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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 6 : Learning to Fly
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It was November 3rd. typically the tradition was for Remus to meet me at the bottom of the girls staircase, hand me a neatly wrapped present, and then take me down to the kitchens for a breakfast he always had the house elves make me. Chocolate chipped waffles and toast. Typically on this day at this very moment I’d be running down the stairs beyond excited for the day. Yes, today was my birthday. But none of the things I would typically do where going to happen anymore. Want to know why? I just found out my best friend was a werewolf and more importantly that he had lied to me. I was never getting out of this bed again.






The hangings were shut tight around my bed and I was just staring at the ceiling above my bed waiting for idiot 1 and 2 to vacate the dormitory. I hadn’t spoken to Remus or any of the marauders once sense I had overheard their conversation. Despite the numerous attempts for them to get Mary or Marlene, and even Lily at one point to get me to go down and speak to them I hadn’t. Despite the letters Remus had been sending me telling me he was sorry and how he had never meant to ruin our friendship and just wanted to protect me. Bullshit.







I had finally wrapped my head around the idea that Remus Lupin was indeed a fact a werewolf and that didn’t bother me. It just left me with millions of questions. How did it happen? How old was he when he was bit? Most importantly why hadn’t he told me? When you go through the majority of your life with only one friend you lean on them for a lot of things. You tell them everything, you do everything you can for them and to help them. When Remus told me his mum was sick and that’s why he had to miss so many days of class I felt awful. I did everything I could to support him, and to find out it was all a lie? I couldn’t believe my best friend in the entire world had lied to me. That’s what hurt, and that’s exactly what led me to run away after I found out. That’s exactly why I spent a good hour crying in Regulus Black’s arms instead of tutoring him like I was supposed to have been doing.






“Do you think we should wake her?” I heard Marlene ask quietly. Don’t even bother; I put a charm on my curtains so they wouldn’t open them unless I wanted them too.






“I don’t know. She hasn’t left the dorm for days and I feel terrible. She and Remus were inseparable. I can’t imagine what might have happened.” Mary whispered back. I could tell they were trying not to wake me, and I realized maybe they weren’t so bad. That maybe I had just judged them so harshly and vice versa.






“Well, he’s miserable as well. I heard him telling James that today is her birthday you know.” Marlene whispered back. Well, it was nice to know he remembered.






“Katherine?” Mary called out. I held my breath hoping they wouldn’t realize I was awake.






“Enough is enough already.” A voice I recognized as Lily snapped as the door to the dormitory banged open. Good thing I thought to put that charm on my curtains. “Mary and Marlene would you excuse us I would like to have a few words with McEwen?” She added sweetly.






“Of course Lily.” Marlene whispered.






“If you manage to get through to her will you tell her we wish her a happy birthday?” Mary asked quietly. That was beyond surprising. None of my roommates had wished me a happy birthday sense first year. Lily must have nodded her head to answer her, because I didn’t hear anything besides the door shut.






“Katherine you will be getting out of this bed right now. I know for a fact today is your birthday and you will not spend it sulking in here. I do not give a shit what happened between you and Remus.” She yelled trying to wrench my curtains apart. When Lily Evans’ swears you know she’s pissed. “Dammit McEwen I didn’t want to have to do.” With a swishing noise my curtains opened.






“What the fuck?” I cried out. Lily gave me a smirk.






“Did you forget whose best in our year at charms Katherine?” She asked conversationally as though we were talking about the weather. I groaned of course I had forgotten about that.






“Go away Evans I don’t want to talk about it.” I snapped pulling the sheets higher up on me.






“Oh no, I did risk being late for breakfast just to come up here and listen to you whine. Get up now.” She barked her green eyes flashing.






“No.” I retorted. With a lazy flick of her wand I was covered in ice cold water.






“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” I demanded jumping out of my bed shivering.






“You have 10 minutes to shower. I’ll do your hair and makeup. Now get a move on it.” She said sternly. God no wonder she was head girl. She could be a right bitch if she wanted to be.






“I’m going, I’m going. Just keep your bloody wand away from me.” I mumbled grumpily. She gave me a satisfied smile her red hair gleaming.






I have to admit the hot water felt amazing. I had skipped showering, eating, lessons, and pretty much everything yesterday. Besides today was my birthday. At least my parents would still be sending me a card right? Who cares if I can’t spend it with Remus right? Wrong, I missed my best friend. I shut the water off, dried myself quickly, and got dressed. I really didn’t need that redheaded psychopath coming near me with cold water again.






