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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 30 : Chapter 30
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But I did want to say, I would really appreciate more reviews, at one point I was getting 5+ reviews per chapter and now im getting 2 or three, has the fanfics gotten worse? I would really appreciate feedback, positive or negative! Because there is no point in my continuing this if I don’t get much feedback!
You don’t realize how much feedback helps! Thanks!


The great hall was full of students. They had decided to let third year and up go. The tables were decorated with red table cloths, all the house banners were hung up around the room. Pink hearts were scattered over the table and every so often a few would throw themselves up in the air like confetti. Silver chairs replaced the normal house benches and the red tables were small and circular, seating ten per table.

Instead of the usual candles hanging thread less from the ceiling, Chinese lanterns were hanging instead, illuminating the hall in a dim, cosy light. The head table had disappeared and in replacement there was a stage a band Lily had never heard of, was playing them music.

Girls were floating around the room in ball gowns, boys in suits and teachers in dress robes. Lily was wearing a deep blue, thin strapped dress which went to her knees, her red hair was hanging loosely and her make-up made her bright green eyes look brighter. She was wearing her new necklace from James, which went with her dress perfectly.

Lily stood talking to Sirius, Alex and Remus whilst James got her a drink. She could not stop smiling, she seriously thought somebody had charmed a smile on her face as it would not disappear, Alex kept nudging her and winking.

Sirius, Alex and Peter all didn’t have dates. Sirius didn’t seem to bothered but he kept winking at other boys’ girlfriends, Peter kept desperately scanning his eyes around the hall hoping to catch somebody’s eye and Alex seemed as happy as anything to be single. But occasionally Lily would spot her take a glance at Sirius.

It got worse when Daniel entered the hall with a Hufflepuff fifth year on his arm, Alex’s eyes narrowed and she flicked her hair over her shoulder in annoyance.

“We’ve been split up for not even two weeks I swear” Alex huffed in annoyance.

Lily had merely rolled her eyes at her best friend’s temper and had joined in Sirius and Louise’s debate about whether care of magical creatures was or was not a valid subject.

James came back over carrying a butterbeer for herself and one for Sirius who had begged him for it. James smiled slightly at her as he handed her the drink.

“Pete, what are you doing?” Sirius frowned, wiping away his butterbeer moustache.

Peter’s head snapped up, he had been scanning the room once again, “Trying to find a girl to dance with” Peter mumbled embarrassedly.

Sirius sighed, “Just find the one you like whose not with someone and ask them to dance, it’s not hard”

“I don’t like anyone Sirius” Peter whined.

“Then ask anyone who’s not with someone Pete, just dance with somebody instead of standing there drooling at any girl who walks past” Sirius said, sounding half exasperated, half amused.

Peter nodded and stepped towards Alex, Lily didn’t even expect what was going to happen in the next few minutes, “Al-Alex w-would you like t-t-to da-a-ance?” Peter stuttered nervously.

Alex raised her eyebrows in surprise, and opened her mouth to reply before Sirius cut in, “Sorry mate, but she’s with me” he said territorially.

Lily gaped in surprise, Alex frowned and turned to Sirius, “Im not here with anyone actually” she said dangerously.

“I don’t care” he said through gritted teeth, “you are now”

“Who said?” she said hotly.

“I did” he grinned.

She tapped her foot impatiently, “you never invited me” she scowled.

“Would you go to the ball with me?” he asked cheekily, she raised her eyebrows, “Would you like to dance?” he asked sweetly, she sighed and smiled slightly.

“Fine” she said tiredly, but Lily could tell she was trying to hide the happiness from her voice.

Lily watched her two friends walk towards the dance floor, as Sirius tried to put his arm around Alex who pushed him away jokingly. James put his arm around her and kissed her lightly on the head, attracting a few stares and whispers from people. But Lily was too happy to care anymore.


They were done dancing, Sirius grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowds of people and out of the hall doors. They walked through the empty entrance hall and out onto the grounds. It was a cool February evening and Alex didn’t want to admit she was a little bit cold.

He let go of her hand once they were completely alone on the grounds, you could slightly hear the music coming from the dance but only faintly as they walked through the grounds in silence.

“So why are we out here?” she asked quietly as they continued to walk.

“Just wanted to get away from the music” he replied, “to talk” he added.

