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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 19 : Looks like trouble is going to happen.
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A/N: Because I love you all and the Validators are just pure amazing, I have updated again for you all :-D

I'm so glad that there's interest in the prequel! It's got Amelia's brother in it and I LOVE Amelia's brother Adam... anyway haha :) Here is the next chapter, this is the one before BIG things happen. And I mean big! Only seven more to go after this, scary times!


James never came back into the room that night; Amelia knew this because she had stayed up to talk to him. Lucy had stayed with her the whole night so she wouldn’t get lonely, making a quick stop to her own room to get her stuff, but had fallen asleep around four in the morning. Amelia hadn’t slept at all.

Amelia and Lucy had been talking for most of the night, about how Amelia was feeling about the whole situation, it felt good to have someone to finally talk to properly that wasn’t going to be taking sides. Her family when told had instantly taken her side and would say about how they always knew that James was trouble.

With Lucy she had listened to Amelia spilling out her inner most feelings and didn’t pass judgement on either party, other than to call her cousin an idiot for ever cheating on Amelia, but she had made her see everything he was trying to do to make her see that he had changed. And talking about how each of them obviously still loved each other, and if she could just see past the one mistake in the relationship then maybe they could go to being friends at the least.

Amelia had finally come around to Lucy’s thinking of being just friends with James, because she knew deep down that if she ever lost him completely from her life then she would just be miserable, like she had been for the past few months without him.

It was with this resolve that she had wanted to sit up and wait for James, to apologise for what she had said to him that day and to say about how she wanted to begin being friends, if not now then eventually, when she began to learn to trust him again. It wasn’t much but it was all she felt that she was up to, and she hoped that it wasn’t too late for them to at least attempt to have some sort of relationship between them.

But he never showed up.

She had been hoping that he would, but she knew that she had hurt him with what she said.

With another look at her watch and a loud sigh she got up off of the bed and decided to get showered and dressed, hoping that James would have calmed down when she went down to breakfast.



But he hadn’t, she could tell by the cold look in his eyes and the hard look on his face. She had made her way downstairs after waking Lucy and waited for her to get ready, and as soon as she walked into the room she saw that James refused to make eye contact with her.

With a small look at Lucy, she grabbed herself an apple and a glass of water and sat down opposite him, Lucy sat next to her with a bowl of cereal a few moments later.

“How is everyone?” Amelia asked the group of people sat in the kitchen enjoying their breakfast. They each replied to her apart from James, who had kept quiet.

Her gaze flickered to Lucy again who was frowning at James.

Albus’s looked between Amelia and James before turning to look at Mariah who was sitting next to him, eating some jam on toast.

“Awkward!” Albus said in a sing song voice, Mariah tried to hide her smirk behind her toast as everyone else turned to look at Albus who plastered an innocent look on his face. “What?” he asked.

James shook his head at Albus before going back to his breakfast. Amelia let out a small cough before she looked at James again.

“You didn’t come back last night,” she said quietly to James, he let out a small sigh before he answered her.

“Noticed did you?” he answered in an annoyed tone.

“Well, yeah. Of course I did,” Amelia stated, noticing that James still wasn’t looking at her.

“I’m surprised you even cared,” James snapped before standing up suddenly and leaving the table, throwing his bowl of half eaten cereal into the sink and storming out of the room muttering as he left .“You don’t care about anything!”

Amelia watched him leave, not feeling hungry anymore. She put down her apple and stood up slowly, aware that everyone’s eyes were on her. She left the room quickly.



She spent most of the morning sitting away on her own and wondering just what she could do to get James to calm down. After a while of nothing coming to mind she set off to search for him. It was just typical of James to always be around her when she didn’t want to see him, yet be nowhere to be seen when she wanted to talk to him.

She had finally tracked him down back in the room they had been sharing up to the previous night, and she could tell that he knew she was there by the way that his back stiffened when she entered the room. She felt her heart wrench at the way he was behaving towards her, and she knew that she was partially to blame for it.

She watched him for a moment before she spoke.

“Where have you been? I couldn’t find you anywhere,” she asked him softly. He bent down to move around a few items of clothes.

“Just around, not that you really care. But don’t worry, I wasn’t off ‘sleeping around’” he snapped at her.

Amelia felt like he had stabbed her with that comment, but she tried as hard as she could to ignore him. She knew that James was just trying to hurt her, and he had done a fantastic job of it.

“James I want to talk to you,” Amelia said quietly as she watched James pick up his clothes, his back was turned to her but she knew that he was angry, she could tell.

“Well as you can see I don’t want to talk to you,” he snapped.

Amelia resisted sighing at him, instead she walked into the room and approached him, James moved away from her.

“What is wrong with you!” she snapped as she watched him pick up some more items and put them on top of his small clothes pile, before walking out of the room, she quickly followed him.


“Yes you! You’re going around thinking that you’re the only affected by this...” Amelia began but James interrupted her.

“How can I not think that when you’ve just stood there and acted like nothing’s wrong! Like what we had between us meant nothing to you!” James roared at her as he stormed down the corridor and towards the room he had stayed in the night before, so he could begin getting ready for Dominique’s birthday party later that day.

“How dare you!” Amelia seethed, her face turning red as she followed him. “You don’t know what I felt... The reason I didn’t want to talk about everything James is because it has been too damn hard!”