As soon as I was out of the bathroom Lily went right to work. My hair and face were surrounded by hot air as she worked quickly to get me ready with her wand.






“There we go all finished.” She said proudly. I looked into the mirror and was in shock. Lily was a miracle worker. The dark shadows beneath my eyes were gone, and my eye color really popped with the eyeliner she used. My hair was in soft curls and it looked wonderful.






“Thank you Lily really.” I said earnestly. She really didn’t have to all of this for me.






“You’re welcome. Now let’s go.” I froze as she handed me my book bag. How was I supposed to face Remus?






“Don’t worry I took care of Remus he won’t bother you today.” She told me softly. Okay, I can do this. Besides I really needed to apologize to Regulus for blubbering all over him the other day. I was beyond embarrassed about that. Especially, sense we almost kissed. Thinking about that down to the Great Hall made my stomach flip flop. Lily had me sit with her, Marlene, and Mary. I avoided looking at the center of the table where I knew the marauders were sitting. I could practically feel Remus’ gaze drilling into my head.






“Hello, Katherine.” Mary said cheerfully. I was surprised at how friendly she was being towards me.






“Happy birthday.” Marlene said giving me a small smile. This was turning out to be a very awkward morning.






“Thank you.” I replied nervously. I had never been great with conversation and this was new territory to me. I noticed Lily gazing wishfully down to where James was sitting and I felt awful all the sudden.






“Lily, I don’t mean to keep you from sitting with your boyfriend. You can go down there don’t worry about me.” I said while playing nervously with a strand of my hair. She shook her head.






“Don’t worry about it, he understands. Besides,” She added. “One can only take so much of him at a time.” She said jokingly. We all laughed. I began to pile my plate with fruit and of course toast. I was really craving chocolate chip birthday waffles though. A swish overhead alerted me to the owl post coming on. Anxiously I moved my plate out of the way when Melody (the owl I bought my parents so we could keep in touch) flew towards me. More like dive bombed me. She hooted at me as I took a neatly wrapped small package from her and gave her some toast to nibble on before she took off again. What surprised me were the two other owls that dropped packages in front of me. I couldn’t believe it.






I opened the package from my parents and a card fell out. With a simple happy eighteenth birthday and love from mum and dad. I began to choke up when I saw the diamond earrings they had got me. They were incredible, and very sparkly. Mary and Marlene gave appropriate OH’s and ah’s. Lily gave me a big smile.






“Are you going to open the other two packages?” She asked motioning with her hand to the other neatly wrapped packages. I quickly put the earrings in from my parents and brushed away the tears that had begun to form in my eyes. I missed them so much sometimes. Lily growing impatient picked up a square package and shoved it towards me.






“This is from James, and I.” She said barely containing her excitement. Why did they get me a present? Lily and I couldn’t stand the sight of each other two weeks ago, and James and I had only recently started speaking. Plus the whole him questioning whether Remus could trust me thing really pissed me off.






“You didn’t have too…” I began, but she held up her hand to quiet me. I noticed James looking down the table at me as I unwrapped it. A beautiful leather bound journal fell out. How had they known I loved to write? Remus must have told them. “Thank you Lily this is wonderful!” I squealed and surprised myself when I leaned over the table in pulled her into a hug. She seemed surprised to but pleased that I liked it so much.






“You’re welcome,” She said happily. “Now hurry up and open your last gift. I just love watching people open presents!” She said enthusiastically. Lily Evans was sweet but also very strange. I shook my head with a small smile and reached for the last package.






“Oh my Godric.” I said and my jaw hit the floor. The most stunning necklace I had ever seen slipped out of the package. Lily let out a low whistle.






“Who sent you that?” Mary asked leaning over the table to get a better look. It was a white gold chain with an intricate drawing of a lilac incased in an oval frame with a beautiful glass purple bead hanging from it. I turned it over to examine the back of the oval frame and my heart stopped. Engraved into it were three letters.






“RAB. “






It was from Regulus. I had told him that lilacs were my favorite flower, but how had he known it was my birthday today? More importantly why did he buy something that was obviously very expensive for me? My mind replayed our almost kiss and I practically swooned right on the spot. Quickly I scanned the Slytherin table to see if he was there, but unfortunately he wasn’t.






