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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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“So Hermione is upset about something and she won’t tell you?” Fred asked catching up they were up in their room having just finished dinner.

“Yes,” George nodded.

“This is good!”

“Why in hell would that be a good thing?” George asked, “It means she doesn’t trust me!”

“No think about it George she’s sad and by the looks of things she told Ginny so what is the thing girls talk to girls about they don’t talk to boys about?” Fred asked.

It took George a few seconds to click, “boys?”

“Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Took you long enough,” Fred laughed.

“You seriously thinks she’s upset because of something to do with boys and that that boy is me?”

“Maybe she’s upset you haven’t asked her out, I mean if I’m right it makes perfect sense why she couldn’t tell you.”

“Even if that was right then what can I do?”

“Umm there’s a tough question. Oh wait no it isn’t! Stop being such a bloody idiot and ask her out.”

“I can’t.”

“You need to stop with this I can’t nonsense, George! You can! You can! You can!”

“No Fred, I honestly can’t. Think about it alright, this is our last year at Hogwarts- Hermione will be there whilst I’m not and long distance relationships ultimately fail. After she’s finished Hogwarts with all this Voldemort stuff we have no idea when the war begins and what could happen in it...I could be dead,” George was fighting tears.

Fred looked pained as he looked at the floor it was clear he was as close to tears as George.

“You’re not going to...” Fred began.

“We don’t know that Fred,” George told him.

Fred and George were the strong ones to everyone else but when it was just them everything came out fears, feelings and thoughts. They didn’t cry often but when there was something to cry over they could cry in front of each other. No matter what the case they understood. They weren’t just brothers they were twins and they weren’t just friends they were best friends.

“I’m sorry George,” Fred said to him resting a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not your fault, reality is a sad place to live,” George shrugged.

They sat there for a while before George realised Fred was blinking fast clearly trying to stop tears.

“Fred what’s wrong?”

“It’s just true what you said anything could happen in the war... what if you die or I die or mum dies or dad or Ginny or Ron or Bill or Charlie or Harry or Hermione or Lee or Angelina or- or Percy,” Fred raced through the list of names hesitating at the last one.

George frowned deeply, “you know what Fred? We’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it.”

Fred stared at him then nodded, “You’re right.”

“It’s eleven,” George said, “an hour to Christmas come on let’s get downstairs.”

Everyone was gathered in the living room chatting happily and laughing. They kept an eye on the clock and as it struck twelve they all went round wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas.’

“Merry Christmas George,” Hermione smiled hugging him.

“Merry Christmas ‘Mione,” he returned the hug and grinned at her.

After everyone had been round wishing each other a merry Christmas, Molly sent them all off to bed.

Hermione woke at around 8 am and practically ran downstairs.

Molly, Arthur and Sirius were already awake.

“Merry Christmas,” she exclaimed hugging each of them.

She sent a letter to her parents with Sirius’ owl and attached their presents.

“Hermione dear, why don’t you go wake everyone so we can have breakfast and then open presents,” Molly said to her.

“Yeah sure,” Hermione bounded up the stairs, Christmas always brought out her childish side. 

“Ginny wake up,” she chimed, “It’s Christmas!”

“I’m awake,” Ginny said sitting up and yawning.

“I’m going to wake up the boys!” Hermione told her.

“And I’m going to go look at my presents and see if I can guess what they are,” Ginny laughed running down the stairs.

“Harry, Ron wake up. It’s Christmas.”

“Five more minutes,” Ron mumbled.

“Where are my glasses?”

Hermione handed Harry his glasses then hit Ron with a pillow to get him up.

“Hey,” he complained hitting her back.

“I’m going to go wake up the twins.”

Hermione walked into the dark room and just admired George for a moment.

“Fred, George wakey, wakey,” she said.

“Hmm in a minute,” George mumbled.

“Hey Hermione,” Fred said getting up out of his bed.

“Hey, Merry Christmas,” she hugged him.

“Merry Christmas, Hermione. Good luck with getting him up,” Fred laughed walking out of the room and downstairs.

“George, it’s Christmas! Get up!”

“No Hermione,” he groaned pulling the cover over his head.

She leant over him and tugged it away.

“Granger never get between a Weasley and his sleep,” George warned pulling the cover back over his head.

“George- Get- Up!” she said between hitting him. Annoyed she pulled the cover completely off his bed and threw it onto Fred’s bed instead.

