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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 13 : It's a girl!
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My stomach drops. The heartbeat is dropping. Serious things can happen if the heartbeat drops. They could lose the baby. Astoria’s been so happy with just being pregnant. She doesn’t deserve to lose that baby, neither does Draco or Scorpius.

Oh my god Scorpius. I turn around and stare at Scorpius. He looks like he’s about to cry. I hate to see kids cry, especially teens, even if they aren’t my kids. “Oh sweetheart,” I say going over to hug him. He’s a head taller than me, but he still leans down and begins to cry in my shoulder. I rub his back, just as I would do to Rose and Hugo.

He’s shaking uncontrollably. In a heartbeat, he could lose his Mom and his new sister. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. “Shhh,” I comfort him. “It’s going to be okay,” I begin to rub his back again. I look to Rose whose eyes are starting to water. Ron, who’s as equally stressed as I am goes to comfort Rose.

After minutes of consoling and tears, Scorpius lets go of me. “You going to be okay?”

He nods as we pack up our things and head up to the sixth floor to wait some more. We’ve been here since the mid afternoon and now it was about 12 A.M and there was no sign that we were leaving any soon.

Rose and Scorpius are sitting next to each other. Rose has her head on his shoulder and there were wads of tissues around them. After what seemed like hours, Adelaide and Henry were finally down for the night. The nurses were kind enough to supply us with two pac-n-plays. Ron took Hugo to Nana Weasley’s house for the night. He had stayed here with us for most of the time, the least I could do was let him stay and hang out with his cousins.

Ron comes walking back in with a change of clothes for all of us (Scorpius would have to borrow Ron’s clothes, Hugo’s would be too tight.)

I change into sweatpants and one of Ron’s Weasley sweater. It was an old one, but I couldn’t part with it. It was a warm reminder of Ron, it made me feel at home.

Rose changes into sweatpants and her recent Weasley sweater. Scorpius is in sweatpants and his new Weasley sweater (Mrs. Weasley  was right, he was practically part of the family)

Narcissa and Lucius show up dressed up rather nicely for the occasion which made me and Rose feel stupid for changing into pjs.

“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,” I say acknowledging them respectfully. I look over at Ron who is trying his best to keep his comments to himself.

“Where’s my son,” Lucius says.

I look down at my sneakers. I hate to be the breaker of bad news. “The baby’s heartbeat has drastically lowered. They have to do an emergency c-section. Draco’s with Astoria,” I say quietly.

Lucius’s face falls. Narcissa covers her mouth with her hands. “You’re lying,” Lucius says quietly.

“I can assure you I’m not,” I say seriously.

“No, this can’t be true...”

“Mr. Malfoy, the nurse told us that.”


“You might as well bloody believe it!” Ron says after minutes of me arguing with Lucius.

“Ron!” I say briskly. “Stop. It’s just a denial stage,” I whisper so that Lucius doesn’t hear me. I turn back to Lucius and Narcissa. “Can I get you two anything?”

Henry stirs in his pac-n-play and soon begins to whimper. Mrs. Malfoy peeks her head so she can see the source of the noise. I pick him up and bring him over.

“I don’t think you met them,” I say smiling. I don’t know how long we’re going to be here, the least I should do is attempt to befriend them.

Narcissa smiles as she meekly waves at Henry. “This yours?” She asks.

I nod. “There’s Adelaide too.”

“Twins?” She asks.

I nod. “They’re inseparable. Won’t be long until Adelaide wakes up,” Just as I said that, Adelaide begins to cry. I sigh and stare back at Narcissa. “Would you mind?” I say giving Henry to her.

She starts to object but then holds him as I go to get Adelaide.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Ron hisses at me.

“Oh stop your complaining!” I say as I pick up Adelaide and begin to rock her. “It’s been over 20 years, just give them a chance,” I turn back and see Narcissa holding Henry and smiling.

I walk back over to her. “He has your mouth and Ron’s eyes,” She says smiling.

I smile as the two of us sit down next to each other. Rose and Scorpius drag some chairs and we start our own circle with Lucius and Ron following behind us.

I smile weakly at Lucius. “Just think, you two get to be grandparents again!”

