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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 10 : 2:11 AM
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“Whew!” Blaise says as he sits down on the chair. “Did we go out with a bang or what?”

I pass out the tea as Draco begins to think. “We need to go to Hogwarts next,” Draco says.

“What?!” I ask as I almost shatter a tea cup. “Why?!”

“For the very reason. We almost didn’t get away with the last stunt. Almost got caught by the Order,” Draco says shaking his head. “Since most of the Order have children by now.”

“Draco!” I shrill as he almost spills his tea. “Attack on children?”

“It’s the next step,” Draco says shrugging.

I can’t believe this. “Are you serious?” I ask him. “First innocent people of England, now helpless children?!” I shake my head at Draco. “You’ve lost it now,” I put the tray of tea down and waddle to my room.

I sit down on my bed and stare into space. What about Scorpius? He’s staying at Hermione’s house because he doesn’t feel safe around his own parents. I wasn’t about to tell Draco that, he’d go bonkers. If he asked, I would just simply tell him that Scorpius is staying at Hogwarts to do extra studies. What about the baby? She’s going to be brought into this world with Draco most likely dead or in Azkaban! I can’t let that happen....

The door opens. “Babe, I-” Draco starts.

I hold up a hand. “Don’t even start with me, Malfoy,” I hadn’t called him that in, well forever. “You have more than one person to think about now, you have to stop thinking about yourself.”

“I’m not thinking about myself! I’m thinking about the Death Eaters!”

“You love them more than me?!” I stare him down, standing my ground.

“No! Not at all! I was ju-”

“Well it sure seems like it! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently?”

He turns around to look into the mirror. “Of course!”

“You still look the same?” I ask standing behind him.

“Yeah,” He shrugs.

“Well I see someone different,” I say hugging him from behind. “I don’t see the great father and husband and father I used to see,” I’m hoping that this speech is ripping at his heart! “I see someone dark and evil,” I say quietly. “Not the man I fell in love with.”

“I’m still same old same old.” He says.

“Really? Does the same Draco even think of attacking a school filled with children? Does he even think of attacking a busy place such as Diagon Alley? Does he even think of bringing back the Death Eaters?”

“Well I have more things to worry about now.”

“What you need to be worrying about is your family.”

“I have the death eaters to worry about and you.”

“Oh so now I come second in the food chain?” I begin to walk to the grand bathroom. “Typical!”

“I didn’t mean it like that-”

“Well then what!” I say turning around quickly. “How else did you mean it? Cuz you’re digging yourself a deep hole, Draco! And I doubt you’ll ever get out of it!”

Draco looks at me funny. “Look,” I explain. “You need to worry about other people other than yourself. Did you forget the fact that you have a wife who is two months away from having your child?”

“Of course not!” He hisses. “Why would I forget about that?”

“It sure seems like it.” I say folding your arms. “You need to set out your priorities and which things you need to worry about now and later. Because this whole Death Eater thing is not working out for me,” I waddle away, which isn’t very far because he caught up to me easily.

Draco absolutely hates when he and I fight. “Look, I’m sorry. I’ll sort it out okay?”

I smile as I kiss him on the nose. “That’s the Draco I fell in love with,” I lie through my teeth. Now a days, it’s like I’m looking at a completely different person.



“Pancakes are done!” I didn’t even finish my sentence and all the pancakes were gone. It’s like I haven’t fed them in weeks. I laugh.

I feel a sharp pain in my side which causes me to drop my plate of pancakes.

“Mum?!” Rose says as she rushes to my side. She grabs me by the arm and supports me from falling. Rose gives a frantic look to her Dad.

“I’m fine,” I say as I get myself back together. “Just fine,” Another sharp pain hits me and I double over.

“Are the babies coming?!” Ron says as he too rushes to my side.

“No it’s too early!” Rose cries as she looks at me.

“I’m fine!” I say myself back together for the second time. “Just fine! Now stop worrying!”

“We should go to St. Mungos,” Ron says firmly as he puts a jacket around me. He nods to Rose and Hugo to grab my things. “Theses pains have gotten you before, more than once. We just want to check to make sure everything’s okay. Think about the babies.”

I nod as I follow Ron to the floo network. I stop him. “I’m not so sure about flooing,” I look at him sheepishly. “We might have to drive,” I cringe as I wait for his answer.

