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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 12 : Chapter Eleven
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Time had passed since the birth of Harry Potter.  So much so that it was almost Christmas. Let us step back from the imposing excitement and present giving. There are some people who are demanding their say. I merely write the story; it is them that make it real. I must start; they are getting boisterous already, each demanding the chance to talk.


I finally managed to get some time to talk. I’m as much a part of this story as anyone. I would have been dead you know if Hermione had failed. I owe her so much. I owe her my life, my husband’s life, my son’s life and my grandson’s life. Hermione is full of bounce, always has been. She never stays in one place at one time. That mind of hers is always turning, it’s part of what James loves about her. When I first met Hermione I was overjoyed that she’d wormed her way into my Son’s life. He’d always been a bit of a moron when it came to girls, that Evans was a ghastly woman, just think how the world would have turned out if my son had married her. Oh I shudder at the thought.

There is nothing quite so magical as Hermione and James. I’d been completely happy when Dumbledore had informed me of the bond between them. Soul mates are far and few between and it’s considered an honor if your family is blessed with such a pairing. When Hermione announced she was pregnant I was even happier. There are certain things one strives for in live: Love, marriage, children, grandchildren. I’m lucky enough to have found all those things.

Poor Hermione she did have a struggle with her pregnancy, some women have it easy and others don’t. It was bound to be a challenge for Hermione seeing as her power is so strong. It was amusing to see her struggle with her magic and hormones. She did give James a run for his money! Oh but seeing little Harry James Potter in his father’s arms was a priceless moment. I’m so glad we have the ability to view memories over again for I shall cherish that moment for eternity.

When I held little Harry in my arms I was immediately pulled under his spell. I knew right then and there that no one would ever be able to resist this little boy. He would be the most loved boy there ever was. No doubt he’d be completely spoilt.

The war is raging all around us and I’m frightened. One of my biggest fears is seeing my family suffer and die. I would do anything to protect them. Something tells me there is something bigger going on here. I know not what it is but if the not so secret looks between Hermione and Dumbledore are anything to go by, it will be upon us soon.


Hello there, I’m Sirius Black, I’m sure you’ve heard of me. I’m dashingly handsome, quick with a wand and a prankster by heart. You can owl me any day love ………………………….

Ok ok, that writer was poking me about. Said I better start talking or she’ll stop me for good!

When Hermione first arrived at Hogwarts I was a little blown away and that’s saying something she certainly wasn’t my type. I found her intriguing, not that I’d admit it to anyone but I wouldn’t have minded giving her a go! Well its probably best that I didn’t get the chance seeing as she’s now with my best mate and has the world to save.

I think I could have been nicer to her in school, I teased her a bit too much and had the tendency to believe James over her. When she asked for a wand oath from me and the others I felt a new found respect for her. No one asks that of another without an incredibly good reason. I was shocked by the little information that she shared with us. How someone could have that much pressure riding on their shoulders and still go about their life was beyond me. I wanted to take all the weight off her shoulders but something told me it wouldn’t help. Whatever it was she had to do alone.

I was overjoyed when Hermione and James finally got together. The things Evan’s had done came to light and I was horrified that I’d spent so many years next to that monster. I guess we were all just lucky that Hermione survived the ordeal.

There is a war going on now. It’s deadly and vicious and demanding. It sucks the light from the world. It plunges people into darkness. It takes away people’s hearts and souls. I’m fighting in the war. I’m fighting against everything my wacko parents stood for. Our world doesn’t need a dictator with a warped sense of vision.

Everytime I go on a mission I feel sick inside. I know that what we do, our attacks, our spells are for a better future. I know the men I capture or kill deserve their sentence but it doesn’t make the sick repulsive feeling go away. To know that you killed someone whether they deserved it or not weighs heavily on my consciousness.

However bad things get, I know that when I return, I’m returning to something happy. They’ve become my family, all of them. Hermione will always cheer me up when I’m feeling down like she does with us all. I see little Harry every day. I was so proud when Hermione asked me to be his Godfather. If I just get to see him every day, it brings back some of the light from the darkness.


I won’t fool around like Sirius did, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I was younger I didn’t actually think I’d ever make friends. No one wants to be in the dangerous friendship that a werewolf brings but I was wrong.

My family, my pack has made me feel strong again. I wouldn’t feel this way if it wasn’t for Hermione, she changed me.

Before she arrived I felt content in life but I knew something was missing, when she arrived I felt like I’d found the missing piece.

I was suspicious of her at first, my nose was telling me things that couldn’t be explained and that troubled me for I could not tell if she was a friend or a foe. As time went on I learnt of her and became more accepting.

It was Hermione who helped me and Moony. I see now how she knew I was a Werewolf. She knew I was fighting with Moony, trying to keep my two halves separate but she knew it was causing me a great deal of pain. It was simple she said, I had to bind the two halves together making one. I remember shouting and screaming at her, that was the one thing I feared most. What if I did bind the two halves and ended up becoming a monster.

