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Emerald by hedwigs_theme
Chapter 1 : Emerald
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The dreaded wedding song kept playing over and over, like a broken record, never stopping, and she just kept walking, walking down the aisle that would never have an end. On and on it went, and faster and faster she walked, but no matter how hard she tried, Rolf kept slipping away from her, and so she kept walking, on and on and on and on and…


Luna sat up quickly in her bed, breathing heavily. It had been the same nightmare every night since the wedding, which was a month ago. What she couldn’t understand, was why? The wedding had been one of the happiest moments of her life, so why did she keep getting nightmares? She looked over her shoulder at the man beside her. He had a badly shaven beard and shoulder-length, dark hair. Rolf was still snoring softly, completely unaware of the nightmare that Luna had just experienced for the 30th night in a row. So, carefully Luna lifted herself out of bed and tiptoed out of the room, down stairs and into the living room, where she picked up a book and began to read.

The book was titled: “A Healers Guide to Crystals” and showed a picture of the author, Harrietta Honeyseed, on the front cover. Luna had adored crystals ever since she was a little girl, her favourite being the emerald. It represented faithfulness, which was probably why Rolf had given her an emerald wedding ring. She looked down at her ring finger and saw the greenness of the emerald, glinting in the sunlight, which was now pouring in from the window across the room. It was said, that the emerald was supposed to change colour when it sensed signs of unfaithfulness, but even Luna thought that was just a silly legend.

Suddenly feeling hungry and slightly disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to read more, Luna got up to make herself a cup of tea and some banana pancakes. Rolf, unlike her was usually not an early riser, and so Luna found it unnecessary to bother making pancakes for him. However, to her surprise just five minutes later, Rolf appeared looking tired and grumpy.

“Hi honey!” said Luna brightly, “Did you have a good sleep?”

In reply, Rolf grumbled “Yes”.

“So” Luna continued, apparently unaware of her husband’s grumpiness, “Still up for that picnic today? I went and bought all the food yesterday so we don’t have to rush around today making preparations.”

“Look I’m sorry” Rolf muttered, “but I have to work all day today, ok, I’m on a break through with some plants and yes, I know its Sunday” he added, seeing Luna look, “I’m real sorry, ok?”

Luna felt hurt. They had been planning this picnic for ages. It was going to be celebrating their first month together.  She obviously hadn’t showed how hurt she was because Rolf walked back upstairs to get dressed and was out the front door a few seconds later, without saying goodbye.




Rolf was pleased to be out of the house. In truth, he wasn’t actually going to work at all. In fact, his work with animals had been so slow and boring lately that he had barely been going to work at all. No, that was all a lie to cover up what he was really doing. Rolf Scamander was seeing someone, secretly, and the last thing he needed was his stupid wife messing things up. To be perfectly honest, Luna wasn’t as fun as she was when he had first met her. He could still remember the first time they had met…


It was a cold, snowy, winter night, and Rolf Scamander was standing out the front of The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley, waiting for his best mate to arrive. He had been waiting for over an hour and had just about given up hope, when a dirty blonde headed girl half walked half skipped past. She was alone and before long, a silhouette in the distance, barely able to be seen thanks to the fog. But Rolf had seen those silvery grey eyes and the happy, yet slightly surprised look on her face, as if she didn’t know what she was doing here, but she didn’t care anyway. He had seen her radish earrings and strange looking necklace that hung loosely around her neck. He couldn’t help himself, so he followed her. Rolf Scamander was in love.


He had finally caught up to her and he offered to buy the girl a drink or two. Happily, she agreed and together they walked into the pub.


They talked for what seemed like hours, the girl, who introduced herself as Luna Lovegood, was a budding naturalist, just like him and they chatted about all different animals that they were hoping to discover in their future careers. He learnt about the “Crumpled- Horned Snorkack” and all the other strange animals that Luna and her dad were supposed to have found. They had laughed all night long and he promised her, that tomorrow he would call her, and he did.


Before long they were engaged and soon after, married.


Rolf had loved Luna from the first time he had seen her, but it didn’t last for long. A few days after the wedding, Luna and Rolf had organized a get together with Neville and Hannah, who hadn’t been able to make it to the wedding due to family issues. There, Rolf met Hannah Abbott, a beautiful and mildly intelligent, half-blood witch, who also went to Hogwarts. Just like when he had met Luna, Rolf fell for her quickly and was determined to find out more about her. He organized a date with Hannah in a lovely little Muggle café, and fell even deeper in love. Apparently, she was entranced by him as well, so from then on they made secret dates during the day, when Neville and Luna were both at work. Rolf enjoyed himself around Hannah much more than when he was around Luna. She just didn’t seem to understand him anymore, and was always caught up in her own little world, gibbering about some stupidly fake animal, that she had supposedly found at work. She was boring and Hannah was fresh and fun. Hopefully, some day, he would be able to get a divorce, and marry Hannah.







