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Abandoned by Hermione_Lover
Chapter 8 : A/N
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Hello everyone!

As you have noticed, I have not put anything in written word for almost four years. I suppose you could say that I am stuck...but the truth of the matter is, I still have not found a way to get to the ending that I have planned.

 I refused to write anything until I find a decent middle for my story, hopefully the people that have read the first story and has come here for the sequel, have not completely given up on me. I am projecting that I am going to finish this story, even if it kills me, by the summer of this year. I think a good week of writing and I can post the 2nd half of this story up...yes, I have the end already written, I just need that evasive middle story. :-) Oh and a little hint Rethom is not Harry's mum but someone else, that will suprise you...and it is someone you would have never guessed. Juicy, I know!

I was also looking at some of the reviews and I think I should clarify some things. One, This story jumps all around from where Hermione is pregnant and events leading up to that and even past her pregnancy so you will kind of get the feel that she is indeed preggers and some moments, she might not be. Two, this story is to be something like bedtime stories that parents tell their kids. Everyone does those silly fairy tales, but me, I like stories that are real, I like them with charaters that I naturally in this story the child would like their stories in such a way.

Thank you again for reading and for being patient with me. I have been up to a whole lot in the years. Not only am I writing this story, but I have other compilations that I would like to post. I am also working on finishing my Tonks/Lupin fic that I started and completely put on the back burner.

BTW, I have read every single review over time and I do love the feedback, but I do have to warn those pesky flamers out there, your fire has died and I cannot get it going again. Sorry!

Same stuff as before, please read the first story so that you have some sort of base to jump off of. It also explains a lot of details that are popping up in this story that will no doubt confuse the lot of you. Like seriously, Lilly and James alive??? Yeah you will never know why unless you read that first story. And I am sorry to all of the Remus lovers out there...I love him too and I would never let him go down like that so again be patient and you will all see that things will work out in the end. Hopefully. They have too.



P/S: All I write is based off the charaters and ideas of JKR...she is the wonderful creator of our little HP world.

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Abandoned: A/N


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