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Livin' La Vida Loca by Snoopyy
Chapter 1 : Marriages and Paperwork
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It was a pretty average day on the 2nd floor of the Ministry of Magic in the Auror department as far as most people were concerned. There were a few visitors walking through looking for family members who had been captured and most of the Auror’s were hanging around waiting for orders. The most unusual thing that was happening was coming from behind a large black door at the end of the long corridor labelled with a gold plaque which read 4 simple words.

Head Auror: Harry Potter

Muffled shouts of anger were emanating from behind the door and this was where I happened to be at this time. Inside was a pretty basic for an office, a desk piled to the top with file paper concerning ongoing cases and filing cabinets situated all around the room, most of them were overflowing with paperwork. Sitting at his desk was my Uncle and my boss, Harry Potter. His jet black hair was poking up in all odd angles and his green eyes were filled with tiredness and exasperation. “Please don’t argue with me,” he said tiredly. “We need you to do this.”

I snorted and looked over to my left where the tall lanky frame of Scorpius Malfoy stood. His hands were clenched into fists and by the look his was giving me at the moment he might as well attack me right now. “I am not going to pretend to even know her,” Scorpius scoffed as his shot a glance towards me.

He can talk; I would rather drink Draught of Living Death than know him.

“Now way,” I added angrily. “I am not doing it no matter how hard you try and convince me otherwise.”

Scorpius vigorously nodded his head and it was good we could agree on one thing, even though he was a complete moron.

Harry sighed and his tired eyes looked over both of us and I squirmed uncomfortably as I looked at him. ‘I will not do it’ I firmly told myself. ‘I am not pretending to be married to Scorpius Malfoy the blonde brainless git.’

My grey eyes flashed vigorously as I looked over at Scorpius, who was glaring angrily at my Uncle as if he was pretending he was shooting him with daggers. I clenched my jaw and swept my flaming ginger hair behind my ear with one hand as I looked at my uncle’s expression. He was tired of this conversation and he wished we would just agree, his eyes told me everything I wanted. I scowled angrily and folded my arms as my mind tried to process what my Uncle had even suggested. He had asked us to pretend to be married so we can go undercover to follow some leads about some death eaters.

Me and Scorpius, married? That is a disaster waiting to happen. You would be better off putting Mum and on old exam paper graded with Troll in a room for five hours, the result would be cleaner with less deaths.

It had been rumoured that a group of death eaters were in hiding up in the Yorkshire Dales trying to bring back the ways when Lord Voldemort was still alive. And that’s another thing; me and the countryside don’t mix. Last time I was in the countryside I got lost in the fog, smelt because there were no showers and stepped in many un-nameable things which come out of a sheep’s bottom.

The argument had kicked off again and my mind finaly click back into place just as Scorpius was shouting something about hills. I looked up once I realised I was still staring at my boots, which were still looking so gorgeous on me. “What was that?” I asked as stupidly as I could. “I seemed to have dosed off because of all the useless shit coming out of Scorpius’s mouth.”

“Language,” Harry snapped with a cold glare in my direction. “Please can we call all swearing to a minimum in the work place.”

I stuck my tongue out when my Uncle wasn’t looking before I became occupied with twiddling strands of ginger hair around my finger. Scorpius had also lost interest and was now staring blankly at the wall behind my Uncle’s desk at the post reading ‘Vote Granger! ‘ with a picture of my mother waving under the large bold text.

My mother was going for Minister of Magic position against one of my other Uncles, Percy who had been after the job for years. Uncle George had said it was because if he became Minister of Magic he would probably ban laughing. I loved Uncle George, he was always the one to crack a joke at the perfect time and I could really use one of his jokes right now.

Finaly seeing that he had lost; Harry sighed bitterly and waved us away with one of his hands before resting his tired head in both of them. With a final scowl at Scorpius, I barged past him and opened the door before striding towards my desk. I always knew that become an Auror was going to be tough, but I never expected I would have to face this kind of stuff. I sighed angrily to myself as I opened the door to the offices before slamming it closed behind me.

I shared an office with three others including Teddy Lupin who I loved to talk to when I was bored, he was the best at making me smile at work. I saw him sitting at his desk looking rather painfully at a piece of paper which I recognised instantly as a witness report. Today his hair was fiery red in color and it looked like the whole top of his head was on fire by the way it had been styled.

“What’s that a report of?” I asked as I slid into a chair beside him.

Teddy looked up and smiled when he saw me sitting there before he returned to his work. “A report from one of the witnesses of those murders in Diagon Alley a few weeks ago,” he replied as he scrawled something in his notebook. “But to be frank, I have no idea what this fellow’s trying to say!”

I leaned over his shoulder and was utterly surprised by the bunch of silly words written on the sheet of paper. Where it said ‘name’ at the top of the page the witness had put ‘Purple Chicken.’ Now I highly doubt the witness’s name is Purple Chicken. “Maybe he’s lost his mind?” I replied. “Or he’s just screwing around and never saw the attack.”

Teddy sighed and stopped scribbling in his notebook before he looked up at me with wide blue eyes. “I think you may be right there, Rose,” he replied with a grin. “Or we’re both really stupid and it’s really obvious what the message he’s trying to get across is.”

We both laughed at this joke as fellow Auror Serena McMillan came through the door holding armfuls of paper. “Don’t suppose you’re free?” She asked us. “I have more witness reports from the attacks in Diagon Alley if anyone wants to look them over.”

“Oh yeah,” I said sarcastically. “There my favourite thing to do, give me all of them right now! Can’t wait to get started on some amazing witness reports.”

Serena smiled and gave me a few reports from the top of the pile before sweaping her long blonde hair ou of her eyes. I took them before swinging round in my chair so I was facing my desk before readying my pen and pad. Cracking my knuckles, I looked over at Teddy who was still staring painfully at the random witness report for one last time. I smiled before bending over my work and scribbling away and the sound of pen on paper reach my ears. Least doing the paperwork was better than pretending to be married to Scorpius Malfoy.

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Livin' La Vida Loca : Marriages and Paperwork


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