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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 30 : Dreaded Meeting
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 30 Dreaded Meeting


Monday morning comes and I wake with a heavy feeling of apprehension, I am not looking forward to this day.  I was contacted by the ministry to have the opportunity to object about Ron being released, which I thought quite funny considering it didn’t really matter if I objected or not.  Ron is still being let out of Azkaban today.  I am also required to go to the Ministry as a request from Ron.  The ministry assumed that it be best if we were able to at least have a chance to meet with each other.  Draco isn’t allowed to go with me, although I can choose one other person to go along.  There are rules about this as well; it can’t be a family member of Ron’s, because it was thought that it would distract us, it can’t be Draco because Ron refused him, and I can’t bring Harry because he is considered to be there in an official capacity already.  I decide I am going to take Theo so that I can ask Ron some questions and Theo can help me sort them out legally.  Draco owled Theo and he assured me that he would be there for me.


I am most afraid that Ron is going to demand to see the twins.  I need to figure out what to do about this whole situation.  Ron had said that he used a confundus charm on me, so I want to get to the bottom of why he thought he needed to do this, and what he hoped to gain from it all.  I need to figure out how to protect my babies.


After James and I spoke on Saturday, he came over on Sunday and Harry, Draco, Theo and I all sat and talked about this Last Chance.  Draco and Theo were angry at first because they thought I was being too soft even thinking about it.  James helped a lot when he told us what exactly had happened with his brother, true he didn’t actually murder anyone, he was incredibly lucky to have James as a brother.  Finally Draco and Theo relented and promised they would help me.


Theo and I discussed the different questions we needed to ask Ron, and we talked about how we were going to go about keeping Ron away from my family.  Sunday was a dreadful day, but I’m glad we all had a chance to talk before this morning.


Theo meets me in the atrium of the ministry and I am frustrated by how many reporters are hovering.


“Mrs. Malfoy has no comment as of now, and would appreciate her privacy.  If and when she decides she has a comment, she will contact you, now please leave before I figure out a way to have you all arrested.”  Theo says with a smile that comes nowhere near disguising his hard tone.


Theo was a very feared lawyer; he is ruthless and very smart, most other attorneys are afraid to go up against him in trial.  Theo and I leave the atrium and take a lift to the appropriate level, we walk down the corridor to the meeting room, Harry is standing outside the door looking mildly ill but he gives me a slight smile and hugs me.


“I’ll be right out here, and everything is going to be okay.”  He whispers in my ear and I nod before stepping back and he opens the door for Theo and I.


Ron is sitting at a table in a room devoid of everything except said table and three chairs; the two vacant chairs are on the opposite side facing Ron.  Ron stands but makes no move toward me, he smiles, “Hey ‘Mione.”  He says just as if we saw each other every day and this was a happy visit.


“Hi, Ronald.”  I say then look away quickly while Theo guides me to a chair and we all sit.


“Why did you bring him?”  Ron asks and I look up he isn’t scowling exactly but he looks decidedly unhappy.


“Theo is my friend.”  I say annoyed that Ron wants to be childish, “Things have changed since Hogwarts Ron.”  I say on a sigh and watch as his eyes shift to me.


“Yes, I know they have.”  He says and then he has the nerve to check me out.  He slowly lowers his eyes from my face to my chest and then back up again, desire clear in his eyes.


I feel Theo tense next to me but he says nothing.  I clear my throat and then ask, “Ron, why did you do the things you did?”


“What things?”  Ron asks looking decidedly confused.


“Are you serious?”  I ask my mouth gaping open.  “You put me in St. Mungos.”  I say then add, “Twice.”


He looks away quickly then meets my eyes, “I was not thinking clearly when I did those things.”  He says and I can’t even believe this is happening right now.


“Not thinking clearly?”  I ask hoping maybe he may say something else.  He just nods not saying anything but still looking at me, not all the desire that sparked in his eyes when he checked me out has dimmed yet.  “What did you mean when you told me the last time you saw me that you used a confundus charm on me?”  I inquire hoping he’ll tell me while trying to ignore the look on his face.


“When you and I were dating, I knew you were unhappy with me.  I didn’t want to break up with you, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a good reason to keep you.”  He says then glances at Theo before looking down at the table.  “I wanted to make sure that no matter what happened you would need to stay with me, so I made sure you got pregnant.  I knew that if my family and Harry found out you and I were going to have a kid, then we would stay together.”  He finishes and shrugs.