James stopped at the doorway of the bedroom; Fred and Mariah were already inside and staring at them.

“And yet now you seem to have miraculously been healed from your hurt and want to ‘talk’ about things? Well tough luck Amelia, it’s a case of too little too late.”

“You’re acting so childish!” Amelia screamed at him, James just glared at her.

“Bit rich coming from you!” he snapped.

“Just hear me out ok?”

“What like you heard me out all those times? Is it one rule for you Amelia and another for me?” he threw his pile of stuff into the room before turning back around to face her. “Well I’m not doing this anymore, so go and find someone who gives a damn!” before slamming the door shut on her.

She let out a scream of anger before pounding on the door. She called James a few harsh names before she stormed back to her room.

Charlie poked his head around the doorway of his room and looked around. He noticed that Lucy was standing outside her own doorway and was looking towards where the source of the noise had been an anxious look on her face.

“Now Lucy,” Charlie said, causing Lucy to jump and turn around to face him. “What in the name of Merlin’s beard was that all about?”

Lucy shrugged as if she had no clue but Charlie could see the guilty look on her face.


“I don’t know anything I swear,” she said quickly before walking back into her room and closing the door behind her, Charlie watched her, a suspicious look in his eyes as he vowed to get to the bottom of the couples strange behaviour.




For most of the day James and Amelia had been bickering loudly, mostly noticed by a few of the adults, Fred and Lucy had tried to get them away from each other with the help of Rose and Mariah, who were trying to diffuse the situation before they could end up screaming at each other again.

“How on earth did this get so out of hand?” Rose cried loudly as Mariah had taken Amelia out of the room, asking her for help with her dress for Dominique’s birthday party. James had already stormed off again; he seemed to be getting good at storming away from places.

Dominique had wanted to have a small party for her birthday with just her family, saying how she could see her friends when she goes back from her holiday. The adults had all heartedly agreed and it wasn’t long before they all started work on fixing up the garden, which was the best place for the party to be held.

Some of the younger ones such as Albus, Roxanne, and Louis had been sent down the town to pick up ‘essentials’ for the party, which according to Albus was as much alcohol as they could carry. And Lily was helping Hugo warm up for his triangle solo he had written in honour of Dominique’s birthday.

“I have no clue, they were getting on fine and she even said last night that she wants to start being friends with him again.” Lucy stated, watching as Mariah walked with Amelia into the house.

“Friends?” Rose cried incredulously. “They should be more then friends, they should still be husband and wife”

“Oh come on Rose, it’s a bit more difficult than that. He betrayed her trust and if he wants to stay in her life like he said he wanted to then he’s just going to have to deal with this.” Lucy said with a shrug.

“I suppose if it was me, I wouldn’t want to speak to him ever again.”

“She still loves him, she told me.” Lucy said sadly, thinking of her friends and cousins predicament, sometimes she just wanted to smack both their heads together to make them see sense, but they were both as stubborn as each other when it came to this.

“James still loves her, but he’s given up on trying for her,” Fred told them, Lucy and Rose looked at him.

“No he can’t! She’s only just starting to see sense.” Lucy cried. Fred just shook his head.

“Then we better hope that we can make him try again,” Fred stated with a sigh. “And we best hope that no one else notices what is going on in the meantime.”




“Uncle Charlie knows,” Lucy said a few hours later, catching up to Fred who was about to walk into the garden for the party.  Everyone had gotten ready, Rose and Lucy getting ready with Amelia, to help keep her distracted and away from James for the time being. Mariah joined them as well before rushing off to meet Albus.

“What? How did he find out?” Fred asked looking around them for a sign of Charlie but not seeing anyone.

“He heard them arguing, he just came up to me and told me he knew everything.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone heard them arguing,” Fred muttered, the two cousins quickly walked into the garden and over to an empty table so they could talk to each other.

“I know for definite that Mariah overheard them, she was in the room with me when James and Amelia came down to us,” Fred said still looking around them for a sign of anyone listening to them.

“Does she know exactly what’s happening?” Lucy asked quickly, her eyes widening, at the rate Amelia and James were going everyone was going to find out quickly. “I mean I know she was helping us earlier... but does she know why they’re arguing?”

“She’s a smart girl; I think she figured it out. It didn’t help that James was cursing Amelia’s name and yelling to himself about how he should have never asked her here in the first place.”

“Well that’s going to do it. And she’ll tell Albus.” Lucy said with a small sigh.

“I know for a fact that she won’t,” Fred said jumping to Mariah’s defence,

“And how do you know that?” Lucy asked.

“Because I made her promise not to, and she agreed that it was up to James to tell Albus not her.”

“She’s really a great girl isn’t she?” Lucy stated looking around the garden and seeing Albus and Mariah giggling together and giving each other a quick kiss.

“I think she’s good for Albus.”

“Uh-oh” Fred added, Lucy looked away from Mariah and Albus and over to where Fred was looking. James had stormed in the garden and had gone straight over to where the alcohol was laid out, Amelia had entered a few moments later, as though she had tried to talk to James but he had walked off from her. She glared at him before walking over to the opposite side of the garden.

“Looks like trouble is going to happen.”


A/N: Cliffie? I think so. But this needs to happen for the next chapter! The next chapter I've had planned from the beginning so I can't wait for you all to read it.

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