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The Power He Knows Not by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 1 : Finding a Way to Strike Back
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“Harry if it’s not Cho then you need to tell us who you like.” Ginny said, “If you don’t know we’ll just have to line all the girls in Hogwarts up and have each kiss you to see who gets the reaction.”

“NO!” he yelled, “I am not kissing every girl in Hogwarts.  I don’t like every girl and there is no way I’ll kiss Parkinson, Bullstrode or any other Slytherin girl.”

“Then narrow it down for us Harry.” Hermione said, “We’re just trying to help you.”

“I thought it would be Cho.” Ron said. “It’s not Harry’s fault she has to start crying about Cedric every time he comes around.  That’s got to be a huge turnoff.”

“What’s going on in here?” Fred asked as he and George walked into the classroom the six others were using, “We heard Harry yell clear out in the hall.”

George continued, “If you’re planning a prank we’ll offer our expertise.”

“Nothing that fun.” Neville snickered, “Ginny has suggested that if Harry’s scar hurts when Voldemort is emotional then maybe we can hurt him back if Harry’s emotional.  So they are trying to figure out who he likes so that they can get an emotional response.”

“That’s easy it Cho Chang.” Fred replied.

“Tried that, didn’t work.” Ginny said, “She just becomes a human hose pipe whenever Harry’s around.”

“Well that’s a huge turnoff.” George said, “So who do you like Harry?”

“I don’t know.  I haven’t thought about it.” He responded.

“Well she would have to be against Voldemort.  And close to our age, I would say no younger than third year.  So that narrows down the list to about twenty five from each house but Slytherin.”  Luna swished her wand produced a list of girls that fit that requirement sorted by house.  “Here is your list to choose from, who would you want to mark off.”

“Well shouldn’t we take off any girl who wouldn’t want to kiss me?” he asked.

“Who doesn’t want to kiss you?” Fred asked.

“I’ll mark off anyone who already has a boyfriend.” Hermione took the list, “Then I’m marking off myself because Harry’s like my brother and I think that would be just too weird.”

“Good call Hermione.” Harry responded, “Mark off Luna too because I have two sisters.”

Luna’s smile took up her whole face and she gave Harry a big hug, “Thanks, I like having a big brother.”

“Any other sisters Harry?” Ron asked.

Through Luna’s hug a distracted Harry said, “No, I don’t think so.” 

Fred started to talk and Ginny put her hand over his mouth before he got out a sound.  She had her wand in her hand and pointed it at Fred, George and then Ron.  All three got the message and didn’t say anything more.  Finally Luna let go of Harry and wiped her eyes.

“Who’s up for a kitchen run?” Fred asked.

“We just finished lunch.” Harry said, “How can you be hungry?”

“I’ll go.” Neville and Ron said at the same time, they started out the door followed by George and Fred.

Harry sat in a chair and said, “Why do I feel abandoned.”

“Don’t worry Harry,” Ginny said, “They didn’t abandon you their stomachs did.  Besides we’re still here.”

“Well you are anyway.” He said, “Those two are wrapped up in the list.”  Luna and Hermione were looking closely at the list and whispering to each other, completely ignoring the other two.

Ginny sat on the desk by the chair and said, ”I’m curious, you don’t think of me as a sister?”

“Do you want to be a sister to me?” Harry asked.

“I want to be your friend.” She replied.

“I like you as a friend, it’s just in a different way than Luna and Hermione.” He said, “I’m not sure I can explain it but I do like you.”

“I’m glad because I like you too.”  Ginny said, “You know if I stay on that list it would mean we may have to kiss.”

“That wouldn’t be too horrible would it?” Harry grinned.

“No.” she giggled, “In fact we could try and start narrowing down the list now and see what happens.  I mean to really test this we should only have you kiss one girl per day so that we know which one caused the reaction.”

“So we should start with us kissing and see if there is any reaction.” Harry stood up and faced Ginny, “What reaction are we looking for, I mean we won’t know if it is affecting Voldemort.”