“I have no idea.” I whispered. I don’t know why I felt the need to keep this information private, but this just felt so secretive and special. My cheeks were probably the color of Lily’s hair right now. Quickly I put the necklace on and snapped the clasp shut. I gathered up the rest of my stuff and jumped up from my seat. “I’m going to class I’ll see you all later. Thanks again for everything Lily!” She nodded her head suspiciously but didn’t say anything.






As I walked quickly out of the Great Hall I sent a small glance towards the space were the Marauders were seated. Remus was playing with his food half-heartedly, Peter was stuffing his face, James was staring at Lily, and Sirius was watching me. I met his gaze for a quick second and then turned away making my way to the Potions room. I knew I shouldn’t be walking by myself, considering what happened last time I did and I had promised Regulus I wouldn’t, but class was starting soon so the potions corridor shouldn’t be empty. I was right too, because I ended up following two Ravenclaws the entire way anyways.






Realizing once again as soon as I walked in there I had nowhere to sit; seeing as how I wasn’t talking to Remus. I took a risk and sat down at the table Regulus usually occupied by himself. The rest of the class began to trickle in, including Regulus. He looked pleasantly surprised to see me sitting there as I fiddled with my new necklace. Running a hand through his dark hair he sat down.






“I was hoping you would show up for class.” He said smiling.






“How could I miss class on my birthday?” I asked smiling sarcastically but pointedly looking down at the necklace that he had sent me. I looked up and met his eyes. They were alive and sparkling. Those fan girls had it wrong. If you could get lost in one of the Black brother’s eyes it was definitely Regulus.






“Do you like it?” He asked nervously smiling.






“No,” His smile slipped off his face. “I love it.” I told him sincerely. He was blushing, I never thought I’d see the day were Regulus Black blushed. Let alone, because of me. “However, you should not have spent so much on me! We have barely been friends for that long.” I said sternly. He looked confused for a second but before he could say anything Professor Slughorn walked in. 






“Today class I will have you take notes for the potion we will be staring tomorrow. It’s very complex so I recommend that some of you,” He looked pointedly at me. What an arsehole! Too bad that explosion I had caused only gave him a slight concussion. Though I suppose he had plenty of cushioning everywhere else to protect him. “Pay close attention.” He finished sternly, and began to write on the board. Why did I decide to continue with this class? Suddenly, I felt Regulus shift towards me slightly. He was so close our knees were touching and if I were to shift my head to the right it would be resting on his shoulder. My heart was practically pounding out of my chest. His breathe tickled my ear as he leaned in towards me.






“Don’t worry about the cost, it just means you’ll have to get me something equally as amazing for my birthday. Lastly, we may not have been friends for long, but I feel closer to you than anyone else.” I was blushing furiously at this point and all I could do was nod my head in response. Regulus was smiling widely when he turned his attention back to the board. Sweet Merlin I fancied Regulus Black bad. Needless to say I didn’t hear a word of what Professor Slughorn said the rest of the class time. When chairs began scraping I was brought out of my daydreams.






“Hello, Katherine are you there?” Regulus was waving his hand in front of me trying to get my attention.






“What oh yeah. Sorry I must have dozed off.” I said nervously playing with a piece of my long hair.






“I have a free period right now; do you need me to walk you to your next class?” He asked looking down at me.






“Oh no it’s Herbology, and I wouldn’t want you to walk all the way out there and then have to come back.” I told him and began gathering up my things quickly. It was really fucking warm in this classroom; which was surprising see as how it was the dungeons.






“Alright, well I guess I’ll see you around.” He grabbed a hold of my hand and slipped a piece of parchment into it quickly. He gave me a quick wink and was out the door. I waited till I was outside walking towards the greenhouses before opening it.






That necklace looks gorgeous on you. Meet me in the library tonight at 7.









I was smiling the rest of the day.










The rest of the day was uneventful. Herbology was easy as all we were doing was repotting plants and after that I had a free period. My last class of the day, Defense, was canceled. Wednesdays were the easy day of the week for me.






 I had avoided the marauders by taking a long walk around the lake and then hiding out in the girl’s dormitory till dinner. I was surprised when Marlene asked me if I wanted to walk down with her. Mary had detention for being caught in a broom cupboard with some Ravenclaw sixth year. Not all that surprising.