He looks at me and sighs. “Alright,” He grabs the car keys and heads to the car.

I put on my seatbelt and smile at him. “Aren’t you glad I made you get your drivers license now?”

“Yeah, ecstatic,” He says sarcastically as he turns on the engine. We drive to St. Mungos and park in a good parking spot. We check in, fill out the forms and are soon in Melanie’s usual office.

“Normal things,” She says looking at her forms. “Perfectly normal for you to be feeling post-labour pains,” She sighs and puts the papers. “Twins usually arrive a tad early so there’s nothing you need to worry about.”

Ron sighs as he grabs my hand. Melanie looks at her forms again. “But from your recent activity, I’m going to have to ask you to be at bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy.”

“Bed rest?!” I say shocked.

She nods with a sympathetic look. “Well from what you wrote what you did this past week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t in labour now!”

Ron looks at me shocked. “In labour, right now? Honey, we got to get you home and lying down!” He says as he rushes to my side to assist me in standing up.

I roll my eyes. “Thanks, Ron. But if this is going to be my ‘final walk’, I think I got it,” I say laughing sadly. I can’t believe it. Bed rest?! I cannot do this! My life is way too busy right now to be just sitting in bed and staring at the ceiling! Ron and I begin to walk to the car and I sigh.

“I know that this is going to be the longest month of your life,” Ron says as he starts the car. “But you need to start thinking about the babies.”

I look at him funny. “Do you really expect me to be in bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy?” I ask.

He slams his hands down on the steering wheel. “Dammit, Hermione! I knew you weren’t going to follow Wood’s orders!” He looks at me with serious glinting in his eyes. “You’re going to stay in bed.”

“Are you forcing me to stay in bed rest!?” I asked shocked.

“Yes!” Ron says as he begins to take the muggle highway. “Look, I’ll try to help you as much as possible. Same thing with the kids. I promise you that the next month is going to be the best month ever!”

I roll my eyes as I stare out the window. Bed Rest. Those words feel like a heavy coat on me. I take out a piece of paper and begin listing.

Ron glances over then back at the road. “What is that,” He asks half laughing.

“If this is going to be the most exciting month ever, I might as well help you!” I pass him the list. “It’s the things I want that’ll keep me entertained while I’m in bed rest.”

He glances at the list and at the road several times. “A laptop? Not those muggle things again!”

“I’m tired of using a big old typewriter! I hate having to white out every mistake I make! And I can’t just have a 20 pound typewriter on my stomach!”

“What the heck is a Mean Girls?”

“A muggle movie that makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous!”

“What are all these movies?”

“You’ll have to go to a muggle movie store to get them, some of them are pretty old.”

“Phantom of the Opera, Breakfast Club?” He sighs and looks at me. “Alright. But you can just read Rose’s old Witch Weekly. I’m not getting you a full subscription.”

“I read them already. Just get me the most recent one then.”

“Pickled flavored ice cream with bacon bits?” He makes a sick face.

“I saw it at the store yesterday and it looked so yummy! It’s by Bertie Botts, you know. And these books also,” I say pointing to the bottom.

“Oh no, not Twilight!” He cries. “Ginny said that book was the worst.”

“Alright, fine,” I say crossing my arms. “But the other books!” I say glancing at the list. “Like ‘So you’re having a witch baby’ and others like that.”

He stops at the house and assists me out. I walk inside and begin hunting for a spot where I would sit half for the rest of the month. I decide in the living room on the couch. The tv is there and it’s relatively close to the kitchen. Ron comes in with the kids in tow.

“We’re going to go on an adventure to find you stuff,” He says waving my list in the air. “Erm, do that thing to get a hold of us.”

“You mean call?” I say laughing. Ron nods. “Yeah I’ll call Rose.”

“Are you really stuck on bed rest ‘til the babies come?” Hugo asks.

I nod grimly. “Yeah, sadly,” Hugo runs over and hugs me. “It’s okay, Hugo. I’m not dying.” I coo.

Ron heads to the floo network with the kids. “Bye, Mum!” They call before I hear the fire go up in flames.

Almost instantly, the door creaks open. “Hello?” A singsong voice says by the front door.