“Well.” Ginny said as she stood up and faced Harry, “It needs to get a reaction out of you.  If you like it and it makes you happy then that may affect him.  Even if it doesn’t, it still makes you happier.”

Harry leaned forward and Ginny met him half way.  The kiss wasn’t long but when they pulled back Harry said, “Wow, I think we found the response we’re looking for.”

Ginny blinked slowly and smiled, “Yes we did.”  She leaned back in and the two began to kiss more passionately.

Meanwhile Luna and Hermione were scratching names off the list, “I just can’t see Harry with her.”

“No, I agree.” Luna said, “She isn’t very nice.”  After several minutes she whispered, “Really I’d like to see him get with...”  At this point she looked up to see where Ginny and Harry were.  She spied them kissing on the other side of the room and she said grinning, “Ginny.”

Hermione who hadn’t looked up nodded, “True, I think she would be best for him.”

“She is best for him.” Luna elbowed her friend, “Look.”

Hermione turned around and saw the two on the other side of the room kissing, “I wonder if this was what Ginny had in mind when she chased her brothers out.”

“I bet she hoped it would.” Luna giggled, “But she just didn’t want Fred asking Harry if she should be on the sister list.”

“No doubt Harry would have put her on the sister list if any of those three had asked.” Hermione said, “Come on we’ll just step outside and guard the door.”

Outside the door all four boys were waiting. “Did it work?”

“If you’re asking did Harry and Ginny get together, it did work.” Hermione grinned.

“Hem, hem”  The group turned around and groaned, “You need to be farther apart.  Ms. Granger having this many boys around you at one time might lead to a bad reputation.”

“Later guys.” Hermione said as she stepped away wondering where Luna had gone.

“Now.” Umbridge continued, “Why would you all be standing around an empty classroom?  Move out of the way, I bet something is going on it that room and I’m sure Mr. Potter is in it up to his ears, whatever it is.”

Fred calmly said, “No, this is just where we stopped.”

“Move away.” Umbridge yelled and the group reluctantly stepped aside.  The horrid woman opened the door and stepped inside.  After looking around she stepped back out, “Why are you still here?”

“If we walk and talk at the same time we might trip and fall and that could cause a hall blockage so we stopped to talk.” George said with an innocent face.

Umbridge stalked off and the four boys relaxed.  After a few moments the door opened and Luna poked her head out, “She gone?”

“Yes.” Ron said, “Thanks for warning them.  Where are they now.”

“We’re still under the cloak.” Harry said, “It might look suspicious if we suddenly appear next to you.”

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with you wanting to be close to a certain red head?” Fred asked.

“Shut up.” Ginny said, “If I want your interference I’ll let you know.”

“Are you guys ok with this?” Harry asked.

“We wouldn’t have left you alone in the room if we weren’t.” George said, “Congratulations, can’t wait to tell Mum.”

“You will all keep your traps shut.” Ginny ground out, “I get to tell Mum in my own way and I don’t want you ruining it.”

“Just make sure you tell her before she invites him home for Christmas.” Ron said.

“Why?” Ginny asked suspiciously.

“She just needs to know she’s inviting your boyfriend not just my friend.” Ron said, “He’ll still be invited but she needs to be forewarned.”

“Ok fine I’ll do that.” Ginny said, “Great she’s coming back we’re going to leave now.”

“Good idea.” George said.

“I need to know where Mr. Potter is.” Umbridge said.

“Sorry Professor,” Neville said, “We haven’t seen him.”

“Well when you do, send him to my office immediately.” She stated before she stormed off.

“I don’t think we’ll see him again until tonight after curfew.” Neville whispered after she left. 


Harry and Ginny slipped down the hall.  They stopped outside an unused classroom, “I don’t see her, I going to check…”

The door opened behind him and Harry heard Dumbledore’s voice say, “Come inside quickly Harry.”

Harry looked at Ginny in alarm but stepped into the room.  There he found his Headmaster along with Sirius and Remus.  Dumbledore shut the door and said, “You two can take off the cloak now.”