“Did you ever figure out who sent you that necklace?” Marlene asked as we were both loading our plates with food. I was surprised at how easy it was to talk to her when Mary wasn’t there babbling nonstop.






“No idea.” I didn’t feel like I should share with her just yet who had sent it to me. I had no idea what was going on with Regulus and I. For all I know he just wanted to be friends. I tried not to get my hopes up about him wanting more than that. “It’s beautiful though.” I said looking at it admiringly again.






“It seems like you have a secret admirer.” She said giving me a little wink. Just then Marlene’s boyfriend Benjy sat down next to us. He was a Ravenclaw seventh year.






“Who has a secret admirer?” He asked looking at his girlfriend curiously after giving her a quick peck on the cheek. She blushed. I even had to admit that that was bloody adorable. They had been dating sense fourth year and the fact that Benjy still had that effect on her showed you how much they loved each other.






“Katherine does.” She said smiling. Benjy looked at me like he was studying me for a few seconds. Typical Ravenclaw.






“I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Benjy.” He held out his hand which surprised me that he was being so polite.






“Katherine.” I replied giving him a small smile. Marlene nodded her head approvingly. I began eating quickly. There wasn’t that much time left before I had to meet Regulus in the library. I had been pondering it all day and I decided that he probably just wanted to work on the Defense assignment. It was probably a good idea to get a good head start on it.






“Hey girls and Benjy.” Lily said brightly and sat down next to me. James was following closely behind along with the other three marauders in toll. The look on Remus’ face made me lose my appetite. It’s only been two days and I miss him so much. Maybe I should just talk to him. No, remember he lied too you! While I was having an argument in my mind I missed out on what Lily was saying.






“Do you want to join us Katherine?” Lily asked her green eyes shining brightly.






“Join you where? Sorry I was lost in my thoughts.” I said awkwardly. She laughed and so did Marlene.






“Do you want to go shopping with us the next Hogsmeade trip?” Lily asked again. I can’t understand how not that long ago I had despised Lily Evans. She had been nothing but kind to me the past couple days. It was surprising.






“Um, yeah sure I’ve never really been to the clothes shop at the village before so you girls will have to show me around.” I told them doing my nervous laugh again. Godric I hated when I did that.






“What do you usually do there then?” Marlene asked curiously. This was getting awkward. I could see Remus physically tense up. I usually spent the day with him. Walking around and going to get butterbeer and filling up our chocolate stashes.






“Yeah what do you do there McEwen?” Sirius asked in a sarcastic tone. My blood began to boil. I needed to get out of there before I said something I would regret.






“I’ve got to go meet someone I’ll see you later Marlene and Lily.” I said in an apologetic tone.






“What no good bye for me, or how about one for Remus?” Sirius called after me. I began to feel a few tear drops fall.






 “Shut up you mongrel.” Lily snapped at Sirius as the doors of the great hall slammed shut behind me. I stood there for a few seconds to collect my thoughts when I heard the doors open again. I turned around expecting to see Lily and bright red hair was not what I saw. It was Remus. He stood their awkwardly and was running a hand through his sandy blonde hair before he spoke.






“I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Sirius can sometimes be a dick to people he cares about without realizing it.” He said nervously.






“Sirius Black does not care about anyone but himself.” I snapped and I went to turn away, but I felt Remus’ arm grab ahold of my wrist. I flinched out of surprise. He looked hurt at my reaction and quickly released his grip.






“I’m sorry I should have realized you wouldn’t want someone or something like me to touch you. I’ll just go.” He turned to leave, with his shoulders slumped dejectedly. Did he really think I wasn’t talking to him, because he was a werewolf?






“Remus that’s not why I’m angry.” I said softly. He froze before turning around to face me.






“Then why won’t you speak to me?” He asked questioningly.






“Let’s think about that for a second,” I said sarcastically. “Maybe, because you lied to me.”






“I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want to lose you Katherine.” He said earnestly.






“Well you should have instead of making me look like a complete fool in front of your friends,” I said bitterly. “How could you tell them and not me?” His brown eyes were filled with regret and I knew he was truly sorry, but that still didn’t take away the sting I felt from his lie.






“I didn’t tell them. They figured it out all on their own.” He said looking me straight in the eye.






“I’ve got to go Remus I’m going to be late.” It was almost seven. He nodded his head sadly. “Maybe we can talk later?” I asked softly. His eyes flickered with hope and he quickly nodded his head. I turned to go and he called out my name one more time.