“I win!” she exclaimed laughing.

“No you don’t!” he pulled out his wand, “accio blanket,” the blanket started moving back so Hermione jumped on it. It stopped moving.

“Accio blanket,” he repeated. It began moving with Hermione on it dragging her closer to the bed. 

“George Weasley!” she scolded after he took back the cover.

“Hermione Granger!” he mocked.

She jumped on his bed and grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, “Get- up- this- instant!”

He moved his arms to protect his head, “stop!”

“Only if you get up.”

“Fine,” he got out of his bed and walked towards the door when he looked back he saw Hermione lying back comfortably in his bed.


“What, that was tiring,” she laughed stretching out.

He walked over and picked her off the bed and set her on her feet outside the room.  

“I win,” she pointed out.

“Yes Granger you win, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Weasley.”

After breakfast everyone sat around the tree and took their pile of presents.

Hermione got a jumper from Molly as usual, earrings from Ginny, books from Harry, perfume from Ron, books from Fred which was strange as he and George usually gave joint gifts and then one neatly wrapped box was left. It had to be from George’s gift and when she looked up she saw him watching her. Carefully she unwrapped the box and opened it.

It was a necklace with a purple crystal heart pendant. She smiled at it, she’d seen it whilst in Diagon Alley and had considered buying it. George knew her too well. He was still watching her and she mouthed the word ‘thank you’ to him from the other side of the Christmas tree.

George had gotten a jumper from his parents as usual, Ginny had given the twins money and told them to put it toward the shop as had Harry, Ron had gotten him a shirt and now one box remained as he and Fred had decided not to buy gifts for each other and save money for the shop.

There was a tag on the box that read ‘To George, Merry Christmas! Love Hermione xxx’ he smiled at it and saw Fred had a similar box from Hermione as well but on his tag had only one ‘x’. He grinned to himself the possibility she liked him was growing more and more likely. He unwrapped it and found a watch with a dragon printed on the face. It was definitely something he would buy for himself in fact he was in desperate need of a new watch. He looked beside him Fred had also gotten a watch but with a phoenix on it.

Hermione went round thanking everyone for her gifts.

“Thanks George, I love it,” she said and hugged him. As they hugged they heard Ginny gasp then burst out giggling.

They pulled away from each other and Hermione looked around for what was funny only to see mistletoe growing above their heads. She stared at it wide eyed however George had yet to notice but followed her gaze and understood. Neither of them bothered trying to move they wouldn’t be able to and they knew it. They stared at each other.

‘No.’ Hermione thought to herself. ‘No. No. No. No. No. This isn’t happening to me. Not like this. This is not how I want my first kiss with George in front of everyone and so unnatural. Somebody save me! He’s not going to kiss me... is he?’

‘Great. Just great. I finally get a chance to kiss her and it’s in front of my entire family! If I really do get a first kiss with Hermione is this how I want it? This is so unfair. I can’t kiss her. She’d kill me! What do I do? I can’t stand here all day.’

“Get in there Georgie!” Fred called with a wolf whistle.

“Fred Weasley!” Molly scolded though she couldn’t help but smile and think how cute Hermione and George looked together.

George’s and Hermione’s eyes were fixed on each other. George was searching for some sort of answer and yet all he could see in Hermione’s eyes was anxiety. ‘Not here, not now.’ He decided.

He leant towards her and Hermione remained still. Gently he kissed her cheek and she smiled triggering a grin on his own face. He pointed his wand at the mistletoe transfiguring it into a red rose and handed it to her.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered then smiled at her before leaving the living room his ears red.

Hermione blushed, “Merry Christmas,” she called after him smiling and blushing. She looked around the room and everyone was staring at her luckily they sensed her discomfort and returned their attention to what they’d been focusing on before.

Fred smirked running up the stairs to find his twin.

Everyone went to put away their presents and get dressed they would have lunch after. When Hermione was almost finished putting her stuff away she heard shouting from across the landing then running footsteps.

“Hermione!” she heard the twins yell as they burst into the room.

“The watches- the dragon it...”

“The phoenix it...”

“Yes boys they came alive,” she supplied and they nodded at her.

“That was bloody amazing!” George exclaimed.

“It happens every hour on the hour,” she explained.

“Brilliant,” George grinned.

