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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 12 : Cliff Hanger!
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The door opens up and in walks the greatest thing ever. My husband, Draco. “Draco!” I call as I try to get up and out of this uncomfortable hospital bed.

Hermione holds me down. “Don’t you dare, you’re eight and a half centimeters dilated. You are not going anywhere.”

“Don’t tell her what to do.” Draco says to her.

Hermione stares at him, shocked and astounded. “What?”

“She can do what she wants,” Draco says looking at her. “I think you’re work here is done, Hermione.”

“What?!” I groan. Hermione was doing a perfectly good job taking care of me, she knows what's she’s doing, I don’t know why Draco has a problem with this.

“I think you’ve done your job. And Astoria doesn’t need your help any longer.”

“I’m sorry,” Hermione says half laughing. Whenever she half laughs, she’s furious. “But where were you when your wife was in labour. Where were you when she had to endure painful contractions? Where were you when she had to be in painful labour for the last four hours? From what I’ve heard, you decided to not answer your phone! Did you not hear the messages that my daughter sent you?” She folds her arms causing her blue hospital scrubs to crinkle. “So I don’t think you should be saying anything.”

She turns to the kids. “Get into the hospital scrubs. They’re in the top drawer,” She glares at Draco. “You too!”

Draco looks to me to back him up. “I’m sorry Draco,” I start. “But I actually want Hermione to stay here. She’s knows what she’s doing. And from what I last remember, when Scorpius was born, you fainted from the stress,” Hermione tries to hide her giggles.

Draco glares as Scorpius snickers also. He obeyingly slips on the scrubs.

“Wash hands,” Hermione says. She turns to me and weakly smiles. She was getting stressed by how many people are coming in.

“Okay, I’ve done everything you told me to. Now can I please talk to my wife?” Draco asks.

Hermione nods. “Make it quick though. The doctors going to be back to decide what’s going to happen,” Hermione walks away and shoos the kids out of the room.

“What?” Hugo asks. “We just got our scrubs on!”

“Get back out there! You left the Adelaide and Henry out there all by themselves! How could you be so st-” The door closes behind them.

I look to him sympathetically. “Sorry, she’s done a great job taking care of me though. It won’t be that long before she’s here,” I say grabbing his hand.

He smiles at me. Suddenly, hot knives begin to stab me in the back. The pain is unbearable, I don’t know what to do. I begin to breathe heavily and wince.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening? Is the baby coming?” He says standing up and holding my hand.

I can’t say anything. It’s so painful. “Just get Hermione!” I manage to get out in a snappy manor.

Draco sprints to the door and opens it up. Hermione walks in quickly and grabs a hold of my hand. “Get the healer!” She orders Draco. “How far apart are they now?”

“Five minutes,” I manage to get out.

The healer walks in and stares at all the people in my room. She rushes towards and checks my stats. “You’re ten centimeters dilated.” She slaps on the gloves and I cringe. “You’re going to be ready to push soon,”  I laugh nervously. I turn to Draco whose face is almost transparent.

The healer stares at everyone. “Look I’m sorry but only one can stay.”


“Are you serious?!”

“So messed up.”

“I’m sorry I don’t make the rules around here.”

I look to Draco then at Hermione. This is so difficult to choose. It’s been so long since I’ve been through this process, it’s almost like I’m giving birth for the first time! Draco is my husband, he should automatically have to be allowed in here, but when Scorpius was born, he fainted from all the stress and craziness.

Hermione, she’s my best friend ands has helped me from the beginning of labor. She knows what’s she’s doing here and knows what to expect and help me through all this. She remained calm and even got me to calm down. Who am I to pick?

 “You’re going to have to pick soon or I’m going to have to,” The healer says after minutes of me thinking.

Hermione and Draco are both looking at me now. Oh god, why is this so difficult. “Draco can stay,” I blurt out finally. Draco takes a sigh of relief. Hermione nods as she begins to take off the scrubs. She walks outside and tends to Adelaide. Why do I feel so guilty?

Draco sits next to me as the nurse prepares the station for the baby. More nurses get pushed into my already small room. Draco grabs a hold of my hand and squeezes it.

“You ready?” He asks smiling. He pushes my hair back from my sweating face.

I squeeze his hand back. “Yeah.”


Since Rose, Scorpius, and I were already voted out of the room, we stripped out of our scrubs and sulked back into the waiting room.

“Who do you think she’s going to pick?” Rose asks Scorpius. Scorpius shrugs.

Just as Rose asks the question, Mum storms out of the room and walks up to the baby carriers and picks up Henry. She feeds him and rocks him angrily.

“Mum?” I ask nervously. “What happened.”

“She picked him,” Mum says with attitude. “I knew it was going to happen though,” She rolls her eyes and smiles at Henry. “But whatever.”

We hear shouts and screams coming from the door. Mum stares angrily at it. “He has no idea what she’s going through,” She says quietly.

“I’m sure he’ll do fine, Mum!” Rose says.

Hours go by and nothing happens. Mum is soon pacing the floor and nervously rocking Henry. Adelaide is sleeping in her carrier as Scorpius and I get into a heated argument about Quidditch.

“Gryffindors don’t have a chance next year.” Scorpius says.

“Says who?” I debate.

“James is gone. He was their best player.”

“I thought I was the best player!” Rose adds laughing.