“Katherine, one last thing.” He said quickly. He pulled a small frame out of his book bag and held it out to me. It was a picture of him and I over the summer holidays. We were down at the beach near my house and the picture form of him was picking me up and dropping me in the water. We were laughing and smiling. I felt my eyes start to water as I quickly put the picture in my own bag.






“We’ll talk soon I promise.” I told him honestly and gave him a quick hug. He didn’t seem to want to let me go, but did anyways after a few seconds.






“Happy birthday.” He whispered after me. I quickly walked towards the library my head consumed with thoughts of Remus. He was my best friend, and I guess I could understand how he wanted to protect me from himself. It still hurt that he lied, but sometimes you need to forgive and forget. Tomorrow him and I would sit down and have a long talk I promised myself.






When I got to the library Madam Pince gave me a nasty look. What was it with adults at this school holding grudges against students? You would think, by the way that she was looking at me, that I had set a pile of books on fire and danced around it.






I had no idea where Regulus was so I was wandering through the aisles aimlessly keeping an eye open for him. It was mostly empty, because everyone was at dinner. When I rounded a corner I felt someone grab a hold of me and pull me into one of the dark and deserted sections. I stamped hard on their foot and they let a muffle swear.






“Damn that hurt Katherine.” It was Regulus. Nice job injure the guy you fancy.






“Oh my Godric I am so sorry. I thought you were Rosier or somebody.” I was blushing and mumbling apologies. All he did was let out a quiet laugh.






“It’s alright I should have known better.” He told me as he sat down on the loveseat which was the only source of seats in the vicinity. I sat down next to him nervously.






“Still I’m sorry.” He rolled his eyes.






“You apologize too much.”






“Sorry, it’s…” I trailed off awkwardly. Why did I have to keep embarrassing myself here? He smirked.






“So did you want to start of the defense? Oh or your Ancient Runes? I know I completely screwed up our session on Monday, I’m a terrible tutor.” I told him apologetically.






“I didn’t ask you to meet me to work on homework.” He said his grey eyes looking straight at me.






“Oh?” I asked curiously. Then what did he want. My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest as he reached for my hand.






“Well, sense it is your birthday I wanted to show you something and I figured the safest place for us to meet would be the library.” His voice was soft.






“How did you know it was my birthday?” I asked. He avoided my gaze as he spoke.






“I may have overheard Sirius talking about it with Potter.” My expression hardened at the mention of Sirius’ name. I was still pissed off about his little remarks at dinner. Regulus must have noticed the sudden change. “Did Sirius do something to you?” He asked angrily.






“He tried to start a fight with me in the great hall over Remus.” I told him quietly. Regulus didn’t say anything for a few minutes, but still held onto my hand.






“I’ll take care of Sirius.” He said his grey eyes were hard. “As for Lupin I don’t really know what to tell you to do about that.” A sudden horrifying thought popped into my head, but Regulus wouldn’t right?






“You won’t tell anybody about what Remus is right?” I asked him situating myself so that I could get a better look at him.






“I don’t really have too many friends right now,” He said and that made me feel a bit guilty. I knew it was, because of me. “The only one in my house still talking to me is Narcissa. Even so I would never tell anyone something like that.” He told me earnestly. I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me off. “Anyways enough about that come on I want to show you something.” He pulled me up and dragged me out of the library. He still had a hold of my hand. I never thought I would ever be holding hands with someone like him, but truth be told nothing ever felt nicer.






“Where are we going?” I asked.






“Outside.” He replied simply. The grounds were empty and it was surprisingly warm outside for the beginning of November. The sky was dark and the stars were shining.






“What are you doing over the holidays?” I asked wonderingly. He seemed taken aback by my question but needless to say responded as we headed towards the Quidditch pitch.






“I won’t be going home. I’ll probably end up staying here at the castle. What about you?” He asked curiously. We had never really talked about our families before so I knew he was probably curious.






“Well my mum and dad want me to come home, but I kind of want to stay at Hogwarts seeing as this is our last year.” He nodded his head looking down at me. “I would miss seeing my little brother Russell though, but if I didn’t have to put up with my older sister Ann that would be fine with me.” I told him.






“You two don’t get along?” He asked as our footsteps thumped softly on the dirt ground. We definitely were going to the Quidditch pitch.