She talked me through it, she mentioned a werewolf she’d known in the past who’d grown up a mere shell of a man. She told me it was the man’s biggest regret not binding his two halves together. She promised me I wouldn’t become a monster. She said I would just feel complete.

I thought about it for a few days, she’d given me all these books and notes on the matter and I’d finally decided to take and chance, listen to her advice and do it. The process was simpler than I’d imagined, Moony was over the moon by my decision. After the change had taken place I marveled at how correct Hermione had been. I did feel complete. Moony and I were now one in the same. I still had my strengthened sense of smell and hearing but I also had the gravelly voice of Moony and instead of being dictated by the moon, I could change at will.

I remember the first full moon I saw since I was bitten, it was such a glorious sight and I knew then and there that I would trust Hermione implicatively.

As people say all the time, war changes people. I changed because of Hermione. I fight for my pack, I fight for Hermione, James, Sirius, Peter, little Harry, Dorea, Charlus, McGonagall and Dumbledore. For they are my pack and I would protect them to till the end of the world.


The writer told me to hurry up or she wouldn’t have time to write about Christmas and New Years. She’s just teasing me I think, I know she loves me.

I don’t know what the others have said, or what they’ve talked about. I suppose the ongoing war and Hermione’s role in their life have been main topics of conversation. You may wonder how I can compete with that, well that’s simple isn’t it. I was the first.

Before Hermione my life was filled with doubt, worry and fear. I doubted myself. I worried about how James, Sirius and Remus treated me and I feared for my safety each time a Slytherin accosted me. It’s true, I was very shy and lonely. I didn’t believe in myself and people often assumed I was stupid.

Hermione was different. When she came it was like she saw the spark in me that had been hidden for so long. She made me feel confident, she treated me like a proper friend and she helped me defend myself. When I think of what happened to her in the hands of those Slytherin’s when she was trying to save me it makes my blood boil. I wish I had been brave enough then to stand by her and help.

She’ll be my sister for as long as I live. She is my guiding light. I’m so happy for her and James. Little Harry is the cutest baby ever to have graced the Wizarding world. I know the time will come when Hermione will ask myself and the others to take James away. I know not why she asks this of us but I will do it because I trust her and I love her. I would do anything she asked of me.


I feel I am the last to speak. The writer gave me strict instructions; I fear she knows me too well. Most of you I’m sure will know me – The great Dumbledore working for the Greater Good with all his flaws and manipulation techniques.

Hermione was right when she met me, I am an old doddering fool. I was getting so caught up and lost in what I thought was the right thing to do that I almost caused the destruction of the world. Clearly my later self realized the mistakes I’d made and sort to send Hermione back to us. I fear without her the world would have fallen under Voldemort’s hands.

I confess when she first arrived I did have greedy manipulative thoughts about her. She’d told me her mission and I felt I could use it for my advantage. She seemed like the sort of girl who could easily follow orders. Alas she seemed to see right through me. She gave me a good talking to the first time, laying down all the rules and the things I could and couldn’t do. She can be a bossy little thing, a regular spitfire.

When she mentioned Voldemort’s horcruxes I wondered how I could have been so blind. For a wizard supposed to be the greatest of his age how could I have missed that obvious fact. Again I thought it would be easy, I’d just go in and remove all the horcruxes but yet again Hermione forbade it. She had a list of rules to follow, she detailed in length every precaution I had to take and had detailed maps I had to follow. Not one thing was left out and I now confess if it wasn’t for her expert planning I’d have probably died before now.

I know with my former mind I would have asked too much of her by now but she does not let me interfere. Some think I am the head of the Order of the Phoenix but somehow that doesn’t seem right. This ship is very much in the steady hands of Hermione.

When the time comes one can only hope that she will survive.

Harry’s First Christmas

Now that they have had their say we can get back to the story at hand. You can’t say I’m not an accommodating writer, though if they moan again I might just write them out!

What can be said about Harry’s first Christmas without getting soft and fluffy. As a writer I have let certain people have their say, but I have equally been told by Mrs. Potter not to fill Harry’s first Christmas with soppiness. So I’d decided to agree with her condition as I didn’t want to see firsthand what she can do with a wand!

Harry’s first Christmas was as normal as any little boy or girls first Christmas was. The tree was spectacular and covered head to toe with baubles and tinsel – though it had been charmed not to hurt little Harry if he poked the needles – it had been a loud and boisterous day at Godric’s Hollow, family members were all present and Order members continued to pop in and out all day.

Luckily Hermione had seen to the Marauder’s in advance, advising them on what would happen should either of them buy Harry a broomstick! There would be plenty of time to buy him a broomstick when he was old enough and safe to fly one.

Instead he’d been given toys appropriate to his age; soft toys, books with moving pictures, building blocks and a gorgeous quilt his Gamma (Dorea) made. Everyone wanted the day to be special for little Harry who would never remember it anyway, but the thought still counted.

Hermione sat crossed legged on the floor with Harry snuggled against her chest snoring. The chaos had quieted down the later it got and soon Harry had fallen asleep against her. Her mind drifted to things she wished not to think about.