Harry pulled off the cloak and looked at the Headmaster, “Sorry sir we were trying to get away from…”

“Umbridge, yes I know.” Albus said, “I’ve put a repelling charm in the hall so she won’t come down and hear us.  I need a list of your closest friends.”  This request made Harry pause.

“What did the spell on the mirror of Erised do for the stone?” Harry asked.

“Held it until someone who wanted to save it, not use it, looked into the mirror.” Albus said, “Well done.”

“Sirius, what did we talk about right before Moony came out to play?” Harry asked.

“I asked you if you wanted to come live with me.” He replied.

“Remus before Christmas second year you gave me a detention.” Ginny asked, “What did I have to do?”

Remus chuckled, “Write I will plan my pranks more carefully three times then we talked for the rest of the hour.”

“Wow Moony.” Sirius said, “If that’s how your detentions went no wonder you were the favorite teacher.”

“We talked about how I could make my pranks better.” Ginny giggled, “I pranked a Slytherin girl that kept calling Harry a horrible name.  Once Moony found out why I pranked her, he changed my detention.”

“Ok, Harry.” Albus said, “List of friends.”

Harry wrote the list and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Since the only floo in school that is not monitored is the floo in Umbridge’s office I’m worried she is going to try to take you.” Albus said, “So you and your friends are going to change schools.”

Harry and Ginny looked at each other in alarm, “A new school?”

“Yes.” Albus said, “Remus and Sirius are taking you two now.  I will bring your things and your friends on this list shortly.  Put the cloak back on and go quickly.”  Albus left the room.

“We’re going to be invisible too.” Sirius said, “Meet us outside the front doors and ten feet to the left, Professor McGonagall is waiting by the door just let her know when you want to exit.”

“I’ve got the map.” Harry said, “I’ll find you.”  He covered himself and Ginny up and they peeked out the door that Albus had left open.  They quickly slipped through the school and were at the spot several minutes before Remus and Sirius arrived.


Meanwhile Albus found Hermione, he hit her with a hex that made her trip on her own feet.  As he helped her back up he left a note in her hand and she slipped into the girls loo to read it.  She quickly left and started looking for the people the Headmaster had asked for.  She found Luna first and drug her into the girls loo and showed her the note.  Luna left quickly, Hermione waited for a few moments then left.  She went to the common room and found the rest of the individuals and they moved up to the fifth year boys dorm. 

After putting up silencing spells and a few other things Hermione pulled everyone to Ron’s bed that was furthest from the door.  She then showed them the note and they started moving quickly.  After they were finished they moved out to the common room.  The group of boys worked on keeping the rest of the girls in the common room as Hermione dashed into the girls side.  Once she was back in the common room Hermione nodded to the boys and headed out the portrait hole.  She walked quickly and reached the Headmasters office and spoke the password quietly and then stepped onto the stairs.  When she reached the door she spied Luna sitting on a chair.  She stepped in and said, “Do you remember the first time we talked in this office sir?”

“Yes.” Albus grinned glad to see Harry’s friend were making sure of him too, “You were receiving your time turner from Professor McGonagall.  She explained why you were getting it and I tried to talk you out of your choices.  I had done the same thing when I was your age.  And I dropped the same class about the same time you did.”

Ron and Neville were the next to show up followed several minutes later by Fred and George.  Albus pulled out a plate and said, “Harry and Ginny will meet you there.”

“Wait!” Ron said, “We need to ask you a security question.”

“I’ve got this one Ron.” Neville said, “Do you remember the first time we met?”

“Yes.” Albus laughed, “Your Uncle had lost you in Diagon Alley, I believe you were six.  I found you and took you to have an ice cream while we waited for him to come back.”

“Ok, we’re good.” Neville said.

“Portus.” Albus said and the six teens disappeared. 

A few seconds later he received a patronus, “Got them.”