“Come in!” I shout as I see Mrs. Weasley walk in with a warm smile.

“Look at you!” She coos. “It’s like you’re going to be in pop any second!”

“That’s what the doctor said,” I snort. “But I’m stuck on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy now.”

“Oh yes, I heard, Ron owled me telling me the whole thing,” She drops something off in the kitchen. “I made you some pie and baked goods.”

I smile. “Thanks, Mrs. Weasley but you didn’t have to do tha-”

“Oh it’s my pleasure!” She says sitting down at the couch by my feet. She reaches into her handbag. “I made this for the twins,” She pulls out two miniature homemade Weasley sweaters. One pink with a gold A on it and one baby blue with a brown H on it.

I hold them. “Mrs. Weasley!” I say smiling. “You didn’t have to do this,” I stop and think. “How did you know the babies first names?”

“Oh, Ronald told me. I was dying to know. They’re beautiful names too. Adelaide and Henry. Adorable,” She says smiling.

I laugh. Ron just can’t keep his mouth shut to his mother. “Well I’m sure that these are going just adorable on the babies.”

Mrs. Weasley looks to the clock and jumps. “Oh goodness dear!” She picks up her bags. “I’m going to be late for dinner!” She gets up and kisses me on the cheek. “Lovely seeing you! Stay safe and don’t move!” She orders.

“Will do!” I say. Not like I had a choice. The door slams and Baby A kicks and Baby B joins. I rub my stomach. “You’re going to get more of these sweaters when you’re older,” I laugh. “I hope you’re ready for mounds of cousins and aunts and uncles holding you,” Baby A kicks again, obviously annoyed. “Hey,” I say laughing. “I’m just trying to warn you.”

Silence fills the house quickly. I grab the remote and turn on the tv. I quickly find a movie and soon, I feel like a zoned out zombie. I had nothing to do, I didn’t have a laptop yet, so I couldn’t work on anything for the prophet. I had none of my favorite movies or books. I was officially a couch potato and bored out of my mind and it hasn’t even been 20 minutes.

This is going to be a long month.


“Where the bloody hell are we supposed to go to buy these things?” I say looking down at the list.

Rose looks at the list and thinks. “There’s an electronic store right outside of Diagon Alley.”


She nods. “It’s a muggle electronic store. Then we can come back and go to Flourish and Blotts for her books.”

I nod as I follow Rose in the direction of this so called store. We walk in and Rose sighs. “Alright we split the list,” She says obviously knowing the store from top to bottom. “My favorite tv show is going to be on soon and I don’t want to miss it.”

“Which is Witch? That show is terrible!” Hugo whines.

She rips the list into fours and hands one to me. She also gives me 100 muggle money. “Where did you get this?” I say holding the alien money in my hand.

“Mum gave it to me before we left. They don’t accept Galleans here. Now, no one use the M word,” She warns before parting ways.

On my list, I’m supposed to get a new muggle cd and a copy of some Muggle movie. What are these things? I ask a gum popping salesperson and they direct me to the movies and cds. I get what I came for and check out. They do a weird thing with the two items where they slide it across a plate of glass and that’s it. I pay for the items and are soon reunited with the kids.

I sigh tiredly. “That was way too long.”

Rose looks at her watch and laughs. “Dad, we were in here for a half an hour.”

“Oh,” We begin our walk to Flourish and Blotts to get Hermione some real books.

As we’re walking, Rose whips out the cellphone. “Mum?!” She says concerned. We all stop walking and stare at her.

“Rose, what happened?!?” I ask.

She gives me the hand as she talks to Hermione. She gives a sigh of relief. “Ok good.”

I grab the phone. “This goes by your ear right?” Hugo nods. “Hermione! Are you okay?!” I shout into the device.

“I’m fine Ron!” She shouts back. “And don’t yell so bloody loud! The twins heard that one!” She laughs.

“But she-”

“Rose just called to make sure I was okay. And I’m fine. Did you get the stuff on my list yet?”

“We’re working on that now. We’re heading to get magic books at Flourish and Blotts. And with three teenagers, we’re probably going to get more.”

She laughs. “Alright, I’ll see you soon. Oh and your Mum came by, she brought food, so it’s not like I’m alone.”

