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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 2 : Sitting in Silence and Coping with Reality.
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When he entered the small office, he found the Director standing behind his oak desk and the woman healer that he rode in the lift with sitting in a small leather chair in front of him. He walked in further letting out a small groan and wearing a frown. The Director extended his hand in greeting and Draco only took the tips of the wizard's fingers to shake as little as possible, but to be as polite as possible too. After a long awkward moment, the Director cleared his throat and indicated towards an open seat, for Draco to sit in. Begrudgingly, Draco sat down.

"Thank you for finally joining us Mr. Malfoy" the Director started, "now we need to talk about the at home care plan for your terminally ill mother." he said with a grave voice. "This," he said acknowledging the witch in the chair beside Draco, "is Amelia Shaw and she will be going home with you as a live in healer. She will stay with you and your mother until she isn't needed anymore," he ended in a rather flat voice.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Malfoy," Amelia began, "I've spent a lot of time caring for your mother and Mr. Lamport thought that it would probably best if I stayed with her." Draco watched her as she finished and she seemed to wilt a little under his gaze.

"Mr. Malfoy," Mr. Lamport said cautiously before continuing,"we feel that having your mother, pass on in peace at her home would be the best situation for her. It would be the most comfortable."

"I suppose," Draco started his voice was raspy from being under used, "that if you think that's what's best for her, then I'll have to agree."

"Splendid!" Mr. Lamport exclaimed. "Now we do have some paperwork to go ahead and get through," he began, but Draco couldn't remember more of this conversation. His eyes glazed over and his head felt a bit fuzzy. The one thing that he did notice was that, Amelia couldn't seem to stop looking at him. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Mr. Lamport droned on about all the intricate details that would occur or be available to his mother. The room grew hot and Draco kept tugging on his collar. 'When is he going to quit talking?' he wondered. 'And why does this Mudblood keep staring at me?' After forty five minutes Mr. Lamport said, "Mr. Malfoy if you will sign on this line right here we can begin your mother's at home care immediately."

Draco was pulled out of his stupor when the quill made a 'clunking' sound on the oak wood desk top. He took it up in his hand quickly, wanting nothing more than to end this hot, uncomfortable state he was in, and signed the paperwork.

Amelia reached out her hand and placed it down on Draco's left forearm. He gave an involuntary jerk and stared daggers at her for touching him. Looking a bit stunned she hurriedly changed her facial expression to an indifferent one and said, "I'll be at the Manor by two. I'm going to bring my equipment and gather some things at my flat. Is there any chance that we could get adjoining rooms at the Manor?"

Draco couldn't believe his ears. "Sorry," he grimaced, "but I don't want your room to be anywhere near mine." he spat out.

She looked annoyed, "Well Mr. Malfoy seeing as I am talking about your mother's room there is no need to be so rude and disgusted." she stood up quickly and left the room.

Draco just stared at the vacant leather chair beside him and he for a second had a strong urge to call after her to apologize, but he regained his haughty demeanor and shook the thought from his mind.

Mr. Lamport having watched the exchange between Draco and Amelia, stayed quiet and impassive, but since she left he felt it was time to continue. "I will be arriving with Mrs. Malfoy at about quarter after two. That should give Ms. Shaw plenty of time to get her things set up. You should probably go ahead and go home since it's already one. I'll see you in an hour and fifteen minutes." he smiled with his eyes sparkling.

Draco got up happily and departed the claustrophobic office. Just as the door finished closing as he passed through the threshold he apparated with a loud 'crack!'

When he arrived back at the Manor, the sun was high in the sky. The dew had long since dried from the grass. He walked swiftly up to the large, black door. Once inside the massive foyer, he snapped his fingers. Appearing next to him was the new Malfoy House Elf, Gibby.

"Gibby," he said as the elf gave a low bow, "I need you to prepare the bedroom upstairs that is secretly connected. We will be having mother coming home today with an at home healer." he spat the last part out like it burnt his tongue.