Before I can say anything he says, “It would have worked if that slimy ferret wouldn’t have shown up.”  Theo leaps up to probably deck Ron but I grab his arm and he looks at me, I can see the anger and frustration in his eyes.


“First off, Ronald, if you hadn’t cheated with Lavender, that would have went a long way to keeping me as your girlfriend.” I say glaring at him, “Secondly Ron, ‘that slimy ferret’ you are talking about is my husband.  I will not sit here and have you insult him nor will I let you get away with it.”  I say injecting cold steel into my voice.  “I am not completely sure how you managed to get yourself released from Azkaban, but I do know that you will not ever hurt me again.  I may have been unable to fight you off the couple times you came after me, but I am no longer pregnant and you better count on the fact that I am going to fight back now.”  I say and watch Ron’s head snap up.  At first there is a smirk on his face when I mention Lavender, then disgust at my blatant defence of Draco then a bit of fear leaks in once I show him I won’t take this.


“You should have been a better girlfriend and I wouldn’t have needed Lavender.”  Ron says looking a bit arrogant, “What are you going to do?” He says “Keep me from my own kids?”  He smirks and I fist my hands on my lap so that I won’t deck him.


“Yes.” I say softly making sure that my voice is cold and steady. “That is exactly what I intent to do.”  Then I think of something Draco mentioned yesterday.  “I met your attorney, and it may interest you to know that he will no longer be acting as such.”  I say pleasantly, “Also I am the only reason you didn’t end up being sentenced to death when you kidnapped me the last time.”  At this the colour drains from his face, as does the smirk.  “You were so set on getting to me and Draco that you hired Greg Goyle to defend you, what you didn’t know is that apparently the only reason he helped you was to get close to me.”  I say then add, “Did you know that once you have been to Azkaban there are no second chances, meaning automatic kiss?”


Ron’s mouth drops open in shock then he blinks a couple times and closes his mouth looking at Theo then back to me.  Something passes in his eyes that I can’t place and I feel a chill run up my spin.  I look over at Theo and he must have seen it also he glances at me then reaches under the table and clasps my hand in his for support.  Ron sees the movement and his eyes narrow flicking between Theo and I.


“When you said earlier that you weren’t thinking clearly when you did the things you did to Hermione, what pray tell did you mean?”  Theo asks looking squarely at Ron sounding like he did earlier to the reporters.


Ron opens his mouth to most likely tell Theo he isn’t going to tell him anything so I interrupt, “If you have any hope of being free, you will answer all questions we ask.”  I say glaring at Ron and he huffs crossing his arms over his chest, I notice he has a band on one wrist.


“I wanted Hermione to stay with me, and I still want that.”  Ron says glaring at Theo then takes a deep breath and continues, “I met a bloke one afternoon who worked at making potions.  He and I got to chat and he told me about one he has been working on.  He said that it would give me an exorbitant amount of insight.  That it would help me get the things I want, or make things work out to my benefit.”  He stops and looks at me with a look that screams scheming. “I wanted you, so I thought why not?”


“You actually thought this was a good idea?”  I ask unable to not let my disbelief show.  “Why were you so set on keeping me, you were just as unhappy as I?”  I question.


“You’re Hermione, why not?”  He says and shrugs as if that is all the reasoning that matters.


“What is the potion called and who is the bloke?” Theo asks making Ron glare at him, Theo just glares back.


“The potion is called oculis sese vitamor something like that, he also called it life sight, I don’t know nor do I care, I just took it and really it worked.  Everything was just fine until well, I misplaced the potion and then I went to a pub and got pissed, otherwise you and I would be together.”  Ron says looking at me and turning red in the face.  “I don’t know what the blokes name was he never told me and then I never saw him again after that.”


“Ron you are a prat!”  I say getting angry.  “You don’t just take a potion you don’t know what it is, from someone you don’t really know. What if it had been poison, or did you forget what happened at school, what if it had been draught of living death?  Honestly Ron!”  I say feeling annoyed and frustrated.


Theo puts is arm around me and leans in to whisper, “Calm down ‘Mione, we need to talk to him some more.”  I take a deep breath and close my eyes for a minute.  When I open them again Ron is smirking.


“So, you and Nott huh? Malfoy not enough for you?”  He says grinning though the look is not one of joy.


“Hmmm, ‘Mione left you for Draco, that’s telling.” Theo says glaring at Ron with undisguised hatred.


“So where is Greg?”  Ron asks after making a visible effort to keep from attacking.