I close the phone and hand it back to Rose. She stuffs it in her pocket as we walk into Flourish and Blotts. I begin to search through the aisles when I hear whispers coming through the bookshelf.

“So is it true about Hermione?”

“Well according to Rita Skeeter, she’s pregnant with a demon child! The Prophet probably isn’t going to be happy about that.”

I lean into the bookshelf. We barely told anyone, just close family and friends that Hermione was  pregnant. How could word get out that fast?

“I also heard that she was cheating on her husband with a vampire!”

I snort. Has Rita stooped so low that she has to talk trash about Hermione, the one who has no desire to start any drama with anyone?

“Dad!” Hugo says rushing with a Quibbler magazine in hand. “Did you hear, Mum’s having a demon chil-”

“Hugo,” I say eyeing the magazine in his hand. “Look at the magazine you’re reading.”

“Right, it’s the Quibbler.”

“When has the Quibbler ever been true?”

“Well, they were right about the nargles.”

“And when did you ever see a nargle?” I snort as the gossiping witches are still at it. “Oi! Ladies!” I shout to them. They look up from their magazine. “Start reading the Prophet, that magazine you’re reading, it’s a load of trash,” They scowl and walk away. I look to Hugo. “Now put that away,” I order.

I find the many books that Hermione wanted and began to check out. Rose shows up with a pile of magazines. “Thanks, Dad,” She says as she places the book on the table.

Hugo places a pile of comics and a quidditch magazine. “Thanks also,” He says.

I look behind Scorpius who is empty handed. “Oh come on,” I say grinning. “Go get what you want.”

Scorpius rushes away and comes back with some other quidditch magazines. “Thanks, Mr. Weasley.”

I nod as I begin to pay for the books. We find the nearest floo network. “Home!” I call into the hallway.

“Hi!” Hermione calls from the couch. “Did you get me the laptop?”

“Yeah!” Hugo calls as he walks into the living room to hand Hermione the laptop.

“Thanks, dear,” She says as I walk in. She spots me and smiles. I sit down next to her and kiss her on the cheek. “How was the shopping trip?”

“Stressful,” I say sighing. I look at her as she begins to open up her new laptop. “What did you need the laptop for?”

“Well for my job,” She says laughing. “And I was asked to do something. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you,” She says running her fingers through her hair. “Turn up the AC please? It’s bloody hot in here and it feels like I’m sweating to death.”

“What is it?” I ask as I turn up the air conditioning.

“Well, Flourish and Blotts publishing company dropped by my office the other day. They want me to write a book about my experience on the second wizarding world.”

I think about the offer. “Are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know!” She cries. “I left a lot of emotions there those two awful days. I’m not sure that I want to go back to them so quickly.”

“Well what do you want to do.”

“Something feels like I need to do this. I don’t know what, but something is saying that ‘Hermione, you need to do this.’”

I nod. “So you’re going to write it?”

“I don’t know! Part of me says I should, part of me says I shouldn’t.”

I grab her hand and hold it. “Whatever you do, I’ll stand behind you no matter what.”

Hermione smiles and sighs. “Alright, I’ll start it.”

I smile as I stand up as she insanely begins to type. I sigh, what have I gotten myself into?


I look to Astoria who is napping on the couch. Since the due date is coming soon, she’s been getting so tired. I smile as I pick up the copy of the Quibbler.

Hermione Granger Pregnant with a Demon Baby?

I quickly turn to that page and begin reading. What until Hermione reads about this!

Astoria nods awake and stretches. “Have a good nap?” I ask looking at her and smiling.

She sleepily nods and notices my magazine and sits up. “Hermione’s pregnant with a demon baby?”

I look at the magazine. “According to the Quibbler.”

“Why do you read that? Prophet’s a hundred times better!”

“That’s because your best friend is the editor,” I say laughing.

“No but it’s true! The Quibblers full of weird theories and crazy lies. Like Hermione having a demon baby. It’s probably a lie,” She manages to stand up. “In fact,” She says grunting. “I’m going to go visit her!”

“How are you going to get there?” I say.

She thinks and sighs. “I don’t know!” She cries. “I can’t floo, I can’t apparate! I don’t have a muggle license!”