“About anything in particular?” she sighed after a few moments silence.

“Heard you broke up with Daniel” he said softly.

She shrugged in the dark, he probably couldn’t see but still, “Yeah I did”

“And you told him? About new year?” he asked.

“Yeah” she said simply.

He didn’t say anything for a while, “Why did you? Thought you were happy?” he said almost coldly.

“Not really, I thought I was, I liked to think I was. But I wasn’t. There was always something telling me I moved on to quickly, I got engaged to quickly, im not even eighteen yet for Merlin’s sake. I deserve to live my life just a little before I get engaged, plus the guilt didn’t help, I didn’t deserve him, I don’t deserve anyone. Sometimes I don’t think I deserve to be happy, because im such a terrible person, look what I did to Daniel to you, to eve-”

But Sirius cut her off, “Don’t say that, you’re not a terrible person, you know that, what have you honestly done wrong apart from make one mistake? What did you do to me Al? Nothing, absolutely nothing, look what I did to you, I made you into this person who doesn’t think she’s good enough for anyone, when she is” he told her.

She smiled slightly, “you didn’t do that do me, when we were together I never felt enough for you” she said sadly.

“I was never perfect enough for you Al” he mumbled sadly.

“I didn’t need the perfect one, I needed somebody to treat me like I was the only one” she said coolly.

“Which I didn’t” he muttered.

“No you didn’t” she said coldly.

“So what are we doing here now Al?” he snapped, “Why did you agree to dance with me? Why are you here now if I treat you so badly?”

“One day Sirius you’re going to come looking for me and I’ll be far gone” She hissed, “I’ll be so over you and you would’ve blown it because all you do is keep me waiting, keep me expecting on what is going to happen and it’s driving me insane, I don’t have a clue on what’s going on inside of your head!”

Before she could rant anymore, he placed his lips firmly on hers without saying another word. She was about to push him off and shout about how he couldn’t just kiss her when she was mad, but she gave in at his warmth and smiled against his touch.

He pulled away from her, and grinned at her, she raised her eyebrows, “What was that?” she said quietly.

“I wanted to do it, so I did” he shrugged, she frowned.

“Well where does it leave us?” she sighed.

“Al, I don’t really want to dive straight into a relationship, after just ending whatever I had with Alisha, and you with Daniel” he said awkwardly.

She nodded slowly, “What do you propose we do?” she said quietly.

He took her hand in his, “we can do this, but with nothing attached to it, I mean, god I don’t want to sound like a dick, I mean you can see other boys” he sounded almost resentful, “and me other girls, but we still like, uh I don’t know how to put it” he said awkwardly.

“I’ve never seen Sirius Black lost for words” she giggled, he grinned at her, “do you mean hook up?” she teased.

He nodded and sighed, “just until we figure this out” he said softly.

She smiled and nodded uncertainly, “Yeah” she whispered, “sounds perfect” she lied.


She curled up in the arm chair in the common room. James was sat next to her on the sofa, reading the daily prophet, she had slipped off her shoes and she was still wearing her dress. Most people were still at the dance and others were in bed, the common room was practically empty.

She poked James with her foot, out of boredom. He looked up from the paper, chucked it on the floor and adjusted his glasses, running a hand through his hair.

He patted the sofa next to him and she smiled and got up, slipped underneath his arm, he kissed her on the head.

“Lil, before we do this properly, I want to do it properly” he said suddenly.

She frowned, “what do you mean?” she asked, sitting up.

He ruffled his hair nervously, “I mean, like I wanna take you to Hogsmeade, on a date, I want to start from scratch like normal couples, I don’t want to dive into it, I want to do it properly” he smiled.

She beamed at him, “I would honestly love that” she said truthfully.

He grinned, “Really?” he asked, she nodded, “next Hogsmeade trip?” he asked.

“It’s a deal” she smiled before getting up, he kissed her lightly on the head before they both departed to their dorms, with smiles on their faces.


Sorry for the short one, next one will be longer!

I would really appreciate more reviews, at one point I was getting 5+ reviews per chapter and now im getting 2 or three, has the fanfics gotten worse? I would really appreciate feedback, positive or negative! Because there is no point in my continuing this if I don’t get much feedback!
You don’t realize how much feedback helps! Thanks!

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