Lucius nods back. Hey, it’s a start! I look to Ron who shakes his head, he knows exactly what I’m thinking. I look back at Lucius and pass him Adelaide. He objects like his wife, but does the same thing she does. “You should start training,” I say laughing.

Lucius questions me and then stares at Adelaide and starts to smile.

“You’re right,” Rose says leaning in to Scorpius. “Adelaide has the smile that can make anyone happy.”

After we break the ice, it turns out that we have a lot in common! It was really nice now that we put our differences aside. Well, at least Narcissa and I do. I’m still trying to work on Ron and Lucius. Who knows? One day, we could be inviting them to our Christmas dinner!

“Lucius has been thinking of retiring soon. I was out of work by the time that Draco was born. I think it will be nice though,” Narcissa says to me. “We could finally get that island that I had my eye on. It’s just off the coast of-”
We hear footsteps running down the hall and we see that it’s Draco. He’s still in the blue scrubs and has a smile worth a million galleans.
“She’s here!” Draco says out of breath. “She’s here!!”


“How’s Astoria?” Narcissa asks standing up.

“They didn’t have to go into a c-section. Once we got up to the floor, she came out! The doctors say it was a miracle!” Draco is still smiling. “Mira Aurora Malfoy! Scorpius you gotta see her! She’s beautiful! Bright blue eyes and the cutest button nose!”
“Mira,” Rose thinks. “You mean after the star?”

Draco nods and smiles. Scorpius looks at me and then at everyone else. Mr. Malfoy is still smiling and is probably dying to get back upstairs.

Scorpius grabs a hold of my hand. “I want you to come with me.”
“What?!” I ask confused.
“You let me come when Adelaide and Henry were born,” He says.
“Right but that was differe-”
“Explain to me how that was different,” He says smiling. I don’t have a reason so really, I can’t say anything. “Come on, it’ll be fun!”
I look to Mum and she nods allowing me to go with him. I turn around to leave and see that Draco’s already gone and Scorpius is practically pulling me with him.
We walk in and the room is the most peaceful room ever. There’s classical music playing and everyone is smiling and cheerful. I know this wasn’t the room I was previously in, but it had the same people. How can this room be so different than the last time I was in it?
I can’t even step into the door. Scorpius looks back at me. “What’s wrong?”
“I can’t go in there!” I argue while whispering so the Malfoys can’t hear me.
“Why not?”
“This is a family thing! It’s meant to be private and between the family!” I hiss. “I’ll just stay out here.”
“You’re coming in here,” Scorpius argues. I knew there was no winning. I grab his hand and we walk in.
Mrs. Malfoy is in her bed, she is no longer red faced or blotchy and her voice is not yelling. She’s smiling at the small bundle she was holding.
She looks up and looks at me. “Scorpius! Rose! Come on in! Draco, pull them up a seat please.”
Mr. Malfoy follows and Scorpius and I take a seat. As Scorpius sits down, Mr. Malfoy hands him Mira tightly wrapped in a blanket.
Scorpius looks down at his sister. Doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t coo. Just looks. It was one of those moments where no words in the world could describe what was happening.
I decide to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity and grab my camera from my bag. I snap a quick picture. I’m sure that this photo is going to come in handy later.
Scorpius looks up from the snapshot and smiles at me. “You want to hold her now?” He asks.  

“She’s your sister. I have two other babies to hold. In fact, I should probably go check on the-”

Before I can even finish my sentence, I’m passed Mira. “oh! Uhh..” I feel extremely awkward. Mr. Malfoy was never keen to the thought of his son dating me. It feels like I could be setting off a time bomb.

I peek into the tiny wad of blankets and see Mira’s face. She looks exactly like Mrs. Malfoy! But we all know for a fact that she’s going to have the trademark Malfoy hair. She begins to stir in her sleep and I soon give her back to Mrs. Malfoy. The nurses then rush in and shoo Scorpius and I out.

I look at Scorpius. He seems to be on cloud nine with a smile worth a million bucks. He looks away and sniffles.

“Scorpius?” I ask. He doesn’t turn around. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” He says quickly.

I lightly touch him on the shoulder. “Scorpius, you don’t have to hide anything from me,” I says soothingly.

He turns around. It’s not tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy. I smile at him and laugh. Luckily, he laughs back. “I don’t why I’m crying,” He confesses wiping them away. “I’m such a wimp.”