My eyes instantly dart from side to side. She always gets so emotional when she’s pregnant. And Astoria tantrums aren’t fun.

I stand up. “Relax! Relax! I’ll take you!” I take out my muggle license.

She goes to me and hugs me. “Thanks Draco.”

“Oh, weren’t we supposed to pick up Scorpius like two weeks ago?”

Astoria looks away. “Oh, right.”

I look at her funny. “It doesn’t seem like you to forget to pick up your own son.”

“Well, I, Uh,” She looks away again.

“Where’s Scorpius.”


“Astoria, Where’s Scorpius?”

She turns around and heads to the kitchen. “Astoria, where is Scorpius?”

“Promise you won’t be mad?” She says as she nervously tugs on her t-shirt.

“Where is he?”

“At Hermione’s house.” She says quietly.


“Scorpius said he didn’t feel safe staying here with you and -”

“Get in the car,” I order, anger seething through me.

“Draco, I tried to say something but she was too persuading. He seemed so happy with Rose and-”

“I said get in the car. We’re going.”

The two of us get in the car and drive to the Weasley house and I bang on the door. One of the Weasley kids open up. “Uh, hi,” He says looking at us funny. He turns his head. “Mom? The Malfoys are here.”

I push past him and walk in. “Well don’t let them stay at the door, invite them in, Hugo!” Hermione looks at me. “Oh, err Hi Draco!” She says smiling as she puts her laptop down. She doesn’t get up. “I would get up, but I was put on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy,” She sighs.

“That’s horrible!” Astoria says sitting. “What with you always multitasking! Must be hell right now.”

She smiles and nods. “Yep, pretty much,” I begin to search the house. “Draco? You looking for someone?” She asks.

“Yeah!” I say coming back into the living room. “I’m looking for my fucking son!”

Her face goes white. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Draco,” She says quietly.

“I can see right through your lies.” I say seriously.

“Oi. What’s going on here?” Ron says walking through the door.

“Nothing that involves you Weaselbee,” I sneer.

“Oh bloody hell not this again,” He says under his breath. “What are you here for Malfoy.”

“Came here to see where my son is!”

“He’s not here,” Hermione says quietly again.

She’s completely lying. “I know you’re lying, Mudblood,” I turn to Weasley. “Now look you better tell me where my fucking son is or else.”

“Mum? What’s going on?” Their daughter says walking in.

“You,” I say to her walking up to her. “Tell me where my son is.”

“Who?” She says scratching her head, seriously confused.

“You know who?”


“How dare you say the Dark Lord’s name!”

“Well I don’t know who you’re talking about Mr. Malfoy.” I glance over at Hermione who winces in pain.

“I’m talking about your boyfriend! My son!” My voice raises. “Now you lot might want to tell me or else I’ll-”

“You’ll what!” Rose says walking forward, more confident than she should be. “You’ll kidnap me? You’ll crucio my mother?! Or how about almost killing my father in one of your stupid schemes!”

“That wasn’t a stupid scheme it was-”

“I bet you didn’t even care that me or my brother or even my little brother and sister were going to see their dad again! We heard it on the news and not from a family member that my dad was trapped! Do you know how that felt? I was so scared,” Her voice quivers in anger and fear. “I was so scared. I was never going to see my Dad again. That my little brother and sister weren’t ever going to see their Dad again. If my dad died, that would have been my world crashing down. And you don’t even care!” She folds her arms and points her thumb to a door. “Your son’s down there, but he doesn’t want to see you,” She says coldly.

I sneer as I brush past her, Astoria doesn’t follow. She’s staring wide eyed at Hermione, who is now clutching her stomach in pain. She covers her mouth in fear. “Oh my god, Hermione! Your water broke!”


Dad stares at Mrs. Malfoy who has gone white, he then looks at Mum. Almost instantly, I run up to get Mum her bag of things, Hugo and Dad help Mum up and Scorpius runs out to start the van. Somehow, Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy got roped into this, so they too were sitting in the car. Mum was strangely silent.

“Alright, alright, alright, ALRIGHT!” Dad panics as he makes his way onto the highway. “Where the bloody hell are we going?!”

“DAD!” I yell as I lean forward into the driver’s seat. I look to Mum who’s face is screaming with pain, but she says nothing. “We’re going to St. Mungos!”