“Right, but now they have Al as seeker. I’ve seen him play, he’s better than James. All I have to say is Slytherins watch out.” I add.

“Right, you and Fred being chasers I better!” Scorpius says.

“Scorpius, I can tell you right now Slytherin better start training soon,” Rose says grinning.

“Yeah, why?” Scorpius asks crossing his arms.

“Because I’m captain,” Rose says quietly.

“You’re captain!?!” Mum says looking at her. “Rose! That’s wonderful!”

“Why are you telling us now? When did you find out?” I ask.

“Just a month ago.”

“And you’re telling us now?!?”

“Well from all the stresses of life and stuff, I just completely forgot about it.”

“Wait until your father hears about this!” Mum says happily. We hear more shouts coming from that room. Mum looks over at the door nervously. She begins to pace again.

“Mum, she’s fine,” I say.

“Yeah, Mrs, Weasley. My Mum is fine.”

“He has zero clue on what to do,” Mum says angrily. “I should be in there! At least I know what I’m doing.”

“Mum, you might as well become a healer,” Rose says.

“Oh I could never do that type of work,” Mum says. “I enjoy writing. I’ve even made progress on that book,” Her cell phone rings. She picks it up.

“Hello?......... Ron? Ron, calm down. What?...... Oh my god Ron, we’re fine. Yes I have Rose and Hugo............ Yes and Adelaide and Henry........ Honestly, you become an auror and suddenly you think everyone is against you!...... No no honey that was a joke.... I know I know..... We’re at St. Mungos...... yes everyone is fine....... No! Astoria is in labour!...... yes we were here all day..... ok bye,” She sighs and stares at us. “You’re father is coming here. He’s bringing baby formula and other things.”

Scorpius sighs. “This isn’t going to go well.”

Rose’s face goes white. I gulp. Dad and Mr. Malfoy haven’t seen each other since the Ministry incident. Almost every night we had to hear him complain about the death eaters and what not. He’s furious about what they did.

When Dad comes here... all hell is going to break loose.   


I apparate to St. Mungo quickly. Not to visit the Malfoys. But to visit my infants and teens. It’s been a week since I’ve seen them after all.

“Hey,” Hermione says walking over and kissing me on the cheek. She hugs me close, I take it she misses me too. “Adelaide’s in her carrier and Hugo is holding Henry. Did you bring the bag?”

I hold the bag up. She grabs it and quickly picks out the baby formula. “This kids both have your appetite,” She says laughing as she shakes up a bottle of formula to give to Henry.

I try to peek into the room where the Malfoys were. “How long were they in there?”

Hermione stands up as she’s feeding Henry. “For a while. A little too long,” She glances at Scorpius who is nervously pacing. “Hopefully there’s nothing wrong with the baby,” She whispers so that Scorpius can’t hear her.

I begin to prepare a bottle for Adelaide and begin to feed her. A nurse almost walks into Malfoy’s room. “Oi!” I call out to her.

She spots me and walks over in a funny way. I take it she recognizes who I am and is attempting to flirt with me. “What can I do for you today?” She says smiling.

“Is everything okay in there?” I ask pointing to the door.

She looks back at it and sighs. She was expecting me to flirt back at her. “I can go check,” She says walking in there.

I glance over at Hermione and she stares at me funny. “Nothing going on there, I promise,” I reassure her.

She laughs. “Oh I know.” She grins. “It’s just sometimes to entertaining to see their faces when they realize you’re married.”

The flirty nurse walks back out and motions me to come to her. “Their having trouble getting the baby out,” She whispers to me.

“What do you mean?!” I ask shocked.

“They’re trying everything they can,” She touches my arm soothingly. “Don’t worry,” She consoles and smiling. “Everything’s going to be okay. Can I help you in any wa-”

“There’s my baby boy!” Hermione says walking over in her baby tone. She kisses Henry on the forehead and smiles at me. “Something wrong honey?” She links arms with my free arm.

“Uhhh, sorry didn’t catch your name,” I say to the nurse.

“Macy,” She says as her lips form a thin line.

“Right,” I say half laughing. “Uhhh Macy, this is Hermione. Erm my wife.”

Hermione grins. “Is there something wrong?”

“They were just saying that the baby is being a bit stubborn. They can’t get her out.”

“Oh no!” Hermione says getting out of her protective wife character into a serious tone. “Is there anything we can do.”

“You’re doing quite enough,” Macy says quietly. She’s now not smiling but is rather serious. “They might have to perform a c-section if nothing is working.”

“Can you keep us updating?” I ask.

She nods and walks away. Hermione smirks and looks at me. “What?!” She says after I give her a dark look. “She went a bit too far. She was ignoring the signs of you being a father and a wife. Someone had to let her down gently,” She smiles. “I was just being protective,” She kisses me on the nose. She takes Henry and goes off to change him.

I laugh and roll my eyes. I follow behind Hermione and take a seat next to Rose.

The doors of Malfoy’s room slams open and nurses are running out and shouting orders to each other. Soon after that, a stretcher is pulled out and Astoria’s laying on it with Draco following behind the stretcher.

Hermione and I stand up quickly. “Mum?” Scorpius says following behind us.

“What’s happening!” Hermione calls out.

A nurse turns around and calls out. “The baby’s heart beat is dropping drastically. We have to go to an emergency c-section.”

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