“You’re not a wimp,” I smile at him.

I didn’t want to go back to my Mum when he was crying, she’s smart enough to intervene. And I don’t want to go back inside the hospital room, his Mum’s smart too. I decide to pull over and sit at the nearest chairs I could find.

We sit down and I pull a tissue and begin to dab at his eyes. He smiles at me as I do so. “You might as well tell me before I have to strangle it out of you,” I joke.

“Mira. She’s my baby sister.”

I nod. I felt the same way with Adelaide. “And you felt so protective over her that you don’t want anything to hurt her.”

“Yeah,” He says quietly.

“And you would kick that blokes arse if they ever broke her heart,” I laugh. I would do the same thing.

“And I’ve been waiting so long to meet her. And now she’s here. It’s just, mind blowing. And then to finally hold is, amazing. I’m just so happy she’s here.”

I nod and look down at my hands as I crumple  up the used tissue. “I know what you mean,” I say quietly. I grab his hand and hold it. I don’t squeeze it or hug him, I just hold his hand.

After minutes of getting stared at funny by the nurses and some healers, I hear the words any girl ever dreams of hearing. “I love you,” Scorpius says.

I turn to him in disbelief. “What?” I sputter. I practically almost choked on my spit when he said that to me.

He doesn’t say anything back. He just smiles at me. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to say something back to him? What if I don’t love him? I mean I like him. But I don’t know if I’m ready to love someone yet. Scorpius is sweet, but can he really be the one? I know I’ve said he might be the one before, but what if that was just puppy love like Dad described? Mum and Dad started dating their seventh year, and look at them now! Well, they bicker over every little thing and have some of the biggest arguments I’ve ever seen, but that still doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore!

Rose! Calm down! You’re over thinking too much! Just say how you feel.

“Thanks,” I say awkwardly. Thanks?!? THANKS. Is that really all I could think of.

Oh god, Scorpius! He’s probably so hurt right now. He stares at me for a while. Oh god, this is it. I broke the poor guy’s heart. How could I be so stupid?! He stares for a little while longer and then chuckles. Why is he laughing?!

“Rose Weasley,” He says laughing. “You are by far the most awkwardest person I have ever met,” Is that supposed to be a good thing?

I smile weakly and laugh along. I guess this was a good thing! Soon, small chuckles turned into big laughs and the big laughs turn into doubled over laughing. I was laughing so hard I was crying. “I... Love.... you!” I say without even thinking. I couldn’t get it out all together because we were laughing so hard.

Scorpius becomes silent and looks at me. He puts a huge smile on his face and says. “Thanks.”

We couldn’t control ourselves. We were soon laughing all over again. I didn’t even know why this was so funny. It just was! After we finally caught our breaths, Scorpius leans in to kiss. This didn’t feel like it’s usual kiss, it was more of a different kiss. It was an “I love you” kiss. And it was the best kiss I’ve ever had.

1 month later


“Scorpius!” I roar over the sound of the train. “Hurry up! You’ll be late!”

I’m practically running as fast as I could past all the wizards who were waving goodbye to their kids. Well, as fast as I could run with a stroller carrying Mira.

“They said they would be here,” Scorpius says looking around the crowd. “I can’t get on the train without her.”

“You’re going to have to or else you won’t get to Hogwarts for the first day of your last year!” I say to him. I quickly stare back at the stroller. It took me a half an hour to get her to sleep, I hope the sounds of the train and people don’t wake her up.

“I promised her though! She didn’t know where I would sit then!”

“What if they already got on the train?” I ask. A young girl is screaming and throwing a big temper tantrum. Oh please don’t wake Mira!

I look to Draco with a stressed look. He hasn’t said a word since we’ve got here. He nods in front of him.

“There they are,” He grimaces. He still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Scorpius is dating Rose.

Hermione smiles as she lugs a double stroller towards us. Adelaide and Henry are both wide awake. “Sorry we’re late!” She says out of breath. “The twins just wouldn’t fall asleep and I was hoping they would.”

I wave to Ron who is practically hiding behind Hermione, avoiding any contact to Draco. He weakly waves back.

“Kids!” Hermione says jumping. “You’re going to miss your train!” She says fumbling with her purse to get out the tickets for Hugo and Rose.
Rose goes up to Hermione first. She hands her the ticket and hugs Rose.