“Right, Right, Right,” Dad says speeding away. He’s more panicked than Mum. He glances at her quickly. “Are you okay?”

“Fine!” She says through breaths. “Just get there please?” She cries.

Mr and Mrs. Malfoy were in the back of the van having a small talk with Scorpius, he looks as if he’s going to die.

“What do you mean you aren’t safe with me at home?!” His father asks angrily.

“You almost burnt the bloody Ministry down!”

“Don’t use that language Scorpius!” His mother warns as she leans forward, trying to get a glance at Mum. She looks to me. “Is she okay?” She worries.

I look to Mum who is breathing heavily. “I think so, she’s done this before, so,” I say and I turn around to face the front.

Hugo looks like he’s about to vomit any second now. Mum notices that Hugo is the only one that’s silent in the car.

“Hey,” She says as she manages to reach her hand to his. “It’s going to be okay,” She says over Ron’s panic attacks. She turns around as she grabs her stomach as another contraction comes.

Dad begins to drum his fingers on the steering wheel as the car in front of him slows to a stop. “Oh come on you bloody fuckers-”

“Ron!” Mum wails as she closes her eyes.

“Alright! Alright!” He begins to look on the dashboard. The car completely stops in traffic. “Shit!” He shouts. “Where the ruddy hell is that damn invisibility button?!”

“Dad! You can’t do that here!” I cry. “Muggles are around us!”

“Alright!” He roars. He swerves out of the lane and pulls over deep into the woods. He turns on the invisibility button and then the car takes to the sky. He turns to Mum. “Alright?”

She winces and nods. “Just, drive!” She snaps.

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay!” Dad says panicking as he turns to the St. Mungos parking lot. He motions Mum out like she’s a plane and she’s quickly put in a wheelchair and is speeded to the maternity care room.

“May I help you?” The woman says as she’s trying very hard to not roll her eyes.

“What the bloody hell do you think I need help with?!” Dad shouts. He points to Mum. “My bloody wife is in labour and that’s what you fucking say?!”

“Ron!” Mum whines and warns at the same time.

“Oh Mrs. Weasley! What are you doing here?” Healer Wood says as she looks at us. Her mind quickly focuses. “Ron, wheel her in here, we’ll get her in a hospital gown, same with you,” She motions Dad to come inside. Hugo and I follow, she stops us. “Sorry, Rose and Hugo, you’ll have a chance to be in there, but not right now,” She closes the door behind her and we’re stuck outside.

Waiting. Scorpius is strangely pacing the floor. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy are sitting in a chair. Mrs. Malfoy’s hand is on her stomach and her face is white, fearing that any second now, she too will go in labour. Hugo and I are trying to distract ourselves by playing any game possible. Hugo repeatedly keeps glancing to the door to see if there is any news. We hear small moans and shouts coming from inside, my stomach does a flip flop every time.


“What do you think her story is?” Rose asks as a woman in a stretcher is rushed by us.

I study her. “She’s been drinking too much firewhisky because she had a fight with her husband and she overdosed. The two were fighting because their 17 year old daughter is dying of an unknown disease.”

“Dark! Dramatic! I like it,” Rose looks at me as a man in a wheelchair with a broken leg brushes past us. “He fell when he was trying to build a treehouse for his kids. He couldn’t do it with magic because his neighbors are muggles. He fell because while he was up in a tree, his nasty, muggle, cat lady of a neighbor comes out in a bikini.” We end up in a ball of giggles.

Dad wearily comes out of the door. His hair is askew, his face is white, and he has dark stress circles under his eyes. Rose and I stand up. “Anything?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “You don’t want to go in there either,” He runs his fingers through his hair. “It’s bloody scary in there.”

Rose puts an arm around him and her head down on his shoulders. “It’s going to be okay, Daddy,” It’s been awhile since she’s called him that.

Dad looks at her and smiles. Scorpius sits down next to Rose as Dad gets up and paces the floor. Rose and I are watching his every move.

Rose gets up and walks towards Dad. “Dad, why don’t you get a butterbeer or a candy from the cafe downstairs? Healer Wood said Hugo and I could go in soon. You need to relax,” She smiles as she grabs my arm and knock on the door that’s Mum’s room.