"Yes, Master Malfoy." Gibby said. She snapped her fingers and apparated upstairs to begin prepping the two rooms he had indicated. Draco stood in the dark foyer, listening to the resonating sound that Gibby's snapped had caused. His mind wandered to his mother and what she would look like when she would arrive with Mr. Lamport and for the first time since he could remember, he hated himself for not doing more for her sooner.

Draco walked to his study. When he slowly opened the door and glanced in, he noticed it looked just as it did when he saw it the night before. Depressed and angry with himself and the new living arrangements, he made his way forwards towards the curtains. With a lazy flick of his wand, they opened spilling in an unnatural amount of light across the large room. Squinting through one of the high, arched windows, and into the garden; he thought about what had happened earlier that day. 'I'm going to have to find a way to hush all of this up. I, a Malfoy, was living with a Mudblood. If the Prophet finds out about this they'll have a bloody field day like they did during the trial.' He stayed there thinking until it was time for Ms. Shaw to be expected then left to meet her in the foyer. 

When Amelia arrived at Malfoy Manor, she was taken-a-back by the mere size of the home. She walked quickly to the front door with only the crunch of her shoes on the gravel pathway to fill her ears.

At the door she knocked, Draco had been the one to open the door. He opened it wide and gestured for her to enter. Amelia hesitantly stepped across the threshold and peered around at the cavernous like foyer. She'd never seen anything quite like it in her life. The floors were a shiny, dark, hardwood. A grand staircase lined the wall and wove its way snake like to the floor. The walls were adorned with fine silk tapestries and a large portrait hung on the wall of three blond haired people. The one, she noticed, sitting in the middle was a younger version of the man that stood behind her. Draco snapped his fingers, Amelia jumped, and a minute later Gibby appeared. 

Gibby was dressed in a multi-colored dress with mismatched trainers on her feet. She looked up at Draco with her large, orb like eyes and then bowed. 

"Master Malfoy." Squeaked the Elf.

Draco gave Gibby a curt nod and said, "This here is Amelia Shaw. A healer from St. Mungo's. She is going to be mothers' live in care taker. Show her to her room please and quickly we haven't got much time."

"Yes, Master Malfoy," she said and turned to address Amelia, "please follow me Miss."

Within a minute they were gone. 

When Amelia entered her room behind Gibby, she was still wearing an awe struck look. She hadn't gotten over the shock of the other rooms she had seen as she passed by some open doors along the corridor. 

Her room was lined with pale green silk. Almost to match the green in her eyes. The windows she noticed were large and covered, by dark drapes. 'Those are going to have to be opened.' She thought to herself. She walked over to the cozy looking, four poster bed, and deposited her two small bags. Behind her Gibby waddled swiftly over to the wall and Amelia noticed that there seemed to be a crack in the wall. She gave Gibby a curious burning look. 

"Miss Shaw," Gibby stated gazing at her, "this is how you need to open the door in order to get into the next one."

Amelia watched as the Elf pushed a small, circular space on the wall. The hidden door opened with a pop and stood ajar. Gibby pulled it open to reveal another enormous room. This one Amelia noticed, had fine purple silk wall draping, a large black marble fireplace, and another cozy four poster bed, identical to hers, and was up against the wall on one side. Gibby rushed forward to close the drapes. 

"Oh please, Gibby. Leave them open," Amelia smiled at her, "the sunshine will do Mrs. Malfoy some good."

Gibby nodded her head. "If these rooms please you miss, I must be off."

"Thank you Gibby," Amelia smiled again at her, "everything is perfect."

Gibby bowed low and snapped her fingers. The room was so large that the echo made Amelia cover her ears. Looking down at her watch as she lowered her arms, she noticed she didn't have much time until Mrs. Malfoy arrived. She hastily went back to her room and picked up a small bag that she had left on the bed. It had an undetectable extension charm placed on it, and she quickly made her way back to Mrs. Malfoy's room and started to pull out the medical equipment that she would need. As she did this a noise met her ears and at the turning of the door knob she looked up.


Author's Note: Okay, so here is chapter 2. I hope you like it. I had to go back and finish putting the rest of it together when I noticed I had missed half of the chapter when sending into the Queue the first time. Chapter 3 is going to be more about Amelia and Mrs. Malfoy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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