“No, we’ve always kind of clashed in personality.” I told him and it was true. “Ever sense we were little we couldn’t go at least five minutes without arguing. It drove my parents crazy, and I knew it was kind of a relief for the family that I ended up going away for school. It was a lot less stressful without all the fighting.” I finished.  






“I’m sorry I know how that is.” He said bitterly.






“Russell is amazing though. He’s probably the funniest kid I’ve ever been around.” I told him laughing. “You would like him.”






“Hopefully I get to meet him someday.” He said and I could tell he was being sincere. It made my heart swell. We came to an abrupt stop outside the broom shed. I did not like were this is going. Regulus gently let go of my hand and I ached for him to grab it again.






“Stay right here.” He told me and walked in the shed. I looked around the grounds curiously. We were completely alone. This was like one of those murder movies my sister was always watching. I hoped Regulus didn’t turn out to be some psycho and come out waving an axe or something. I jumped when I heard the shed door slam shut. Regulus did have something in his hands. Taking it in I almost would have preferred an axe.






“Oh no, no, no.” I told him shaking my head. His eyes were lit up excitedly. “There is no way you’re expecting me to go on that thing.” I said pointedly looking down at the broom.






“Oh come on it’ll be fun. Besides I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” He told me excitedly. It was nice to see how happy he looked at that moment.






“I haven’t been on a broom sense first year flying lessons and that resulted in me ending up in the hospital wing with a concussion.” I said nervously. Regulus laughed.






“Yes, I remember that. You were the girl who wacked herself in the head with the front of her broomstick.” If the situation wasn’t so severely embarrassing I might find it sweet that he remembered it.






“It is not funny. I had a broomstick handle indented in my forehead.” I said indignantly. This only made him laugh harder. “Fine see if I go on that bloody broomstick at all.” That sobered him and he stopped laughing almost immediately and walked towards me.






“Please.” He whispered in my ear. Yes.






“Fine.” I told him rolling my eyes and trying to keep my cool. He grinned excitedly and quickly mounted the broom low to the ground so I could get on as well. I wasn’t sure were to put my hands, but Regulus grabbed them and wrapped them tightly around his waist.  






“Hold on tight.” He said and before I could beg him to go slow we were off. I let out a small scream, and I could have sworn I heard Regulus laugh. The wind was whipping through my hair and we were going higher and higher very fast. The first few minutes I was terrified, but I knew at that very minute Regulus would not let anything happen to me. We began to slow down and eventually came to a complete stop about three hundred feet off the ground. It was like we were so close to the stars that we could touch them. I stuck my hand out as if to grab one and Regulus took a hold of it. He pointed directly at a star with our fingers entwined.






“That’s my star.” He said quietly and we traced the outline of the constellation Leo were the star Regulus was shining the brightest. I now had a whole new reason for this to be my favorite constellation.






“Beautiful.” I whispered. Regulus turned his towards me.






“Yes you are.” He whispered and gave me that smile that I loved so much. At that moment everything was simply right. My blue eyes met his grey eyes and I knew this person would never hurt me. That he would protect me, and be there for me. With us floating in the dark night sky my eyes fluttered shut and Regulus leaned in and pressed his lips softly against mine. I kissed him back and our lips worked together flawlessly. It was incredible, but more importantly all of these feelings just felt real. As romantic as this was though kissing on a broomstick was not the most comfortable idea. We pulled apart and his cheeks were slightly pink. I didn’t even want to know how red my face was.






“That was…” I trailed off lost words and looked up at the sky.






“Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.” He said and I felt my face heat up and I couldn’t stop a smile from overtaking my features.






“Me too.” I said looking at him and he met my gaze.






“Katherine I want to be with you more than anything. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this way about somebody, but you are everything I could ever want.” He told me earnestly. “Will you be my…” I didn’t even wait for him to finish.






“Yes, yes, yes.” I said and threw my arms around him. Seeing as we were pretty high up that wasn’t the best idea. Good thing Regulus had complete control and he kept us steady.






“I’m so happy right now.” He said. “But I think it’s probably best for your safety that we get back on the ground.” I slapped his shoulder lightly and wrapped my arms around his waist again. We headed back down towards the ground, both happier than the other realized.












Authors Notes: So what did everyone think??? I love this chapter so much and I hope you do too! Leave a review please and let me know your thoughts!”

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