Healer Wood brings us in and motions us a different room. She hands us these blue scrubs. “Put these on, please,” She says.

Hugo and I stumble into the scrubs and walk into the other room where Mum is. We see Mum sipping on a smoothie. She stops sipping when she sees us. “Rose! Hugo!” She says smiling as we walk over and hug her.

“Mum,” Rose says confused. “You’re so,”

“Happy? Smiling? Not in pain?” Mum laughs. “They just gave me an epidural.”

“An epic dural?” I ask.

“No, epidural.” She laughing as she ruffles my hair. “It’s a muggle medicine that makes me stop hurting, I won’t be in pain for much longer! The twins will be here soon,” She says excited.

After minutes of silence, Mum finally speaks up. “It’s not that bad, you know,” She reassures. “Labour and everything.”

“Well Dad didn’t feel the same way.” I say laughing.

“Oh yeah?” She says amused by this. “What did he say.”

“Well it’s not what he said but how he looked,” Rose says. “He looked all sweaty and stressed. He had dark circles under his eyes too.”

Mum puts on a sympathetic look. “Oh, I hope he’s okay,” She says wringing her hands.

“But don’t worry!” I say trying to make her feel better. “He’s down in the caf getting a butterbeer or something. He’s really worried about you.”

Mum smiles. “I love that man,” She says quietly as she’s still smiling.

Rose looks at her feet and I follow. This is so incredibly awkward. Healer Wood comes in with Dad in tow. Dad gives us a funny look. “What are you two doing in here?” He puzzles.

“They came to visit, Ron,” Mum says smiling. We hug her before Healer Wood tells us it’s time to go. I run up to hug her and she smiles. “I’m going to be okay,” She says as she rubs my back. “Just fine, we’ll be out of here in no time with a new baby brother and sister!”

I nod as I walk out the door. Dad is following behind us. “Dad, how long is it going to be?”

“Who knows?” He says. “It shouldn’t be long though.”


It’s about 2 AM now and Rose is sleeping on my shoulder. Mother and Father went home for the night and said I could stay here to support Rose.

Hugo is sleeping on a bed he comprised of three chairs and a hospital blanket and pillow. We haven’t seen Mr. Weasley in hours now. There were muffled shouts coming from the door.

Rose nods awake and stretches. “Anything yet?” She yawns.

“Nothing,” I answer back sadly.

“This is taking longer than it should,” Rose worries. “What if something.... happened.”

“Rose, don’t think like that,” I order quickly. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

The door swings open and Mr. Weasley’s head popped out. His face was red and sweating, but he was still smiling. “It’s a girl! Adelaide Ginny!” He says smiling.

Rose and Hugo’s head picked up quickly as Mr. Weasley disappears behind the door. Rose and Hugo rush to the door and try to peek through the window.

“See anything?!” Hugo says standing on the tops of his feet.

“I can’t see a thing!” She says shifting her head. “Get out of the way nurses!” After minutes of seeing nothing, the two sit back down excitedly.

“Adelaide Ginny!” Rose says. “Of course she would come out first.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hugo says.

“Well it shows that girls are superior to boys. She’s going to dominate Henry, I can tell,” She says smiling. “That’s why I’m the first born.”

“What’s this about girls being superior to boys?” I say looking at her funny.

Rose stops and laughs. “Nevermind,” She looks to her brother and smiles. “A baby sister!” She looks at the clock. “Born July 23 at 2:11 AM! How exciting!”

After minutes of excited talk, Mr. Weasley’s head pokes out again from behind the door. “A boy! Henry Harry!”

Rose and Hugo race to the door to peak after Mr. Wealey goes back in. Mr. Potter and Mrs. Potter show up along with Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Weasley. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley Senior are right behind them.

“Hi, Scorpius,” Mrs. Weasley says heartily.

“Hi, Mrs. Weasley,” I say awkwardly.

“Oh please, this is ridiculous.” Mrs. Weasley says. “You’re practically one of the family now, call us by first names. There’s so many of us, it’s confusing anyway,” She laughs.

“What’s the news?” Mr. Potter - er Harry says putting down his coat.

“Oh Uncle Harry, you came just in time!” Rose says running towards them. “Adelaide was born at 2:11 and Henry was born at 2:30!”

