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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 21 : Drifting
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A/N: Hello, hello! First of all I would once again like to thank you all for reading. I am so sorry that I haven't updated as quickly as I hoped, but I have been super-duper busy lately. But holidays begin tomorrow so I will hopefully be close to finished by then.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognise. Unfortunately I am not JK Rowling. Also I am not Simple Plan either and do not own the song 'Gone Too Soon'.

 It was the morning of Ron’s funeral and I was standing in the middle of Luna’s bathroom doing up my belt. Everyone apart from Lavender, Seamus and I went back to Hogwarts the next day. They had less than two months until they graduated. I can’t believe I won’t get to see him walk across that stage with Ginny and the others. It just hasn’t registered that he is gone yet. I guess that's why today was so important to us; the closure on Ron's death.

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts and I turned to see Luna standing there looking stunning in a black dress.

       “Luna, you look amazing.” I breathed wrapping my arms around her waist. She giggled softly.

       “So would you if you put a shirt on.” I pretended to look offended while pulling my arms through my long black shirt.

       “Come on it’s time to go.” She said taking my hand. I sighed as we apparated away.


The graveyard was already packed with people when Luna and I arrived. Hundreds of people had turned up to pay their last respects to one third of the golden trio. Luna and I walked through the crowd searching for a familiar face.

        “Look there’s Seamus!” Luna half-shouted over the noise, dragging me towards him. I looked over to see him standing there with what my father had told me was a guitar (some muggle thing that they played to make music, or so he said).

        “I didn’t know you play guitar.” I said once we reached him.

       “Chicks dig it apparently.” Seamus laughed shakily, his eyes darting towards where I knew Lavender must be. I just looked at him.

        “Lavender asked me to dedicate a song to Ron from her since she knows I play.” He finally said. I exchanged a look with Luna just as Mum told everyone to take their seats. She seemed to have figured out what was going on as well.


The ceremony was short but sweet in the end. Every single person that showed up to pay their last respects to him had something nice to say. Finally it was Seamus’ turn to go up and speak. I watched him walk up to the podium with his guitar slung around his back. His speech started off just like everybody else’s; saying that Ron was a true hero, but then it went on.

       “Ron Weasley was a hero.” He started. I could tell everyone thought it was just going to be another boring speech about him. But of course they were wrong.

        “I lived with Ron ever since I was eleven and although we were never the best of friends I thank him. I thank him for showing me true friendship, I thank him for always being able to make everyone laugh but most of all I thank him for my life. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron barrelled into the Death Eater I was duelling. The duel was close and I was losing. That’s when Ron barged into him, allowing me a second extra to defeat him. I don’t think he realized it but still, I owe my life to him, and now it is too late.”

There was a moment of silence from the crowd. I looked over to see Lavender sitting there sobbing. I guess no one had known what Seamus was going to say.

       “Now Lavender has asked me to dedicate a song to Ron from her. This is called ‘Gone Too Soon’ by Simple Plan.”

Seamus grasped his guitar and began to sing.

       “Hey there now, where'd you go?
You left me here so unexpected."

Seamus  was strumming his guitar with his eyes closed. I felt light headed as I listened to the words of the song.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to trap the tears. I pressed my hands to my ears to try and stop the song getting through. I mean, there was nothing wrong with his singing, just the words.

"Like a shooting star, flyin' across the room, so fast so far you were gone too soon."

At last I managed to block out all the noise. I was left to sit in my own silence as Seamus finished the song.

With a flourish he finished the song. I felt my heart drop as the crowd applauded his performance. Not only was this song relevant to Ron, but also to Fred.

I felt Luna’s hand squeeze my own as my eyes prickled with tears. I dropped my head down so no one could see the affect the song had on me. Minutes, if not hours passed as Luna and I sat there, unmoving.

I finally looked up to see that the large crowd had left and all that was left were Luna and I.

       “George I need to ask you something.” Luna spoke up. I sighed and nodded, hoping it wouldn’t be more bad news.

       “Do you want to visit Fred’s grave?” She whispered hesitantly as if she was afraid of how I would react. I was shocked. I didn’t realize that Fred was buried here. I did want to see him though, so I nodded and let Luna lead me over to a tombstone. On it read: 

                                                         R.I.P Fred Weasley.

                                      Best friend, Co-prankster, Loving Brother.

                                                     1 April 1978- 2 May 1998.

I knelt down in front of it staring at the engraved marble. It really was beautiful. I felt a tear trickle down my face as I saw the amount of flowers that surrounded the headstone. I pulled Fred’s wand out of my pocket as well as my own. With shaking hands I lay Fred’s wand among the flowers. I knew that was where it belonged. I then picked up my own wand and waved it. Out of nowhere a bunch of flowers appeared. I caught them with one hand and laid them down, tears now flowing freely down my face.

A small hand enclosed on my shoulder and I looked up to find Luna had returned. I had no idea how long I had stayed with Fred, but I guessed hours since the sky was now darkening.

       “Come on George, we have to go home now.” I nodded and stood up. Taking one last look at Fred’s headstone I wrapped my arms around Luna’s waist.

       “Thank you.” I breathed into her ear. I knew she would understand what I meant. She nodded and gripped my hand. I shut my eyes as the familiar feeling of being sucked into a pipe enclosed me once again.

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Rest in Pieces: Drifting


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