It was Christmas already, soon it would be January and the threat would come. They’d be trapped in Godric Hollow for months. James would get restless and agitated. Harry would know nothing was wrong and Hermione would prepare for the reason that kept her here. Sometimes she felt it was all down to fate but even she acknowledged that she couldn’t let fate take the reins on this one, she had to do it herself.

Funny. She’d often wondered how Harry had kept calm in the face of Voldemort. How do you stare down the descendent of Lilith without faltering. Hermione now understood how. She understood every time she looked into the eyes of James or Harry, the Marauder’s, Dorea, Minerva, Dumbledore. When it came down to it, however scared you were, you overcame that fear to save the ones you loved. Your love would always save you.

So as Hermione sat on the floor rocking a sleeping Harry in her arms she thought about all the people she loved, all the people she couldn’t live without, and as she thought her mind formulated what she would do to keep them alive, how far she would go to see them one more time and in that moment, she knew without a doubt that she was no longer scared. She was no longer frightened or worried about what was to come because she knew without a doubt that she would fight for love and the future even if it meant her death.

January 22nd 1981

They’d been sitting in the parlor room of one of the Order’s safe houses when the news came. Order members flew in by portkey, others apparated, others merely ran down stairs. Every face looked shocked and bemused. Some faces were covered in dust and soot from recent missions, others had remains of hasty meals on their lips. Dumbledore stood in the center, his eyes grave and Hermione knew in an instant that it was happening.

Dumbledore remained silent until everyone had stopped talking. He looked at Hermione and they shared a nod – one that didn’t go unnoticed by James – before he began to talk, there was only so much he could say in front of these members.

“It’s starts now” he said solemnly, “I’ve sent word to our informant, he knows what to do and will start immediately. I have to stress from here on out things are about to get a lot worse. Voldemort will come out of hiding and his resources will be strong, we must fight him with everything we have!” Order members around the room nodded in agreement.

“We must ready ourselves by any means possible”, Dumbledore sighed, this part was so crucial yet he didn’t want to follow through on it, “I need to speak with the Potter’s alone” he said, causing members to look even more shocked and concerned as they made themselves scarce.

Dumbledore looked at Hermione, James and Harry briefly before warding them against any listeners in.

“It has come to my attention that Voldemort is after you” he began, hearing James sharp intake of breath.

“I know he has tried to contact you Hermione three times is that correct?” she nodded, “A prophesy has been made, one which Voldemort overheard. It pertains to you and your son. Voldemort believes that should Harry live he will die, so he intends to kill your son” James looked outraged, Hermione merely accepted what was to come, “Please before you shout and break things James, I think it would be best if you went into hiding at Godric’s Hollow. We can ward it almost like Hogwarts, we can use a Fidelius Charm, you will need to agree on someone to be your secret keeper. It will keep you safe and you must be safe” again James noted another meaningful look pass between his wife and Dumbledore. He thought it best not to comment then but would find out what it was about.

January 22nd 1981 10pm

It was a tired and worried couple that retired to their bedroom at Godric’s Hollow later that evening. Harry had been put to bed as the last of the wards had been placed. James hadn’t been happy at the prospect of being cooped up in the house for a long period of time but he recognized the bigger danger ahead. He wasn’t going to be the man that didn’t protect his family because he didn’t want to be stuck in one place. No, he may get bored but he wouldn’t risk his family for anything.

It was quite unnerving the feelings he was getting from Hermione, he had gotten used to finding and reading her emotions that sometimes he didn’t realize he was doing it. He’d expected to find her feeling worried and scared, not accepting and peaceful, almost like she expected this to happen. He filed that useful bit of information away for later, whatever his wife’s unusually large brain was working on, he was sure to find out soon.

Choosing their secret keeper had taken more time than James had expected. When Dumbledore had first mentioned it his mind had immediately turned to Sirius but as Hermione pointed out he was an obvious choice. They needed to go with the unobvious. James next suggestion was Peter. Again Hermione said no, she didn’t want that weight on Peter’s shoulders, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust him or think that he couldn’t handle it, she just didn’t want anything to be the way it was less that be cause for mistake.

Finally James suggested Remus and surprisingly Hermione agreed. It wasn’t just that Remus was calm in any situation, or that because of his furry little problem he was stronger and faster than most – if he happened to get caught he could probably get away. It was more that since Remus had completely fused his body and soul with Moody he now had the best parts of both of them. She knew he’d be fiercely protective of anyone trying to get information from him because he recognized Hermione and James and Harry as members of his pack, the heightened strength, agility and senses helped as well. Moony was always known for protecting his own and now that was merged with the overly loyal calm Remus he was a force to be reckoned with.

As Hermione finally fell to sleep her last thought was of the poor informant who now had to kill a snake! 

Hello lovelies - hang in there! - I have eight chapters left to write (one that will probably give me a giggle fest while writing it and you while reading it) Tell me what you think :) ~ Zyii

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