I have to handle this. I can’t just let someone talk to you like that.” He whispered in my ear and I groaned not out of pleasure as he sat up and untangled our legs. Although I was pleased to see he did so reluctantly. “You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to our tutoring sessions.” He told me giving me a smirk; which I returned. All of that alone time in an empty classroom could really be spent doing ah focus Katherine.






“You can’t just storm up to the boy’s dormitories!” I told him sternly. “You’re not even supposed to be in the Gryffindor common room.” I exclaimed.






“Watch me.” He said and got up. I groaned and followed him out the door thanking the lucky heavens and whatever the hell else was up there that the common room was still empty.






“Regulus please just think about this.” He however was a man on a mission as he headed up the boys dormitories and banged open the door I raced in behind him. Remus was working on homework and Sirius was flipping through a magazine of some sort. I was pleased to see that the outline of a handprint resided on his cheek. He jumped up at the sight of his brother and grabbed his wand. Regulus already had his drawn. Oh Godric this was bad.






“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Sirius demanded and glared at me. “Did you let him in here?” He yelled angrily. Remus had jumped up too and had his wand out as well.






“Don’t you dare yell at her.” Regulus said in a low deadly tone. “This is about how you can’t just mind your own fucking business.” He snapped.






“Come on guys let’s just forget about this.” I said nervously looking pointedly at Remus. Regulus and Sirius just acted like they hadn’t heard me at all. Fucking spectacular.






“We both know that you are destined to be like the rest of those pureblooded psychopaths in our family. You’ve dreamed of it for ages.” Sirius spit out with so much venom in his voice that I recoiled a bit back.






“Both of you need to calm down. I’m a prefect.” Remus said. Oh really Remus you’re a prefect? I had no idea. Why don’t you fucking stop them then?






“If you had actually talked to me in the past year you would know what I want. I thought you might be proud that I was finally following in your footsteps and not be so ashamed of me.” Regulus fired back.






“Oh please just, because you’re dating a muggleborn doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly seen the light.” Sirius snapped angrily. Hello said muggleborn standing right here?






“Don’t talk about her.” Regulus growled and Sirius let out a cold laugh.






“She’s just someone for you to toy with, and you’re going to end up getting her killed.” Sirius sneered.






Regulus dropped his wand and lunged at Sirius who actually looked excited at the prospect of fighting his brother. Insanity must run in that family, clearly.






“Remus do something.” I cried as punches were being thrown and cries of pain where filtering out from them.






“What on earth is going on in here?” Someone said from the doorway.  I whipped around and my heart stopped. Standing their looking more pissed then ever was Professor McGonagall. Oh shit, damn, fuck and any other curse word I can’t think of at the moment, because bloody Minnie was looking livid. The two boys completely ignored her and were stilling fighting.






“Why McEwen chose you I have no idea.” Sirius panted from underneath his brother. Regulus punched him right in the face and I winced at the impact.






“You’re just jealous.” Regulus snapped and went to punch his brother again. Sirius let out an angry growl and kicked him in the stomach.






With a wave of her wand McGonagall had them both thrown back against respective walls. I rushed over to Regulus whose lip was bleeding. Remus did the same with Sirius whose eye was swelling.






“I come up here to retrieve you Mr. Black and I find you’re brawling on the floor with your own brother. Who might I add is not even in this house.” She screeched. Her hair was coming out of her bun. It would have been funny if not for you know the fact that we were all probably going to be expelled. Regulus put a swollen hand on my shoulder probably trying to calm me down, because I could feel my whole body shaking.






“Fifty points from Gryffindor and fifty points from Slytherin! And an additional twenty points from Ms. McEwen and Mr. Lupin for not doing a thing to stop this. I expected better from the two of you. ” She said with her finger raised and shaking. Remus hung his head ashamedly.






“You Regulus are also needed by the Headmaster, but it was your head of house that was supposed to find you not me. Now let’s go and you can bet your wands that Professor Dumbledore will be hearing about this as well.” She finished angrily.






“Why do we both need to see Dumbledore?” Sirius said looking at his brother in disgust while wiping away blood from his cheek.






“That is for Professor Dumbledore to discuss with you two not me. No more questions let’s go.” She snapped. Both of them did as they were told and Regulus gave my shoulder a small squeeze before trailing off after McGonagall.






“What the bloody hell just happened?” Remus asked as the door to his dormitory slammed shut. I let out a small sigh.






“I have no idea.” I whispered back, but I am not going to wait here to find out. Let’s go.” I said determinedly.






“Go where?” Remus asked. I rolled my eyes. Remus was at the top of our class this shouldn’t be so hard for him to figure out.






“We are going to go wait outside Dumbledore’s office, because it is not a good idea for those two to be alone once this meeting is over.” I told him and walked swiftly out the door.













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