“Oh wonderful!” Angelina says clapping her hands. “What are their full names?”

“Adelaide Ginny!” Hugo says smiling.

Ginny blushes. She says nothing but smiles, honored by the choice.

“And Henry Harry.” Hugo adds. Harry smiles as he looks at his shoes.

“We haven’t seen them yet,” Rose says antsy.

“Can you believe this?” Harry says sitting down. “Yet another set of Weasley twins!”

Everyone practically holds their breath. They all look to George and Mrs. Weasley. George looks down at his shows while Mrs. Weasley has tears in her eyes, but attempts to hide them. All of them are scared to speak or even bring up their late brother Fred. “Yes,” Mrs. Weasley says silently. “It’ll be wonderful,” She says quickly.

Mr. Weasley comes out of the room again and stares at all of his relatives. “Erm, Hi,” He says shocked to see that everyone is here. He looks to Rose and Hugo. “Hey, come in here,” He says smiling. They walk in and Mr. Weasley looks at me. He nods. “Get in here too!”

We walk in and get handed scrubs. I put them on as followed and walk towards where Mrs. Weasley was sitting. She smiling as she’s holding a small baby wrapped so much that you can’t see it’s face. Mr. Weasley comes up to us, also holding a baby wrapped. He motions to a small sitting area. “Sit down and we’ll hand you one.”

Rose practically races Hugo to sit down and they eagerly await to meet their new siblings. Me? Oh I just casually sit down and wait my turn. Just kidding, I was the first one to sit down! Despite them being not related to me at all, I admit I was excited.

Ron walks forward to Rose and begins to hand off the baby. “This is Adelaide Ginny,” He whispers smiling.

Rose almost awws herself to death while holding it. She looks at the baby and beams. “She’s so tiny!”

“I know!” Mrs. Weasley says looking over. “Despite her being the first born, she’s the tiniest of the two!” She looks back down to what I expect to be Henry.

“Mum, do you think they’re going to have our hair?” Hugo asks.

“They bloody well better!” Ron says.

“Ron!” Hermione teases as she hands Henry to Ron. “It’s most likely. But whatever happens, we’ll still love them, right?”

“Yeah!” Hugo says happily as Henry is handed to him.

“And this is Henry Harry,” Mr. Weasley says. Rose leans over to look into the blanket.

“Dad, he has your eyes, but Adelaide has your nose,” Rose points out. “Mum, Henry has your mouth and Adelaide has your eyes,” She studies the two. “And Adelaide has Mum’s ears and so does Henry.”

“And they both have your Dad’s appetite,” She says laughing.

“When can we go home?” Hugo says after minutes of silence.

“Dad’s going to take you home tonight, I have to stay one more night,” Mrs. Weasley explains. Hugo nods as Rose begins to rock Adelaide. Mrs. Weasley looks at me. “Rose, hand over Adelaide to Scorpius. The poor thing has been anxiously waiting to get his turn!” She says laughing.

“I’m fine Mrs. Weasley,” I object as I’m handed Adelaide.

“Scorpius, don’t lie!” Mrs. Weasley says laughing. She coos as Rose smiles next to me as I’m holding Adelaide. “Ron, get my camera, this is adorable!”

He sighs as he picks up the muggle contraption and hands it to her. Rose looks up and smiles at the thing, I follow. The thing makes a flash and she puts it down. Is that all that does? Seems kind of boring to me.

“Rose, Hugo come here and bring the twins,” Mr. Weasley orders and motions them to come.

“Ron!” Mrs. Weasley scolds. “It’s Adelaide and Henry. Not the twins. They’re separate people remember?”

Mr. Weasley rolls his eyes as Rose and Hugo gather around Mrs. Weasley, each holding a bundled blanket. Mrs. Weasley hands me the muggle thing. “Would you mind taking a picture please?” She asks.

I nod as I back up and look through the peephole. What was it supposed to do?

“Scorpius, you press the button,” Rose says laughing.

“Right,” I say as I find the button and press it. On the screen, it shows a small replica of what was in front of me, expect the picture wasn’t moving, it just stayed in one position.

Mrs. Weasley claps her hands together. “A picture of a family of six, how wonderful!” She smiles as the babies get ushered into the nursery by nurses.

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