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Gryffindor Through And Through. by 08simmonsf
Chapter 6 : Trouble Makers
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When Molly had sat beside Arthur in their first Transfiguration lesson, she had not really thought it through. After a great lesson though, she decided on their long walk down to the greenhouses that he was a great partner to work with. He was a good listener, but when he did speak, it was always something of value that Molly could really reflect on. And so it was natural for her to want to work with him again in their next lesson. She couldn't see a reason against the pairing, in fact, it was very comfortable and not at all awkward.

Arthur soon became her go-to for all school work, and was quickly being regarded as her best friend- in her head that is, for she hadn't out right asked him. She felt that it didn't really need saying. They walked together, worked together and even ate together. It soon become common place to not see one without the other. They were Gryffindor's very own comedy duo, but although they were rarely apart, it was only Molly who people would speak to.

They would acknowledge Arthur's presence with a nod of their heads or a brief "hello" but then they would turn their attention to Molly and talk to her. She would happily chat with anyone, regardless of age, gender or house. She had become well liked, and was popular amongst the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw first years too. Her knowledge of Gryffindor and Hogwarts in general, along with her general openness made her easily approachable, and it was not long into their first few weeks that she had befriend all of the Gryffindors, from first year all the way up to seventh years.

Gideon, it seemed, had been the one to introduce his baby sister to his friends. She hadn't been shy in grabbing each of their hands and shaking them whole-heartedly. This had amused the older students, and so they instantly took a liking to her, which only made her more likeable to the younger pupils. To be on good terms with the older Gryffindors was rare, and many second and third years would talk to Molly as if she were their superior.

Arthur didn't seem to mind all the attention his friend was getting. He never received it himself and being quite humble, didn't mind in the slightest. It was a different story in lessons though. Because they would constantly work together, if Molly got in trouble for talking then Arthur would inevitably be included. At first he had been irritated at always being reprimanded with Molly for her misbehaviour, but he soon learnt that their names were synonymous to the teachers.

The day before Halloween happened to be Molly's birthday, so a double celebration was something she had been used to at home. Her brothers were waiting for her in the common room with a pile of gifts, not just from them, but from the other Gryffindors she had so wisely impressed. There were a few quills as well a recipe book from Arthur. There were Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. There was even a few Zonko's products which Molly took great delight in testing out.

Her parents had sent their presents for Molly to her brothers to give to her, so she didn't have to wait for the breakfast owl post. Her mother had attempted a hand-made knitted jumper with a large 'M' on the front, but it looked a bit shakey- this made Molly laugh and she instantly put it on, regardless of the fact that it look dreadful. She deeply loved her mother but knew she wasn't great at knitting, something Molly's two brothers had been quick to avoid. Her father had managed to procure a signed poster by the latest singing sensation Celestina Warbeck- The Singing Sorceress.

All in all, her birthday couldn't have started any better, and as the day continued, the smile on her face only grew. Although lessons were not always the most important thing to Molly, she didn't mind them so much with Arthur by her side, keeping her company and making her feel needed. The day ended with a miniature party in Gryffindor tower. Somehow Gideon had managed to procure some food from the kitchens, and some traditional magic party games took place. Molly's favourite had been pass the parcel where the present grows bigger with each unwrapping.

It was a testimony to how well Molly Prewett was liked that McGonagall turned up just after midnight to tell the students to go to bed, and many people groaned. It seemed that Molly's birthday coinciding with Halloween would make a great double party weekend for many years to come.

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Gryffindor Through And Through.: Trouble Makers


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