“It won’t burn me will it?” asked Fred.

“No Fred it won’t.”

“Fred this gives me an idea for a new product,” George said excitedly as they ran off to discuss.

It was Christmas so obviously everyone was getting dressed up Ginny decided to wear the dress the twins had bought her Hermione wanted to warn her...but the twins would kill her.

She put it on looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection the charm hadn’t taken affect yet, “what do you think?”

When she turned around she was green looking very fit for Christmas as the dress itself was red.

“Ever heard of the Grinch?” Hermione asked.

“The what?”

“Fictional character that was green and wore a red jacket.”

“What are you getting at?”

“You’re green,” Hermione said.

Ginny turned back to the mirror and gasped at her reflection.

“Fred and George Weasley!” she shrieked making Hermione cringe.

They came running into the room and burst out laughing.

“So dead,” Ginny warned. But with two pops the twins were gone.

“Mum!” Ginny screamed and Molly came running.

“Ginny dear I’m busy with... oh my...”

“Fred and George,” Ginny said the rest was self explanatory.

“Fred and George here now!” Molly demanded.

“Yes Mum we’ll fix her,” Fred said popping back into the room.

Muttering a quick spell Ginny became her usual colour.

After the boys and Molly left Hermione quickly pulled on her purple dress it fell just below her knees and had thin straps with delicate beading on the hem and a sequined ribbon around the waist.

“Wow,” Ginny said looking at her.

“What? Too much?”

“No, you look great.”

“Thanks so do you, red looks good on you.”

“I’m going to head downstairs,” Ginny said as she left and Hermione called a quick ‘bye.’

Hermione had managed to tame her curls and just clipped them to the side. She was in the middle of putting on her jewellery when George walked in the room.

“Whoa,” he said as he gazed at her.

“Like it?” she asked.

He nodded his response, “You look beautiful, more than usual that is.”

Hermione blushed, “thank you and you look very handsome.”

“Handsome? Please, I’m gorgeous,” George grinned.

Hermione laughed at him, “little help?”

“Yeah sure,” George smiled fastening the necklace he bought her around her neck.

Fred stood in the door way of the room and smiled at them.

“What are you...”Ginny had just come back up the stairs looking for her cardigan but didn’t finish the question but Fred gestured to George and Hermione.

Ginny looked at Fred and they smiled at each other, “They’re so clueless,” Fred whispered to her.

“They’re cute together,” Ginny said and Fred nodded in agreement.

“I honestly love the necklace, you know me so well,” Hermione smiled at George.

“You’re worth knowing well,” George told her.

“Thank you,” she blushed, “the rose was beautiful.”

“It’s nothing compared to you... I’m sorry for that by the way if the mistletoe thing was awkward.”

“Of course not, it was quite... fun?”

 “Yeah. We should probably go down now.”

Hermione nodded in silent agreement. Ginny and Fred ran down the stairs so they weren’t caught eavesdropping.

Everyone sat down for lunch.

“I just got an owl from Charlie, he said he’s coming for dinner,” Molly told everyone.

“He’s actually coming or once?” asked Fred. Charlie didn’t usually come for Christmas due to his work.

Molly nodded and smiled.

“And Bill?” asked Ginny. They’d been very close but she’d barely seen him since he went to Egypt for work.

Molly frowned, “I’m sorry dear, he’s too busy he sends his love though.”

Everyone fell silent for a few moments waiting for that name to come up.  

“Percy?” asked George his voice barely above a whisper.

Heads seemed to look down at the table at the mention, “there was no response same as the last few years,” Molly sighed on the verge of tears.

The table fell into awkward silence.

“Remus, Tonks and Moody will be here,” Sirius said breaking the silence and slowly chat resumed.

Christmas went by and was filled with fun, laughter and love making things seem brighter even if it was only for a day. 


Hello! So if you're here I'm assuming you've read the entire story so far and if you have the first thing I have to say is you're angels for reading and I owe you so much because for a while I considered abandoning the story but it was you guys my readers that inspired me to write more!!!.... and so then I'm wondering what exactly you think. So go ahead and leave a review because I really want to know everything you've thought about the story and maybe anything specific you'd like to see in the future chapters... by the way that's BESIDES Hermione and George getting together. ;-)

Anyway like I've said thanks to all of you for reading and please please leave a review because they really make me happy!!! Jenna :)

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