“No shenanigans this year please? I don’t want to be called down to McGonagall's office. She’s already upset with me and Ron when we were in school!” She kisses Rose on the head.

Rose walks over to Ron. Ron stares at Rose and smiles. Rose giggles back. He then hugs her in a fatherly way, and for once, this was the first time I haven’t seen Ron do an awkward hug. I smile as I look at Draco who is suddenly interested in his shoes.

Hugo walks up to Hermione and she stares at him. “Are you sure you have everything?”

“Yeah,” He answers.



“‘Cuz I don’t want to get an owl from you three weeks later asking you to drop off your potions books.”

“I won’t.”

“‘Cuz I won’t do it. You’re just going to have to fail potions and you’ll have to be held back a year.”

“Mum! I won’t!” Hugo says laughing.

“That a boy!” Hermione says smiling. She then hugs Hugo. “I’ll send you all the details of Adelaide and Henry. Don’t worry!”

“Pictures too!” Rose calls as she walks over to Scorpius and grabs his hand. The two begin to walk to the train.

“Hey!” I call out to him. “You’re not going anywhere until you give your mother a hug!”

Scorpius laughs. “I’ll catch up with you later,” Rose nods as she gets on the train and gets a seat by the window and waves at Hermione.

“Please,” I beg with my son. “Please, don’t do anything irresponsible this year! I don’t want to go and rat you out.”

“I won’t Mum!”

“And studies first, then girls!”

“Only one girl Mum. Rose,” I smile at Scorpius. I never realized how much of a gentleman I had on my hands until he said that sentence.

“You such a good boyfriend,” I say as I hug him. “But you’re even a better son.”

“Mum!” Scorpius complains at my cheesy line.

He walks over to Draco and Draco begins to hold out his hand to shake it. Scorpius looks at it funny. Scorpius shakes his head and hugs his father. This makes me cry. I’m a mush for things like this.

Scorpius spots me with tears in my eyes and laughs at me. Draco notices me too and laughs along. “You guys are adorable!” I say as I wipe the tears. “Now get on that bus Scorpius! Have a great year!”

Scorpius waves as he rushes to the train. Soon, all the parents around me are now waving their kids goodbye.

“So that’s it, huh.” Hermione says waving goodbye and talking to me at the same time. “Last year for Rose and Scorpius.”

“Yeah,” I say sighing. “Let’s hope they don’t do anything stupid.”

“Oh knowing Rose, something is going to happen.” Hermione says looking at me and laughing. “She’s like her father in every way. That’s why they bicker so much.” She says smiling.

The train jumps to life and lurches forward with all its creaking and squeaking. I nervously look at Mira, she’s still sound asleep. I take a sigh of relief.

“She’s going to be fine,” Draco says squeezing my arm. “She’s not going to wake up.”

“When she does, it’s going to be painful,” I warn him.

So far, I’ve learned the signs of every burp, sneeze, squeal and cry that Mira has. And I’ve learned from experience that after she wakes up from an afternoon nap, she’s cranky and hungry.

Hermione walks up to me and hugs me. “Sorry to leave so quickly, but Adelaide and Henry have a doctor's appointment that we’re already late for.”

“Oh! Are they okay?” I asked concerned.

“Yeah they’re fine. But I think Henry may be allergic to something, I think maybe Lactose Intolerant. But we’re just going to be safe,” She says.

“Oh ok,” I say nodding. I do a nervous stare to Mira. “Well, I’ll see you later!” I shout as Hermione is rushing away.

I stare back down at Mira and sigh. So far, nothing’s waking her up. Parenting may be easy after all!

A/N - OH MY ROWLING!!! I finished! :') Bittersweet moment right here! Thank you so much for reading this story! It was really fun to write it! But you haven't heard the last of me, Dear Internet! I have a ton of story ideas that I might be writing about! Maybe even a sequel of this story? Maybe if people request one! So keep in touch! I want to thank you all for reading my first story! We almost got to 1,000 views on this which is a HUGE milestone! When I first starting posting these, I didn't even think I would get up to 100 views! But 1,000? Smashing! And it was all because of YOU PEOPLE! So thank you so much and I love you all!!!! <3 Until next time! :D 

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