“In a cage.”  I snap and watch as he recoils from my harsh words, “He used the imperious curse on me, or maybe you think that is okay.”  I spit the words at him feeling like I could strangle him.


Ron says nothing just looks down at his hands, “I want to see my kids.”  He says softly.


I look at Theo feeling like I am trying to grab some control of my emotions but it is like holding water with my hands.  “You will be required to do testing before you are allowed to see Hermione’s children, you are not allowed around them unless you are with an Auror, and you will meet in an arranged place.  You know all of this from what Goyle has told me.”  Theo says then squeezes my hand. “Hermione has sole custody right now since you were in Azkaban when they were born, and Draco is listed as the father.”  Theo adds and Ron looks up at Theo with a look of pure malice.


“I am the father.”  He says menacingly and that look passes through his eyes again, I shudder before I can stop it and Theo squeezes my hand again.


“No, Ron you are not the father.”  I say slowly, “You happened to get me pregnant, so yes biologically, but Draco is their daddy.”  I finish while Ron seethes and his face keeps getting a darker red.


“I think it is time to go, Ron you know the rules.  We will be in touch.”  Theo says and stands pulling me up with him.


“You won’t keep me from them.”  Ron says with so much venom that I am startled by the look in his eyes I lean in to Theo feeling suddenly quite scared he is most definitely unstable.


“Lets go.”  Theo whispers quickly in my ear and half carries me from the room, the second the door closes behind us, we hear a loud bang against it as if Ron just threw his chair at it.


Instantly I feel tears rush to my eyes and overflow, I am frightened for my babies and I feel Harry hurry to me and wrap me in a hug whispering in my ear that everything will be fine.


“Ron is not going to get near you.  You saw the band around his wrist, it keeps him from doing magic, and he’s required to wear it for at least two weeks after being released.  His testing will take time, and he isn’t allowed to apply for tests until the band is removed.” Theo says quickly standing close to me, “Trust me ‘Mione, I will fight for you.” 


I nod and try to reign in my emotions.


“I need to go talk to a few people, can you take her home?”  Theo asks Harry and I feel him nod, “It will be okay, ‘Mione, trust me.”  Theo whispers in my ear, and then pats my back and leaves.


“Harry, he can’t be around my babies.  He is unstable; you should have seen his eyes.  Harry what am I going to do?”  I whisper quickly looking into his green eyes that are filled with worry and compassion.


“Hermione, lets call for Draco, don’t worry Ron won’t have a chance to even think about getting near the twins until I okay it.  I am in charge of his case.”  Harry says. “I fought for it so I could do my best to protect you, Luke and Libby.”  He says then hugs me again.


Harry sends a Patronus for another guard to take over for Ron, and then we floo to Harry’s apartment to wait for Draco.  The twins are with Lucius and Narcissa for the day and Draco is with Blaise on business. I didn’t want to go to my house and be alone so Harry and I sit on his sofa for a while just sitting.  Finally I tell Harry everything that happened and what Theo said and what I thought about the way Ron acted.  Harry tells me that the meeting was recorded so he is going to watch it as soon as he gets back to work.  Ron has to finish the de processing and would be released at around one this afternoon.


Finally Draco arrives with Blaise and we tell them the story, having to stop a few times for them each to ground out a few choice words.


“There is no way he is getting anywhere near my Godchildren.”  Blaise says fiercely clenching his fists once Harry and I go quiet.  I smile at his protectiveness and then feel sad again knowing that unless we figure something out he will have access to my babies.


Draco and I finally floo home, Blaise goes off to find Theo and Harry goes back to work.  “Are you okay princess?”  Draco asks me softly once we are home.


I shake my head warily, “I don’t know.”  I say looking down at the floor in front of me, “I think I just need to rest for now, I just feel so, I just need to rest.”  I say.


Draco lightly puts his finger under my chin and tilts my face up; he leans in and kisses me softly, “I love you.”  He says.


“I love you, my Dragon.”  I whisper back and he smiles then kisses me again.


Draco leads me to our room where I lay down and he crawls in behind me and cuddles me close.  “Go to sleep sweetheart, I’ll watch over you.”  He whispers against my ear and kisses my hair as I drift off in his arms.

Now, don't worry, I will be wrapping this up in a couple chapters, and then you will know the whole story!  I hope everything is making sense and we do find out a bit more about how crazy, I mean how weird Ron is acting in the next chapter.  Please oh Please review!!! Thanks!

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