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The Devil's Lair by littlemissmb
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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I had managed to have avoided seeing Draco for nearly four whole weeks. Daphne had taken to sleeping on my bed in the sixth year’s dormitory like we had when we were very little. Our relationship had improved greatly and yet I still hadn’t told her about the kiss with Draco. Or that I had realised I trusted him. Trust was a huge thing in my eyes and I don’t know how he had managed to walk straight in and gain in all just like that.

I was starring at the ceiling waiting for the last girl in the dorm to leave. I think it was Rochelle Blint. When we were alone I looked over at my sleeping sister. I guess I should wake her before she was late for breakfast.


Shaking her lightly I quietly called her name. “Daphne. Daphne..”


“What is it.” Her mumbled voice groaned yet her eyes remained shut.


“Your gunna be late for class if you don’t get up.” I knew she wouldn’t ask why I had only included her in that sentence. I had a fairly well known tendency to skip classes, especially in the morning. Even the teachers had stopped hassling me about it when they realised that all the detention in the world wouldn’t make a difference because I just wouldn’t go to that either.


Her eyes opened and she looked up at me slowly. “Can’t I skip class today?”


I laughed. “No Daph.. You cant. Mum and dad will kick your ass.” I smirked. I rolled over and out of the bed. I had no idea what I was going to do today but it sure as hell wasn’t potions class.


The common room was really peaceful when there were no noisy students hanging about. I had my knees to my chest with a pencil in hand sketching my next batch of clothes on the art pad balancing on my knees.


“You know, one would think you’re avoiding me.” His hot breath whispered in my ear. I must have jumped at least 3 inches as I haven’t heard him enter the common room


Sighing I frowned at the line I had just drawn through my sketch. “That would be because I am.” I replied sarcastically.


He jumped over the back of the couch and sat next to me. “And why’s that?” he asked taking the pad out of my hand and putting it on the coffee table.


I threw my pencil down on top of the pad and turned to glare at him “Because.” I stated pointedly.


“Mature, nice reasoning.” He mocked with a smirk.


“Because this can not end well.” I gritted through my teeth and tried to ignore the butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach and how close he was.


“Are you telling me that you don’t feel what I'm feeling?” he whispered leaning in dangerously close. I could smell the peppermint on his breath. I had to try to stop breathing or else I knew I would give in to his intoxicating scent.


“Yes. I am saying that.” I forced out.


“You’re lying.” He leant closer, his lips barely a centimetre from mine.


I had to swallow hard and remind myself that I would only get hurt from this. Suddenly he pulled back and I felt much leaning forward ever so slightly. I forced my eyes closed and a second later I understood why he had pulled away.


My sister strolled into the common room, clearly deciding that she didn’t care if mum and dad found out that she was skipping. Draco mumbled something and quickly excused himself, leaping up the stairs to his dorm two at a time.


I felt Daphne plonk down beside me. “What was that about?” she stared after him.


“It was nothing..” I mumbled before refocusing my attention back on my sketches. I felt Daphne’s eyes on me but whatever she was thinking she didn’t voice.


For the next three hours I listened to Daphne rant about this and that before literally dragging me down to lunch because in her opinion I was fair too skinny. It was just my luck as well that the only spare seat after Daphne had sat down and began a conversation with Millicent was next to Draco.


He was about to say something but obviously thought better of it when he saw the murderous glare on my face. I stabbed pointlessly at my salad, I don’t know why I had allowed her to drag me here, I wasn’t even hungry.


“Are you going to that or are you just going to play serial killers with it.” Draco spoke in a hushed voice.


Turning to him I once again gave him a glare worthy of Voldemort himself. “Ok you know what, come with me.” He stood and left before I even had a chance to argue. My growl of frustration caught my sisters’ attention followed by the rest of Slytherin table when I threw my fork forcefully down on the plate and stormed out of the great hall. I had to look around before I saw him marching across the grass just outside the grand entrance. When he got to the Quidditch pitch he rounded on me


“What is your problem with me?” There was that look in his eyes again. I forced my eyes closed so I wouldn’t fall under their spell again. Refocusing I looked down at the ground.


“I'm sorry.. But I have to be like this.. I cant allow myself to be having these feelings for you Draco cause I know at the end of the day its Daphne you will spend the rest of your life with.. I would rather not deal with the complicated emotions and then end up heartbroken later on..You’re the kind of guy I could see myself really falling for one day Draco. And it sucks. Because I know that’s not the way it should be..”


I looked up at him to make sure he knew I meant what I said. His eyes were glued to me. Understanding being the only emotion I could read.


“I knew it was more than just nothing.” The voice of my sister came from behind me. I slowly turned to see her staring at me, eyebrow raised demanding an explanation.

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The Devil's Lair: Chapter Five


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