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I Remember by TheNewMalfoyMistress
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6.
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I remember that day like it was yesterday. The day that my whole world stopped spinning and I lost my best friend. It was nearing the end of my first year at Hogwarts and I had been in the library with Hermione brushing up on a few things before a test that we had that afternoon. We made our way down the hallway and turned left at the end. Suddenly, we heard a load of voices and shuffling coming from the corridor to our right, and I knew in my heart that something was not right. Something was about to happen that was going to change my life.

Draco and I had not been the same all year since we were put into separate houses, but we still made as much of an effort as we could to see each other. Nothing could have prepared me for what would happen next.

As I rounded the corner I caught a glimpse of a silver flash coming from somebody’s wand, and on the receiving end, Harry Potter was lying on the floor with his head in his hands. He seemed to be crying and I ran to his side.

“Harry, what happened? Who did this to you?!” Harry seemed to be in too much pain to answer me, and simply pointed in the direction of a very familiar Slytherin boy.

Draco looked into my eyes as if he was begging me to leave.

“Drake... Is that true? Did you do this?” It took him a moment to gather himself up, it looked as if the two boys had been in a first fight beforehand.

“Allie, he’s not like us... This is Harry Potter you are talking about!” This got me really angry and I could not help but scream at him.

“NO DRACO! He is not like you! He is kind and gentle and loving and... You just cannot bear the thought of anybody else being liked! What has he ever done to you?”

I could see the confusion in his eyes and him searching for the next thing that he could say. “Well, scar head has never done anything to me personally, but he is a blood traitor Allie...” Sweat was dripping down his forehead and I knew that he felt the stare of his fellow students on him, “why don’t you stop being so stupid and come over here where you belong?”

He had never spoken to me like this in his life and I could feel my cheeks reddening. “What is wrong with you, Draco? I cannot see the difference between him and me at all, so I do not see what your problem is.” I looked down at my feet and struck up all of the courage that I could to say what I did next. “He is my friend, and you are not the same person as you used to be, Draco.”

I saw his eyes skim the faces of the audience in the corridor and knew that he was very nervous by that twitch that he always got in his left eye when he was. And then he opened those trembling, prefect shaped lips...

“If he is your friend, Alison, then you are not mine. You are BOTH a pair of traitors.” He spat.

I swallowed and closed my eyes as I felt them swell up. “I hate you, Draco Malfoy.” I whispered as I ran away from the scene, tears streaming down my face for everyone to see.


As soon as Allie had left the heads common room the only thing she could think of was drowning out anything to do with Draco Malfoy. She ran as fast as she could without slipping to Ginny’s room and burst in.

“I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THAT BOY THAT I AM BEING FORCED TO LIVE WITH!” Ginny looked really shocked to see her at first but then heard the hurt in her friend’s voice and instantly felt sympathy.

“I thought things were going okay, Al?”

“Well, yeah, things were going just fine... Up until I walked in on a very intimate moment with some blonde slut in our common room!”

“Wow...” Was all that Ginny could say. “Are you okay?” I nodded at her and gave a small smile, even though my face was still tear stained.

Coincidently, it happened to be a Saturday night where students that were 16 years old and over were allowed to go into Diagon Alley. Allie put a hand on each of Ginny’s shoulders and said to her “I need to get out of here.”

The girls both immediately got dressed into clean clothes, did their hair and makeup. Ginny had been dying to go out on a Saturday night ever since she turned 16 but nobody would go with her because of exams.

Allie wore a short black dress that had a V shaped neck line and diamante’s going across the waist. It showed off her figure perfectly, along with her killer heels. Her curly hair was clipped up but so that some of it still fell at either side of her face.

Ginny had on a metallic looking dress that was around mid thigh length and clung to her curves. Her straight her fell and emphasised the wholesome shapes placed on her chest.

“Who else do you think will be out tonight, Gin?” Allie asked her friend. Ginny was still looking in the mirror when she started to answer.

“Well, I heard Ron say something to Harry about wanting to go out to keep an eye on Dean... You know what he is like, I keep telling him that I am most definitely not being cheated on but he will not listen, the stubborn prick. But, I think Malfoy will b-” She trailed off as she turned around and saw what Allie looked like. Her eyes widened and she grinned at her. “You look beautiful Alison!”

“A-Allie... Will you call me Allie, please Gin?” The red headed girl looked puzzled but nodded her head anyway.

“Sure, Allie. I like it!”

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