Neville was up and about long before Hannah came down stairs. He and Hannah had spent the night together and now he and her would be going to see his parents, at St Mungo’s. Just then, Hannah came bustling downstairs, looking as if she was in a hurry, and trying to put her high heel shoes on. Neville had just opened his mouth to say “hi” when she ran out the front door and let the wind slam it behind her.




Luna felt sad, lonely and cold, as she sat on her balcony and watched the clouds fly over the sun. It was now 1 o’clock in the afternoon and she hadn’t done anything all day, except sit there and wait for Rolf to change his mind and bound back into the house to say sorry. But now, it had become apparent, that that was not going to happen anytime soon. She decided, that she ought to enjoy herself for the rest of the day, and so got up and vanished into thin air.


Luna arrived at Ginny’s house to see, to her surprise, that Neville was there too. They were outside, admiring Ginny’s lilies in her front garden, and both jumped when they saw Luna next to them, staring.

“Where’s Harry?” she said simply, leaning over Ginny’s shoulder to get a closer look at the beautiful, white and pink flowers, that were now swaying in the breeze.

“Oh” said Ginny, “Hi Luna! He and Ron are applying for their Auror job.”

“That’s nice” said Luna faintly, her head rocking slowly from side to side, copying the movement of the flowers. “These were painted for his mother, weren’t they?”

Ginny nodded and said, “Well how about a butter beer?” And they followed her inside.


It might have been quite awkward to start with, but the three friends were soon laughing, and remembering the old Hogwarts days. Luna laughed so hard that she cried, and had to excuse herself to wipe her eyes, she hadn’t had this much fun in ages, not since before the war. Luna soon learnt of Neville’s rejection by Hannah, which was much like her own, and together they talked through the morning’s events while Ginny sped around the house, collecting food and drinks. By the time it was 7 pm, they had laughed till their stomachs hurt, and eaten until they were so full, they felt as if they were balloons, that would burst at any moment. Eventually, the fun ended and the three friends went their separate ways, promising to meet again soon. 


Luna apparated home and started walking around the house, wanting to see whether Rolf was home from “work” yet. To her dismay she wasn’t, and so she went upstairs to have a shower. She went through the usual before shower ritual, tying her long, blonde hair back into a bun, finding her pajamas, and then taking off her ring. Luna had totally forgotten about her ring all day and so when she finally looked down at it, she cried out in shock. Completely forgetting about her shower, she ran downstairs and picked up “A Healers Guide to Crystals”   and began to read:


The emerald represents faithfulness and can be used to keep couples together. However, if an emerald changes colour, it is a sign of unfaithfulness…”

Luna stared and stared at her emerald, until her eyes were clouded with tears, and she could not see clearly anymore. What she had thought was a stupid legend was true. The emerald really did change colour as a sign of unfaithfulness, she was certain, and all of the pieces of the puzzle were fitting together. Rolf hadn’t gone to work that day, she was sure. In fact, Luna didn’t think he had gone to work for a very long time because whenever she had asked about work, he had shrugged and went up to bed. He was seeing someone, the ring was right, and he didn’t want her to know, but who. Suddenly, she had a flashback and screamed in horror…


Luna had just married Rolf and she was taking him around to meet all of her friends. So far he had met Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, George and Angelina. Luna was looking around trying to spot Neville when right in front of her Hannah appeared. Luna had tried to ask her where Neville was, but stopped when she noticed that Hannah and Rolf were staring strangely at each other. She pulled him away, thinking that she was being silly and walked over to Neville, who was helping himself to some wedding cake…


Luna was brought back to reality by the pop in the kitchen. She turned around to see Rolf staring at her. She screamed at him, saying all of the swear words she knew. It was the angriest that she had ever been in her life, but it felt good. He just stood there, frozen, with a look of surprise on his face, waiting for her to stop. Seeing this, Luna stopped yelling, and said simply, “Get out, now!”


He was out in a flash, probably going back to stupid Hannah’s house, she though bitterly. Luna looked at her ring, which was now turning an ugly black colour. The anger boiled inside her again, and she took pleasure of throwing it in the rubbish, never to be seen again.




It was at least a year after Rolf’s betrayal, and the wedding day of Neville and Luna. Everyone that they knew, except Hannah and Rolf of course were invited. After Rolf had left, he had indeed gone home to see Hannah, where Neville was waiting for him, outraged. He had left and from then on he and Luna had lived together. Forever.



A/N I have finally edited this, so I hope you enjoy it even more. Please review that would really make my day!








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