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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 7 : Planning a date with the Enemy
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 I cannot believe that my sister is going on a date with my best friend. It’s humiliating.” Blaise said in mock embarrassment when I told him. Ginny had just walked into the room and stared at me with wide eyed shock.

“You are going on a date? With Draco? Ha! That’s a hoot.”

“Yes I am going on a date with Draco, now would you both shut-up?”

“When are you going?” Ginny asked gleefully.

“The date is tomorrow afternoon, and before you start Ginny, I don’t know anything else, it will be a surprise.”

“What are you going to wear?” She demanded to know and I sighed, but before I could reply a loud complaint sounded from the couch.

“Oh Come on! Girl Talk! I just got bloody comfortable.”

Instead of replying I pointed to the stairs, signaling to go upstairs. Then I hopped over the leather couch on onto Blaise and promptly punched him in the arm before running upstairs.”

“OW! Serena! That freaking hurt.”

“Good. It was supposed to.”

“Is that any way for the Head Girl to behave?”

“Well, yes.” I said simply, “But o n;y when nobody else can see it.”

“Alright little sis, you win this battle but this means war.”

“If you do anything I tell mom and you will get in trouble.”

“What are you five?” I stuck my tongue out at him ad he shook his head. “Yup, that’s real mature.”

“Whoever said I was mature. Besides it doesn’t matter to Mum and Daddy, I’m their princess. You would be wise to remember that.” A deep laugh sounded from the doorway. I had not noticed that Draco had come into the common room, but I smiled at him before running up the stairs. I turned back around to see him watching me and he smiled like a guilty school boy when he saw that I had caught him staring. I smiled again, and walked into my dorm, where Ginny immediately began bombarding me with questions.

“What are you going to wear?” Her voice came from the closet.

“Uh. I don’t know.”

“Alright then. You asked for it.”

“This sounds like a promise of bad things to come.”

“Shut up. I work my bloody arse off for you, you know. At least have some deacency and pretend to be grateful would you.”

“Nope. Not going to happen. Now out of my closet. I will pick out what I am willing to wear and you can approve the final choice.”

“Fine.” She mourned.

“Okay it’s going to be warm tomorrow, so dress or tank?” I asked her, and there was a pause before she replied.

“I think you should wear a skirt, with a t-shirt.”

“Alright.” I promptly dug through my closet and pulled several items out tossing them at her.


“Heeled sandals.”

“I picked out three pairs in different colors and different styles.”


“Coach.” I grabbed the two coach bags off the shelf and tossed them at her. I walked out of the closet and we started trying on different styles. Finally we decided that I would wear a silver sequin mini skirt with a one shoulder, low cut black t-shirt. The t-shirt had a white floral pattern that spun up the seam and to the one shoulder that was covered by a short sleeve. We decided on black low heels and the medium sized grey purse.

“Now jewelry.” Ginny said and I nodded, opening my jewelry box. I took out a pair of silver hoops and a silver pendant with a butterfly charm on it. Ginny nodded her approval and we decided that it was enough to keep the date casual and not overdo it.

“Make up?” Ginny asked seeing if my plan would work. I remember not being into make-up all that long ago, but now with a body that could actually pull off sexy, and smart, I would wear it every day. I just didn’t really go overboard.

“Well, I was planning on black eyeliner, maybe a silver shadow and black mascara, a soft pink blush and a clear gloss.”

“Sounds fine. Hair?”

“I am going to wear it half in a pony tail and half down.”

“No. That’s too little girlish. Wear it down with a soft wispy curl.”

“That is too formal. How about I wear it down with one side clipped behind my ear with a butterfly clip and it parted on the side?”

“Yeah, that would be cute.”

“Okay do you want to paint my nails.”

“No, but my wand does.” Ginny giggled.

I ended up with a French manicure and pedicure an hour afterwards since she kept changing colors.

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The dark side of love: Planning a date with the Enemy


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