At dinner he looked at two professors and scratched his ear.  The other two nodded back and resumed dinner.  He watched Umbridge out the corner of his eye and could pinpoint the second when she realized just who was missing.  She stood up and said loudly, “Where are they?”

“Who are you talking about Delores?” Albus asked.

“Potter and his cronies.” she spat, “You where are they?”  She had indicated Dean Thomas.

Dean shrugged, “I don’t know, I don’t baby sit them.  Last time I saw them was about twenty minutes ago in the common room.”

“Go see if they are still there.” She demanded.

“They were leaving the common room when I saw them.” Seamus said, “I didn’t ask where they were going because I don’t care what those idiots do.”

“Fifty points from Gryffindor for unhelpful brats.” Umbridge yelled, the Slytherin table chuckled and tried not to let out the laughs they really wanted to do.

Umbridge turned on the Headmaster, “This is your doing.”

“What is my doing?” Albus asked, “They just aren’t at dinner.  Dinner is not required attendance.”

She then turned to McGonagall who preempted her strike by saying, “You and I were monitoring halls all day Delores, I saw them several times in passing but I never stopped them to find out if they were planning to be gone at dinner.”

“I am sure you two are behind this.” She said, “The Minister will hear about this.”

Later that evening Albus was strolling down the hall, when he reached the main doors he said, “Fifty points to Gryffindor for constant vigilance.”  He then left the building and headed to the Hogs Head.

@@@ Previously @@@

Harry and Ginny met Remus and Sirius in the spot they had indicated. The two invisible men walked on either side of the teens under the cloak none of them spoke.  They walked across the grounds to Hagrids hut, Harry knew the door was locked because he had tried it just the day before, but Remus flicked his wand and opened it.  Walking in they shut the door and Sirius peered out a crack in the shutters.  The windows were all shuttered because Hagrid had not returned from his summer assignment yet.  Sirius levitated the huge bed while Remus opened a trap door and climbed down.  Harry and Ginny went next.  Harry held the cloak so that she could climb down without being seen and then he followed.  At the bottom of the ladder Remus was already visible again.  Sirius was the last down, he closed the door and then dropped the levitation spell.  The bed hit the floor with a muffled sound as Sirius had put a silencing charm on it.  When he reached the bottom he waved his wand and the trap door disappeared as well as the ladder.  Harry looked at Remus with the question on his face.

“They’re coming a different way.” Was the whispered reply.  They walked a few meters down the tunnel and Remus waved his wand and dirt reappeared in the area where the trap door had vanished.

They walked for a long way before they found another ladder with a trap door at the top.  Remus and Sirius had replaced the dirt as they walked.  Harry was glad he had the map and knew it was Remus and Sirius or he’d be seriously creeped out.  At the ladder Remus again went first, when he cleared the door he checked the room then called back down the hole, “Ginny next then Harry.  Come on up to your new home.”

The two looked at each other with speculation and then Ginny started up the ladder.  Once she was up all the way Sirius whispered, “You can thank me for that, he was going to have you go up first.”

Harry grinned at his Godfather as he admitted in his own mind, “I never thought about how cute her bum was before.”  Then he climbed up the ladder.  Ginny was sitting on a sofa in a room that looked like the Gryffindor common room, except no pictures.  He did note that there was a fireplace.

Remus saw him eyeing the fireplace and said, “The smoke is removed magically.  No floo at all so we don’t have to worry about anyone coming in that way.”

“How do we get in and out of here?” Ginny asked.

“Portkey.” Sirius replied, “Which should be here any minute.”

Harry sat by Ginny on the couch and they held hands.  After a few minutes Ginny leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder. 

“They remind me of James and Lily.” Sirius whispered to his friend.

“Yes except Ginny never fought it.  Harry was the blind one in this set.”  Remus chuckled.

“I don’t think that’s it.” Came the reply, “You’d take your time too if she had six older brothers.”

Remus laughed loudly and Harry looked at him in question.  Remus waved him off pointing to a wickedly grinning Sirius.  Harry shook his head, he really didn’t want to know.

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